Sen. Imee Marcos Lied About Not Knowing About DSWD’s AKAP

When Senator Imee Marcos said she was surprised to discover DSWD’s AKAP program, it sounded so contrived it appeared farcical — even more garish and gaudy than the Tiktoks or short films she makes.

Perhaps it was her botoxified face that caused the gleaming disconnect with telling of being caught unaware or suddenly discovering the “magically appearing” DSWD social amelioration program.

Or, maybe, she could blame her loss of memory on the dozens of rounds of general anesthesia that she underwent in her battle with diminishing collagen and gravity.

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Yet, more… It could simply be that she was lying.

It was a good thing though that documents don’t lie and that House Senior Deputy Speaker Aurelio Gonzales Jr. even presented the press with the exact page of the then-proposed 2024 national budget where provisions for the P26.7-billion Ayuda sa Kapos ang Kita Program were stated.

At least one report even says Gonzales said that Marcos signed the very page where the insertion was made.

As written in a news article:

Gonzales then showed that Senator Imee Marcos — who questioned why these funds existed in the first place — signed the same page in the General Appropriations Bill (GAB) during the bicameral conference committee hearing.

“Para malinawan lang po natin, ito po oh, nakabilog ‘yong pangalan niya (Senator Marcos), na pumirma siya sa bicam report, sana po tinignan niya ‘to, this P26.7 billion. Binulugan ko po ‘yong pangalan niya, ako po nakapirma po ako dito,” Gonzales said.

(Just for clarity, it is here, her name, that she signed the bicameral conference committee report. I hope she looked at this P26.7 billion. I encircled her name. I was also a signatory of this document.)


But what does an Imee Marcos do when faced with seemingly Incontrovertible evidence contradicting her claims of not knowing about AKAP?

She claims it was an e-signature as a way of giving the impression that it had been affixed without by someone other than her without her knowledge.

But what do we expect from a woman who, when asked about how she felt when Davao City mayor Pulong Duterte called on her brother President Bongbong Marcos to resign, claimed that the mayor said sorry. Only to be rebuffed later by the mayor for using his name as part of her “drama”.

Thing is, we’re not surprised at all by her deceit. After all, she was named after her mother, whose tales of vaults of gold and the secrets of the Filipino creationism bears some semblance to the magical realism of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Quite apt and even poignant is the phrase from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “…time was not passing…it was turning in a circle…” (“…el tiempo no estaba pasando… estaba girando en círculo…”)

As it was back in the last days of the first Marcos regime, the edifices built to glorify their rule was built with thievery and lies.

As it was then, so it is now…

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