“Wag Mong Pansinin ang Pinsan Kong Marites” — Speaker Martin Romualdez On Allegations of Backing People’s Initiative

“Wag Mong Pansinin ang Pinsan Kong Marites” — Speaker Martin Romualdez On Allegations of Backing People’s Initiative

House Speaker Martin Romualdez blasted allegations reportedly from Sen. Imee Marcos saying that he was funding a people’s initiative campaign aimed at constitutional change and even offering P20 million per district.

In his words, he said “Huwag niyong pansinin ang pinsan kong Marites.” (Translation: “Pay no attention to the intrigues sown by my cousin.)

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But what would drive Senator Imee to fall for speculation instead of just calling up Speaker Martin for a heart to heart just as any Manang would? Did she miss a dose or something?

Watch the video interview below:


That is baseless. Kausapin niyo na lang siya, nagma-maritess siguro or nakikinig dun sa maritess. I would like her to prove it. She has the proper means and ways to go to whatever forum, even the COMELEC. She can try to prove it. Kasi maraming maritess ang lumalabas diyan sa senate eh. A lot of speculation. Let’s leave it up to them. Laging sinasabi ni Madame Senator na kausap ko daw si ganito. I hardly get to speak to the good senator my cousin, I wasn’t able to see her over the holidays, she was apparently out of town. I haven’t been able to speak to her recently, so I don’t know where all of this is coming from… about her interpreting how I am nagtatampo… hindi ako nagtatampo sa kanya. I respect her as my cousin, as my senator. I leave it at that. She can call me or text me any time, if she prefers to do it in the media… that is her prerogative. But there is no truth to that.

In any case, charter change or amendment IS an idea whose time has come and the senate seems vainly fighting against it for no other reason other than fear that the prestige of their billionaire’s club might be diluted. Hence the theatrics of the likes of Sen. Joel Villanueva and others identified with the Dutertes.

On another issue, that of allegedly attacking or being behind attacks against Vice President Inday Sara Duterte, Speaker Romualdez said:

“On my part, I have not attacked any ally of this administration. I don’t know what she is talking about. I respect her as the Vice President and as Secretary of Education, she has my full support. I don’t know what I have said or done to attack her,” Romualdez told reporters.

“Please identify those actuations, if any. Kung nakikinig siya sa mga marites o kaninong senadora diyan, that is up to her,” he added.

2 Replies to ““Wag Mong Pansinin ang Pinsan Kong Marites” — Speaker Martin Romualdez On Allegations of Backing People’s Initiative”

  1. Sino pa ba ang may kwentang kausap dyan sa gobyerno? Para po sa kaalaman nyo o bilang pagpapaalala, mas gugustuhin pa po ng ilang mga Pilipino ang magbenta ng ilegal na droga dahil mas malaki pa ang kita kesa sa marangal na trabaho, gaya ng pasahod sa malalaking proyekto ng gobyerno at mga pribadong kompanya na milyon o bilyon ang halaga ngunit kakarampot lang ang pasahod sa magtratrabaho. Nakaka p****g ina nga naman talaga.

  2. gotta sell the drama

    cant be too quiet heading to the midterms, with the opposition all but decimated…peace never opens the

    “house divided” – oldest trick in the book

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