Leni Robredo remains the WORST president the Philippines never had

Members of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis now gloating over the fracturing of the once mighty “Unity Team” of President Bongbong Marcos and Vice President Inday Sara Duterte wax sentiment over how failed 2022 presidential candidate Leni Robredo could have been leader of the Filipino people instead. Emphasis is on the “could have been” because highlighting that useless sentiment prompts one to apply a bit of hindsight in the utterly incompetent campaign Robredo mounted during that “important” election.

I originally considered the title “Leni Robredo remains the worst president the Philippines
almost had” for this piece to highlight how Filipinos escaped what would have been a tragic fate. That title wouldn’t have worked, however, because Robredo stood no chance of winning that election to begin with. Even in the early days of the campaign, the Opposition were already a hopelessly disorganised and incoherent bunch of bickering morons. The real hindsight here, as such, is that the massive landslide that characterised the election victory of the Marcos-Duterte tandem in 2022 was really no surprise. The outcome of the 2022 election was a perfect storm — a confluence of the brilliant campaign of Marcos (primarily) and the idiotic one led by Robredo.

To suggest then that the Yellowtards and commies are vindicated by what they would like to regard as a failing incumbent administration is utter nonsense. This is why this clownish axis of incoherence can be seen today scrounging for strategic relevance using short-sighted tactics — clinging to a foreign “court” to prosecute their shrill cases and inciting civil unrest and even coup d’etats consistent with their obsolete Leninist strategies , among others — and then, failing all that, ending up today having to share a bed with their traditional enemy who they once referred to as “Son of the Dictator”.

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If one steps back and takes a helicopter view of Philippine politics, one can see that the Philippines has reverted back to an all-too-familiar pattern — one of a feudal society governed by remote control by its overlords in Washington DC and Rome. Taking this perspective, it is easy to see that the flypaper “issues” that the buzzing community of local political “bloggers” and “influencers” sling mud at one another over are of no real global consequence. And this is why the Philippines today remains a quaint regional laughingstock. It is the only ASEAN nation that continues to maintain a big fat umbilical cord to its former colonial masters through which nutrients are pumped to feed Filipinos’ insatiable hunger for foreign validation.

It can be argued that the previous administration of former President Rodrigo Duterte gave Filipinos their first taste of real independence and, on the back of that, credibility amongst their peers in the region. In late 2016, I wrote in my piece “Duterte is turning the Philippines back into a REAL southeast Asian country”, how “Southeast Asia is home to autocratic ‘democracies’ — states that have, one way or another, found a balance between outwardly being what the West think the world’s nations ought to be and, from the inside, being what they really are”. Furthermore…

…to be truly southeast Asian is to grow and develop according to one’s sovereign terms. This is how Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia did it. And this is how Vietnam and the other new Indochinese members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are doing it. Duterte is showing Filipinos an option that, in all ironies, never occurred to them — that it can be done the southeast Asian way. The American Way was a fun ride in Disneyland. But to prosper in the manner that only southeast Asia does, the Philippines needs to go back to the basics and start planting rice.

Armed with this context, one can now imagine what path a Robredo presidency would have taken Filipinos down — a path to further mediocrity and national limpdickedness. Perhaps then this could be the reason behind the sudden coziness to the Marcos admin that the Yellowtards are exhibiting nowadays. The insight here is that, in ideological terms, it seems the Yellowtards are really not that different to the Marcostards. Take the Martial Law Crybabyism out of the Yellowtards’ little brains and, voilà, it all becomes a nice and peachy motley crew of usual suspects out to commit a good old fashioned all-too-familiar Philippine government heist. And the best thing about this is that Robredo didn’t even have to be President of the Philippines!

One Reply to “Leni Robredo remains the WORST president the Philippines never had”

  1. A good opposition so far from what I read here is an opposition that presents an alternative vision and solutions for current issues.
    With the current politicians right now, it is evident that a true opposition will emerge once the yellows/reds fade away. Maybe a ten year gap.
    As a speculation this is my take:
    Incumbent admin and legislature continues with sustainability and neoliberal nationalistic whole of goverment and nation development policies and solutions
    an opposition that presents common sense and practical policies and solutions
    a revolutionary movement that envisions building for the future and systemizing and designing governance structures effectively.
    Ex. Quantum tech/finance/internet,free energy, Gesara based national system
    (if possible)

    And as a quote from an article:
    “the future belongs to creative thinkers, experimental doers, and inventive makers. The past relied on passivity; the future will be built on passion”

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