Commies and Yellowtards swallow their ideologies along with their pride

“Thought leaders” of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis find themselves in a conundrum seeing (or, perhaps, them merely asserting) that the administration of Bongbong Marcos is “undoing” what former President Rodrigo Duterte did during the previous administration. Both the Yellowtards and the commies now find the need to tone down their formerly shrill Marital Law Crybaby rhetoric and get in bed with the son of the man they formerly regarded as The Great Satan.

It is the usual Lesser Evil Politics that Filipinos are renowned for. Yellowtards and commies who fancy themselves the “good guys” in their so-called “fight” against “tyranny” now have to backpedal their inconsistent and intellectually-dishonest ideologies in order to sign their respective deals with the devil. While one considers that the Yellowtards have just Martial Law Crybabyism to let go of, one must pity the Reds. They have that and their “anti-imperialism” (ergo, anti-Americanism) to swallow along with their pride.

Perhaps there was a masterstroke in the Marcos administration’s recent initiative to grant “amnesty” to commie elements. To add insult to the injury of having to dismantle a key pillar of their belief system, these parasites now owe an utang na loob (debt of gratitude) to their former archenemy. Not that we should hold our breath. Commies are among the most duplicitous people and will stab in the back any party in any negotiating table they sit in the minute they find the chance.

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All this, of course, is par for the course in traditional Philippine politics. The key thing to understand here is that many of the politicos (and their cadres of “influencers” and “bloggers”) we see jostling for a foot in the King’s Court are traditionals — a bit removed from the place in the hierarchy of needs to which ordinary Filipino voters have evolved to. Insiders see the place they take on the “sides” of their respective cult leaders as the all-important “fight” of their small lives. Outsiders, on the other hand, armed with their valuable outsiders’ perspectives only see a bunch of bickering buffoons.

The trouble with periods in between elections is that there is a lack of hard data on which of these sides are communicating effectively and, therefore, resonating powerfully with the Filipino people. Lacking data, foolish sentiment and obsolete loyalties prevail in the small minds of the politically-passionate. The fact is, politics becomes less of a concern for ordinary Filipinos in between elections and, as such, collectively emit less data on their sentiments. Not surprisingly, we now see politicians and their cult followers slugging it out among themselves in the dark. The only casualties in their little “fights” are their principles.

10 Replies to “Commies and Yellowtards swallow their ideologies along with their pride”

  1. I don’t know the data but these are just assumptions:

    Types of filipinos in politics:
    Career Activists?
    Majority who’s concern is the maslow pyramid maybe apolitical but knows the right choice somehow
    The poor who lacks the maslow pyramid easily gets swayed by trapos because of tough life
    The other poor who is doing their best with integrity on the way to maslow pyramid
    Propaganda people
    Independent media?
    (you can add more)

    Now a good solution is maybe participatory governance and promotion and institutionalizing mandatory fulfillment of civic responsibilities. We shorten the time to work to give time for citizen lobbying, and citizen assemblies formed thru sortition from every sector of society which will hold the legislature, executive and Judiciary accountable.

    Maybe have time for recreation and leisure too

    1. this is crap.

      the best solution is benevolent dictatorship, initially elected by popularity, with no term limits until the public demands his head.

      everyone knows this.

      even martin romualdez knows this.

      1. Benevolent dictatorship is a huge gamble. Can you discipline that benevolent dictator? Remember, we’re talking about Philippines, a country where honor, intelligence and competence are harder to find than diamonds.

    2. Benevolent dictatorship is a luck of the draw proposition. Sort of like a lotto ticket. You lose some but win big. Very likely progress will be slow but at least there is continuity. The trouble with the Philippines is it is host to a society that lacks a tradition of technological achievement and industrial scale. So that worsens the odds.

      1. yea well it doesnt matter

        life just happens,

        and so does shit.

        but the sycophants, they get to have all the wine and caviar in the meantime

    1. Early stage vigilant citizenry consists of local Karens and a bunch of schizoids.

      Could get better. Or worse. I bet the latter.

  2. A benevolent dictator that is accountable to a Grand Citizen Assembly (picked thru sortition from every sector) every end of the month.
    For the economy, we can imitate the agriculture superpower Netherlands.
    For financing the economy,
    Maybe an exclusive money creation based on the value of every work done. It can run parallel to the PH Peso. 1 to 1.
    20k pesos salary from company/business plus 20k new money created by government based on work done = 40k money.
    Or we could continue loaning from international finance if you prefer conventional means.

  3. There is something I dont understand about Benigno.
    Benigno is appearently a true Duterte supporter, and yet Benigno is a avid anti-“commie” and anti-“yellowtard”. But does Benigno even know that Duterte is a socialist?

    1. Apparently not, obvious cracks between the Uniteam furthered by Sarah’s constant retaliation are her own doing. Yet Leftards might be living rent free in his head for quite some time now, especially with the recent posts :/

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