Send the Army back to Marawi City!

And so it starts again. Rising criminality and emboldened terrorists. They are an ominous sign that bandits that kept their heads down at a time when the Philippine Government was willing to shoot people to keep the peace are now back in the game.

The recent terrorist attack that saw at least three innocent people killed in Marawi City may, unfortunately, be just the first. Three people died and seven were hurt after a blast reportedly occurred at the Dimaporo Gymnasium in Mindanao State University (MSU) in Marawi City Sunday morning.

The blast occurred at 7:30 a.m. as a Mass was being held at the gym attended by students and teachers, according to a report by GMA Integrated News stringer Ferdinandh Cabrera on Super Radyo dzBB.

The emergency room at the regional hospital in Marawi City has been placed on code blue as a result.

Investigation is ongoing regarding the incident.

Marawi City, we recall, was, in recent years, the site of a fierce battle between Philippine Government forces and Islamic terrorists that the city had been host to for years. The battle involved one of the biggest mobilisations of military resources in recent Philippine history and, in the aftermath of the fighting, the city was left utterly destroyed. Nonetheless, it seems criminal elements there are back with a vengeance. Perhaps they need to be given a reminder of why doing bad things does not pay.

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The Philippine Government needs to be more vigilant nowadays. This is, after all, an age when terrorism is openly celebrated around the world what with cheerleaders of Hamas’s terrorism sharing equal bandwidth on traditional media with those who fight them. The subtle effects of this tacit tolerance for terrorism in media and amongst “polite” circles cannot be ignored. In the Philippines, terrorists and crooks keep their heads down in times when the Philippine Government exhibits a will to act swiftly, decisively, and with force when peace and order are threatened. The fact they now openly perpetrate their violence on ordinary Filipinos with utter impunity perhaps says something about the perceived character of the government of President Bongbong Marcos.

The first step in dealing with crooks and terrorists usually comes in the form of a message — a strong one. When it comes to elements that speak only one language — violence — there are really few options to evaluate. The clearest message of all is to show that they are out-resourced and outgunned.

15 Replies to “Send the Army back to Marawi City!”

  1. If this continues, a state of lawlessness will be declared again.

    Or another side to it is, they want to provoke Pbbm to do a martial law. They’re teasing him.

  2. martin the whisperer, ever awake for the money, but absent for the danger

    and “tibo” teodoro , you got yer dream job, now gotta start working, buddy

  3. “The fact they now openly perpetrate their violence on ordinary Filipinos with utter impunity perhaps says something about the perceived character of the government of President Bongbong Marcos.”

    I got intrigued by the above statement so I made some googling for comparison of the past and the present administrations. There had been a total no. of 33 terrorist incidents during PRRD’s term and there has been a total no. of 3 terrorist incidents so far for PBBM’s term.

    It’s a wonder what does benign0 exactly meant by it, because, behind this thought, suggest a favored leadership style of one leader.

    This also suggests that pursuit of quiet achievement no longer appeals even though what matters really is the outcome or the result.

    Terrorist Incidents in the Philippines

    PRRD (June 30, 2016 – June 30, 2022)

    Year – No. of Incidents
    2016 – 7 (PNoy – 1, PRRD – 6)
    2017 – 11
    2018 – 3
    2019 – 5
    2020 – 1
    2021 – 4

    PBBM (June 30, 2022 – Present)

    Year – No. of Incidents
    2022 – 4 (PRRD – 3, PBBM – 1)
    2023 – 2

  4. Not sure about that quiet achievement when it comes to public service. Maybe in private life that would apply. How can people participate if things are kept “quiet”?

    1. The idea of ‘quiet achievement’ in public service simply means working towards an envisioned objective without much fanfare or gimmickry as opposed to Epal Politicos who promote themselves shamelessly in public for political points.

      Epal Politicos, who, even in their unofficial capacities, in unofficial engagements, go to functions and events, usually having their PR groups in tow to have their photographs taken, give out unsolicited interviews, for public attention and media exposure.

      1. Speaking of quiet work in public service.

        Does Vice President Sara Duterte need to publicly oppose the President’s revival of peace talks and amnesty program with suspected communists instead of settling her differences with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. privately?

        Well, the Vice President got her attention but what has she achieved, honestly?

        1. Personally, VP Sara Duterte, in her concurrent capacity as Secretary of Education, she would do better in addressing the students’ intellectual impairment. The Philippines ranks in the lower half for IQ in the Southeast Asia region.

          If she can uplift it to a significant change, that would be a better legacy.

  5. Ph flopped. It was a failed experiment.
    Time for an asian country to acquire it and massively improve its people and government.

    1. Needs to be owned and repressed. Real big fucking time.
      Ph literally skipped a period where other SEA had in common: repression and iron fist.

  6. How does one “improve “ IQ? It is inherent. It is in their DNA.


    70 is mental retardation.
    Functional, smiley lackeys for US corporations

  7. Duterte’s response to the Marawi siege of 2017 (the battle lasted five months) has been both good and bad.

    Good, because he was successful in driving away the terrorists.

    Bad, well, reportedly, despite of the availability of budget for it, he did not deliver on a promised rehabilitation.

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