Marcos administration should keep above rabid politicking and focus on good governance

Here’s the thing. If House Speaker Martin Romualdez (SMR) isn’t interested in the presidency, then why has he been seen pointing at sacks of rice in a warehouse? The demolition job on Vice President Inday Sara Duterte continues with the Makabayan bloc continuing to follow through with their threat of impeachment. Yellowidiot lawyers filed a case at the Supreme Court questioning the constitutionality of the transfer of funds from the Office of the President to the Office of the Vice-President. Isn’t this laying the predicate?

House Speaker Martin Romualdez poses before the cameras using a warehouse full of rice as backdrop.
(Source: PNA)

In the meantime, the Yellowidiots and the Reds are focused on taking down the Dutertes and those closest to them such as Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. The moves in the House of Representatives have triggered the exodus from PDP-Laban to the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) and Lakas-CMD parties simply because our honorable legislators know that’s where the monies are now.

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2025 will be the litmus test for the Duterte brand. It will determine which camp will stand out going into 2028. Inday will not break from the president but current President Bongbong Marcos will find himself being questioned by the public for not making any statement asking those in his camp to stand down from politicking. The moronic loyalists who are accusing the Duterte camp of destabilization plots and coup attempts are stupid because the situation today isn’t the same as the time when the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) was organized with then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile’s blessing.

House representatives Arlene Brosas, France Castro, and Raoul Manuel strike a Peoples’ Revolution pose to signify their solidarity as a bloc within Congress.
(Photo source: Inquirer)

The president’s pivot to the United States is his way of ensuring he stays in power. That’s his position because he craves Western validation. If the US Democratic candidate loses in the 2024 election, American foreign policy will shift again and this will have an impact on our own 2025 midterm.

The Marcos loyalists will keep the faith but the same can’t be said for Filipinos who aren’t loyalists. This is why the Marcos administration has to improve in governance. It’s can’t be all propaganda on its part.

2 Replies to “Marcos administration should keep above rabid politicking and focus on good governance”

  1. It’s can’t be all propaganda but Mr. Ortoll is trying really very hard to raise the Duterte brand at the expense of the sitting President.

  2. I think surveys have lost relevance and credibility because of bad politicking.. When they should be useful if properly done.. It is what happens when the media become mere instruments for somebody’s selfish agenda.

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