Leila De Lima threatens to sue former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Will she succeed?

Former Senator Leila De Lima, newly released on bail and now surrounded by Yellowtards, priests, and “journalists” is locked and loaded. “It’s reckoning time,” she reportedly crows — a battle cry made today’s top headline by no less than the Inquirer.

But of course, right?

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But how much credibility as a practitioner of law does De Lima wield? This is someone, after all who seems to bow more to a foreign “court” than to the authority of the Supreme Court of her own country. This is evident in how, even today, she makes the International Criminal Court (ICC) a pillar of her threats against former President Rodrigo Duterte.

She also scoffed at the former president’s remarks against her after she voiced her support for the International Criminal Court’s (ICC).

ICC is investigating the previous administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte previously said de Lima can “go together” with ICC, as he tossed the matter aside.

In reaction, de Lima asked, “Am I a human rights violator? Am I a killer, let alone a mass murderer?”

“Siguro ang ibig sabihin lang niyang ‘magsama-sama’ ay gusto lang niyang may makasama siya in that lonely cell at ICC,” she said in jest.

(Maybe what he means by ‘go together’ is that he wants someone to go with him in that lonely cell at ICC.)

Indeed, back in 2019, De Lima exhibited behaviour unbecoming of an officer of the judiciary which could even be regarded as grounds for disbarment. De Lima at the time had counted on an initiative being mounted by the US government back then to coerce the Philippines into releasing her from detention by banning Filipinos seen to be instrumental in her detention.

Think about it for a moment. The US is implementing a measure to ban Philippine government officials on the basis of someone’s opinion that they had “persecuted” Philippine Senator Leila De Lima. This is a position taken regardless of what any Filipino court has so far ruled. It just shows how, to Americans, the Philippines still remains a quaint little colonial outpost.

The Philippines’ Supreme Court at the time upheld a June 2018 ruling on De Lima’s arrest and detention on drug charges

The high court denied “with finality” De Lima’s motion for reconsideration and said it would no longer entertain future pleadings or motions.

“…No substantial arguments were presented to warrant the reversal of the questioned decision,” the court said in a notice.

The Yellowtard-Communist Axis that make up much of the Philippines’ so-called “Opposition” nonetheless continue to make the ICC intervention into domestic affairs a pillar of their ideology. Old habits die hard and the Philippines today remains a laughingstock of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) — the only country in the region that lacks an indigenous conviction robust enough to get over a historic fixation on its “victimisation” by former colonial masters. Today its “thought leaders” remain locked in quaint “debate” over which global power to cling to — United States or China — as camps use local politicians as proxies to organise themselves into polar cults of personality and loyalty to the day’s global hegemons; the administration of current President Bongbong representing the influence of Uncle Sam and the Duterte clan representing that of the People’s Republic of China.

Where does the influence of an independent Philippines fit in this picture? Well, what exactly these “thought leaders” mean when they drop the term “independence” is the subject of yet another idiotic Filipino-style “debate”. So let’s not hold our breath waiting for an answer to that last question.

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  1. Can she dance? Shyster Smile l, jive and chuck? Sell happy propaganda stories? Can uncle Scam win her over? If so- her case could be more theatre.

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