Is it even possible to “boycott” Chinese products?

Sure, it’s possible to boycott Chinese products. But you’d first need to invent a time machine. You’d have to bring the Philippines back to a time when it had no more than a third of its current population. You’d need to find the sweet spot in its history over which it mined, grew, and made stuff for itself.

The first one is easy. There was actually a time back in the early 1970s when there were only about 35 million Filipinos living in the islands. This was a time when it was still possible to feed all of them off cultivable lands within the archipelago. The second one is a bit harder. There really was no one period in Philippine history where all three — mining, agriculture, and manufacturing — were done domestically at a scale that could meet local Filipinos’ needs and demands.

When George Barcelon, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that while effecting a boycott of Chinese products in the Philippines is technically possible, it will require a “huge sacrifice”, he essentially cites a sacrifice no sane modern consumer is willing to make.

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Our relationship with China has many aspects. When it comes to trade, we need China’s supply because it makes a huge part of our supply chain, not only in domestic consumption but also our exports. Our raw materials are from China.


Not only are our goods from China, but also a lot of our food.

The Philippines does not suffer from a China problem per se. It’s problem lies in its chronic dependence. A vast global supply chain operates at a scale that enables mass extraction, processing, and shipping of raw materials to vast production facilities that turn these into finished goods at such enormous quantities that make their per-unit costs so small as to enable distributors and retailers to make them available to even impoverished consumers at affordable prices. Without global trade, the Philippines will have to rely on its traditional tingi economy — an economy of cottage industries and small cooperative distribution networks trading in small quantities.

Even if that time machine was built, and Filipinos given a second chance to industrialise in a more self-sufficient manner — without developing a pathetic addiction to imports — from such a subsistence domestic economy, it would have remained to be seen whether or not Filipino society and culture ever had what it takes to achieve the industrial scale that created the surpluses and capital that make First World countries such amazing places to live in today.

The foundation of national wealth is capital and capital is created from innovation that improves labour productivity. Filipinos lack the essential scientific and technological traditions that creates that capital which is why it has come to rely entirely on foreign input to sustain its enormous population. Without that foreign input — whether it be trinkets from China or Japanese engines to power its Jeepneys — Filipinos will have to make a huge sacrifice and opt for stone-age lifestyles in order to satisfy their daft jingoism and boycott Chinese products — or, for that matter, any non-Filipino product.

56 Replies to “Is it even possible to “boycott” Chinese products?”

  1. boycott garbage american empire products. especially the “food” and other capitalistic junk that is used to exploit us. including the call centers from american empire vile corporations

  2. Not possible at all to boycott chinese products today because the Philippines is made too dependent on China in trade thanks to the past presidents Arroyo and Duterte who irritated many nationalistic Filipinos.

    benignO, what is your take now that Bongbong Marcos – the president whom you expressly endorsed in your article to be the next president – is leaning more to US and colder to China? Even his allies in Congress are pro US and against China?

    I remember you were happy and contented when Duterte made a pivot to China and made an article about it, and you even defended Chinese incursion in West Philippines sea. It looks like today, BBM is pivoting to US than to China as opposed to what you really felt in the past. I wonder if you are still pro-BBM today? Looks like BBM foreign policy is a deja vu of Noynoy Aquino. What do you think?

    1. Either pivot just demonstrates that the Philippines is no more than a cork bobbing on rough seas. I don’t recall that I “defended Chinese incursion in West Philippines sea”. Where exactly did I do that? For that matter I can’t really describe myself as being “happy and contented when Duterte made a pivot to China”. Again, where exactly did you get that impression?

      1. I remember you wrote in one of your articles before saying like Chinese spent billions of dollars to construct military garrison around the contested rocks near West Philippine Sea and that the Philippines deserves to be bullied because it has depleted and weak military power that unable it to stand and defend its own. It just means you are trying to justify the incursion of chinese in the WPS. This was during Duterte’s presidency.

        You also made a statement in one of your articles that says Philippines should align itself with its Asian neighbors than to the Western countries during the time of Duterte.

        I can’t provide the exact titles of the aforesaid articles.

        Are you sure you don’t want to choose between China and US? But you tried to justify chinese actions before that made you impliedly chose China. And are you sure you want the Philippines to stand on its feet today? Is there a country on earth in the past century that made a progress up to what it is now today without relying on other countries in terms of trade and investment? I think there is none. Philippines, like other countries, has to rely on other countries to get rich of course. That’s what globalization does.

  3. The US empire is a war mongering genocidal vile business enterprise masquerading as a “country” cheered on by 335 million buffoons and turkeys (its’ moronic populace amigo/amiga).

    They have NO friends. Only business interests. Remember, the USAians put Pilipino families in zoos and had paying customers parade through the zoo to see Pilipinos. They are seen as little brown americans to sell junky american products to. Exploitation, greedy, hustling, huckstering, war mongering, imperialistic rapscallions and shysters all trying to take advantage of our Pilipino Brothers and Sisters.
    Yankee Go Home.

  4. “Even if that time machine was built, and Filipinos given a second chance to industrialise in a more self-sufficient manner — without developing a pathetic addiction to imports — from such a subsistence domestic economy, it would have remained to be seen whether or not Filipino society and culture ever had what it takes to achieve the industrial scale that created the surpluses and capital that make First World countries such amazing places to live in today.”

    You can only wonder what exactly can the more rabidly western-influenced and openly colonially-minded citizens of this country are willing to sacrifice to achieve such aspirations.

    Gogs and No Data, two Filipinos pretending to be World citizens, notoriously known for their insatiable fix for everything western have develop this very very deep addiction to imports.

    The ‘under represented’ Gogs who has ‘learned how to cope with the death of the ipod nano’ and No Data, the one who said he’s a critical-thinker, who also thinks that ‘it is ok for a local industry to collapse provided better products and premium western goods and items be made available’ for him and others like him.

    It would be interesting to hear from them. What are their insights? Who knows, we might learn something new and something crucial for the country’s economic survival.

    1. not everyone can be a supplier.

      if everyone supplies, then who buys?

      we gotta dump them iphones and air jordans and shitty toyota fortuners somewhere

      1. @megget yeah, not everyone can be suppliers. Pro-protectionism in Philippines need to realize that protectionism already failed them. If they want protectionism such as Filipino first policy, 60-40 foreign business ownership rule and heavy tariffs for imports to encourage people to buy local products, then they should not complain about the horrible products and services they get. Is it really worth suffering that or paying a lot more money than already needed just for the false pride which will not benefit the customers and the country itself?

        Singapore opened their economy to foreign investors, it is one of the top countries with the highest economic freedom, then they became a first world country. Deng made an economic policy which opened the China to foreign businesses. Meanwhile Philippines is stuck being a backward third world country with high cost of living yet many people there still want the country to be highly protectionist. I would say that Philippines is a country with wasted potentials and this is one reason why.

        1. @No Data:

          Targeted protectionism is not the problem but rather is a tool of counter-measure to the Philippine problem of chronic dependence.

          Controlled protectionism, as an economic measure for weaker economies, is simply nothing more like Old Japan’s isolation policy of Sakoku (of 220 years) which effectively enabled the Japanese to rely solely on themselves. Perhaps, that also explains why there are no pretending KSP citizens in that country.

          Even strong economies like the US and/or Singapore, still up to now, have some form and measure of protectionism themselves.

          Your neo-colonial addiction to imports which breeds such loser-mentality of dependence is one of those considered problems which your supposed ‘critical thinking’ failed you to appreciate. It’s like a wasted potential for you to understand.

          It’s one reason you entirely missed the point of this article.

        2. @1/2 one reason why I commented is because you dragged me in your comment. Japan and US are countries with good capabilities. Japan has Sony, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hanabishi and many more while the US has Ford, Boeing, Microsoft, etc.

          Singapore is still a country with one of the highest economic freedom. You really expect Philippines to be capable of exporting good products? Philippines’ average IQ is below average and is ranked at 111th place in average IQ ranking so what do you expect the quality of products will be? I expect the quality to be garbage maybe with very few exceptions, maybe.

          And what’s wrong with preferring imports over local? It’s my money, so I can choose imports. If local brands can’t compete, then they should just close down, it’s as easy as that. As long as I get what I need, I couldn’t care about where the product was made, it has never been my duty to make sacrifices to support local products or boycott products from certain countries.

    2. All you need to know about the Philippines and their attention to detail and their craftmanship is for all to see on noontime television and what passes for primetime news. The audience those shows are made for. The audience mass media is addressing is who is responsible for our GDP and our GNP. You may like that message and even rejoice it in it. I still will not write something on the SEA games like you want me to.

      1. “attention to detail” in the Ph? That’s a good joke. Ice cold fries, poor quality/presented food-slapped together, half-assed people in a half -assed “life.” Keep em distracted with bread and circus–musak, dancing, US empire love, and mango talk.

        As stated-it’s green mangos and yellow mangos rhetoric–nothing really more because they live in a mental prison. Their average IQ are so low, that inherently, they cannot talk or critically think about anything else–singing, fake happiness, happy ending videos, who looks most Anglo, prank videos, “rappers”, and yellow versus green mangos…It’s to keep the typical Pilipino stupid/distracted–US crapola.

        Any wonder why Ph is a bad joke amongst those with a working brain. They reap what they sow. Sexpats, broke people from the west, felons, etc. It’s the community college of the world. And Ph NEEDS them because the US vassal is an economic, spiritual, and ontologic basket case. Bring your euros, dollars,pounds, and move here and feed the destitute young ladies /their families and the economy.

  5. It’s all over but the shouting. The caravan has moved on, yet the dogs still bark. Keep boot licking your US empire overlords/imperialistic, capitalistic war mongers.

  6. The main issue is likely the inherent very low average Pilipino IQ.

    Therefore, any Ph products exported or not will likely be not exceptional nor even ‘good’ quality. It will be half-assed, poor standard, junk basically. Because that’s the Philippines sans
    a few nice beaches, Anglo – Saxon resorts, and ‘warm’ smiles.

    Lack of quality products a huge embarrassment that will not change. Also, Ph imports American junk- look at the crap quality “food” and junky building materials/furniture–American cast aways to their vassal.

    Without sexpats, losers back home, questionable background people, etc. from the West, the Philippines would even be more destitute and poverty stricken. Like it or not, they bring money to Ph and that does help the economy.

    We met the problem, and it’s ourselves.

    1. I like how you sum it up. I will ask you a question I have often asked here for over a decade. Where does pinoy pride come from? In my submissions I get the stupidest answers and of course you know they have nothing when they start to question me personally.

  7. It comes from nowhere. It’s a show about nothing. Singing, dancing, copy cat “P” pop musak, and we love the US–please ‘love’ us. The Pinoy ‘pride’ thing– It’s a form of mental illness.
    They will latch onto anything that brings them some fake, artificial ‘pride’ because the US vassal “(“Philippines”) is a laughing stock.

  8. @Gogs, @No Data, @Princess:

    Flawed and misdirected Pinoy Pride is a problem, but on its flipside, ‘reversed’ Pinoy Pride becomes a much bigger mental health issue as demonstrated by the arrogance and irreverence of not just a few misguided and confused Filipinos who think and act as if they are bonafide world citizens like clueless fishes who don’t know they’re in water.

    Neo-colonialist Pinoys, typified by Gogs, No Data and other wannabes who populate like mushrooms in this country, who merely parrot what they read, what they’re told, characterized by their inability to think, to beg to differ, who celebrate their bogus exemptions like inherent entitlements, surround this lazy mentality.

    The easier part to this lazy redemption is to seek exemptions and wanting to identify with the first world while celebrating their undeniable other selves’ third world cultural weakness as an achievement. Believe it or not!

    It’s their so called deliverance… only in bad taste.

    But the harder part for these clowns to self-confront is to bravely declare that they truly are genuinely qualified to suggest their imagined superiority class nonsense compared to their under educated, less privilege, lowly and ‘stupid’ underclass.

    The OFWs, for instance, is one such majority ‘underclass’ who humbly but collectively contribute to the national economy that indirectly benefit the colonialists clowns. Common laborers build buildings that house the offices of big businesses and roads and bridges that help industries transport and deliver goods and services from point A to destination B. Then, there’re the agricultural workers also who feed these spoiled brat jokers!

    Comparatively, what do these narcissistic comedians contributed? Did they give the country something? Some form of personal sacrifices maybe or a track record of achievement that helps to contribute to achieve technological advancement in science, education or even sports?

    They really have nothing to speak of! No Data has dubious critical thinking. Gogs can’t play nor teach football. A sound advice from an old proverb states that you don’t tell others to do what you cannot do.

    In spite of their huge capital and western education, why do privilege class Pinoys, even if collectively, are unable to come up with something uniquely ‘pinoy’, that can be considered global, that the underclass Pinoys can also enjoy?

    Is it because of greed for profit, mental stupidity or Filipino colonial-mentality?

    This guy explains it better. It’s simple really!

  9. Pinoy pride is a concept which belongs to the dumpster. Whenever I ask why are they proud of their country and what are they proud of, nobody can give me a good answer. Are they proud that their country has below average IQ in terms of average IQ ranking?

    The Aurelio “supercar” is pathetic for a supercar, its top speed is 290km/h which is slower than the Nissan GT-R which is a “budget supercar” at best but it is a luxury sports car, but not a proper supercar. I would rather buy a Porsche, Ferrari or a Lambo over this Aurelio car. Unlike these prestigious car brands, flexing an Aurelio car might just make people laugh at you.

    Oh, and the video claiming that there are many excellent Pinoys made me laugh because if it’s true, then why is the Philippines ranked at 111th place in average IQ ranking? Oh wait, a good reason for it is because anti-intellectualism is a prominent part of their culture, they like smart shaming people who are smart yet they want me to respect their country? I have zero respect for a weak country with low IQ and with many arrogant, disrespectful and unruly people.

    Anyway, I already said in this site about what Sir Donald Tsang said, he said that keeping foreign businesses out will simply hurt the people. There’s an article in correctphilippines website which explains why the Filipino first policy caused Philippines to fail.

    Protectionism limits the choices of customers which is unfair and gives them burden for no good reason. Let me ask you this, is it fair to give customers the burden of supporting local products even if most or all local products have mediocre quality? I’ll say similar to what Sean Akizuki said but in a little more sugar coated way. Protectionist loving Pinoys deserve their crappy services, he is right when he said that it’s ironic that many people there love protectionism but hate the trash services they receive.

    Again, why should I be bothered with supporting local products? I don’t care if they collapse as long as I can buy the stuffs I want for a fairer and lower price without so much tariffs just because they want me to support local products. My needs are more important than the problem of local companies. If they cannot compete with foreign companies, it’s not my problem, they can simply close down, it’s easy to do it, no need to bother people as if their problem is suddenly everyone’s problem.

    1. @No Data:

      Pinoy Pride in ‘reverse’ mode aka Filipino Colonial Mentality is a very negative policy of parasitic dependence, association and identification for losers.

      That’s why No Data, a pretender like his mentor Gogs, is undoubtedly a KSP parasite.

      Claims of pride to the collective achievements of the West is his miserable endeavor at validation to conceal his own misgivings.

      No Data’s perennial desire to migrate ends in perennial ‘auto fail’.

      This ‘trying hard’ attitude to associate himself even though having no actual shared contribution to nationhood of another country, which, obviously, by the way, doesn’t even know nor care about that he even exist, is nothing more than an attempt to project himself to be in the company of winners.

      It’s a rude deception, a big fat lie!

      Hmm, No Data would rather buy a Porsche, Ferrari or a Lambo…?

      I suggest you refrain from further shaming yourself. Have some self respect for once. It would be best for you.

      Only someone with a low IQ would feel like a fly that lands on top of a carabao who feels itself to be higher than the carabao.

      Make yourself believable!

      1. @1/2 you’re resorting to ad hominem, that’s a bad way to debate. Do not use ad hominem in debates. The name of this website is getrealphilippines, not adhomphilippines.

        Pinoy pride is often a sign of massive inferiority complex. Why are you proud of being a Pinoy? Give me a good answer without resorting to adhom, short for ad hominem.

        Is it wrong that I prefer Porsche, Ferrari or a Lambo over an Aurelio supercar which is pathetic for a supercar standard?

        Philippines has below average IQ and is ranked at 111th place in average IQ ranking, so how can I believe that many people there are competent and smart, especially that smart shaming is a huge part of their culture?

        Let me ask you this as well. Are you proud of your country’s average IQ? Now, answer these questions without adhoms.

        1. @No Data:

          1. “you’re resorting to ad hominem, that’s a bad way to debate.”

          You’re entitled to your opinion. Please be more specific with what you consider as ad hominem.

          2. “Pinoy pride is often a sign of massive inferiority complex.”

          To a certain extent, that can be true. You see, pride is something that can be potentially bad or potentially good.

          It’s a misdirected pride when we delude ourselves into thinking that things are fine even if it’s not.

          But a reversed Filipino pride that satisfies only a selfish ego is more sinister… a lazy escapist mentality that you personally take to heart and seem to find comfort with.

          In any case, intelligence should be applied.

          Smart people understand Pinoy Pride, as a shared experience. You have to be smart to appreciate Pinoy Pride. It has the power to inspire and unite a fragmented people.

          3. “Why are you proud of being a Pinoy?”

          You expect a Pinoy to be proud as someone else? That is a game you play, not mine.

          4. “Is it wrong that I prefer Porsche, Ferrari or a Lambo over an Aurelio supercar which is pathetic for a supercar standard?”

          There’s nothing wrong in preferring something that you can really afford. But you either miss the point or message that video is trying to convey or your comprehension failed you.

          It’s terribly wrong to pretend to prefer something over another and dismiss that as outright “pathetic” even though in reality you could not even afford that so called “pathetic” supercar. It defies human logic.

          It’s just an insincere façade… meant to deceive people.

          5. “Philippines has below average IQ and is ranked at 111th place in average IQ ranking, so how can I believe that many people there are competent and smart, especially that smart shaming is a huge part of their culture?”

          Well, you can start by asking difficult questions to people who are fortunate enough to have acquired proper education.

          If you prefer to question the poor illiterate people instead who lacks access to the same, just to validate your theory, that would be idiocy. Really, just an ironic display of your very own low IQ.

          6. “Are you proud of your country’s average IQ?”

          It’s not something really to be proud about but it’s something that we need to confront as a factual truth. That there is something wrong that we need to address. It’s something we need to overcome.

          Like in nation-building, it is a process that’s not instantaneous but something needs to be done.

          Believe it or not, there was time that terms such as ‘made-in-china’ and ‘made-in-japan’ were synonymous to ‘poor quality’ or ‘easily broken’.

          It’s not even uncommon, then, hearing those terms from elder people in reference to those having a bad case of diarrhea:

          “Ang tiyan mo ‘made-in-japan’, sira na naman.”

          To escape Philippine reality are for losers.

          I intend not to ask you anymore questions given the preview of how you think…

        2. @1/2

          You’re resorting to personal insults in this discussion by calling me a pretender and KSP. Intelligent people don’t resort to ad hominem. Honestly, ad hominem shouldn’t be allowed here.

          I understand Pinoy pride alright, it’s just a massive inferiority complex, it’s just a crap people believe in. People who believe that crap are proud, but where’s their humility? You can’t even give me a good answer to the question why you’re proud of being a Pinoy.

          The Aurelio “supercar” is a pathetic wannabe supercar. Its top speed is only 290km/h which is slower than even a Nissan GT-R which is not even an exotic supercar.

          With the country’s low IQ, smart shaming culture and regressive/backward development, there’s no reason to believe that Philippines will be great and Filipino products will be good. Nation building you say, your people can’t even vote right since they vote for political candidates with criminal records, they’re also too addicted to dramas such as family matters and poverty porns, no wonder many Filipino shows are about love triangles and dramas.

          Learn to accept it, there’s nothing to be proud of the country. There are many more reasons not to be proud of the country, but many of those reasons are not related to protectionism anymore.

        3. Of course the bashers resort to ad hominem. They can not really argue with the points so it’s all there in the last thing I wrote. All about me. Nothing about pinoys latching on to glory from people who are nothing like them and lived half a world away for most of their lives. The source of their pride and identity. A sport they can not even play well and even draw local crowds. The 2 biggest detractors decide to just question me personally.

        4. @No Data:

          “You’re resorting to personal insults in this discussion by calling me a pretender and KSP. Intelligent people don’t resort to ad hominem. Honestly, ad hominem shouldn’t be allowed here.”

          Gogs is someone ‘stupid’… and that’s according to No Data’s bizzare thinking.

          Gogs is the originator of the term ‘KSP’, along with the word ‘baduy’ and others, here in this site, which, he, for years, habitually throws indiscriminately to a much greater number of the Filipino population apparently to debase their dignity and insult their intelligence.

          No Data gets to read Gogs’ submissions regularly, but, quite strangely and curiously, he isn’t bothered nor affected by it at all. He even acts as a cheerleader, as a co-instigator, being a true submissive disciple to his master.

          Therefore, No Data is actually a deceptive and a dishonest person having said that: “Honestly, ad hominem shouldn’t be allowed here.”

          For allowing the master to carry on, disciple No Data can also considered a deceitful liar!

        5. @1/2 see, you’re resorting to personal insults again, this is a debate. Resorting to personal insults in a debate is a typical low IQ Peenoise mentality, so don’t do it.

          Also, your post doesn’t make sense at all, it’s just ad hominem.

        6. 1/2 You can not deny that your replies were full of personal insults and name calling. As for using the adjective baduy. It is not my word, it in the vernacular. Are you telling me the concept does not exist in local media? Just show me what is not baduy and show me what is baduy. Very simple. The concept of baduy is so pinoy and that it does not neatly translate to English. Cheesy does not quite cover it. So your work is cut and dried. Prove I am misrepresenting local media products with the adjective ” baduy ” . You can provide examples of baduy that do not include what I cited. Or better yet prove baduy does not exist. Otherwise agree with me. In the words of John Lennon. ” I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.”


        7. It’s obvious that Gogs intentionally exclude to mention ‘KSP’, being one of his fave term of endearment to his compatriots, and we know exactly the reason why.

          It cannot be denied… No Data gives a hint above.

        8. @ Mr. ad hominem/ write about SEA Games ,

          It is so weird how you look at what is missing in my replies when you are so notorious for missing the crux of the argument of any GRP piece and just take shots at the writers and anybody who does not agree with you. Yeah take your shots and fabricate associations. Do your ad hominem since you are missing arguments yourself. Keep on reading the posts that you choose to comment on and some of what you are looking for is already there. Like the end of Wizard of Oz. Once again in the words of John Lennon. ” I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one. “

  10. Amigos—amigas,
    It’s all over but the shouting.
    The caravan has moved on, yet the dogs still bark.
    Ph is the us, the us is Ph—two unflushed toilets. Time to flush!

  11. Many failipinos have an allergy to reality. Nothing will change in the failipines.
    Cold fries, canned meat, and US worship. Sad. Bc the land had so much potential. Past tense intentional Po.

  12. @No Data @Gogs

    What’s your world-renowned achievements that give you the nerve to push for a demand for pure excellence from Filipinos?

    Are you an olympic gold medalist? A renowned inventor? A Forbes’ billionaire? A renowned world writer? Etc.? And what/where is your proof?

    If you are not world achievers, I will wait for your valid reasons. I don’t want any emotional childish excuses from you as you yourselves don’t tolerate any excuses from Filipino people.

    1. I am sorry that I interrupted your proud to be pinoy moment. Ad hominem pa more. Pedro. The piece is about pinoys need China more than China needs the pinoy and the proof is all the products that they export here and pinoys gladly consume. Ok so you can’t argue the opinion presented here so you speculate on 2 commenters here. Ad hominem pa more.

      1. Don’t care if this is related to the article or not. It’s not my first time to read your blog Gogs. You have been demanding excellence from Filipinos everywhere here for years.

        Since you did not answer my questions above and I guess you have no real superior world achievements to brag here, then I will just dismiss you as another non-achiever ordinary pinoy who is just loud with superficial pride. You are not somebody as you think you are.

        1. Dismiss all you want since you are so proud to be pinoy. I have been looking for pinoy humility for years and it is like Linus looking for the great pumpkin. So many people like you too proud to be pinoy and no humility. Well enjoy those pinoy programs and movies. Outlaw the Korean shows.

    2. Ah, a Pinoy lashes out the ‘ano ang ambag mo?’ wild card. Why haven’t I thought of it?

      If life were a video game, your kind would be dismissed as NPCs.

      1. We should always ask “ano ambag mo” and what difference did you make than others to serve as an inspiration and a guide, or else you are just like us struggling and figuring endlessly how to be world achievers.

        1. To which I counter: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

          “Matapobres” can be correct twice a day. “Hampaslupa” can also be correct twice a day. Heck, even the best intellectual schizoids I know can be occasionally correct. Do the people I mention have these ‘achievements’, these ‘milestones’ you speak of? An NPC can complain all they want in social media and do no social action.

          I mean iho, my fellow brown friend in Christ, I have a full time office work. Yet I still find time spreading dissent powered by my spite against our NPC Filipenises. The deluded Phallus-penis youth can spend so much time on Facebook telling every meme group how they hate being Failipino.

          And knowing this country, achievements, milestones, recognitions don’t mean any shit because majority here have no luxury of time to improve themselves.

        2. You misinterpret complaint from demand. What you mentioned are complaints, what I’m saying is demand. There’s a difference between the two.

          In this context, complaint is criticizing someone who is duty bound to do something right as it is his obligation to do; demand is discretionary and asking someone what they ought to do in their lives and how they should do it.

          If you demand something especially excellence, there is an impression that you are doing something right in your life that others ought to emulate. However, if you cannot combine your words with actions, means you really don’t mean what you said, and your demand is just hypocricy. Gogs and No Data demand from Filipinos what they should achieve even if they themselves don’t achieve anything significant. That’s hypocricy because they don’t take into actions what they preached. They want others to achieve something when they cannot even do it themselves where they have absolute control in their own territories.

        3. To which I counter: Set aside your accusation and sorely focus on the mentality.

          My polemics simply allow me to freestyle this argument in all ways and zero-in back on some random jingo-hulabaloo.

          Why not ask us and our fellow indios this question: Are we receptive to consider change or improve our lives better by doing it ourselves? Are you merely existing to alleviate a fellow Failipenis or simply overpower them by your spite? (Which is my case.)

          To demand excellence is to start with yourself. It’s simple, really.™

          Be the standard; I don’t care if *other* people have their preference.

    3. @Pedro the typical “ano ba ambag mo?” fallacy. Sorry to burst your bubble. Actually, I’m not sorry, I do not need to contribute to your society. My needs and wants is and will always be far more important than the needs of your country’s society.

      1. Then why do you bother sticking to exclusive filipino matters when it seems you are not a Filipino? We have more than enough problems and embarassment to deal with, we don’t need your advice and mockery. You are just wasting your “precious” time here.

        1. Because low intelligence and arrogance are my pet peeves, so I mock that arrogant country which has low IQ. You asked me, “ano ambag mo?” fallacy. The more important question is, “what did your country do for me?” because that country didn’t help me, so why should I bother helping?

        2. @No Data:

          Spoken like a true born loser with a below zero low level IQ whose success in life is dependent not on himself alone but on others.

          It’s simply obvious. How can you help the country when you can’t even help yourself?

          Still dreamin’ of some other country you intend to migrate to? Well, dream on… no other country will take another loser. They have more than enough.

        3. @No Brain “Spoken like a true born loser with a below zero low level IQ” says the one who’s spouting ad hominem or personal insults instead of attacking the argument in a debate.

  13. We simply cannot escape the grip of globalism.

    And thanks to our incompetent government nincompoops, we have positioned ourselves to deliver Filipinos to work in any odd-fuck-shit-job anywhere around the globe. (Excuse my ad-hominem, but fuck you Mar Roxas.)

    The Filipinos, on the other hand, have forced themselves the reality that if you don’t make your own business, you’re doomed. Such advice is naivete but without proper context to the said advice, local businesses will always fail.

    Lastly, the developed world sees the Philippines as a sacrificial zone to offshore their businesses, yet would choose other SEA nations just to improve their Sustainable Development Goal scoring.

  14. I’m not proud because I am not a world achiever and I dont forcefully demand excellence from Filipinos because I am not excellent myself. While you Gogs are too proud and demand excellence from Filipinos even if you are a non-achiever and a weakling just like many Filipinos. Where did you get your pride? Haven’t you got a shame?

    1. All I ask is pinoy humility. Not getting it in my lifetime. Just keep up with the personal attacks since you lack the ability to attack the argument. You are too busy being proud to be pinoy.

      1. Especially that there’s really nothing to be proud of being a Pinoy. If I get one dollar for every arrogant person in PH, I would be a multi-millionaire already.

        There are Filipinos who claim that many Filipinos are great yet they support protectionism and Filipino first policy. If many Filipinos are really great, then why are they afraid of competition from other countries?

      2. Hmm, Gogs feels entitled? I’m afraid it’s not gonna happen.

        You need to convince the Filipinos at large first that you have the same personal quality that you are asking them.

        Recall how you the treat the working class in your area? It is a clear example of what isn’t humility.

        That, in contrast with your clear silence and total aphaty concerning the bigger issue with the biggest criminal syndicate back in 2013. You will not find Gogs’ name in the comment section.

        How do you expect the bigger crowd that you posses the leadership caliber worthy to be emulated and followed?

        1. Edit: How do you expect the bigger crowd that you are someone who command the attributes of a leader, the leadership caliber worthy to be emulated and followed?

        2. Go ahead , consider me apathetic on the sample size of 1 piece and the comment section that is 10 years old. You went that far back to read what I wrote about annoying vehicles that contribute noise pollution and fossil fuel pollution. If I cared what you thought of me I would not be writing here. It has been 11 years. You proved you can go back a few years well you see what you want to see. Then again I can’t help but think you approve of that method of campaigning since you disagree with my criticism.

        3. 2nd Edit: How do you expect the bigger crowd to agree…


          Sadly, your rather quick response clearly demonstrate the attitude of someone lacking sincere humility.

          You assume to be someone infallible. Indeed, we are what we are.

  15. A small, weak and poor country like us has no business talking of ‘boycott’ against any country for that matter.

    Even if we have the boycott in our arsenal it would not make a dent against any country that matters. It’s like having a ‘tirador’ in the age of nuclear arms. You can fire and shoot, why not, but it won’t even be noticed by your target.

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