COA Flags Inday The Red Tagger For Non-Compliant Satellite Office Expenses

The Commission on Audit (COA) figuratively slapped the fat off the face of Vice President Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio for spending P668,197.20 in a manner not fully compliant with RA 9184 and its implementing rules & regulations.

Really, it is a small fraction of the P3,000,000,000 (Three billion pesos) she demanded for her office — which, come to think of it, has no other function but to wait for the President to die or get ousted from office.

A portion of the COA report tweeted by Rappler says, to wit:

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Procurement not fully compliant Under RA 9184

8. The immediate establishment of OVP Satellite Offices (SOs) without enough equipment to operate led to the purchase of PPE and Semi Expendable Property totaling P668,197.20, not fully compliant under the relevant provisions of Republic Act (RA) and its implementing rules and regulations; thus, the purpose of the Procurement Law was not completely achieved.

To spare you from the bureaucratic language of the COA report, it appears that the OVP officers bought equipment for the satellite office using their own money and then got reimbursed for the expense. However, because it seems they lacked actual knowledge of COA requirements, the acquisition and reimbursement for the equipment failed to pass muster with COA.

To quote the pertinent portion of the report: “Although a quotation was attached, ensuring the lowest price was obtained in the market, the OVP’s failure to undergo these purchases in the processes and procedures required under RA 9184 and its IRR defeats the purpose of the Procurement Law, which is to standardize and to improve transparency in the procurement process.”

We must remember that similar instances of so-called “emergency purchases” were so rampant during the rule of Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio’s father, especially around the time of the COVID 19 pandemic.

It’s good that COA flagged the OVP for this transaction because, who knows where this kind of sloppy handling of government funds could lead to.

To give everyone an idea, let’s also remember the following controversies that exploded during the Presidency of Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio’s father.

1. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) corruption scandal: In 2020, allegations of corruption emerged involving the misappropriation of funds meant for COVID-19 response. It was claimed that PhilHealth officials were involved in fraudulent schemes, such as overpricing medical equipment and approving fake claims.

2. The Department of Health (DOH) procurement anomalies: There were reports of irregularities in the procurement of COVID-19 supplies by the DOH during the Duterte administration. This included allegations of overpricing and favoritism in awarding contracts for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies.

3. The controversy surrounding the purchase of COVID-19 test kits: In 2020, the government faced criticism for purchasing test kits at significantly higher prices compared to neighboring countries. The high cost raised suspicions of corruption and led to calls for transparency in the procurement process.

4. Red Cross COVID-19 testing kit issue: The Philippine Red Cross, a non-governmental organization, suspended its COVID-19 testing services in October 2020 due to the government’s unpaid debt amounting to millions of pesos. This raised concerns about the mismanagement of funds allocated for COVID-19 response.

5. Alleged involvement of politicians in the hoarding and smuggling of COVID-19 supplies: There have been reports of politicians, including some close to the Duterte administration, being involved in hoarding and smuggling COVID-19 supplies. This includes instances where supplies were allegedly diverted for personal gain rather than being distributed to those in need.


2 Replies to “COA Flags Inday The Red Tagger For Non-Compliant Satellite Office Expenses”

  1. Why is there a rush and a need for VP Inday Sara Duterte to separately establish her own OVP satellite offices across the country?

    If the idea behind them really, we are told, is to bring its services closer to the people, to give citizens better access to her office’s services would it still really be necessary when the national government (through its various agencies in place) is already doing the tasks which the VP intends to do?

    Establishing VP Inday Sara Duterte’s separate satellite offices across the country is no more than a policy-redundance in a “whole-of-government” approach in delivering people services.

  2. Several years ago, there was a US empire tee vee show called, “Seinfeld”. It was a show about nothing. That’s what the Ph is and was.
    A show about nothing.

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