Democracy Will Die With Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio

Not even a year into her term as Vice President, Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio was caught trying to jump the line of succession leading to the Presidency and this has unmasked her power mad, reptilian character.

The failed plot entailed seizing the House Speakership through former President now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, having President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. impeached/ousted, and then having herself installed by virtue of constitutional succession.

Thank God that such a treacherous, evil plot was exposed and foiled quickly and decisively. Thus, demonstrating conclusively and for all that the combined serpentine tactics of the the ladies from Central Luzon and Mindanao are no match for the pedigreed performance of the Marcos and Romualdez families that have created the very fabric of Philippine democracy as we know it today.

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The political and legal brilliance of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. that pervaded and moved every single moment of his twenty year rule IS the very framework — the very ground — in which all the politicians today build their careers.

WHAT FOOLS would think they could shake the very foundations of Philippine politics?

Inday Sara’s brazen but foiled attempt to seize power from President Ferdinand Junior not only exposes her treacherous nature, but also reveals that barely hidden disdain she has for constitutionally mandated processes and constitutional rights.

But, long before this latest treachery, incidents have trailed Inday’s ascent to the Vice Presidency. Consider that;

She has been accused of being involved in extrajudicial killings during her tenure as mayor of Davao City; she punched a sheriff in 2011 for trying to implement a lawful eviction and demolition order in Davao City; she is said to have misused government funds and property for personal purposes; she cursed a fellow local official and endorsed vigilante justice — which ought have gotten her disbarred; she illegally ousted a vice mayor; she is said to condone the fraud and contraband smuggling done by her family members and friends; and of late, she was accused of harassing unionized public school teachers.

Inday Sara Duterte should not be considered as a presidential candidate in 2028 due to her flouting of democratic processes and democratic rights.

Her actions have shown a disregard for the principles of democracy, which are essential for a leader in a democratic nation. As a public figure, she has a responsibility to uphold these principles and set an example for the citizens.

Duterte’s behavior undermines the democratic rights of the people. Democracy thrives on the participation and engagement of citizens, but her actions suggest a lack of respect for their voices. This can create a dangerous precedent where the rights and opinions of the people are sidelined or ignored.

Her disregard for democratic processes can lead to an erosion of checks and balances within the government. Democracy relies on a system of checks and balances to prevent the abuse of power. By flouting these processes, Duterte sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the very foundations of democracy, potentially leading to a concentration of power in the hands of a few.

Her actions can have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and expression. A healthy democracy encourages open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas. However, Duterte’s behavior suggests a tendency to silence dissenting voices, which can stifle the diversity of opinions necessary for a functioning democracy.

Her flouting of democratic processes can erode trust in the government and democratic institutions. Trust is a crucial element in any democracy, as it ensures the legitimacy and stability of the system. When leaders disregard democratic processes, it can lead to a loss of faith in the government and its ability to represent the interests of the people.

Vice President Inday Sara Duterte’s flouting of democratic processes and democratic rights makes her unsuitable as a presidential candidate in 2028.

Democracy relies on leaders who uphold its principles and respect the rights and voices of the people. Her actions undermine these fundamental values and can have detrimental effects on the functioning of a democratic society.

22 Replies to “Democracy Will Die With Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio”

  1. This guy has got to be kidding me! How could he write and lecture us about democracy? The first thing to note is that all his claims against VPISDC are either tainted with political overtones or completely out of context. And let’s say he is serious about democratic ideals, isn’t it proper he teaches first his own people in the Middle East if he really thinks democracy is always the best option?


    1. Unlike most of you who are ACCIDENTAL FILIPINOS or FILIPINOS only because they were born to Filipino parents, I chose to be a Filipino for better or worse. I live and do business here.

      Also, my friend, about this democracy that you speak of, it may not be what you think itis. Have you been educated on the difference between democracy and republicanism?

      1. Dumping for failipines? Yes? You need to be more filipino than a Filipino to win them over-is that the plan?

        1. I just tell the truth as I see it. That’s the most that one can do for the general population. As for people within my circle, I try to live my life as a model for others to follow and try to teach people things that will make their lives better.

          In short, I don’t have to be anything other than what I am.

  2. Tell that Ay-Rab to stop sticking his BIG NOSE in our business!!!

    How about fixing the situation in YOUR OWN country first!!!!

    1. Hello pango. I am Filipino, I chose to be a Filipino and am not an accidental Filipino like most Filipinos.

    1. Yup- another one. Maybe move to dumaguete with all the loser Anglos and token blacks to date young girls and live cheaply. Then do videos for money. It’s a sad place with sad people who choose to be sad—the “smile” “politeness  “ hides dee insecurity. Pinoy pride? That’s funny.

      1. I’ve made a good homes in Makati and Ayala Alabang. I’ve been to Dumaguete and while it has its charms, I like dividing my time between awesome skylines and the lush neighborhood south of Manila.

  3. Wow, are you a new Rapplerrette? Lol. Would any country in the Middle East let me write controversies about them just because I lived there for a few years? The guts of privileged people like you never fail to disappoint. So gutsy yet so out of touch. Don’t you think the Middle East needs a contrarian view like yours more than we do? Let me guess, you can’t do shit like this there can you? LoL.
    Also, you sound like MLQ III and Joe America. And we know who they represent.

  4. Can a filipino choose to be an arab?

    Say, a filipino walks up to an arab in a bar and says “hey im an arab because i choose to be an arab..”

    1. You can acquire citizenship in most countries. Look it up.

      If most Filipinos had a choice between staying in the Philippines and leaving their homeland to become a citizen of a first world country, a huge number of Filipinos would choose to live in a first world country.

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