Militant STAND UP “activist” and former USC Councilor Carl Ieuan Uba in hot water over allegations of sexual misconduct!

Social media is a a abuzz over a certain Carl Ieuan Uba who was councilor in the University of the Philippines (UP) Student Council (USC) over the school year 2021 to 2022.

It seems Uba was a respected member of the cadre of communist “activists” that infest UP campuses as evident in this tweet from the organisation League of Filipino Students which is closely associated with the Communist Party of the Philippines.

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WATCH: Video invite from USC Councilor Carl Uba for Balak Balik-Eskwela?: Students' Assembly Towards the Safe Resumption of Classes this Saturday at 3PM. Through this event, the chapters of the LFS - UPD aim to strengthen unities and foster collaboration with different orgs

Allegations of sexual harassment directed against Uba had recently been emerging on social media, many of them authored by former students or group members attesting to having filed criminal complaints against Uba who served in USC under the UP Diliman campus organisation Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP). One noted activist, Kelsey Hadjirul who had filed a case tweeted that Uba “was a known sexual predator, facing several cases from different sectors”.

One of Uba’s alleged victims Kelsey Hadjirul is “a staunch advocate of LGBTQ+ women rights and human rights”.

STAND UP, under the banner of which Uba served in the USC “is the premier student leadership formation and the broadest party-alliance of militant organizations in UP Diliman,” according to the Twitter profile of the organisation. As of this writing, no statement on the matter can be seen issued over its social media accounts (including that of its Facebook page).

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