Happy Leni Robredo Day!

The sun has set in the West and another Leni Robredo Day has past. Seems like a sudden surge in media coverage of last year’s failed presidential candidate was ill-timed as it created an unintended association with yesterday’s date. By the way, this isn’t an April Fools article. This is 100 percent as real as any other article published on a Get Real Philippines site.

Why does Leni Robredo come to mind whenever the idea of a fool comes up in a conversation? The answer to this question is, of course, a no-brainer. Thing is, most things need to be spelt out to Filipinos explicitly. This is why satire and dry humour don’t work in Philippine showbiz.

Leni Robredo is a fool because she put her hand up to “lead” what was the most important battle the Yellowtard-Communist Axis would ever fight. It was a battle they thought — no, believed — they would never need to fight. It was the fight to stop a second Marcos ascent to power. Worse, when it did come to the point where it needed to be fought (a point which neither came suddenly nor was all that surprising) they chose Leni Robredo to lead them into battle. They chose her and were confident they’d win.

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The way the Yellowtards and commies are behaving today, one would think that they had lost no more than a school soccer match and just gone home to take a shower and watch TV. They’re content having mom pat them on the head assuring them they played well and that next weekend would be another match and that all they needed to do next time was “try their best”.

Their best.

We recall the wise words of John Mason played by Sean Connery in the 1996 film The Rock. It goes something like this:

Losers whine about doing their best. Winners go home and f*ck the Prom Queen.

What seems to ail the Opposition is that their aspiration is not to win. Their aspiration is to be seen to be the “good” forces in any “fight” and that those meant to lose are the “evil” ones. Such thinking adds two layers of cognitive blocks to clear thinking: (1) a feeling of entitlement to victory and (2) an unwillingness to reflect and take lessons from failure.

We see that pattern today in how even the foremost “thought leaders” of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis strut around exchanging mutual high fives for an achievement the rest of us may not be privy to — some sort of victory that only insiders are in on. Perhaps they are right. Maybe the Yellowtards (and their Red comrades) remain blessed by a superior authority the graces of whom our damned lot — the non-chosen and unsaved people — remain outside of. What are the origins of such style of thinking? The answer to that question is so obvious that I think I’ll stop right here.

6 Replies to “Happy Leni Robredo Day!”

  1. Leni Robredo is not qualified to run a sari 2 store, let alone a country run by children, movie stars & the children of politicians who started life as TV & movie stars.

  2. Won’t be surprised if these Yellows turned Whites turned Pinks pivot to use another color in the next elections in an attempt to provide Filipinos with some head-turner substance.

    From another angle: Leni was actually working for the goals of the Marcos-Duterte camp. The oblivious clown led the Ninoy/EDSA-inspired opposition to guaranteed political bankruptcy and dragged their commie associates with them into the abyss. Mission accomplished! Salamat Leni!

    1. You’re oozing with hate, man. You don’t kick a person who is already down. Pick someone that is a danger to you than stomp on somebody you just defeated. That’s not manly.

      1. “hate” doesn’t quite hit the mark. If there’s any single word for being simultaneously amused and annoyed, that would be bull’s eye. In some way, it would be a sad and boring political landscape if the opposition camp runs out of clowns to field in their battle for relevance. Who will GRP poke and pick on next?

    2. We want men to work for gov’t not women. Women must work in household or nursing or teacher.

      Sandro Marcos may be possible president on 2028 unless BBM changes a new constitution or reverts to 1973 constitution.

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