Should we continue to write about Leni Robredo even after she was buried in the the 2022 elections?

Absolutely. Leni Robredo was leader of the Philippines Opposition since 2016 after her pal Mar Roxas was crushed by Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 presidential elections. She continued to remain in Opposition campaign mode even as “vice president” from 2016 through 2022 going as far as slinging mud at the government she was part of whenever given an audience. She then really stepped up in the lead up to the 2022 national elections aiming for no less than the presidency and making an even stronger claim to being the “leader” of all of the Opposition.

So people ask me why I continue to write about her despite last year’s election supposedly now behind us. Really? After all of the above they now expect us to simply move on from who and what Robredo was and represented?

For one thing, the 2022 elections evidently aren’t over yet as far as many members of the Opposition are concerned. According to a “report” authored by Dwight de Leon for Rappler, “some concerned groups still refuse to accept the results of the vote, raising numerous theories alleging fraud.” This means Robredo remains as relevant as she has been over the last several years. She is still seen to be the “hero” who will “rescue” Filipinos from the “evil” regime of the second Marcos presidency.

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No less than the top Opposition “news” networks regard her as extremely newsworthy. Presumably, for happening to be a woman given that March was deemed “Women’s Month”, Robredo was put up as the quintessential Filipino woman by various news outlets such as CNN Philippines where she was interviewed by senior anchor Rico Hizon. In another interview video published by ABS-CBN News, she is cited as one of the country’s “remarkable women”.

All this, of course, just might work. Being buried by “the son of the dictator” in that all-important national election of yore is the real big news here — Robredo’s crowning failure. It seems, however, that she is off to great things — helping “the poor” and all that. She’s a politician, of course. All politicians help the poor, see. Robredo, however, is special. Humble bloggers like moi are not allowed to write about people crowned no less than The Messiah by thought leaders of the Philippines’ “civil society”.

4 Replies to “Should we continue to write about Leni Robredo even after she was buried in the the 2022 elections?”

  1. Leni Robredo is garbage! Pinklawans, Kakampinks, Wokes and LGBTQIA+ are garbage!

    Marcos apologia must be hip for its good!

  2. Great article . You are the only one who thought to discuss important issues that is/will have determintal effects on the Filipino people. It is disappointing to see that most articles focus on Leni .The opposition has nothing to do with the decision of the president to build 9 military bases which will be used for a future war / a proxy war with China. I am inclined to believe that he was forced to agree . The discussion around EDCA sites was held way back in August , a month after the president took office. Something dramatic must happened to quickly agree to build 4 additional military bases.
    The military bases have far reaching immediate and long term consequences on the environment and the economy.

    It’s truly disappointing to see that most articles focus on Leni instead of focusing on issues that are inflicting far greater damage than Leni [ rampant corruption, drugs, rape, auterity measures that will be imposed later ….etc].
    Leni isn’t the cause of these problems. Leni didn’t put the Philippines in danger by agreeing to build 9 military bases.
    Leni didn’t elect a director to be the president’s advisor.
    The problems that are facing the Philippines today have nothing to do with Leni. I think it’s time to put that intellectual energy into something productive.

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