UP Diliman “activists” who destroyed university property should be EXPELLED

Want to be a true rules-based society? Then it is clear what should be done to those students of the University of the Philippines (UP) who, while protesting (or, rather, throwing a really bad temper tantrum) over the decision of the UP Board of Regents (BOR) to select UP College of Law dean Edgardo Carlo Vistan II as the new Chancellor of the UP Diliman campus. Apparently, the preferred person for the role of these “activists” is former UP Diliman chancellor Fidel Nemenzo.

Not getting what they wanted, these “activists” resorted to violent and destructive means to express their displeasure.

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The UP Diliman Student Code of Conduct (2012 Edition) is clear on the consequences of such actions. Section IV.1.3.2. Damage to Property of this document, “Damaging or defacing property within University premises, including but not limited to, littering and vandalism” spells it out:

1. For the first violation, suspension from one (1) week to one (1) academic year, or community service; or
2. For the second violation, suspension from fifteen (15) days to expulsion;
3. For the third violation, suspension for a period of one (1) semester to expulsion.

Provided, that if the misconduct is committed by two (2) or more persons acting in concert and/or committed on the occasion of violent confrontations or any similar disturbance, the corrective measure shall be as follows:

1. For the first violation, suspension for one (1) month to expulsion;
2. For the second violation, expulsion.

In all cases, the students shall be required to repair the damage done at their expense or to pay the costs incurred in repairing such damage. No clearance shall be issued until such damage is fully compensated by the students.

Clearly the “activists” who had exhibited the bad behaviour the other day are guilty on two counts as reported by a certain user Tinig ng Plaridel on a Twitter thread.

Count 1: Destruction of UP Diliman property

Count 2: Defacing UP Diliman property

What excuse will these students give for such bad behaviour? The answer to that question is a practical no-brainer. Filipino “activists” believe they are entitled to engage in illegal behaviour on the basis of the self-attributed “nobleness” of their advocacy. However, belief in one’s own righteousness is not a sound defense for breaking the law. Just because you believe you are right does not mean you are actually right. Believing you can destroy property because you are right is not right.

Will these students be meted the “corrective measures” spelt out by the Code? In remaining consistent with the selective justice and arbitrary way it is delivered in the Philippines all the next steps we can recommend for now is this: Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

15 Replies to “UP Diliman “activists” who destroyed university property should be EXPELLED”

  1. Indeed we are going to wait for the disciplinary action the UP leadership to take. These revolutionary cry babies are no longer acceptable…we would like to see the real UP in the pre-Sison days.

  2. It’s really a very stupid turn of events. Yes, these crybabies who could be linked to the CPP-NPA-NDF. If anything, those guys should’ve tried to protest at Peking University if they dare. If they dare dto protest at China, they’d really taste a real nasty crackdown.

    1. They did was protest in Tiananmen Square.

      Are we wanting for next authoritarian gov’t and regime to have disciple and progress? Like in Saudi Arabia, Russia and China…

  3. Surely not only UP but some other universities in our country also have rowdy, whining and undisciplined students.

    Its high time to return back on ROTC on all universities in our country and I don’t care if there’ll be another hazing incident inside the ROTC just like 20 years ago for as long as those kind of Filipino students who have bad attitudes should face heavy punishment or disciplinary measures.

    1. This would go well in conjunction with NTF-ELCAC. Military conscription is also a must. Citizens must march to their deaths.

      And we would view human rights as pointless construct that did not exist.

      LGBTQIA+ and wokes must be destroyed. Homosexuality must be criminalized and we are better off in right-wing military against NPA-CPP-NDF, and LGBTQIA+.

        1. Russia and Saudi Arabia. It’s not a joke or a drill, we are taking it too seriously! Saudi Arabia is developed country and it has mandatory ROTC and does not allow wokes or liberals or LGBT.

        2. @Propaganda Boy if you’re really serious, it will just make things worse. Philippines already have a senator who thinks people should just submit to him. Conscription? If you support the comment which says that citizens should march to their deaths, let me ask you this, what does Philippines have to offer to their citizens for you to want them to be forcefully conscripted and sacrifice their lives for the country? They’re better off migrating to better countries for them to have brighter future than to force them to march to their deaths.

          Philippines is not as strong and significant as Russia and Saudi. Russia and Saudi have tons of oil reserves and Russia also builds and sells weapons and military vehicles.

        3. @No Data…

          Excuse me! You are just a pinklawan dilawan woke. No one cares. Go ask ngek ngek, benign0 and mrericx!

          You, NPA-CPP-NDF, anti-Marcos, dialawans, pinklawans and wokes oppose NTF-ELCAC, ROTC and mandatory ROTC and love freedom because of Aquinos and EDSA. 1987 constitution is an epic fail constitution.

          We are serious. And we need not to make things neither better or for worse.

        4. @Propaganda Boy you didn’t even answer my question, you just resorted to personal insults or something similar. Let me ask you this. What does Philippines have to offer for someone to say that citizens of that country should be conscripted and they should march to their deaths?

        5. Propaganda Boy, you just said that I’m a dilawan/pinklawan woke or whatever it is. Why are you saying such things instead of just answering my question?

  4. Haha, look at those flabby fat-asses. Bougie kids couldn’t even bring a proper battering ram, much less storm a building properly.

    They don’t make radicals like they used to.

  5. Something admirable, sort of, that the populace can learn from these radicals is how to groupthink.

    While ‘groupthink’ is said to be dangerous, as in herd mentality/behavior, that can lead to poor decisions and even disaster, it can also be beneficial if put to good use…

    And that is when collective thinking serves the national interest.

    1. How about something heinous?

      If BBM reverts back to 1973 Constitution and declares martial law. People would be happy to see activists tortured and many still don’t care about human rights.

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