“Small dick energy” — how the double standard of @znsuzara (a.k.a. Budget Babe) mirrors the character of the Philippine Opposition

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic nowadays since the release of ChatGPT. It’s not really mind-boggling as it’s always been in the back burner. I’ve been using it at work and I can say that with the right prompt, you get what you need and with a little bit of adjustments, you get your job done faster. Most people think that anyone can use it. This is not the case with prompts. It’s the same case with search engines. If you can’t formulate an accurate search string then you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Last week was interesting because an infographic of possible opposition candidates for the Senate in 2025, surfaced on Twitter.

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Then this guy @benign0 got into it with the (in)famous Zyza Nadine Suzara a.k.a. Budget Babe on Twitter, she who supposedly is some kind of budget guru, all because she worked at the Department of Budget Management under Butch Abad during the Aquino administration. What’s funny is just like Opposition “chief economist” JC Punongbayan, both of these morons haven’t worked in the private sector since their college graduation. They’ve been in government as co-terminus appointees; when their boss steps down, they go with him or her. The reason for this is they probably don’t qualify for plantilla positions since again, they don’t have the requisite training and experience. This leads me to conclude they’re just Opposition mouthpieces who are social media savvy; at least they and their comrades think they are.

You know an argument is lost when one of the protagonists resorts to an ad hominem remark. In this case, Suzara tweeted that @benign0 has “small dick energy”, which is a euphemism for accusing him of having a small dick. Of course, this is something she wouldn’t be privy to given she’s not had a carnal encounter of any kind with @benign0.

The third member in our group said that “for a large c*nt, any dick is small” as a reaction to the babe’s remark. Of course the babe found this offensive when out before her. Double standard if you ask me since she expects to get away with being same against a man she’s losing an argument with. If it were me, I wouldn’t have held back considering she doesn’t resemble anything like a babe in reality and it’s obvious that during the lockdown, she did nothing but stock up on carbs, judging by a pic she posted at a wedding she attended.

But the dick that @benign0 is, couldn’t help himself and subsequently posted a meme, depicting the alleged Budget “Babe” in a bad light.

It’s bad when she’s ranged up against someone who’s closer to being a babe than she will ever be. It reminds me of another friend, the person behind We Are Collective, which exposed the true characters of the late Jesse Robredo and his widow former “vice president” Leni “MaDumb” Robredo and why they were really made for each other. Jesse was no hunk and Leni is no babe either but he went to the extent of describing how ugly Leni was in her teens. You can actually see that in her college annual when she graduated from UP. No whitening agents then and no eyebrow threading.

Think of it like the bold komiks found in Recto before where you have the son of the amo going into the maid’s room; huwak Koya, huwak. Maawa ka na Koya.

Bottomline: those in the opposition can dish it out but when faced with a formidable foe, they can’t take it, which is why even with the advent of artificial intelligence, the Opposition will continue to remain as dumb as a doornail. This is why I can’t comprehend why there remains a sector in society that continues to support them. The best explanation I can come up with is they’re also psycho-sociopaths who benefit from the largesse these personalities dispense with.

The refuge of morons is the academe and government which is why it is no wonder our youth are getting dumber and nothing happens in government. Imagine what would’ve happened if MaDumb won again. That would’ve been a combined horror and freak show rolled into one. But at least, the babe has been shut down for now and exposed for what she truly is.

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