Is the information in the #NagaLeaks exposé true or false?

Nobody really knows at this point. But one thing’s for sure, the messaging and dissemination machinery backing its spread is awesome and well-orchestrated; so much so that even as early as the build-up period leading to its release on the anonymous website in its now-famous post DECEPTION The Shocking Truth Behind Leni and Jesse Robredo Part 1, the hasthag had already “trended” on social media. As of this writing the Facebook page We Are Collective had already amassed a more than 140,000 user following.

The key message of this exposé is around how current Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo’s political brand is “built mostly on lies” and that she and her late husband Jesse Robredo are no more than the same sort of “traditional politicians” or trapos that the Philippine general public detest. The account of the Robredos’ deception was seemingly written by a native of Robredo’s home town in Naga City, Bicol. In her post, she proposes to provide an “alternate history” of the Robredos, ” the version which is not known.” Nonetheless, the author challenges readers to “fact check every single thing”.

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Therein, without going into the detail of this lengthy exposé, is the crux of this latest social media spectacle. This being a social media phenomenon, it is important that consumers of the information presented take personal responsibility for making their own conclusion as to whether or not material they find on the Internet is legit.

Why is such an obvious principle worth reiterating? Simple, because the Philippines chatteratti are reknowned for the lazy and sloppy thinking they apply to validating what is right or wrong. Rather than doing the research, they rely instead on the “endorsements” of one celebrity or high-profile personality or the other. This is the reason “fake news” proliferates. It is not because of “sinister forces” but rather the emergent collective effect of a vast non-thinking social media user base that accounts for the spread of “misinformation” over social media.

On that, we then look into the typical way with which “vice president” Leni Robredo now responds to the #NagaLeaks explosion

The Office of the Vice President has yet to comment on the matter, but Robredo in a speech in Cebu criticized the spread of “misinformation” online.

“Today, it seems that truth and accuracy are no longer relevant. We are occupying what they call a post-truth world,” she said.

“Some of those who wish to attack my integrity and character began a campaign to spread lies… Their attacks are vicious; not even my children are immune to their assault,” she added.

Supporters of the Vice President dismissed the article, noting the lack of proof to back up the allegations.

The average Robredo supporter will likely take her word for it — that the “shocking truth” about Leni laid out in the We Are Collective site is no more than a collection of “lies” and leave it at that. Because Leni said so.

Doing so does not change the outstanding challenge of its author.

Fact check every single thing.

It remains to be seen whether or not Robredo’s camp and the broader Yellowtard community surrounding her are up to that challenge.

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15 Replies to “Is the information in the #NagaLeaks exposé true or false?”

  1. Take 5 out of 10, or 7 out of 10, these are still concerning and could not just be ignored! Something, somehow or a bit of these deserve some form of “clean” rebuttals, and not just comment that they are all lies. If nothing satisfactorily explained, the danger of deception will hound her and its political affiliation. This is sad, but this is part of the democratic process (i.e. transparency) so that people of our land will not be deceived by their leaders.

  2. Just as in #Lenileaks it is again patently obvious that mainstream media is so far avoiding this exposé. We have gotten so used to seeing these reporters, editors and publishers to be so quick on the draw to publish or broadcast any press release or conference of Robredo in her annoying attempts to insert herself in the hot news of the moment. Now you hear the unsurprising loud silence from them.

  3. creature robredo can disprove the expose if indeed it is a lie. otherwise, she had better just shut her big crap! one thing for sure, robredo is a big fake!

  4. Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

  5. Stinks can be covered, but in due time, they will come out…I have read the Jesse Robredo story. It is the first part of the “novel”. Jesse Robredo was involved in: jueteng, illegal gambling, Shabu drugs, murder, election cheating , etc…

    Sounds like a typical Filipino politician to me. There is a Jesse Robredo’s antagonist that disappeared from this Planet Earth. Up to now, they don’t know where this person is now !

    And Jesse Robredo influencing the cases of a criminal in court…this is a serious allegation !

    Secretary Puno of the Aquino administration, broke into the Condominium of Jesse Robredo, after his plane crash death; at the order of Pnoy Aquino. What were they looking for to destory or hide ? Was there something the Aquino Cojuangco political axis being criminally involved to order such break in ?

    Jesse Robredo took a bus for ride, weekly to Naga City…inspite of the fact that, he owns a Condimonium at Tomas Morato St. in Quezon City…sounds like the Erap Estrada “poor man” political tactic.

    Politics is deception…so voters Beware. We have been deceived by these politicians, for many years. They are all Experts in deceiving voters !

    Leni Robredo was photographed, waiting for a Bus on an expressway, with an expensive bag on her hand. If she can afford that expensive bag…can she also afford a car with driver ?

    Election Cheating was Jesse Robredo’s expertise, to make his men elected, and control Naga City. Is this not like what the Aquino Cojuangco political axis doing to Leni Robredo’s HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC ?

    What a story ! Wait for the next Part II. Part I was just exposed.

    We want Leni Robredo, to give her rebuttal on this allegation…we don’t want her to just dismiss the story ! We are thinking Filipinos, who love our country…and we want our leaders, to be beyond reproach !

  6. On this Jesse Robredo and Leni Robredo case, as this “novel” is narrating. If these are all true. It is like your nice, decent and charming neighbor. Then, you found out: they are members of the dreaded : Mafia , Cosa Nostra, Yakusa or the Chinese Triad Mafia.

    The features of Jesse Robredo, shows a Chinese ancestry on his part. Maybe, he had some connections with the Chinese Triad Mafia, also. Like the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    It is really disturbing on our part, to know this Leni Leaks….it is like the Hilary Clinton Leaks on the Wikileaks …Oh my God, what a story …It is long, but it was worth reading !

  7. True or false, it is rather difficult to fact check that expose. Sure certain details can be verified like who was on the city council and who was friends with Jesse Robredo but some of the insinuations, like assassinating Emilio, are unverifiable. So is the story about the Ramon Magsaysay award. It is a very lengthy article. Here is summary of the key points. Did you know Jesse Robredo was just like Bruce Wayne? He had to become a symbol. Just like Wayne became a symbol, a bat.

  8. Jesse Robredo, may be Bruce Wayne to some; but Joker to others. The Ramon Magsaysay award is nothing. Yasser Arafat, the father of terrorism was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The same as , Obama, who wire tap his political opponents.

    Emil Aguilnaldo, disappeared from the face of the Planet Earth, while filling charges, against Jesse Robredo. Of course, this Dude, may had been abducted by Extra Terrestrial. Or suffered some Alzheimer’s disease, that he forgot his way home.

    “Totoy Ona”, is the “untouchable Dude”…who is “licensed to kill”; and “licensed to do mischief”…protected by Jesse Robredo…

    Jesse Robredo had several mistresses and illegitimate children. It is no longer the monopoly of Erap Estrada, in this
    overly sexual potency field.

    The cause of this evil is greed, political and economic monopoly. Same as the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is doing !

    Why did Sec. Puno broke into the condominium of Jesse Robredo, after his death ? This order was from Pnoy Aquino. What were they hiding ?

    Political figures may have large and well paid Public Relations Army, to deodorize and clean up their dirt and garbage.

    However, Truth will always come out in due time….covered up stink, will escape and bother people …

    We are still waiting for the response and rebuttals from, Leni Robredo, herself …

  9. Hi, just wondering if there’s any subreddit/forum where I can easily find any news on Duterte’s admin? You know, something like the_donald on reddit. I just want go-to place to compare news between I see on our mainstream media and other sources. Thanks!

  10. @spidee30:

    You can go to “You Tube”…you can find/view the latest news on Pres. Duterte there…as well as the latest news of the Philippines… “24 Oras”, can be a good source. Philippine politics news can be viewed there, as well as the : NAGALEAKS of Leni Robredo ! All you do is search for your topic and your subject…

    1. @Toro: Yeah, I should do that more often. I was just wondering if there easier way to get info like a subreddit. Although, your suggested approach might the only way to go for me unless I wanna lurk into places like 8chan.

      Thanks anyways. 🙂

  11. Facebook is the chosen forum of We Are Collective, and Facebook is a free space. Let the readers judge for themselves whether or not WAC’s information is true.

    Sass and Thinking Pinoy should not have disrupted the flow of WAC’s releases, because the only way we readers can judge the quality of the info is if we see everything. Sass is usually on the right track, but this time she’s acting like a gatekeeper of the truth, like Maria “take back the internet” Ressa. She shouldn’t be saying “I don’t want pro-Duterte bloggers to be used” as if she owns them.

    The other bloggers have the right to decide for themselves. They knew WAC’s info still needed to be proven, in fact, they put disclaimers on their posts. Had they not been interrupted, we would know more by now. Facebook is not a court room. You don’t get to the truth by presenting witnesses and evidence first. You get to it by firing up the wisdom of the crowds to help ferret out the truth. Already people from Naga were starting to talk after WAC’s first article. We need to know more. It’s the only way we can know who the Robredos really are, because the mainstream media will never report anything negative about them.

    So what if it might be a political rival of the Robredos in Naga behind WAC? Who else would know what the Robredos are hiding, and have the motivation to expose it? Are we waiting for a cherub to float down from the sky bearing documents about jueteng and drugs in Naga? If the Robredos have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.

    It doesn’t matter that WAC is anonymous. The quality of their info is what matters, not who they are. The Watergate source was anonymous. The Wikileaks source is anonymous. Thinking Pinoy himself was more reliable when he was still anonymous.

    It’s actually good that WAC is shaking things up in the pro-Duterte blogosphere. It was getting dull and boring with all the bloggers just echoing each other’s posts. Now maybe we’ll see different styles and more diverse opinions. But WAC should get their act together. If they keep over-promising and under-delivering, they won’t last.

  12. Apparently, the 2 among the top 3 were “concerned” about the integrity of the others yet the 2 didn’t bother to clarify with them first, before they went about yakking their “concerns” . Or was it really about calling out for the sake of “being the one” who called out? Then why not do it with discretion? Now their followers would rather take sides than examine what really happened and get to verifying if the allegations were legit. Well, atleast something came out of it aside from the leaks. Though it’s very basic, numbers don’t signify credibility.
    About the details in the WAC exposé, if they’re common knowledge in the place, then how is it “paninira”? So with the tales of DDS, the President isn’t threatening to sue. WTF. Leni Robredo’s dubious and wicked character is manifesting itself more and more. Her being forced to run could be another made-up story. If the allegations against her and Jesse are true, then she really needs the power.

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