Filipino nurse and UP Manila alumna Faith Nester Poltic in hot water after allegedly tweeting kill formula vs Imelda Marcos

Evidently not having learnt anything over the last few years of electoral failure, the Philippine Opposition continue to behave in the same crass manner that had consistently spelt political doom for their community. The latest bozo to make their Hall of Infamy is a certain Faith Nester Poltic, a nurse who allegedly tweeted a call to any nurse who might be entrusted to the care of former First Lady Imelda Marcos to cause her harm.

Screenshots from her now-locked social media accounts depict her seemingly prescribing lethal procedures that she thought ought to be used on Mrs. Marcos to execute her call. These include switching off her oxygen supply, “fast dripping” her nicardipine solution, and injecting her with insulin.

kung sino mang nurse ni Imelda, pls do it for all of us. off mo lang naman ung 02. Or ifastdrip mo nicard. or injectan mo insulin. emz

(Image source: Twitter)

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She suggests this be done “for all of us”.

Poltic is reportedly employed by the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center. Netizens are also reporting that the Head Nurse there is a certain Randy S. Occidental who was said to have issued a statement on Facebook appealing to the public to not immediately judge Poltic whilst they conduct an investigation.

I have personally verified the issue involving our staff in Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center circulating in social media. Let's not immediately judge Faith and let the rightful authorities handle the issue. Thank you for your kindness.

(Image source: Facebook)

The more important point to make in light of this, however, is the thought that some health care workers may harbour murderous thoughts like these. One wonders whether a broader investigation into the screening process applied to the licensing of such professional is warranted. Nursing, after all, is seen by Filipinos to be a ticket to an overseas job. As such, many of them could be entering the profession for the wrong reasons. This is made even more disturbing by the fact that the Philippines is a major exporter of nurses First World countries.

Notable is the lack of outrage being expressed by leaders and opinion shapers of the Philippine Opposition — a community whose members very likely secretly harbour the same murderous thoughts Poltic expressed on Twitter. Poltic had, in effect, validated what most people suspect of the Yellowtards and communists — that, given the opportunity, they probably would heed Poltic’s call to action. Know we know.

5 Replies to “Filipino nurse and UP Manila alumna Faith Nester Poltic in hot water after allegedly tweeting kill formula vs Imelda Marcos”

  1. It is indeed disheartening, as well as disgusting for a nurse to post such very offensive remarks on her formula to kill a patient–especially if that patient happens to be a former First Lady. She should have know the painful repercussions for doing so, especially in a profession where empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding are the norm–and have to be strictly instilled and followed among all practitioners. But she did the opposite, which is to promote vengeance by devising a formula for ‘patient murder.’ This is so unethical and unprofessional. And those screenshots that netizens have saved and reposted will serve as points against her. Even if that nurse may have claimed that these should be seen as a joke, such remarks are not to be taken literally. Perhaps its high time authorities–especially the PRC–come up with very stringent measures and have such licenses revoked if practitioners make those unacceptable remarks that not only are unprofessional, but are a grave insult to any profession. There are indeed instances when one must NOT be carried by his/her emotions, the way that nurse did.

    1. Her parents – especially her father, a supposed “Pastor” – should have known better than let her pursue studies at the UP Manila, a pit of Communist vipers bent on poisoning Philippine society. She comes in, a sweet innocent girl from the Cordilleras – a longtime bailiwick of the Marcoses – and comes out a brainwashed sleeper agent of these Starbucks-sipping pseudo-Marxists serving their demonic FOREIGN masters

  2. Baka nurse din ang ang nghack ng account nya, she knows a formula to kill using medical knowledge. And if na hack man why will the hacker delete the post right away. dami na ka-screenshot. alibi nya bulok. She’s a disgrace to the nursing community. She does not deserve her nursing license. As a nurse we don’t look at a patient’s race, religion, political views etch. We treat each of our patient on the same manner no matter what their affiliations maybe. And what are the authorities doing about it? Nursing leaders silent? Mas may concern pa ang ordinary netizens kaysa sa mga taong dapat magwasto ng mali.

  3. The really disturbing insight here is why this sort of behaviour persists. It’s become an even more critical issue now that a health care worker to whom many people trust their lives to is exhibiting this sort of thing.

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