Bongbong Marcos: Another Noynoy Aquino and another Kamaganak Inc in the making?

The elephant in the room we need to talk about: Marcos might just turn out to be another Noynoy. This is probably the universe’s way of putting an end to the Marcos-Aquino feud and pave the way for a new leader to rise from the ranks. But fate is cruel. There’s no one on the horizon who has the potential. Vice President Inday Sara Duterte is still raw which is why her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to mentor her by way of a Bong Go – Duterte ticket in last year’s national elections.

Indeed, Bobi Tiglao, in his Manila Times piece today, points out how “so terribly misinformed about the country’s dispute with China in the South China Sea” President Bongbong Marcos is and that it “is as bad as that of President Benigno Aquino 3rd that led to his unnecessarily belligerent stance toward China, which eventually led to a dangerous standoff at Panatag Shoal and our loss of that territory in 2012.” Tiglao refers to Marcos’s interview by World Economic Forum (WEF) President Børge Brende in Davos last week. Tiglao observes…

Marcos’ saying that China and the Philippines “can’t be sweeping under the rug” the South China Sea dispute would be insulting to the Chinese, whose announced policy on territorial disputes was formulated by China’s revered leader Deng Xiaoping in 1978 that became that country’s doctrine: “Set aside dispute and pursue joint development.” That was the slogan that was based from Deng’s lengthier sentence, “Let us put aside this dispute which future generations may have more wisdom to resolve. ”

Marcos also seemed to boast in the interview: “I would not be doing my job if I did not bring up these issues with President Xi when I had the opportunity.” A source who was with Marcos’ delegation to China early this month confirmed that Xi appeared irritated over the President’s insistence on raising the South China Sea issue. “I’m worried that Xi may just decide to ignore the Philippines totally. We need China more than it needs us.”

It’s clear that China has turned cold based on their reception of Marcos during his visit. It’s clear that Marcos is leaning more to the United States instead of China. How the US will pay him back for this fealty remains to be seen. We’re not the only ASEAN country which has a territorial dispute with China. As it has been pointed out, the Spratlys/Paracels have always been a part of China along with Taiwan. What the US and Britain did to China in terms of their territory is no different from how they grabbed Sabah and gave it to Malaysia.

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Marcos is evidently bent on projecting himself as a leader who matters in the region. That’s part of his redemption arc which is why there is all this hoopla about “selling the Philippines”. But the truth is we’ve fallen behind our ASEAN neighbors. They are more preferred as investment destinations. For as long as the structural deficiencies exist, we will not attract foreign investments at the same level as that hooked in by Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam among others. The oligarchs as a cheering squad look more like they are guarding their turf or looking to become the conduits for potential foreign investors.

President Marcos needs to lay the groundwork first for an environment that investors would find attractive. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel in the process. The templates are there in terms of what Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia have done. The US definitely wants bases in the country to act as deterrent against a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan. I doubt if the US will support us in the same manner as it does Ukraine or even Taiwan. Taiwan can’t defend itself from China. The same is true for us. Not even American bases can prevent a Chinese attack if the latter are determined to take Taiwan back.

China is also our top trading partner. We have seen what can happen if the administration is perceived as hostile as what the late Noynoy Aquino did when he was President. Duterte understood this and this is why he adopted a policy of rapprochement towards China and opened the doors again for cooperation with Russia. If Marcos again allows the US to dictate what it wants for the Philippines, he should think twice. History has established that we had always gotten the short end of the stick either way. Marcos should get the best from his father and Duterte and fuse the two together. But this isn’t likely to happen. F. Sionil Jose, in his analysis of what could’ve been had Ninoy come to power believed that Ninoy wouldn’t betray his social class. Marcos is the same considering that the provenance of his family is actually nouveau riche.

9 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos: Another Noynoy Aquino and another Kamaganak Inc in the making?”

    1. Not going to lie, firebombing Davos would have been a real blessing to the world.

      Nothing good comes out of cucking to Globalist Satanists.

  1. Not surprised if this is true. Marcos Sr. after also put relatives into office, like FVR. Before this of course were the Lopezes and many other nepotism cases, a long tradition in Filipino society from Spanish times, I’m sure. Today, though, new vested interests (school batches, fraternities, etc.) likely have a hold on the political system so it doesn’t matter who’s the figurehead anymore. They’re the ones calling the shots. Also, I was about to say, we’re no longer in the days when single person-leaders makes an impact on world affairs… but then I realize, dis single person-leaders actually make impacts at all? Or have vested interests always run things?

  2. One can only guess what got into pro-Duterte columnist Mr. Tiglao who supported BBM then but is now acting like a stubborn member of the opposition re different issues involving the President as of late?

    Mr. Tiglao is nitpicking with his “Marcos issues” and is acting like he’s more protective of China’s interest than he is of the Philippines’ interest just to get his potshots at the President.

    Marcos another Noynoy Aquino? Marcos leaning more to the United States?

    Isn’t it clear that the policy of PBBM is the same with PRRD? The Philippines being a friend to all and an enemy to none. We serve The Philippines’ interest.

    Well, it’s funny how Mr. Tiglao’s position was different way back then re how the Philippines should extend support to the United States of America in addressing the fight against terrorism: to allow the use of the country’s ports. Manila is ready to support US action.

    “The details will have to be delineated as events unfold. Right now, we feel that the best support we could give is to allow the use of our air and sea ports for the use of the coalition.”

    “What they can use is the sea and air ports”

    “… since we have the sea ports and air ports that might be needed, we would make these available”

  3. Let’s be honest, political dynasty is still a big problem in the Philippines which is one of the things preventing the country from achieving greatness. Political dynasty should be thrown away. Why did BBM and Noynoy get elected? Since political dynasty is about voting for same bloodline of their favorite politicians, then what makes it different from monarchy and oligarchy? BBM still doesn’t want to let go of a certain ex-con from the admin. The question is why? What’s the true answer?

    1. @No Data:

      “Political dynasty should be thrown away.”

      Do you honestly think it’s something that the Lees of Singapore should have paid attention to?

      1. What do the Lees have to do with Philippines? Look at the country, political dynasties are in Philippines for a long time, but it’s not even a second world country let alone first world country, it’s still same notoriously corrupt third world country. What did BBM prove as a president so far? Many voters vote for same politicians and then their families despite having the country being the same. Many politicians in that country care more about showmanship and chances of winning than brilliance, real solutions and credibility, no wonder the country couldn’t get out of its third world status.

        Btw, before you comment like that again, compare Singapore and Philippines in corruption perceptions index again.

  4. Here’s the new rule of the seas (esp. disputed waters):
    For those with weak militaries: You can own only what stronger nations recognize is yours.
    For those with strong militaries: You can own only what you can defend.

    The mutual defense treaty between US-Phil is only effective as a deterrent. In an actual attack, American blood will not be spilled uselessly to defend us. MDT is paper – just like the one you use in the toilet. The most we can probably expect is a shipment of 2nd hand choppers and rubber boats so we can fend off China by ourselves. Good luck to us for kicking out US bases while hoping for defense guarantees. What do we think we are: sinuswerte?

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