SO WHAT if the Marcos family is rich?

Is being rich a crime? If so where’s the legislation to support that assertion? There have been accusations and investigations that the Marcos family acquired much of their wealth illegally during Ferdinand Marcos’s presidency from 1965 to 1986, through means such as embezzlement, bribery, and kickbacks. However, the exact extent of any illegal activity has never been conclusively proven and the family has consistently denied any wrongdoing. Despite a “new order” supposedly established when the Yellowtards and communists won a so-called “revolution” in 1986 and subsequent governments toeing the line of those “revolutionaries”, no more than flaccid legal legs (if any) prop up what amount to mere propaganda surrounding the family’s “ill gotten wealth”.

Indeed, efforts to recover the wealth that the Marcos family is alleged to have acquired illegally have been ongoing for several decades. After the fall of “the Marcos regime” in 1986, the Philippine government established the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) to investigate and recover the allegedly stolen assets. The PCGG has filed several cases in the Philippines and abroad, including the United States, to recover assets believed to have been acquired through illegal means. The effort to stand up viable cases against the family in courts much more recover these supposedly “stolen” funds have largely been a failure.

Today, all that is left of this effort is pathetic propaganda. The strategy to keep the case relevant seems to amount to no more than repeated slogans and chants issued over more than a few “activist” spectacles. Ultimately, proof that these too have been ineffective culminated over three successive Philippine national elections over which the Yellowtards and their communist allies suffered catastrophic losses in succession.

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Today, the pathetic effort of the Opposition to seize political power in the Philippines using dishonest means can easily be encapsulated in the sophomoric rhetoric contained in the tweets of the Opposition’s keyboard activists such as this one

Pila ng luxury vehicles na sundo ng Philippine delegation sa Davos, Switzerland. Flight at hotel ng 70-plus delegation galing sa kaban ng bayan. If you think mukhang libing yung pila ng sasakyan, you are not wrong. Parang ililibing na rin naman ang Pinas sa dusa ng mga taong ito.

Indeed, even before one gets to the flawed point being made by noted Yellowtard “thought leader” Gerry Cacanindin, there is a wealth of outright falsehoods within the tweet that any schoolgirl can easily unpack. For one (among many more), those service vehicles that shuttled the Philippine delegation to the airport are likely to have been provided by the organisers of the event. In any case it is unlikely that Cacanindin had mounted sufficient research to at least check the facts he used to spin this ululation.

The Marcos-is-Evil narrative came about because it is easy to build an Opposition narrative around Victimhood Strawmen. A prayerful martyred “good guy” beating an “evil dictator” using non-violent means (though hardly original) is easy for a nation of lazy thinkers to wrap their heads around — certainly an easier “challenge” to run with as a national ideology than the idea that it takes brains, talent, and work to actually succeed. Thus Yellowtardism was born and the real Dark Ages descended upon Philippine society.

Evidently, Filipinos have learned enough about the dishonest modus operandi of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis of Intellectual Bankruptcy to ignore their brain-dead contributions to the national discourse.

5 Replies to “SO WHAT if the Marcos family is rich?”

  1. At least Marcos family’s net worth is $987 Billion. Tallano Gold, Hudes, Yamashita Treasure may be trending….

    Marcos Wealth is a divine wealth.

    Marcos apologia must be hip for its good.

  2. “So what if the Marcoses made bank on the sweat and tears of an entire generation of Pinoys? Everyone in power does it, and it’s very important that we have our own! Why, we should have even more of them at every government post! Hereditary government, sold to the highest family bidder!”

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