Communist publications @PinoyWeekly and @Bulatlat BANNED; discredited Opposition “journalists” scramble to their defense

Following an order issued by the Philippines’ National Security Council to block Internet access to “news sites allegedly linked to communist rebels”, various media groups and “journalists” associated with the Philippine Opposition and its communist allies are up in arms again invoking that all-too-familiar “attack on press freedom” trope. The cast of characters in this shrill outcry consist, of course, of the usual suspects…

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) denounced the “arbitrary inclusion” of Bulatlat, Pinoy Weekly, and other independent news sites in a list of those tagged as being “affiliated to and are supporting” the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF).

The defense is rabid and dishonest, going to the extent of issuing blatant lies as Roby Alampay, “Founder, Chairman and Editor-at-Large of PumaPodcast” does in this tweet.

This is prior restraint, and there has absolutely been no evidence provided that the independent, alternative news sites - Bulatlat and Pinoy Weekly - included in the NSC's block list are connected in any way to terrorist groups or actions.

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There is, contrary to Alampay’s assertion, ample evidence of links of these groups not just to the Communist Party of the Philippines but, more disturbingly, to its terrorist arm, the New People’s Army. We cited these links some time back in our article “Make no mistake. ‘Pinoy Weekly’ is a COMMUNIST publication!”. Evidence is in the public domain as both Altermidya and Pinoy Weekly exhibited no reservations taking credit for seemingly exclusive photos of armed NPA personnel…

Interestingly, this “legitimate” news organisation seems to have ready access to the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA). In the 2017 article “Five Reasons Why the World’s Longest Communist Revolution is Still Going Strong”, a photo showing what look like armed combatants in “full battle gear” in formation as part of an event marking the anniversary of the CPP is credited to a certain “Boy Bagwis of Pinoy Weekly”.

Another photo featured in the same article showing crowds gathered for that same occassion with the iconic hammer and sickle logo of the world’s communists in full view is credited to the media advocacy Altermidya.

Articles in the Pinoy Weekly website authored by “Boy Bagwis” also exhibit photos that evidently put him in close contact with the NPA as this one featured in the article (title translated to English) “Revolution in the Southern Tagalog Continues” shows.

It is no wonder these “journalists” have been utterly discredited. They continue to insult Filipinos with their blatant lies and their presumption to unilaterally crown themselves the foremost “guardians of truth” of the land. Filipinos need to rid their politics of these vermin. What are noble causes and important advocacies are corrupted by dishonest “thought leaders” who use issues of national consequence to disguise an insidious mission to destroy democracy through violent “revolution”. Perhaps they may seem not as threatening as they once were — their “fighters” are more snowflake than guerrilla in appearance and their weapons more Apple than AK-47. If for anything, Filipinos should at least get rid of them because they insult Philippine democracy by suggesting that, despite the hard work of people who work within the legal frame, it is hopelessly broken. Philippine democracy is anything but broken. This is a fact that can be further re-enforced once Filipinos put their collective feet down and take back real activism from the communists and their “woke” Yellowtard allies.

“Media practitioners” who belong to leftist-militant media organizations such as Bulatlat, Pinoy Weekly, and Altermidya are included in the order of battle of the state because they incite sedition. The dishonest perception they aim to spin is that there is suppression of freedom of the press in the country when, in truth, there is none. The fact is, many take for granted the idea that these organisations are “news media” channels when, in reality, they are anything but. They are, when it comes down to it, no more than mere propaganda arms of an obsolete Cold War era “movement” that counts as its singular aim the overthrow through violent “revolution” any legitimately-elected Philippine government. Why must Filipinos continue to put up with these crooks? It looks Filipinos are now getting the answer they’ve long deserved.

8 Replies to “Communist publications @PinoyWeekly and @Bulatlat BANNED; discredited Opposition “journalists” scramble to their defense”

  1. They can only use the “Left” label for so long until it doesn’t work anymore as they’re branded as terrorist group. It’s obvious that no one believes the NPA so they have to resort in the guise of “alternative journalists” to further their government throwing agendas while riding the “Freedom of Press” shenanigans. Playing victim is the only viable option for NPA.

    1. The CPP-NPA seeks to overthrow the Philippine government…

      Every time we celebrate the EDSA Revolution in February, we encourage our people to think that overthrowing one’s government is something citizens have the right to seek and aspire to achieve.

      Any government in its right mind will enforce its right for self-preservation. In some positive way, having the youth hooked to FB, Netflix and video games and entertained in air-conditioned Malls has reduced the number of gullible recruits for these leftist groups with nothing better to do with their short life than to die for their hopeless obsolete cause.

      This “Suppress the press” campaign should be applied to all enemies of the state. Of course they will always call out to the West waving their victim card.

      1. We need to tell BBM to cancel and abolish EDSA revolution and we need to ask BBM to scrap 1987 Constitution and revert 1973 Constitution to revert the good old days of Martial Law with discipline and congress.

  2. Love how Benigno goes to his only talking points… rappler, Yellowtards, or communists. It is like he has a limited point of view…. lol

    No mention of the pnp chief and the SanVicente incident.

    If Pnoy or Leni was in charge that would be a HEADLINE post here at GRP.

    Amazing. The blog still is not getting real.

  3. It’s also Jew-infested website. Marcos supporters find Communists, Jews and the untermensch unappaling.

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