Make no mistake. “Pinoy Weekly” is a COMMUNIST publication!

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) calls it an “alternative media magazine”. Pinoy Weekly is supposedly a “legitimate news organisation” the NUJP insists in a subsequent tweet. Why then would it be a subject of interest for the Philippine Police who, presumably, are looking out for the safety and security of the Filipino public, they ask.

Image source: Teddy Casino

Interestingly, this “legitimate” news organisation seems to have ready access to the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA). In the 2017 article “Five Reasons Why the World’s Longest Communist Revolution is Still Going Strong”, a photo showing what look like armed combatants in “full battle gear” in formation as part of an event marking the anniversary of the CPP is credited to a certain “Boy Bagwis of Pinoy Weekly”.

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Another photo featured in the same article showing crowds gathered for that same occassion with the iconic hammer and sickle logo of the world’s communists in full view is credited to the media advocacy Altermidya.

Articles in the Pinoy Weekly website authored by “Boy Bagwis” also exhibit photos that evidently put him in close contact with the NPA as this one featured in the article (title translated to English) “Revolution in the Southern Tagalog Continues” shows.

Pinoy Weekly is cited as a “member of the Altermidya” in a tweet fielded recently by the official Twitter account of the group as part of a thread that denounces a recent police operation that raided the Bulacan office of squatter advocacy group KADAMAY in Pandi where copies of the publication were seized and a “local urban poor leader” arrested for having these in her possession.

@pinoyweekly is a multi-awarded alternative newspaper and a member of the Altermidya. To claim the publication as "illegal" and use it to arrest a citizen is a blatant attack on #pressfreedom

Not surprisingly, a who’s who of top honchos of known communist front groups such as Raoul Manuel, President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), have come to the defense of Pinoy Weekly.

ALERT! Today, PNP confiscated copies of the publication Pinoy Weekly from Kadamay office in Pandi, Bulacan. Pinoy Weekly is published by PinoyMedia Center, a SEC-registered org. But they claim that it is illegal because it is 'anti-government'!  How shallow can they get???

Indeed, the police are actually right when they cite being “anti-government” as a chargeable offense. Communists are anti any government other than the “dictatorship of the proletariat” they aspire to install following that violent “people’s revolution” they continuously conspire to incite. They don’t seek a change of leadership within any legal frame and certainly not one framed by the current 1987 Constitution. They seek nothing short of the complete destruction of the Philippine government in its current form. That is the singular mission of the communists. Make no mistake.

Is Pinoy Weekly part of this terrorist network? We’ll leave it up to intelligent Filipinos to connect the dots.

4 Replies to “Make no mistake. “Pinoy Weekly” is a COMMUNIST publication!”

  1. The commies in the Philippines, will change their political colors, to hide their true intentions of grabbing power from the duly elected government. In truth, they are operating like the Italian Mafia or Italian Cosa Nostra, with their leader: Jo Ma Sison, living a luxurious life in Amsterdam, Netherland…this place has legalized prostitution, legalized marijuana , and drugs; and all kinds of “liberal policies”…they will use politicians are their puppets…

    Of course these commies will have legal fronts, in the form of organizations; publications and campus recruitment programs….some of those in the Congress and in the Senate are actual commies, or commie supporters. Extortion; protection racket; murder and all kinds of money making ways, are still in their political agendas…Much very much like the Italian Mafia…

    The New Peoples’ Army was founded by Ninoy Aquino, Jr. The Aquino family was the financial and material supporters of the NPA/CPP…Cory Aquino, released all commies, when she became President, and exiled JoMa Sison, to Amsterdam, Holland… Bernabe Buscayno alias “Kumander Dante, is from Tarlac…

    Communism, did not work in the former Soviet Union; Cambodia. Vietnam and China, etc…it is an “obsolete ideology” that failed in its “utopian promises”…. Just look at the situation of North Korea…the Kim family murder each other, including relatives, just to be in power…no fair and just elections…Look at Cuba, Fidel Castro was succeeded by his brother, Raul Castro…Communism is a much more like a monarchy…

    There is no such thing as: “dictatorship of the proletariat”, or the “revolution of Bonifacio”…there was no communism during Bonifacio’s time…

    Do not be deluded; these people are the worst political opportunists !

      1. They’re also known as the Alsa Masa in which the founder of that vigilante group is Jun Pala and rumor has it that he is the friend of then Davao City Mayor & now President Duterte & admitted that he was a member of DDS or Davao Death Squad but he died in Sept. 2003 by an ambush:

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