The Ukrainian crisis: why Filipinos must be pragmatic

The military conflict involving Kiev and Moscow has been making the headlines of various news outlets all over the world. This Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict officially started when current Russian president Vladimir Putin recognized two people’s republics located in Eastern Ukraine, which are Luhansk and Donetsk. Collectively, they are grouped together as the Donbas region, where residents in these areas are said to be sympathetic towards the Russians. Kremlin-backed media emphasize that these incursions involve conducting “special military operations”. On the other hand, western-backed media label these operations as an “invasion”, where Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are being tested. Nevertheless, losses in human lives are mounting, economic damage is exponentially increasing, and political uncertainty in Eurasia is looming.

The effects of the Ukrainian crisis are felt beyond these Slavic nation-states. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are providing various military hardware such as precision-guided missiles, and are also extending different kinds of assistance to elements confronting the Russian armed forces. Liberal democracies are slapping numerous economic sanctions against Russia and Russian oligarchs, where countries that are geographically distant from Eastern Europe like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore have joined the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States in denouncing and punishing such aggression. Multinational companies have also suspended their services, further isolating Moscow and restricting access to the international markets. All of these has made Russia the most heavily sanctioned country on the planet.

This brewing conflict entails geopolitical factors related to Ukraine and Russia. First would be Russia’s security concerns as NATO membership expands. Right before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, then-General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and then-President George HW Bush had verbally agreed that NATO will end at Germany’s borders. However, NATO has gradually extended its membership to Warsaw Pact countries, successor countries of Yugoslavia, and even to other Soviet Socialist Republics previously aligned with Kremlin. Extending such membership to Kiev would therefore threaten Moscow, as its own political survival would be questioned once American ballistic missiles are menacingly stationed nearby. Second would be about the Crimean peninsula and the port city of Sevastopol, since it is strategically located in the Black Sea, where Russians can extend their influence to the Mediterranean Sea. Crimea was later annexed in 2014 under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens. With this annexation, Kiev has halted water flow to the peninsula, making Crimea experience drier seasons while putting the welfare of its local residents at risk. Lastly, hydrocarbons have been discovered and can be extracted in three separate regions of Ukraine, which are in Ukraine’s west, east, and in the south imbedded under the Black Sea. Initially, these resources were difficult to extract, but with the advent of hydraulic fracturing or fracking, Kiev can access gas and oil, which it can export to the Europeans. Fearing such economic competition that would lower Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels, eliminating potential competitors through predatory military tactics would work in favor of Moscow’s interests by maintaining its market share.

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With those factors enumerated, global markets have trembled, adversely affecting both wealthy and poor countries. Knowing that modern-day living is backed by these hydrocarbons and with political volatility inviting economic uncertainty, the prices of crude oil and other petroleum-related commodities continue to skyrocket. In addition, both Ukraine and Russia export billions of dollars worth of wheat, a key food resource. These two situations would definitely generate a cost-push inflation in any economy, harming the most marginalized sectors of the society. Other businesses would attempt to adapt by adopting stealth inflation, where the price stays the same but the product’s gross weight is lessened. Conclusively, consumers’ purchasing power is diminished, leading to a possible deterioration of living standards. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable Filipinos will continue experiencing these economic hardships.

On social media, Filipino netizens strongly denounce Russia’s aggressive military actions, even though it is noticeable that a significant majority of them have virtually no background on the subject matter of Russian affairs. Numerous Filipinos would rather take the moral high ground and create labels. One particularly popular one is of the Russian strongman as reincarnation of the vilified Nazi Germany’s Fuhrer. They come up with these without comprehending the underlying dynamics of European politics. This is a reflection of how the Catholic church’s teachings have penetrated the Filipino psyche, creating more gullible victims of false dichotomies instead of a populace capable of critical thinking.

Taking a look at the Philippine’s colonial history under American administration, the liberal school of thought in international relations had also made its way to the Filipino intelligentsia through Wilsonianism. This can be traced to when then-US President Woodrow Wilson convinced American legislators to join hands with imperialist Britain and France in fighting Wilhelmine Germany, which resulted to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the establishment of the League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations. However, the idealist nature of the Wilsonian thought fails to explain these events associated with the Ukrainian crisis, most specially that United Nations (UN) resolutions raised in the security council and the general assembly condemning acts of violence are virtually toothless. It must be viewed in accordance with realism because nation-states act rationally in serving their interests.

Realism entails the realpolitik of nations, of what is practical and what is pragmatic. In foreign relations, recognizing these interests is direly needed before taking a stand that may either run congruent or contradict with popular public opinion. This stands true since the language of diplomacy is dialogue and concessions serve as its currency. Looking back at the Philippine setting, what do we think of our country’s realpolitik, specially in foreign policy? Citing the three pillars of Philippine foreign policy, which are national security, economic security, and assistance to nationals, what do we think is there for the Philippines in this Ukrainian crisis, and how can these international issues be turned to opportunities? That is only something that the next chief architect of Philippine foreign policy can decide on.

Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, a renowned Soviet academician, mentioned in his book entitled “Russian Crossroads” how former US President Richard Nixon described himself and his Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger as “sons of bitches” in promoting and defending America’s national interests. Nixon’s choice of words might be crass, but it completely reflects the country’s need to adopt pragmatic and amoral policies in enforcing its national interests. Political scientists might use the word Machiavellian, but statesmen are meant to create a peaceful and prosperous environment for all the residents to enjoy.

With the Philippine general elections ending in a couple of months, Filipino voters cannot afford to be swindled anymore. Instead, the electorate ought to choose candidates who know no fear when labelled as “sons or daughters of bitches” in the name of Philippine interests.

58 Replies to “The Ukrainian crisis: why Filipinos must be pragmatic”

  1. Wow… so you think the Ukrainian invasion by Russia is justified?

    Typical thinking of a site that supports a dictator. Did you know benign0 lives in Australia. How comfy for him that he is absent while the Philippines wades into Martial Law 2.0

    1. Leni and her boots on the ground must be vigilant, to safeguard her vote of 10%, otherwise it will be stolen by bbm and added to his 70%.

      To guard leni’s vote, they can use buang guazon as a mouthpiece.

      1. Why is BBM camps so scared then? The administration is moving against Leni.

        The pink wave is coming. Look at the rallies. You should all be scared.

        It’s ok. By the time you realize it will be too late.

      2. Reply to Megget: Nonsense. Talking crap. Your idol lost the VP slot while leading the survey. You don’t have to be a Prof. Engineer like us to understand the Statistical sampling of 2400 against the 67M registered voters. It’s rubbish. Not having to mention the demographic factors of the population-based on factors such as the socioeconomic information expressed statistically. And hold on, one thing more – Guanzon is an Economist from UP, a Law graduate and Master’s degree at Harvard School. ? And YOU, who the fck are you? Loser. Otherwise shut the fck up.

        1. Weakling.

          The thing is, i can say what i want and vote who i want to vote for.

          You are welcome to join us , mr professional faggot engineer sir.

    2. You must have a short term memory to miss how your idol Zelensky was being reported as an evil dictator by the west just a few years back.
      But then you like Leni so it makes sense you support a comedian president from Ukraine.

    3. What you are saying is nonsense. Philippines does NOT need nationwide Martial Law as were not at WAR or you don’t know the real definition of Martial Law, do you? You see, Ukraine is in Martial Law as well..So, if we follow your logic, President Zelensky is a dictator too. Why? Because he declared Martial Law, therefore he is a dictator while Russia is invading on THEIR country. Do you know how your logic shoots itself on it’s foot? So much for being WISE, aren’t we?

      1. @gman was there a was when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law the first time? Hmmm

        The son is just as complicit as the father. He has not returned yet the billions stolen nor apologized for the atrocities committed.

        Worse is that he is cowardly and not as intelligent. He’s accomplishments are thin compared to Leni who has been in office a short amount of time.

        BBM supporters have not learned the lessons from history. Or are trying to be edgy by following fake edgelord benigno not realizing he has no skin in the game.

        In other words, it is you who is not wise

        1. “The son is just as complicit as the father. He has not returned yet the billions stolen nor apologized for the atrocities committed.”

          – So, you’re committing guilt by association fallacy. That’s like saying “Your older brother killed this man and you as his little brother should apologize for your older brother’s crime.” BBM is not his father, he was just a kid back then.

          “Worse is that he is cowardly and not as intelligent. He’s accomplishments are thin compared to Leni who has been in office a short amount of time.”

          – Nah, all Leni did for 6 years was to trashtalk the admin all day. That’s an accomplishment.

          “BBM supporters have not learned the lessons from history. Or are trying to be edgy by following fake edgelord benigno not realizing he has no skin in the game.”

          – Yeah? If the BBM supporters are edgelords, then you and your comrades are fake saints. Acting like holier than thou is no better from being edgelord.

          “In other words, it is you who is not wise”
          – I’m pretty sure redirecting to non-sequitur argument to get a gotcha moments at me is not the wisest thing you could do. That’s just confirmation bias. So, that means you have nothing to put on the table and you just shot yourself on the foot. Trashtalking is what you’re good at.

        2. “@gman was there a was when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law the first time? Hmmm”

          – Even if I wasn’t there, it takes no brainer to search the true definition of Martial law. Use your head for a bit. All you have is an expired Marcos Martial Law rhetoric.

        3. The son is just as complicit as the father. He has not returned yet the billions stolen nor apologized for the atrocities committed. – Darth mortis
          On the ‘complicit’ issue I’m not really sure how to apply it. First, we have to know why BBM is complicit. Was he complicit because he was the son of the one who did the actual crime? I say, that’s a weak offense. If he’s complicit, meaning involved in an illegal activity, we should file a case against him for conspiracy to do harm to those offended or victimized by his father. But we all know that is not really the case.

          On the ‘billions stolen’ part, maybe it can be tolerated because BBM is part of the family accused of pinching public money for personal gain. If it’s not true, he can always face the public and explain why it’s should not be believed because they are innocent. Relying on lawyers to do the talking for you will only raise more suspicions of your guilt.

          The ‘apologize’ part has to be clarified. I think, BBM should apologize NOT for himself but for FM for the wrong things he may have done during his watch, whether intentionally or not. Why? Because he chose to enter a field wherein his father was famously and infamously and notoriously known for. Becoming a politician like his dad, FM’s legacy has now become a handicap on the part of BBM. The good things and the bad things (that includes the worst, too!) will follow and hound him wherever he goes so long as he’s inside the political ring.

          It would be different had BBM pursued a medical profession or any profession other than politics. ?

    4. This site is not just in favor of a cleptocrat dictator (maybe even funded by his stolen money) they are sometimes ofenly promoting Fascism.

  2. @ gman
    It’s obvious you don’t know the horrors of martial law. Kinda sad your soy latte tiktok generation is so easily fooled by the likes of benigno.

    Why don’t you do some research for once? Leni is obviously the most qualified candidate

    1. It’s obvious that you don’t look at both sides about how and why martial law was declared, overrating its so-called “horrors” while believing that there are no such “horrors” after 1986. It’s sad that you’ve been easily fooled since you let your EMOTIONS get the better of you.

      Also, follow your own advice. And only YellowPinks say Leni is the most qualified candidate.

    2. Yeah? Tell that to Ukrainians the horrors of the Philippines 80’s Martial Law. Imagine being this dense and inconsiderate to Ukrainians who got invaded by Russians? You don’t even know why Marcos declared Martial Law and telling me to do a research? Your bluffs are already crumbling, you know that? Guess what? If were having another Martial Law is the day that Chinese decided to grab Philippine sovereignity, It’s time to cry “Oh the horrors of Martial Law is here again” while being shot by invaders, great! Nevermind the horror of wars, it’s Martial Law. I’m just gonna drill this to your THICK skull, Darth. It’s in the every democratic country’s constitution, even the USA has Martial Law in their constitution as well but nah, you gonna call me out for horrors of Martial Law because that’s the only thing you know, it’s sad to be an ignorant like you.

  3. Leni and her 10% wave is the game changer.
    With momentum building, the wave summoned forth all its might and went …”wosh”…

    1. The leni camp is now cold calling people, like frantic, desperate telemarketers pushing a hard sell…
      of course they get the classic not interested response.
      what a bunch of idiots.

  4. Crowds are so strong for Leni. 80,000 strong every rally. A sea of pink everywhere. It’s usually the dumb masa that gets paid off with 500pesos that vote bbm.

    He has a lot of money. Stolen billions and is planning to buy off the election. Worse is that he bought off the surveys so that comelec can easily cheat and put him in.

    But the kakampinks will resist. We see the will of the people in the rallies everyday. It will come down to another EDSA if bbm dares cheat on this election.

    He might be president for 10 seconds. LOL. Impeach the entire uniteam

    1. That’s always been the plan of the Yellowtards of course. Go through the motions of trying to win an election, then, failing that, launch the nth “people power revolution” in order to ascend power illegally. Stir. Repeat.

      Only this time, people see right through their ululations and pay no heed to the pandering to victimhood that is effectively the only pillar of their dishonest campaign — same one they mounted in just about every election since 1986. The Yellowtards really need a new script and a new modus operandi for acquiring power — like, for example, winning an election legally by presenting a better alternative to their rivals during their campaign.

  5. The people will speak in may, and it will be overwhelmingly bbm.
    and pacquiao will take a surprise 2nd place.
    The rest can fight for 3rd, for what its worth which is absolutely zilch.

  6. in normal circumstances, ukraine has a bad repuration as a dysfunctional country ruled by ne0-nazi white supremacist but since they are fighting a bigger ‘villain’, they have now become a poster boy of how to be a poor ‘victim’ of an unprovoked and unlawful violence from a bigger aggressor.

    well don’t fall for that, all along america has it’s imprint in all of this courtesy of victoria nuland and the current us admin

  7. Every time I see Leni rally and the people working together there. I sense so much hope. So much positive energy. All of us striving for a better Philippines.

    You can tell Leni is really genuine. Like she really wants to be there to help everyone. Grabe talaga magmahal si vp.

    Then you watch BBM rally and it’s just a bunch of money grubbing trapos. Handing out brown envelopes. No one cares. Everyone is there for a paycheck. Hear me ROAR to an empty crowd with hollowed out souls.

    It’s because of “Filipinos” like benigno. And I use quotes as he lives in Australia. Willing to sell the country one piece and one brown 500peso envelope at a time. It’s folks like GRP and it’s ilk on why the country is a perpetual shithole.

  8. Leni is a real shit hole, like really a genuine literal hole with lots of shit in it.

    She doesnt care, sleeping with commies and faggot priests and fake putzists alike.
    Its a weird mixed up political bed with no direction whatsoever.

    1. @megget I don’t need to say more. Shows you the class and type of people who support a thief and a liar.

      Your mother should be ashamed. Raised you without delikadesa

      Not surprising the sheep here at GRP who get fooled by someone living in Australia

        1. Megs, can we have some analysis, insight or real opinion from you? I mean, all you do is label and call names, like a tot in a playground.

          You’ve had hundreds of posts here that if they disappear tomorrow NOBODY will notice the difference.

          Look, ‘celo and other trolls have taken a long vacation and it’s good because the blog got more interesting with other people engaging on topics.

          Take advantage of the opportunity and free speech to share ideas.

          Not garbage. ?

        2. Premise : yellowtards are thieves and liars

          Why thieves? Stole power for themselves
          Why liars ? Staged fake revolutions and called them real revolutions

          Insight : motherfucker these monkeys are evil as fuck , will vote for bbm sarah instead.

  9. Megget doesn’t have any real insights or analysis. Just like BBM doesn’t have any accomplishments. All fake. Like BBMs diploma haha.

    At least benigno tries to make a case. The only thing is he presents himself as some sort of expert when 1) he doesn’t even live in the Philippines and 2) doesn’t have any data or scientific studies to back up any of his assertions.

    GRP is a joke. No better than the fake news peddlers of BBM on Facebook

    1. Insight and analysis :

      Leni is a big fat joke of a candidate.

      Kiko is a big fat joke and his name in visaya means a mindless puppet fool.

      Sharon cunnet is a big fat.

    2. More insights :

      Why should visayans vote for an effiminate tagalog whose name means mindless puppet fool?

      Use kiko in a sentence.

      Gahimoon man tag kiko ani, unsa ta way buot?


      Theyre making us “kiko”, what do they think of us, mindless puppet fools ?

      Analysis :
      “Way buot” or literally fool or retard, can also be used interchangeably or together for emphasis, i.e . Kiko nga way buot ( mindless puppet fool who is a retard)

      You cant use such a name and expect to get votes.

      1. Additional insight:

        Francisco “isko” domagoso knows this, being of visayan lineage
        hence he uses the more apt “isko” rather than the derogatory “kiko”.

    3. Hey, dickwad.

      I am not rich by superlative means.
      Not by a long shot.
      But i do what i can as a man.
      I tend my own property.
      I mind my own business.
      I earn my own money.
      I protect my own people.
      i speak my own mind.

      What do you do?

      A vote for leni is clearly a vote for weak inferior stuff.

      Vote for the strong stuff.right now, bbm is the strongest in the field.

      A man must make the hard decisions.
      Now voting for the pinktard fool, that is a very faggoty thing to do.

      I wont judge you for being a faggot, but you cant expect me to respect you.

      1. How can Leni be weaker when BBM won’t even debate?

        BBM is a chicken and a mama’s boy. Such a sissy.

        Ever hear of Margaret thatcher? Leni is the same. A real Iron Lady

        1. Who doesnt know of margaret thatcher?
          Who knows of leni rodredo?
          No one.

          And you, faggot, dare equate tharcher with roderedo?

        2. Bbm doesnt join those media circuses and rightfully so.
          Because getting on that stage with those nuisance candidates is quite frankly demeaning.

          Only pinky lacson belongs on that stage (barely), on the short list of people who we should choose for president of THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.

          The rest are idiots.

          Tulfo and gibo teodoro would make better candidates.

        3. When you call bbm a sissy, and i assume you havent met the guy personally.

          I have.

          What do you know in this world?

  10. More insight and analysis:
    The pinkfools are now resorting to cold calling hard sell marketing, like frantic insurance salesmen.
    Not gonna work, it will only annoy people and drive them the other way.

  11. @megget has to troll double time for BBM as he was absolutely demolished and humiliated in the debate.

    The spirit of BBM felt so ashamed as Leni and co emasculated him. He’s lucky he stayed home. The chicken !

    Hope you get paid overtime megget. Watch in fear the pink wave rising

    1. Ha ha

      I’ll pay you.
      If you need work, you can work for me, if you have any enployable skills other than being a pinktard troll, that is.

  12. More like, pink puddle of mud.

    As you can see, BBM SARA have no trolls.
    All his supporters are organic.
    This is a genuine people’s movement.

    Not a fake pr hack job

  13. The pink fools are working overtime..which is ultimately futile.
    The people have made their choice, and it is not the fake vp.
    Mindanao is closed like a giant clam.
    NCR is a black pit of fear.
    And the North is the literal abyss.

    Let us pause for a moment and thank digong for starting the revolution.

  14. tatay digong has brought us to this point, let us not waste it on these liberal commie trapo pink fools.

    Let us purge the senate and congress also of these good for nothing pink fools.

  15. Insight :
    How can leni win an election if she loses BIG in mindanao?
    Do the pink fools actually expect to win the election despite losing BIG in mindanao?

    If somebody can crunch the numbers and show how leni ,the big fat joke candidate, can clinch the numbers to win the election, despite losing big in mindanao ,
    I might believe that you are not some poor delusional fool.

    Otherwise, you are a delusional pink fool who will take a sad, bad, slow and deliberate beating in may.

  16. I recommend the ff senators:
    Francis “fuckin” leo marcos

    Thats it. Not all may make it, but its gonna be a fun senate with these motherfuckers in there.

    1. Lol this list is a joke.

      Are you paid by the post megget? Your incoherent ramblings are getting tiresome.

      It’s obvious to me you are poorly educated. You are obviously not rich as you don’t have any class.

      Typical masa behavior. Madali mauto

      Aral pa more please

      1. I have only a humble bachelor’s degree.

        But i laugh at your notions.

        If bbm were here right now, he would shake your hand like a real man and thank you for being brave enough to stand for your convictions, even though you are terrifiably wrong.

        I would do the same

  17. Again, let me reiterate.

    A vote for leni is a vote for the weak stuff.

    We dont need that shit right now.

    Vote for the strong stuff.

    Bbm sara.theres no other option and im sure everyone knows it by now.

  18. To those delusional weaklings who support that robbberydo widow because they identify with her weakness.

    This is the time to vote strong.

    If you have been bullied before, that is your fault. But surely you are stronger now.
    Make a manly stand.

    Abandon the losing side and join us.

    I can assure you we will accept you, just leave that faggot weak stuff behind.

    1. LOL at megget. Get the fuck out of here with that fake alpha male bullshit.

      I laugh at you and your insecurities. You and chicken shit BBM were made for each other.

      Why are you so insecure megget?

  19. 80,000 true blooded pinoys marched to show support for Leni in pasig. Massive pink wave pushing the heart and minds of Filipinos

    That is a number that is enough to EDSA that chicken shit BBM out of office. He better watch his ass. Fucking cheater. His support is all fake and paid for.

    So it’s obvious now that the way he wins is through cheating and nefarious means.

    Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

  20. Sorry, you missed some facts.

    At first, NATO did not promise anything in 1990. It was an US diplomat and an advisor of the German government who suggested that. However this may have become a sort of agreement in unwritten diplomatic practice. But it was eventually overridden by the NATO Russia Founding Act in 1997.

    And it was not “NATO pushing towards Russian border”. It were 15 sovereign nations who applied for membership. 13 memberships were granted.
    The applications of Ukraine and Georgia were rejected due to Russian concerns. NATO changed its stance towards Ukraine in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea and Donbas.

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