Reports that more than 40,000 participants attended Yellowtard rallies in Cavite and Bulacan are all LIES

Last week saw a spate of rallies conducted by the leading Yellowtard bloc of the Philippine Opposition headed by “vice president” Leni Robredo. One which was held in Cavite boasted “47,000” participants. Another held in Bulacan Saturday boasted “45,000”. The source of both numbers was very likely the organisers themselves and, as expected, this “information” was amplified by dishonest “journalists” like Mara Cepeda of Opposition “social news network” Rappler.

A photo featured in the Manila Bulletin “report” titled “The battle is on: 45,000 supporters pack Robredo’s grand rally in Bulacan” included the caption, “Bulacan sits in the same table with Iloilo and Cavite, as Malolos City welcomed Vice President Leni Robredo and her running mate Kiko Pangilinan with a whooping [sic] 45,000 pink-clad supporters during their campaign rally on Saturday, March 5. (Photo courtesy of Del Laddaran)”. Where the 45,000 estimate came from, as mentioned earlier, remains a mystery and it is evident neither Cepeda nor Raymund Antonio who authored the Bulletin “report” could be bothered to find an alternative source to corrobrate what they were told.

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An easy approach would have been to at least use the photo included in the Bulletin “report” — or, for that matter, others shared on social media — as basis to do some quick independent estimates. The Bulletin photo shows some indication of where the edges of the crowd lie and, from that, give one an idea of the ground area within the Malolos Sports and Convention Center it occupied at the time the photo was taken.

From such a simple analysis alone, it would have been easy to see that the notion of a “45,000-strong crowd” at the Bulacan rally being bandied around by both the Yellowtards and their lackeys in Big Corporate Media is not plausible at all. [NB: the analysis approach that follows is credited to Twitter user “Sysiaco” who demonstrated it in a tweet] Even if the entire complex grounds were filled to a density of three people per square metre, these grounds could have hosted only 36,900 people. And on the basis of the projected ground area taken up by the crowd in Antonio’s Bulletin report, there could have only been 18,000 people in the event at most.

That the Yellowtards would routinely conspire with Big Corporate Media to spread misleading information about the size of their rallies — as in this instance — gives ample cause to doubt every bit of “information” they release on the outcomes of their rallies and campaign sorties. It is also further proof of the atrocious quality of “journalism” Filipinos are being subject to by what are supposed to be the largest and most prominent news organisations in the country.

56 Replies to “Reports that more than 40,000 participants attended Yellowtard rallies in Cavite and Bulacan are all LIES”

  1. Sometimes, mainstream corporate journalism encourages to lie in their reports as well..Anything to get them money. In the end of the day, it’s pretty much a corporate thing.

  2. 45k, even if true, is nothing.
    The equine faced faggot vice gandam can draw twice that number on a daily basis.
    To be really impressive, they should get a million pinktards to march.

  3. Photoshop and paying 500 pesos to the supporters would really work for LenLen Rose but she couldn’t manipulate the surveys just ask Darryl Yap who’d created the Kape Chronicles on Vincentiments channel. ?

  4. Simple fact-check exercise:
    Jacob’s method of crowd counting should surely work here, but density (heads per square meter) can be a debatable figure. So here’s a quick way to verify directly from the picture:

    Zoom-in on the picture of the crowd so that the tip of your finger covers 10 people. Then place your 10 fingers along a straight line to cover 100 people. Move your row of fingers across the picture 10x to estimate 1,000 people (adjusting finger density as you go further into the distance).

    You will easily figure out that the number of people in the photograph shown is just around 5,000 people. This rally should be called “The missing 40,000”.

  5. LOL benigno is running scared like BBM. Freakin Marcos propaganda site. Your house of cards is collapsing!

  6. At this point, bbm- sara could just stand in a corner making random fart noises, and still destroy the opposition in may.
    People have made their decision, any fake rallies from hereon are pointless and merely for purposes of self-pleasure and will not convince anyone.

  7. Now, if it were another field, with actual winnable candidates, maybe.
    But not these fools:

    Ka woody – improved the lives of workers by picketing factories to death, giving the workers no choice but to go abroad.
    Manny- went to heaven for 7 minutes, came back all sparkly
    Isko- is an acttor,like trevor slattery
    Leni- spent the last 6 years trying to undermine duterte, slept with communists and faggot priests alike
    Lacsoy- fake senate crusader,much like “NO” dick gordon.

    1. In fairness to escalera sotto, he bears an uncanny resemblance to danny trejo.

      He should wield machetes on the campaign trail.

      And that mustache alone is deserving of being on the senate floor, even if he isnt.

  8. By the way , tito sotto is an actual idiot in the senate, who thinks hes a real statesman just because hes rich and has a nice suit.
    Guy probably cant read more than 3 paragraphs without going to sleep.

  9. Leni does rallies, and rallies to the same people over and over again.
    They are just pleasuring themselves.
    No converts.
    They convert no one and nothing.

    If the fat widow dont learn new tricks, no way theyre getting past that 10% in may.

    1. Leni is starting to gain momentum. You can see it in the rallies.

      Bbm peaked too early. Now we watch the sharp decline as his cowardice catches up to him

      1. Perhaps she is. The question is can she get up to 50+ percent which would require her to convert a significant number of BBM supporters and convince them to vote for Her Dumbness. So, based on the figures from reputable surveys, we’re talking here of an uplift in her preference ratings form 20% to at least 50%. If number of registered voters is something like 60 million, that means adding/converting an additional 18 million voters (the 30% gap between 20% and 50%) to the Yellowtard cause over the remaining 5+ weeks. Good luck! 😀

        1. Check your math benigno the clown. I know you don’t like using data when spitting propaganda.

          If bbm is 50% and Leni is 20% currently. She only needs to convert 16% from bbm. She wins 36% vs 34

          This is super possible as even duterte was able to have such a rise in 2016.

          BBM is on a free fall. Because he is a chicken. When he losses this will be the most embarrassing political loss in Philippine history.

          This will be despite all the fake news sites like GRP propping him up.

          Filipinos are waking up thankfully

        2. Tsk tsk, aiming low now? Ok sure, then Leni wins just on a plurality; but isn’t that the angle Yellowtards use to dismiss the Duterte presidency — that “majority Filipinos did not vote for him”? Trouble with you Yellowtards is you use arguments selectively.

          The way the Yellowtards cheer MaDumb along even in these final desperate weeks, you’d think she’s off to bag a landslide win. Again, good luck!

      2. “This will be despite all the fake news sites like GRP propping him up.

        Filipinos are waking up thankfully”

        More like waking up to Cory Aquino 2.0 if that’s the case. It’s People Power nightmare all over again. If GRP is fake news so is Rappler, let’s all be fair here.

        1. People power gave you back your freedom. I know benigno the clown doesn’t care because he lives in Australia.

          GRP was labeled as a fake news site by the CBCP. Rappler won a damn Nobel prize. There’s a giant difference between the two.

        2. Lol! Relying on hocus pocus religion as a source of “facts” is like referring to a Harry Potter novel for life wisdoms. The Roman Catholic Church is built on a body of scripture that they deemed exempt from critical challenge. So what does that make its lieutenants in the CBCP? None other than a bunch of agents of fake news dissemination.

          I already covered that in my brilliant article “The CBCP became a source of ‘fake news’ when it published a list of ‘fake news’ sites” where I write:

          It is quite interesting that in this day and age when information is so easily accessible that Filipinos continue to rely on an antiquated institution that has, for centuries, sought to suppress the evolution of society from one imprisoned by ignorance and superstition to one enlightened by science and evidence-based problem solving. The CBCP has exhibited neither the transparency nor the humility to subject itself to the same critical scrutiny that Filipinos demand that their other leaders be subject to. The hypocrisy in the way the CBCP conducts itself and regards the public in this regard is nothing short of astounding.

          Read the full article here!

        3. Darth m the wise,

          “People power gave you back your freedom.”
          – Yes, a “freedom” that is exclusive to opportunistic oligarchs who wore yellow paint and nothing represents the Philippines. None of them even cares about the Filipino citizens, all they have is necro-politics, crocodile tears dramas, no improvements, ignoring the real issues and more money. They just made it worse that makes post-Marcos admin looks tame. If this is the “freedom” you want, you’re probably one of those rich elites that sniffs their wads of cash in their free time.

          “GRP was labeled as a fake news site by the CBCP. Rappler won a damn Nobel prize.”
          – Ah, the CBCP. That usual Catholic crap who are against reproductive health educations because sex is sinful? They’re hypocrites, why should I trust their “fake news” list?

          Also Rappler was known for making propaganda to look anyone they don’t like looks bad for people who knows no better. Don’t tell me that you haven’t heard their numbers of dirty journalism. They’re also backed up by a meddling foreign leftist extremists. That nobel prize just goes down to drain.

        4. “People power gave you back your freedom.” – Darth M
          That I agree. We got our freedom back because of People power. Whatever comes after that is all our undoing.

        5. “People Power” never gave us freedom. It gave us something else:

          35+ years of lies and half truths. Yes, the people are free – but stupid. Truly, a lie that is repeated many times becomes a truth.

          In fact, your perception of freedom is “doing whatever you want”. No discipline, no responsibility, no consequences. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re just some pedophile spending his time molesting 12 year olds while living in a squatter area and call it “freedom.”

          “People Power” never gave us freedom. It greatly damaged our national psyche and it brought forth a dysfunctional culture that holds back the country for so long.

  10. She only needs to convert 16% from bbm. She wins 36% vs 34

    This is super possible as even Duterte was able to have such a rise in 2016.
    I believe everything is still possible although time is slowly running out. VP Leni’s chances of winning, because of BBM’s almost spotless campaign strategy, is getting thin by the day.

    She needing 16% with a little more than a month before election time is close to doing a miracle. And the possibility of that happening will have to be if BBM will just stay in the house, not attend any debates or meetings, just do nothing and change his campaign strategy completely into a negative approach.

    Super possible, yes, and also super hard.

    1. Umm bbm hasn’t been attending debates. All reports say his campaigns are “linalagaw”. He also looks tired. All available info says that BBM is tamad. So I doubt he is campaigning as hard as Leni.

      Leni is on the rise. BBM is free falling. All of this triggered by him being a chicken!

      1. Fair is fair and what could be the best determinator of that but the survey.

        All sides are guilty of the same acts. All lie about the size of their crowds, all avoid debates and chooses the ones they like.

        Leni is on the rise and BBM is free falling? We have to see proof of both.

    2. Relying on rally crowd sizes is like relying on a flawed sample to derive conclusions about a population. Rally crowds are composed mainly of existing supporters and, as such, offer no evidence of campaign performance in terms of converted voters.

      The surveys from reputable polling firms are already there and are all independently showing consistent numbers. And yet some bozos prefer to rely on their preferred narratives to assess how well they are doing in their campaign. Perhaps this idiocy is behind the reason why MaDumb’s campaign is a total failure — because she is surrounded by idiots.

      1. Lol. Benigno the clown being wrong again.

        Crowd sizes are what’s called a leading indicator. It’s a real time snapshot of enthusiasm.

        Most of the surveys that were released recently are using data from weeks ago.

        The tide is shifting and people are seeing bbm as the chicken that he is! You will see a drastic dip in the surveys for bbm the next few weeks. And by then it will be too late.

        I saw the same build up of enthusiasm during pnoy and duterte campaigns. They were lagging in the surveys too.

        BBM chicken shit campaign is toast. And you just don’t know it yet.

  11. Its good to see benigno use benigno as his own source for facts.

    This is why GRP is a blog not a news site. Rappler is a news site. Everything in GRP is just benigno the clowns opinion and NOT fact.

    1. So every single individual who disagree with you… is “fake news”.

      You’re sucking up with corporate media so much when they only care about money and views than “facts”.

      And I thought you’re against dictatorship… while here you are lifting up for another.

  12. Ha ha ha pinktards

    you had your chance on power,
    but you wasted it on 30 years of goblets and garden parties.
    Tough luck, motherfuckers.

  13. Watching that pink crowd must feel like edsa all over again..
    except that edsa is gone and all that remains is fake monuments and undeserved names on airports and 30 years wasted on goblets and garden parties and self pleasuring followers who think that attending rallies will somehow lead the fat widow back into the corridors of power.

    Well tough luck, motherfuckers.
    You had your chance and all you did was pleasured yourselves, you onanist dimwits.

    1. No matter what you think of Cory and the yellows. A few more years of martial law would have made the Philippines into North Korea or Venezuela

      If you like dictatorships so much. We should ship you there. One way ticket. Bbm is only ahead due to misinformation and poor education. Pinoys getting “info” from fake news sites like GRP.

      I mean come on. It’s hilarious that benigno uses benigno as his own source of information.

      I will enjoy your tears in may. When bbm suffers the most humiliating defeat in Philippine politics.

      1. Spoken like an obsessive maniac.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you would brand Singapore and Malaysia as “dictatorships” if we follow your logic.

        It’s hilarious that you can’t handle other people’s opinions and always the “believe in us because we are always right”.

        And… what tears?

      2. Unfortunately, the “dictatorship” take is nothing than your favorite strawman.

        “A few more years of martial law would have made the Philippines into North Korea or Venezuela” – more like the Philippines would be like Singapore and any successful country that has a parliamentary government system. Of course, FEM would open the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant that would help us in the long run unlike Cory who threw away the project like it wasn’t worth millions of pesos, which results the country’s energy crisis in the early 90s. I was little back then, and it’s too dark to enjoy my young life due to constant brownouts.

        The “North Korea” and “Venezuela” rhetoric is nothing more than your favorite strawman. You’re woefully ignorant about the fact that they are socialist states. You’re putting too much emphasis on “totalitarian” and “dictatorship” that you forgot their policies and political spectrum. Marcos wasn’t even a socialist, not one bit. If anything who will be close to a dictator if he won the presidency, it’s Ka Leody de Guzman. That’s an actual socialist right there. Heck, he even called the NPA as “revolutionaries” rather than “Communist insurgents”.

        This is what happens when you’re so fixated on hating a tainted surname whilst totally ignorant about the actual issues.

  14. Pinktards will enjoy nothing in may, except if they enjoy the salt of their own tears.
    And the anguished cries of unbelievers, gone mad in their disbelief of utter defeat.

  15. People need to be vigilant. There could be some comelec hocus pocus now that rowena is gone.

    BBM surely poured his billions on fake surveys and the comelec. To try to buy the election.

    If the results are not like the boots on the ground. He will see a revolution like never before. “EDSA PINK”


    1. There’s already a Hocus pocus in the Comelec… and that is 2016. Or you pretend that it doesn’t exist.

      And please, EDSA is a stupid move. We’re so sick and tired of it.

  16. Pinktards should be vigilant..with comelec hocus pocus, leni’s 10% might become 5%…

    We need more pink boots on the ground safeguard the 10%..

    1. If Leni is only 10% why are there photos na “linalagaw” the rallies of bbm?

      When the new surveys come out you will see bbm collapse in results. The way he is chicken bbm might only get 10% . Leni true support is closer to 35%

  17. Only leftists really go to rallies and shout in the streets..most people have jobs and are otherwise occupied with their lives.

    1. Leni and buang guazon must be vigilant.

      Comelec hocus pocus is very probable and her boots on the ground must guard leni’s 10% with their lives..or it might go down to 5%.

      We cant trust the comelec without buang guazon in its hollow chamber.

      1. This is what buang guazon was talking about.
        The people must be vigilant, otherwise bbm will steal from leni’s 10% and add it to his existing 70%..
        Then he will win by landslide , which is bad..
        The technical term for this is moral turpitude.

        1. Buang guazon, who does not need to eat salt with her rice, will be going around the country to denounce bbm and his moral turpitude using posters, tarpaulins, colored murals, and the like.

  18. We really need more people like buang guazon, to guard us against morale turpitude..
    She will live in a hollow chamber and make strong proclaimations as the descendant of absentee landlords , and author of many fine manuals on legal codes which are useful only to people who live in such hollow chambers.

  19. Who will guard leni’s 10% ? Its the boots on the ground. Leni needs boots on the ground.
    Also, ely buendiya and rico blanco and bamboomaya..if they actually registered to vote, these fools will vote for leni too.

  20. Boots on the ground.leni wants more boots on the ground.

    Who cares about actual votes?

    What leni counts is boots,

    because she dumb as a rock.

  21. leni will get fewer votes, but she certainly has more boots.

    They have actually stopped wooing votes,
    now all they count is boots.

  22. Marcos crowd remains complacent. Good. The pink ripple is turning into a category 10 tidal wave that will drown you all. By the time you realize it will be too late. Your screaming tears or sadness in may will be delicious

  23. You need more of them boots on the ground,
    And bring that buang guazon and buang cuneta and your buang delusional friends with you.

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