Grand Yellowtard rally at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center an impressive “show of force”. Will it translate to votes?

From what started out as an estimated 80,000-strong crowd before sunset yesterday, the “official” estimate issued this morning (and amplified by mainstream media) ballooned to 137,000. In its “report” on the event, Inquirer “reporters” Jeannette I. Andrade and Krixia Subingsubing further bumped up the estimate to 180,000. As expected, most participants in this rally wore pink — a reminder that theirs is an exclusive club of partisans who identify with a political brand. This latest “show of force” was impressive — impressive in how it demonstrates the resolve of a beleaguered political camp to send across to the public an unfounded perception that they are “winning”. But are the Yellowtards actually winning? This is the more important question. How many voters are the Yellowtards actually converting?

The most recent reports on voter preference polls issued by reputable research firms show that administration tandem Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte continue to maintain a formidable — very likely insurmountable — lead over the rest of the Opposition candidates. Pulse Asia, reporting off the results of a survey conducted over the 18th through the 23rd February showed Marcos and Duterte attracting 60 and 53 percent of survey respondents’ preferences respectively. Yellowtard presidential candidate Leni Robredo attracted a measly 15 percent while Opposition vice presidential candidate exhibited a more respectable 24 percent of respondents. The recent Publicus Asia Pahayag report made use of an even more recently-collected sample acquired over the period 9th through the 14th March. This period would have likely captured any change in voter sentiment accounted for by successful Yellowtard rallies conducted then. The fact is, however, there is no evidence that the proverbial needle had moved. The more recent Publicus report remains generally consistent with the Pulse Asia numbers with Marcos and Duterte attracting 55 and 56 percent of survey respondents’ preferences respectively.

All that these rallies really prove is that Yellowtard supporters are willing to dress in their pink best, get on a chartered bus, and scrunch together in a rally at the beck and call of their “leaders” on a Sunday afternoon. As to the number of non-Yellowtards who would suddenly experience a miraculous change of preference and express this by doing the same? There is no reliable way of measuring how many people fit that story. In short, it is only a fool who would conclude on the bases of these “shows of force”, impressive as they may be, that voters are being won from rivals.

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More importantly, the manner with which the Yellowtards are trying to win over voters is intellectually-dishonest. All of what they contribute to the national political chatter are no more than appeals to emotion. The colour, crowds, and, notably, the celebrities who perform for free at these rallies are targeting only one thing — an emotional response. Even this far into the campaign, the Yellowtards would be hard-pressed to articulate clearly what their “movement” even stands for. They proclaim themselves Filipinos’ “champions of democracy”, yet show no evidence that said democracy is even being threatened to begin with. They claim on one hand to to be “in solidarity” with gay people and feminists yet, on the other, schmooze with the conservative Roman Catholic Church whose members and honchos are dogmatically opposed to both. These bald inconsistencies are likely at the root of why a strong colour branding is being used in this campaign — to distract Filipinos to the vacuousness and dishonesty of Yellowtard ideology.

With just a little more than 40 days to go in the campaign it looks like rallies like these are all the Yellowtards really have to show the Filipino voter. Anecdotes of members of their lot “converting” their parents, their driver, their maids, and even their own children are being exchanged in Yellowtard echo chambers. But if the polls are to be believed, even if all the rest of the Opposition candidates stand down from their candidacies and back Robredo as a “unified” force, Marcos would still enjoy a comfortable lead. And if they lose these elections? There are indications that they have already thought that far ahead. One cannot put it past them to incite rumblings of another “people power revolution” that they hope would result in an illegal change in leadership. The Yellowtards, quite simply, feel entitled to an electoral win this year as they are of the strong belief that God himself is on their side. For the sorts of people who think that way, any means justify the end.

45 Replies to “Grand Yellowtard rally at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center an impressive “show of force”. Will it translate to votes?”

  1. @benigno

    Idiot. It’s not an exclusive club dummy. Anyone can wear pink. Why you can’t buy a pink shirt benigno? You feel insecure wearing pink benigno? Not comfortable in your own manhood?

    Everyone is welcome to the rally. Just wear pink. It’s called unity.

    Get rekt. You know the tide is turning!

    1. What’s with this unhealthy obssession to Benign0? Like bruh, you and Megget are making a mess here. Everytime both of you open your mouths, the comment section become a toxic wasteland. Tsk tsk. Smh.

      1. It is toxic only to the unbelievers of a free and strong new republic.

        Digong showed us the way.

        Bbm sara will lead us there

  2. Lol how can you say Leni doesn’t stand for anything when it’s chicken shit BBM who doesn’t attend the debates?

    Leni platform is published for all to see

  3. These type of ideologues are usually one-sided. Yellow, Pink, Red, White are all the same side of coin. Politics are always a chaotic mess and you have a lot of cults or trolls trying to threaten you to join on their side or you’re condemned. Talk about a little bit positive or negative to that certain politician and you have it’s rabid fanbase showing it’s fangs at you. Also appeal to emotions maybe an overused tactic but as long as it attracts certain people, it may not change the minds of majority but at least it’s working? Publicity is publicity no matter what.

    1. Why even try to destroy bbm?
      Leni is feeble and her forces few in numbers.

      Leni should join bbm sara instead.
      Bide her time, wait until bbm sara is weak and spent, and when morale is low, spring her surprise attack like a vile serpent in the bushes.

      Why meet head on with such a strong and formidable enemy?
      That is foolish,

      just outright idiocy.

  4. Benign0 forgot to point out but majority of those attendees are non-voters, most of which are minors, and are there because they’re fans of celebs who performed in the rally. And like in 2019 such tactics will not translate into vote.

  5. PASIG LABAN has BBM scared. Good. Bring out the trolls.

    Enjoy your OT pay Meget. Tears will come soon. Hahaha

  6. With all those ululations about survey reports favoring the BBM-Sara tandem to win the presidential race, question:

    What happens if they lose? ?

    1. @Juan Luna

      Surveys have been wrong before.

      There are doubly wrong when BBM is involved due to the large amounts of money changing hands. BBM can’t even fill a stadium. His support is fake and wavering.

      What truly matters are those that GO OUT AND VOTE. The Kakampinks show of force shows that Leni has the support. The REAL human support. Not fake smartmatic suppport like BBM.

      BBM will try to buy this election but will be an epic fail.

      1. I do not disagree with you. I’m just trying to ponder on the possibility of the BBM-Sara team, in spite of the surveys, losing the race and its possible implications to the country as a whole.

        We have to remember, way back in 2016, BBM was beaten by VP Leni by a hairline, so to speak, for the vice presidential race. A lost that he and his fanatics never really accepted up to now. It was only when recent surveys came up showing BBM in the lead that bitching about his lost and the grumblings of how he was cheated started to slowly die down.

        The duo, as expected by their followers, is on their way to victory if we gauge what the surveys reflect. But since winners are declared after the race, everything at the moment is just unnecessary noises meant to drumbeat the parties agenda and strategy.

        But I tell you, if the 2016 election result between BBM & VP Leni is repeated again this coming May, I see trouble and mayhem that will not really benefit the country in the long run.

        1. I’m actually wondering myself a scenario of what if it became a Leni-Sara after the elections. What would happen then?

          The race isn’t over so I still wouldn’t say anyone is for sure the winner. Heck, that’s how Hillary suddenly got the surprise end to her campaign. (at least that’s how I wish to phrase it – hehe)

          If one side would call the election a wash/fraud, that would mean their own candidate in 1 position would also need to be called a fake winner. And I don’t think they would want to do that (but losers can be irrational so who is to say)

          Just a thought I’ve been having recently.

        2. In the 2016 election, all surveys showed a close race between BBM and Leni in the last 2 surveys before the election by an average BBM of 2 – 3 % points advantage over Leni. All poll have (+ -] 3 – 5 % error of margin. So the advantage of BBM falls on the margin of error and Leni won. But this time, if BBM maintain that 45% advantage up to the last 2 surveys before the election, its highly improbable for Leni to overtake.

    2. Dont worry, pinktards.
      It will all be over soon…

      Dont you be marching too hard now, or you will suffer the agony of d’ feet..

  7. “I’m actually wondering myself a scenario of what if it became a Leni-Sara after the elections. What would happen then?”
    Another twist that you cannot ignore. If we close our eyes and ears, we are really in the dark as to what’s going to happen if other possibilities, other than a BBM-Sara win, would come up.

    In the political world of fanatics, even a BBM-Sara win will not be a scandal-free outcome. We all know that VP Leni got a not so kind treatment from BBM fans in 2016. She was bashed and forever smacked and labeled as a cheater. Will it be her fans’ chance for revenge this time?

    1. “In the political world of fanatics, even a BBM-Sara win will not be a scandal-free outcome. We all know that VP Leni got a not so kind treatment from BBM fans in 2016. She was bashed and forever smacked and labeled as a cheater. Will it be her fans’ chance for revenge this time?”

      – It’s not only the BBM fans irrationally hates Leni but even Non-BBM fans/Bystanders do find her somewhat annoying or maybe it’s her annoying fans and if Leni wins, oh boy…Leni fans would be more annoying than ever and they’re still gonna kick BBM even though they already won. I feel like annoying more people will be their vengeance.

    2. That recent interview of the survey company (was it Pulse Asia?) where they said they only included C, D and E in the surveys they’ve done is telling.

      We could argue and derive that BBM does have strong support in those results but that’s on the C, D, E sample taken.

      As with soc med exposure and with was is seen with the support in rallies, it does appear that Leni does have “more” support when it comes to B and C (middle class) segment of the population. No idea for Class A as I do believe they will not be affected either way anyway as their business will still be able to thrive via their “connections” to continue to chug along.

      Is that enough to win? I don’t know. BBM, of course, still has supporters in Class B segment, but I think that’s where the positions are reversed for them.

      I still place Sara Duterte Carpio as the front runner in VP followed by Sotto. Maybe if Dr Willie Ong really has plans if he wins, he can be invited to be a cabinet member or adviser after a year.

  8. Surveys have been wrong, but never at this magnitude.

    Leni, who is the intellectual equal of the great senator manny pacquiao, can never take over a debate or speaking forum and capture the public’s attention and imagination like digong did in 2016.

    Thats her only chance to convert new admirers and voters, but she is too dumb and boring to make it happen.

    1. But, leni will be fine.

      With all the money she takes from all the pink fools this election period, she will be set for life.

      Her leni lugaw brand is also quite catchy, she mighy want to turn that into an arroz caldo franchise and make millions.

      Forget the power grab, just take the money grab.

  9. Leni clearly has a loyal following..
    But power is defunitely not for her.

    However, If all those people at her rallies dine at her lugaw joint, she can make millions.

    She should focus on that after her political non-career..

    Free for the hungry, double price pinktards

    1. It will be a very innovative business model for leni lugaw – pay for food which you will watch being eaten by a hungry person, from behind a glass partition.

      Your receipt will be a hand written thank you note, from aforesaid hungry person.

      On your way out you will get the blessings from a priest and a couple of smiling nuns.

      It will make millions.

  10. Of course, commies are experts at organizing rallies..theyve been doing this for decades.
    Theyve done so many rallies that theyve gotten so good at making and burning elaborate paper mache effigies.

    And thats all theyre good at, because clearly they suck at waging a so called “people’s war “

  11. Hilarious on this site always negative articles about the moronic yellows, but very little in terms of actual positives of Marcos
    (Mainly because there are very little positives to write about)

    This election is a terrible choice.

    A weak leader with little plans and strategy (Marcos…..)

    The idiotic yellow crew who have power within the LOUD gay communities and media, who are running a terrible candidate.

    Isko is the best choice imo, but he doesn’t have enough votes because Sara has the southern votes and picked BBM (for some strange reason, we will probably never know why….)

    1. @Tim

      You need to do more research on Leni. She has proven to be a great and capable leader during the pandemic. In fact the Office of the VP has been able to do MORE to help the people during Covid than the actual Ph government. Leni is not yellow. Pink is the new color and represents a new movement that is more inclusive.

      Leni has now brought out now the BIG GUNS with Kris acquino in the rallies. Ready to CRUSH chicken little BBM.

    2. “This election is a terrible choice.” – Tim
      I say, it was a keen observation.

      Really, a choice between VP Leni and BBM, as surveys suggests, appears to be a terrible choice BUT not because both candidates are similar in incapability or equal in disqualifications. It’s a terrible choice because they have the same set of followers whose behavior and deportment of civility was beyond the bounds of decency.

      It is indeed terrible. How can one like Megget here, uphold and endorse BBM’s call for unity when he cannot even talk of the opposition without calling them names and slagging them off as if they are not humans. And I’m pretty sure VP Leni’s team has their own version of Megget.

      I mean, c’mon, man! This is not kids’ playground. This blog is a matured-oriented space meant to expound on issues through debate and civil criticisms in order to explicate ideas or principles meant to enlightened, illuminate and educate.

      Simply calling a candidate fat and ugly and other names to dehumanize them is, again, just terrible.

      Bottom line: let’s all grown up.

      1. LOL if you think GRP is a “matured-oriented space”, you’ve bought into benign0’s Australian ivory tower fake intellectual circle-jerking.

        GRP has always been a clown website. A fake propaganda outlet for the Marcoses. People like Megget are more than welcome here.

        I quote

        “…So in the spirit of openness, I asked Benign0 for sources.

        I first asked him if he could name a single university-published, peer-reviewed book that endorses the Marcos regime, and got a non sequitur for a reply. I prodded further, asking, “So, no book?” to which he simply replied, “Nope.”


        Here’s more clownish behavior

        Herein lies the problem with Marcos apologists: Since they have rejected verifiable sources of information, they often place themselves in a reality loop. The source of good information for Get Real Philippines is none other than Get Real Philippines.

        1. GRP has always been a clown website. A fake propaganda outlet for the Marcoses. People like Megget are more than welcome here. – Darth M
          I will not disagree with you on that because there is some semblance of truth to it if we look at how Megget and his ilks dominate the board with impunity. But me, personally, and some people like you have also been here and free to share our unadulterated views and ideas without being gagged or cancelled.

          I mean, it is a ‘clown’ website if you post clownish opinion on it like the Meggets does. I don’t see your posts as clownish although I have to admit you go hard on benigno (who has the power to cancel you anytime he wants to) that sometimes detracts from the point you are driving at.

          I also disagree and crosses with benigno at times but I do not want him to lose respect with me, as I do not want to disrespect him, by charging at him like a freight train every time he puts up an article attacking the opposition. Whatever he says or do, this is his blog and he is entitled to some cordiality, if not respect.

          I will also not disagree with you that it could be a propaganda outlet for the Marcoses because the loyalists obviously predominates the board. But the thing is, in spite of that, we, me and you, are still able to express ourselves the way we want to.

          Look, the blog is not perfect and you have a point on the issues you raised and I’m not even defending benigno for whatever because he can take care of himself. Yes, it is a ‘clown website’ if all we do is participate in the clownish game it is playing. Yes, it is a propaganda outlet for the Marcoses only if we submit and wholeheartedly admit all that it propagandizes.

          But the main point is, we have a vehicle where we connect (however and whatever that is) with other people and discuss issues. That’s the main point.

          Discuss issues. ?

      2. @Juan Luna

        I mean look at the title of this article “Yellowtard rally…”. You think benign0 is interested in a good faith discussion? LOL. He just creates content for brainless sheep like Megget

  12. @Juan Luna

    Oh benigno has blocked me several times already. I just change my IP using a vpn lol.

    And he has blocked a lot of dissenting commenters whose opinions he didn’t like.

    Won’t be long before he blocks me again. Just want to get the facts out there before I do.

    Hope that fence your sitting on is kept warm

    1. Hmm…Are you sure that’s the reason he blocks you? Like, I’m sorry it sounds like to me, you’re stalking him. That’s way too personal and I don’t know..obsessive? Way beyond than any political disagreements..

      1. @gman

        It’s public but somewhat forgotten knowledge that benigno lives in Australia.

        How can I stalk someone when I don’t live in the same country? And secondly Australia is a pretty big place.

        I just show up here in GRP like the rest of you.

        Now why do I bring it up? Well it’s because benigno living in Australia has no skin in the game. He can preach bad politics and sow misinformation all he wants and it won’t affect his personal life.

        Unlike the rest of us who are trying to make the country a better place because we have no choice and live here.

        Benigno can fearlessly advocate for dictatorship (which he has done multiple times in the past). Because he and his family are safe from any negative consequences.

        Don’t you think this is pretty important disclosure?

        1. So what? GRP is just a blog site full of opinions, not facts, it shouldn’t affect you either. This ain’t Inquirer or that notorious site Rappler. Also, you’re giving too much emphasis on where he lives and what does your politics even different from his? Don’t you think you do the same dictatorship here as well? I saw you Leni this and that, shoving it to everyone here.
          No, there’s no “we” and you’re not making the country better by trolling here either.

          “How can I stalk someone when I don’t live in the same country? And secondly Australia is a pretty big place.”
          – Alright, then you’re probably trolling him there? Like call him names whatever you want but relentless trolling in his social media, no matter how valid your opinion is. You’re guaranteed to get blocked. It’s just getting TOO personal bruh. Can we just agree to disagree with each other and call it a day? You’re just running around in circles. Nothing’s gonna change, your politics and his politics. It’s not gonna change, time to move on.

    1. Just chanting this in a street corner all day , will get more votes than leni the clown and her clownish rallies.

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