Robredo camp to Filipino voters: Follow us because we are the “good guys” and we are SMARTER than you

This is the vibe one gets when observing the desperate house-to-house campaign the Yellowtard camp of Leni Robredo are now mounting under her daughter Tricia’s orders. The approach is one of condescension — as if they are on a Mission from God to evangelise the heathens. It is no different from the pretence of benevolence the Spanish conquistadores applied to their subjugation of what was to become the Hispanic world today. Perhaps it is no surprise that the elitist demographic that has come to characterise the Yellowtard camp behaves this way — because many of them are either descended from or continuing beneficiaries of the peoples of the Philippines’ former imperial masters. Indeed, many of them are actually products of the remnants of that regime — the Roman Catholic Church, the cartel of chi chi private schools these vassals of foreign overlords run, and the fortified residential enclaves that protect their genealogical purity.

Whereas, Yellowtard partisans now humbly knock at the doors of Filipino voters they seek to “reach”, there was, of course, no polite knocking involved when they exploited the cosy relationships their leaders enjoyed with Big Corporate Media oligarchs who have the power to push content into people’s houses and personal spaces without the need to do any knocking. Indeed, that their minions now resort to knocking on doors serves as testament to how ineffective their trespassing had become. Not only have the Yellowtards’ minions in mainstream media failed to deliver, the massive rallies and campaign stunts that aimed to boost the electoral fortunes of Robredo over the last several weeks had not moved the proverbial needle significantly. Only surveys conducted and reported by reputable polling firms serve as the most reliable measure of the effectiveness of any of the candidates’ campaign. As such, no amount of claims on the back of crowd sizes that this or that municipality or city is “pink” holds water no matter how much Big Corporate Media outlets amplify that “information”.

This week, “leaked” highly-pixelated slides of the much-respected Laylo Report have been making waves on social media. This recent report of theirs covers the 16th through the 22nd of March making it the most recent of the lot. The report continues to show administration candidate Bongbong Marcos enjoying a formidable lead over his closest rival Robredo. With 55 percent survey respondents according Marcos a “hard vote” (i.e. not likely to change) to Robredo’s 15 percent and historical data since January showing no statistically-significant change in these results, it is clear that there really is not much else, barring discovery of a ground breaking campaign technique, the Opposition have to work with to change their fortunes over the remaining days.

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More important to note, however, is that even in their desperate hour, not much reform is evident in the fundamental messaging the Yellowtards use to communicate and engage with potential voters. The approach remains elitist in nature and condescending. The fact that this is a campaign and that the singular aim of such “conversations” is to persuade voters to convert is impossible to conceal. It also makes it doubly hard to come across as authentic when you’ve been telling them for months that they are mere victims of “disinformation” and “fake news” and suckers for “lies”. After all, what does one have to talk about with someone who you regard as having made stupid choices short of telling them; “listen to me, I’m smarter than you”, in order to be “consistent”. Worse, having identified yourself with the Roman Catholic Church as if to say “God is on our side” makes it awkward as well to make a pitch to a fellow Church-goer who happens to support your rival. What then? Do you press on and challenge them on their faith asking “how could you presume to be a Christian if you support ‘the dictator’s son’?

These are hard habits to break for Yellowtards. What is a Yellowtard left with to make a persuasive pitch to a Marcos supporter if their favourite two arguments — (1) we are smart and you are stupid and (2) we are “good” and you are “evil” — are now no-go-zones if one is to comply with Tricia’s directive to be nice? Herein lies the fundamental reason why the Yellowtard campaign over the last two to three months did not delivery results and why, very likely, over the next 40 days it will not. It’s a classic case of too little too late. The core foundation of the Yellowtard campaign persists — one that reeks of entitlement, judgement, and condescension. The stench of elitism just simply can’t be purged from the Yellowtard campaign. Tinkering with the strategy at the fringes may change the initial flavour but not the bitter payload underneath any more than rallies of thousands bathed in pink will not reveal much to Filipinos other than demonstrate that one needs to be “pink” to be one of them. In short, Filipinos can easily see that Yellowtards are really not a very inclusive bunch. They lost two national elections over the last six years, which means Filipinos have had enough time to make their choices — despite being incessantly told they were “stupid” and “evil” over much of that time.

31 Replies to “Robredo camp to Filipino voters: Follow us because we are the “good guys” and we are SMARTER than you”

  1. Oh, I remembered. They’re doing the Jehovah’s Witness “knocking on doors” style. While that can help a bit to boost Leni’s vote, I hope they’re not disturbing people who won’t want to be bothered on their campaign or even threaten them into good old “we are good and they are evil” ideology. Votes are supposed to be voluntary and that’s how democracy works. YellowPinks should set positive example of democracy they’re spouting and not doing the opposite.

  2. They want power so bad? Here is how they do it in 40 days..
    They set up thousands of pink massage tents all over the archipelago.
    They recruit all these artistas to be volunteer massagers.
    They can include janno gibb and jim “jakk” paredes if they care to join, although who would want to shake that wanker’s hand..?
    They then give out free massages to anyone and everyone.

    Happy endings optional, of course.

    I guarantee you a victory for FVP leni i 40 days

    1. Yes, angela locsin, all those other pinktard die hards should join no excuses..enough of that lip service, start massaging for change, bitches.

      We the filipino voters will be waiting for them pink tents.

  3. I will never understand you Bening0. You love discuss the negative aspects of supporting a candidates who decends from or has benefitted from the oligarchy…..

    I am all for getting away from supporting the oligarchy…

    But Bening0 you support a Marcos. You think that is the answer? Supporting a family who was incredibly corrupt while in power?

    That is the problem with all your articles. You can discuss all the downfalls of the Yellowcard (I agree with them), but you literally support a silver spoon candidate who has only got to where he is… is because of NEPOTISM. Maybe my favorite aspect of your flawed logic is you are somehow a fan of Sandro Marcos (lol he is a little kid who has done nothing to gain any sort of admiration).

    1. @Tim that’s because benigno is a clown , hyprocite and fake news writer. If benigno didn’t have double standards he would have no standards at all!

      Benigno lives in Australia while promoting dictatorship in the Philippines. What a joke!!

    2. But Bening0 you support a Marcos. You think that is the answer? Supporting a family who was incredibly corrupt while in power?

      Are you saying Bongbong Marcos will perpetrate corruption as president? I’m interested in hearing why you believe so.

      1. @benigno
        LOL. Why do you believe that BBM won’t be corrupt when he and his family have a DOCUMENTED history of corruption and I’ll gotten wealth.

        Are you saying that BBM wont declare Martial LAW 2.0 benign0? You willing to give up your AUSTRALIAN citizenship move back to the Philippines to prove it?!

        shut yur mouth clown

      2. @DarthM, what makes you think BBM will “declare Martial LAW 2.0”. Maybe articulate the logic you apply to making this prediction so we can have a proper conversation here.

        1. @benigno
          WHat makes you say that BBM is not corrupt? Or that Martial law is good?

          Give me facts pls clown and not fake news. Remember the main source of GetRealPhilippines is GetRealPhilippines

          There are countless books and peer reviewed studies by economists, historians and people with PhD on the evils of Marcos. Dont be lazy benigno and get information thats not from TikTok pls.

          Or watch the Kingmaker documentary you clown.

      3. I have no idea what he will do. He will probably be a fine president… (my expectations are low, but he is a better choice then Leni)

        The fact remains there are very few reasons for his popularity.

        Reason number 1: he has Duterte as his running mate.

        Reason number 2: people are tired of the yellows (as was proven last midterms) and people do not want yellows to win so they are choosing the person with the best chance to beat the yellow. I agree with voting out the yellows and IMO Leni has ruined this election and just handed it to Marcos when she decided to run .

        Reason Number 3: People want to vote for the person who will win.

        These are not exactly “good” reasons to vote for a candidate.

        That is the problem with BBM….. he has very few good reasons to vote for him. His history is not impressive and he would have no chance to win if people were voting on actual accomplishments.

        1. In another blog, this question was asked: WHAT WILL YOU DO IF MARCOS WINS?

          And this was my response:

          Just like the ordinary Filipino, I’ll carry on with my life and like them, too, hope things will change for the better. Am I optimistic that it will? Not really, but I do feel that we’re not going to have what he had under Pres. Duterte in terms of the extrajudicial killings, the ill-mannered, discourteous, rudeness character of the current president, etc. The corruption issue, that will remain to be seen. It may go down or get worse.

          I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse when it comes to BBM. As far as my knowledge is concern, he is an ordinary politician bereft of excellence accomplishment-wise compared to his father. He may win big, if we believe the surveys, or win with just enough votes to beat who comes in second. I just hope the chest-thumping, arrogance and bumptiousness of his supporters would not be an obstruction once he presides over the affairs of the country.

          Given that scenario, I don’t see anything that we can say a sudden turnaround for the better. I see him working hard to pacify and win, at least by cooperation, the never-Marcos crowd. How he do that, with his rumbustious and unrestrained loyalists, is beyond me. If he’s genuine, he should work hard on his followers to follow his example of giving life to the word ‘unity’.

          It is the only word in the dictionary that he can hang on to, to be able to reach out on the opposite aisle in order to have a more secure and stable presidency. ?

  4. @benigno
    What about the campaign is false? The only reason to vote for bbm is your a victim of fake news, an idiot or bayaran

  5. Watch the kingmaker documentary and see the evils of the Marcos family first hand. It will make your skin crawl to see how EVIL this family truly is.

  6. So sad for you yellowpricks, that there is so much prevailing buyers remorse for the errors of edsa and the 30 years of yellow clownery that followed, that people actually are willing to put the marcos family back in malacanang.

    Get your trash documentary out of here, coz edsa is done and 30 years of marcos black propaganda is done.

  7. Okay, as far as the Marcos loyalists and the anti-Marcos groups is concerned, never the twain shall meet. However, we can still debate or argue our points in a humanized manner.

    Well, how do we do that? Let’s start on addressing a valid issue or question raised by either side and proceed from there. To be fair, Tim’s post presented a valid argument against voting BBM and expressed his disgust of benigno’s one-sidedness against the opposition. His question for benigno asking him if BBM is the answer required a clear response.

    On benigno’s part, he responded by asking question himself by inquiring if Tim was actually saying BBM will perpetrate corruption as president. Also a valid question. However, I wish benigno should have focus on Tim’s question first before asking his own so that we can put side by side the argument of both sides. Anyway, it’s just starting so we can still make it happen.

    To Jason D. and Darth M, I say hold your horses and go slow on name-calling. That is the easiest thing to do. You have options to support the side you agree with and argue in their behalf. Just don’t muddle the discussion because it’s an important topic.

    I also have my piece and I can go in if the parties will proceed with cool heads and clear minds.

    Let’s get it on!!!?

    1. Most are assuming that a BBM presidency will be the same as his father’s presidency. This seems to be the biggest assumption being made about BBM here. So it is reasonable to say that the onus is on those who propagate that assumption to articulate in precise terms why they believe that assumption is sound.

      1. @benign0

        Why then do you think Leni will follow the Liberal Party style of governance? Hmmmm.

        Its kinda obvious that she is not yellow but PINK! Are you color blind benigno?

        You need to prove why Leni will not be a better president when she has a mucch better track record than BBM

      2. The biggest fallacy in the anti-Marcos rhetoric is that Bongbong Marcos will be like his father, will do the same things his father did, and will be corrupt just because his father is regarded as such by the Yellowtards. This is lazy thinking on the part of the Yellowtards because there is o evidence that (1) BBM has any criminal intent in bidding for the presidency and (2) that conditions are in place to pave the way for the so-called “return to tyranny” that the Yellowtards keep insisting will happen under a Second Marcos Presidency.

        This is what makes the arguments of the Yellowtards intellectually-dishonest. All they are engaged in is fear mongering. They don’t present evidence to substantiate any claim that a “return to authoritarianism/tyranny” is probable under a BBM presidency. Where is the evidence?

      3. I agree, FM and BBM are two different people. One cannot assume that what happened or what the father did will be copied exactly by the son. It is really a misleading kind of attack, if you ask me. On the other hand, we have the history. Right or wrong, something happened during the time of BBM’s father when he was president and people are now using it to criticize and attack him. Is it fair? Nothing is fair in politics, especially with the BBM and the Dilawan crowds. Yes, he may have nothing to do with all those things but, again, it comes with the territory.

        Another thing, BBM has yet to serve because he’s not yet president, therefore, it is also safe to assume that there is no guarantee that he will be a good and effective leader. Worst, he could turn out to be the opposite of his brilliant father.

    2. @Juan Luna

      Benign0 does not answer questions. Because he has no answers. His “opinions” are basically pulled from his ass. No support of facts whatsoevver.

      So everytime he responds he does so with either a question or telling you to do “research”. Hard to do “research” on benigno’s positions because it is all fake news and unsubstantiated.

      So obviously Tim thinks BBM will perpetuate corruption due to his and his family’s track record. And benigno with no valid response disputing this will just rephrase it back as a question.

      He probably thinks he is so smart. Jerking off coz he’s so “edgy”. Yet really he is just feeding off his ass. Like a one man human centipede.

      1. I don’t know how to answer that Darth M. You may have a point there but I still think we can go about the discussion and, you know, make our posts talk for us and show our thinking on the issue.

        Just to make sure, benigno don’t need no assistance (only a fool will do that). Allegations and accusations against him may have legs to stand on but we have to paint a picture, rather than caricature each other, to show why you make sense than him or the other way around.

        I get it, both sides will never come around but at least we can exchange ideas or hypothesis to push our respective take on matters.

        Again, I’ll comment on every one’s post that I think worth commenting on.

      2. We can put this in simple terms, regardless of who sits.. even if he is advocating Anti Corruption in his office, will still have personnel under his wing who will be corrupt.

        The most vocal LGU anticorruption drive came from Vico Sotto, have you transacted with Pasig City Hall under his term? Yes, there may have been changes, but there is still corruption. It is like a cockroach. It will never be complete rid in the system because, when dealing with government, there will always be red tape.

        So will there be corruption under BBM, for sure.
        Will there be corruption if it is Leni? For sure as well.
        How about Lacson, Isko, Pacquiao or whoever? Definitely.

        It will present itself in various different ways, but money will always be involved in some shape or form.

        The only wish is that whoever sits can at least reduce it and not embolden the already corrupt to do more, because that’s what they have always been doing.

  8. Starting a revolution, and then wasting the next 30 years on wanker conventions and goblets and garden parties?

    And you wonder why bbm is gonna win in may.

  9. The fake news clowns of Getrealphilippines are assuming that a Leni presidency will be the same the Aquino presidency. This seems to be the biggest assumption being made about Leni in this entire clown site of GRP. So it is reasonable to say that the onus is on those who are COLOR BLIND propagate that assumption to articulate in precise terms why they believe that assumption is sound.

    See @benigno I can use big fancy words too. Too bad your thinking is as hollow as a clown sock puppet

    1. To reply on my end why I won’t vote for Leni.

      She has shown/projected herself to not being her own person. Someone seems to be handling her (puppet essentially). This isn’t a good look.
      She has also basically done double talk and contradicted herself so many times that it is hard to see past that. She promises unity yet sows division. She says she can work with anyone in government but can’t even work with this administration.
      Whatever her paper credentials are, it is hard to equate that to actual real world results when it comes to being a bonafide leader.

      You want to equate what she did during the pandemic as something to “root” for? I don’t buy it. it was small scale. Sure, there are limits to what she could do in her office, but that is the thing. She knows that limits from the get go but refused to work WITH the administration with whatever reasons. The administration has its own issues but you could see the actions and mindset of a local level politician is the output you can expect from Robredo (at best), not a national or international one.

      She is also no statesman so I expect similar brouhaha over Spratly’s to happen in diplomatic ties/relations should she become president. Since she is no expert, she will most likely delegate it. Problem is, since is showing herself to not be her own person, I can only expect another del Rosario to be steering that ship (meaning it is for private/corporate interests and not national).

      With just those points I made, do I expect it to be exactly like another Aquino presidency? Not really. But there are similar players buzzing around her it is hard to ignore it.


      Will I vote for BBM though? Nope.
      I will not vote for anyone because I see not one candidate deserving of my vote.

  10. Actually, i am assuming that leni is utter trash.

    Just pure, unadulterated garbage.

    To the high rollers who wasted their money on this shitty dump of a candidate..just hold on to your receipts..
    You might want a refund sooner than you think..

  11. When bbm wins in may,

    I am sure this site will be full of digruntled pinktards with their vile taunts and feeble threats and desperate cries of anguish.

    They will blame the benign one for spreading the lies and propaganda that led to their downfall.

    Such is the fate of those who have chosen to be on the wrong side of history.

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