Yellowtards tell Filipino voters: If you are not with us, you are against God

It’s not exactly a sight that you’d expect to see in this day and age and in this era of “my body my choice” rhetoric trumping the old your-body-is-God’s-property teachings of Roman Catholicism — the religion of fear and guilt. Yet, on exhibit today is a major bloc of the Philippine Opposition — “vice president” and presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s people — marching behind an image of the Virgin Mary the way medieval crusaders used to.

What is it exactly that Robredo and her Yellowtard army are trying to tell us? It seems as if they aim to exploit an old primal fear in the hearts of Catholic Filipinos. Hey look at us, we march in honour of Mama Mary. If you are against us, you are against the virgin mother of our lord Jesus Christ. Come between us and our goal to seize power and you risk invoking the wrath of the Almighty.

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The use of the Virgin Mary as a prop in a dishonest campaign stunt perpetrated by the Yellowtards also raises some confronting questions regarding their ideology. Recall that the pink theme of the Yellowtards this year aims to appeal to feminists and the gay community. So does Mama Mary represent what these communities stand for?

No less than the Pope himself seems to be confused about the position the Church takes on the matter of gay rights and issues. The New York Times in its article “Pope Sends More Mixed Messages on L.G.B.T.Q. Rights” published last year reports…

Nearly eight years after Pope Francis famously responded, “Who am I to judge?” on the issue of gay Catholics, it has become increasingly difficult to discern where he stands on the issue. A growing dissonance has developed between his inclusive language and the church’s actions.

The result is confusion and frustration among some of the pope’s liberal supporters who wonder whether the 84-year-old Argentine remains committed to a more tolerant church and is simply struggling to grasp the rapidly shifting contours of a difficult issue, or is really a social conservative trying to please everyone.

Publication of the above article follows an earlier report that the Vatican’s foreign minister Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher expressed opposition to a bill that “would add L.G.B.T. provisions to an existing law that makes discrimination, violence or incitement based on race or religion a crime punishable by up to four years in prison.” The Guardian reported back then in its piece “Vatican urges Italy to stop proposed anti-homophobia law” that a letter delivered by Gallagher “argued that the anti-homophobia law called into question the church’s ‘freedom of organisation’ and threatened ‘freedom of thought’ among Catholics”.

One wonders then what it is exactly that the camp of Leni Robredo and her sidekick Kiko Pangilinan stand for. Are they really serious about being advocates of the causes of feminism and the gay community? Or are they just using the Church and are exploiting religious Filipinos’ primal fear of eternal damnation as a means to achieve their political ends?

All this goes into further demonstrating just how dishonest the Yellowtard campaign is. Robredo and Pangilinan are grossly-misleading Filipinos into thinking that God is on “their side” and that they are the “good” in a made-up battle between “good” and “evil” in these elections. It’s high time Filipinos move on from these sorts of primitive campaign tactics and apply more critical minds to the important choices they make as participants in a modern democratic process.

27 Replies to “Yellowtards tell Filipino voters: If you are not with us, you are against God”

  1. Leni is the candidate who adheres to the teachings of Christ.

    Do not believe the surveys. Leni shall prevail because it is God’s will.

      1. Don’t believe the polls, those are all just tools of propaganda.

        As the “formidable” amateur historian vlogger “Juan Luna” said: “Leni is breathing down BBM’s neck” and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

        In fact, Leni consistently beats BBM in Twitter surveys.

        1. Well even the social media surveys coming from Twitter and FB also not very credible on doing the surveys cuz there are so many Pinklawan toxic mobs who are dominated on those two giant social media. I would rather leave them and go to other social media out there who are less toxic and more apolitical instead like Pinterest or our very own Bigkis.

        2. “Don’t believe the polls, those are all just tools of propaganda.”


          “In fact, Leni consistently beats BBM in Twitter surveys.”


    1. Really… How about Pacquiao…according to him he even saw a vision of HIM being called by GOD to be the next president..

      1. When juanma bludgeoned him with that overhand right, manny went to heaven for seven minutes.
        And he came back all sparkly like moses with the ten commandments.
        That punch was so strong, manny saw God and became the current manny of destiny…
        and his destiny is to get beat like a stray dog in a gin drinkers convention this may of 2022.

  2. It’s just a useless campaign tactics that most filipinos don’t need for this country. If you want your daily dose of Christianity, why not just go to church then? Leni and her team doesn’t understand that most Catholics are against LGBT, LGBT is a sin to them. They are just selling false hopes if they think the Religion and LGBT will unite without any social issues but whatever works for Leni and her team, I guess…

    1. Jesus said “For he who not sinned, cast the first stone.”

      Jesus is about forgiveness and acceptance. Leni understands the teachings of Christ, that is why she will protect everyone. Why kill a drug dealer when you can convert him into a Christian who will serve society?

      We deserve a leader who is a True Christian. That is why Leni is my President!

      1. Wait a minute, why did we go to drug dealer? But okay, I’ll humor you for a bit. How come that you think, drug dealers aren’t Christians already? Just because you’re irreligious doesn’t make you to go do drugs dealing or any crime related things, that’s just being prejudice to non-believers. Also, what did you expect in police raid? Do you really think these drug dealing gangs don’t carry firearms with them? Like what? You expect police to just stand there and get shot? That would be cool if police raids are going well and peaceful in a perfect ideal world of yours but sadly, this ain’t perfect ideal world. This is reality, no police raids will ever be peaceful as long as these drug dealing thugs started a gunfight. Not to mention, the Opposition are also using those civilians that got involved and died to further their black propaganda against the current government, but what I do I know, Necro-politics are truly very Christian thing indeed?

        ..and the last, no we don’t need a leader that hides in a guise being religious, so cut out that Christian BS.

      2. You’re trying to make Leni a saint just like how your fellow YellowPinktards hail Cory as a saint back then, when deep down she’s also a crook.

        You’re embarrassing yourself.

  3. they are good while their opponents are bad, that’s how libtards condition minds.

    for sure, those gaslighters next move will be to cast doubts on the integrity of the upcoming elections.

  4. The insinuation that says “If you are not with us, you are against God” is true in so far as political propaganda is concerned.

    Let’s backtrack in history. Remember those nuns and priests joining rallies and demonstrations to fight the evils of Marcos? Remember Cardinal Sin and the images of Mother Mary, Jesus and other symbols and messages representing the Catholic religion during the EDSA revolt? Remember those Comelec employees who walked out and headed to Baclaran church because of alleged cheating being done to favor Marcos? Those where the events where the saying about the fight between good and evil or being with God began.

    Fast forward, the ‘if you’re not with us you’re against God’ slogan has become the theme song of the opposition, so to speak. It’s like the Dilawan having patented the saying to the disadvantage of whoever is running against them, especially if it’s the Marcoses.

    But let us also not forget that during the Marcos years, Apo Lakay has perfected the art of propaganda and sloganeering to gain advantage in promoting his cult of personality. With the strong man like Macoy, what else can you fight him with in order to have a fighting chance to defeat him except your faith in the Almighty?

    1. Ganito lang ha. Simple logic lang:

      1. God only chooses one leader to lead.
      2. Therefore, if you do not support that leader chosen by God, you are against God

      Are we clear? Malinaw?

        1. Leni has been chosen by the Church
          Leni has been chosen by Christians
          Leni has been chosen by destiny
          She is the candidate who is closest to God.

          Juan Luna, Leni is my President. If you are not with us, you are against us.

        2. @Leni Is My President:

          If you are not with us, you are against us.

          This is something from a cult. And that’s dangerous.

      1. This is a weird mindset though.

        With your number # 1 point alone… basically insinuates that God basically placed dictators, autocrats and those leaders who committed genocide to peoples while in power are the “annointed ones” because, as you stated, they were chosen by God to lead “their” people/country.

        I believe God (or an almighty divine being if that is how it is better phrased) only gives a person the opportunity/chance to choose whether or not to lead (or run in this case). It is still up to the person to choose to “step up”. But it is not “God’s Choice”. It never has been.

        That is how I view this topic.

  5. Leni supporters reduced to speaking in mindless drivel, everywhere..
    60percent support for bbm must be utterly incomprehensible, like staring deep into the vast emptiness of space.
    But its over yet..come election time it will be closer to 80%.
    And there will be wailing and anguished cries amid pink and yellow tears.

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