Opposition presidential candidates declining SMNI debate proves they are hypocrites

Tit for tat, right? Administration candidate Bongbong Marcos declines debates organised by media organisations GMA, KBP, and CNN so now it’s the Opposition nuisances’ turn to decline the SMNI debate that Marcos will be attending. Here is where the difference lies. Team Marcos was first to grasp the tactical genius in declining media circuses organised by wily Opposition lackeys. Thing is, that is something only a candidate leading by a massive margin can pull off.

Nuisance candidates presuming to snub a media event that will likely be their only chance to face off with Marcos? That’s like unfollowing Taylor Swift on Twitter and expecting her to be offended. Besides, Marcos had already beaten them to making snubbing media circuses look cool. As to the lame snub delivered by Leni Robredo, Manny Pacquiao, and Isko Moreno? Well, best that we defer to Cherie Gil’s famous line in the 1985 movie Bituing Walang Ningning

You’re nothing, but a second-rate trying hard copycat!

Indeed, for a bunch of bozos competing with one another for Second Prize, declining a media event that would put them in the same room as Number One is a bad case of bitterness clouding sound strategic thinking. With just a few weeks left to campaign, and a rival with nothing to gain from participating in media circuses, there’s just no putting any sort of positive spin on the Opposition snub of the SMNI debate show.

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More importantly, all this just further highlights what huge hypocrites the trying-hard copy-cats are. One would think after calling Marcos a “coward” for sidestepping an “important” event such as a “debate” these second-rate candidates would at least show they are not the very character they erstwhile paint their common rival to be. No sirreee. Once again, ill-advised by the half-wit folk who surround these bozos. This was a chance to exhibit grace and be the bigger people in this drama. Instead, they come out of it looking like even bigger chumps.

15 Replies to “Opposition presidential candidates declining SMNI debate proves they are hypocrites”

  1. But at least, we can hear BBM in debate and also, from what I remember on other networks, it’s just an interview, not a debate? It’s pretty much too late for the Opposition to back-out this time.

  2. Yeah, it is very disappointing Isko, Leni, Pac man, and Lacson declined. Happy that Leody accepted. Shows why all of the candidates are weak. They are all losing and have a chance to improve, yet they are scared (yes, it will be biased, but who cares, answer the questions like a leader)

    It is hilarious on twitter all the leni lovers think Leody is going to “destroy” Marcos (i dont think that is going to happen….but….)
    Wouldn’t you want the person you support to destroy the supposed “enemy”

    Leni supporters are far from logical…..
    Just sad out of 100 million people these are the choices for president.

    1. I was looking forward to Leni destroying BBM in a debate.

      Perhaps we can have a petition for Boy Abunda to host a 1 vs 1 — Leni vs BBM only — no holds barred debate. Do you think BBM has the guts to face Leni 1 vs 1?

      1. What will you do if Leni loses? Cry in corner? Remember, underestimating your opponent is a big mistake. You only have yourself to blame for that.

        1. Gman, ikaw ang iiyak.

          Leni is already breathing down BBM’s neck. Soon, when all the other candidates see that they cannot win, they will all unite under Leni’s banner.

          And, with the Grace of God, our prayers will be answered and people will see the truth. The Leni is their President! When this happens, you will be so embarrassed that you will change your Gman username and never use it again.

        2. Nah. I’m alright. I don’t really care who wins, if she wins, she wins. Plain and simple. I’m just concerned about you, you looked emotionally unstable.

        3. Gman, I look unstable? Ganun. Wala kang magandang argumento.

          I am not offended because I have accepted Jesus as my savior. And if you do not do the same, you will spend an eternity burning in the fires of hell. Sounds unfair but I don’t make the rules. Read the Bible and accept Jesus as your savior, for the sake of your eternal soul.

        4. That’s because I don’t need to. The moment you put that typical Christian apologist glasses sounds like you don’t have good argument either. Bible thumping isn’t everything.

  3. Here’s the thing, BBM is number in the surveys but nothing in the past presidential elections, if my recollection is accurate, that a no. 1 candidate refuses to attend debates or interviews for whatever reason. I’m open to be corrected on this because I’m not aware of anybody who was enjoying a popularity survey gets to be called for chickening out by refusing to attend invitations for interviews, etc.

    To quote presidential candidate Leody De Guzman, ““Ayaw ni Marcos Jr. na sumama sa anumang harapan o tapatan sa ibang mga kandidato.

    Kampante siya na pangalagaan ang kanyang kalamangan sa mga survey. Iniiwasan niya rin na malantad ang pagiging walang laman ng islogan niyang `unity’ (Marcos Jr. is ducking a debate with other candidates. He is doing all he can to preserve his supposed lead based on poll surveys. He is worried that his opponents would expose how empty his `unity’ slogan is).”

    I agree with what De Guzman said because there is no other believable reasons for one candidate to refuse the opportunity for him/her to make known his principles, policies and programs of governance before the public. Here, too, I’m open to contrary opinion regarding De Guzman’s allegation, but I’m confident that he is right.

    He is so right because it’s not about hypocrisy or about tactical genius that makes the issue controversial but about BBM getting his own dose of medicine. He was the first candidate to refuse or boycott an invitation for flimsy reason, and he was able to do it because he was ahead in the survey. I’m not sure he will resort to such strategy if he’s tailing in the polls. In the vernacular we call that, ‘magulang’.

    But let me be clear, nothing is wrong in what he’s doing. He has all the right to do as he pleases because he’s running his own campaign. My only issue is, you don’t call the kettle black if you’re the pot. If the answer to the question of ‘who started who?’ is you, I don’t think you have the credibility to accuse others of wrongdoing you yourself is guilty of.

    1. Juan Luna, but surveys are not reliable. The reality can be seen on the ground and I don’t think any of these “bloggers” are connected with reality. They are all just keyboard warriors looking at social media and fake news.

      Let me tell you the reality on the gound:
      1. People are starting to wake up and rallying around Leni.
      2. Leni does not have a trollfarm to compete with that other candidate’s troll farm
      3. Trolls dont vote, real people do.
      4. Leni is breathing down BBM’s neck and she will overtake him come election day.
      5. Leni is a true follower of Christ and that is why Leni is my President

      1. I’m not sensing a true and earnest Leni believer in your posts but nevertheless I will engage you in the spirit of open sharing.

        Surveys are there and until they are debunked we have to include them in our analysis of events.

        The ‘reality on the ground’ issue is problematic because oftentimes it defends on the one reporting. If it’s BBM’s camp, they are winning on the ground, if it’s VP Leni’s, they’re surging. So, it is really self-serving.

        Right now, all accusations between parties are baked in. Unless there is credibility in the allegations and the seriousness of the act is unnerving, it’s all a part of the game.

        1. I am surprised that your are blinded by BBM’s propaganda.

          Leni is winning. Join us now or you will be in the wrong side of history.

      2. Kinda ironic how the “reality on the ground” comes from “Leni is My President” user and pink apologist and states things about “keyboard warriors looking at social media and fake news” when he/she is emulating the same actions as these labeled people.

        I laughed when you mentioned about fake news and here you are, typing as such, haha. Making the same mistakes as your enemies indeed, tsk, tsk.

        1. “People are starting to wake up and rallying around Leni”.
        Show proof like actual moving videos and unedited (without tight shots) pictures of grandiose rallies supporting Leni (Rappler is known primarily for such edited photos, so as such they’re very unreliable news reporters. Besides, they admitted they’re not main stream news media practitioner so why even bother believing them).
        You want us to simply take your words as evidences? Pfft, these are nothing and empty unless you provide other evidences that are verifiable.

        2. “Leni does not have a trollfarm to compete with that other candidate’s troll farm.”
        Says the one who could not differentiate actual trolls from real users who can explain well and reasonably instead of mere shallow accusations and assumptions left and right. Besides, real users in Facebook have been displaying proofs of likers of Leni in FB surveys that are mostly using other Asian Nationalities (e.g. the Indian/Pakistani types) with obvious non-Filipino faces or using anime/non-realistic profile pictures. Puhleez. Look first in the mirror (and your own camp’s mess) before you say other parties are farming such trolls.

        3. “Trolls dont vote, real people do”.
        Add apostrophe my dear to don’t, please (roll eyes).
        Same answer to number 2 above. Learn to detect trolls from real people and try harder not to show your skeletons in your closet if you are going to accuse other camps.

        4.” Leni is breathing down BBM’s neck and she will overtake him come election day”.
        Eww, unless of course she maintained good oral hygiene and brushes her teeth habitually, I don’t like the idea you’ve stated, haha.

        I like BBM to win to bitchslap her to reality of what she and her camp did to (obviously cheat) win in the last VP 2016 elections.

        5. “Leni is a true follower of Christ and that is why Leni is my President”.
        No one cares if she is one, Christ is not the only god in this world. What if Allah or others say otherwise, can you refute that? Which one is true? Give proof please.

        Hey, everyone is free to dream, that includes you. So, yes, dream that she is “your” president only (and not the president of others beside you).

  4. Leni Is My President is what benign0 is saying that Vote Leni or you’re evil. Honestly the world is not a black and white, good and evil place. It’s more like a spectrum. Sure BBM may have did questionable things and when Leni says he is a liar in Boy Abunda Interview? News Flash. She is wrong. ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS INCLUDING HER. I am no BBM nor Leni supporter but to say BBM is a liar in an interview is the most weakest and childish argument a presidential candidate say about his/her/their opponent.

    I never heard Joe Biden on the 2020 US Presidential Elections say when he is interviewed, “Don’t vote Trump! He is a liar, a buffoon and overall harm to this country.”. Instead, Biden just shut up and let Trump speak and speak which caused Trump’s defeat in the election. And that is what exactly BBM is trying to do. He let’s Leni speak and speak and speak about him being evil and uses it against her. By shutting up, he let’s people think if Leni is a suitable choice to be president. And clearly in her hypocritical propaganda and talkativeness, she is not.

    Panfilo Lacson may be like out of this picture, but when she said in the same Boy Abunda interview that apparently Lacson always talks but not delivers, Lacson rebutted saying, when he does helps, he never shown it in TV like Leni ALWAYS DOES. Maybe he did help but does not bother to share it at the media. And at this point, I truly believe I don’t think one of the Presidential candidates is suitable for being president. Marcos is controversial, Leni is just hypocritical and a walking megaphone, Lacson doesn’t seem to want to compromise to other politicians he dislike but need to work with, Pacquiao has been and always been a joke and Moreno only has one term being mayor of Manila to prove himself worthy to be president.

  5. THE PRESIDENT of the Fail-ippines is a pretty sweet job, if you can get it. BUT, lets face the facts…outside of some rice cultivating policies, the policies that will govern the sad-ass country is what the people in power in the USA want them to be.

    Is anyone even kidding themselves that it is what the real story os concerning the International agenda and even the domstic agenda as well?……if you do as Uncle Sammy tells you, you will be rewarded…if not, you will disgraced….charged as a thief,painted as a treasonous liar and maybe even get to have your body dumped on a tarmac at an airport that may some day bear your name. I would rather live, than have that dubious honour….considering the absolute embarrassing dumpo that NAIA is.

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