Team Bongbong Marcos – Sara Duterte wows MASSIVE Philippine Arena crowd in show anchored by ABS-CBN star Toni Gonzaga

Yesterday’s campaign kick-offs again made the writing on the wall even more evident with the clear topping of the shows of the day by administration candidates Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte who “rocked” a packed Philippine Arena. Even communist “journalist” Inday Espina Varona was moved to admit, “[in] terms of numbers, the son of Ferdinand Marcos and the daughter of Rodrigo Duterte won the campaign kickoff mobilisation game, no ifs nor buts.”

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In terms of production quality, scale of organisation, and overall pizzaz, the performance delivered by Team BBM-Duterte outclassed all the rest. As many in the audience observed, ABS-CBN star Toni Gonzaga was in her element as host of the event. Her booming voice could have filled the arena even without a mike.

To that, Rapplerette Lian Buan sourly points out, “Toni Gonzaga, one of ABS-CBN’s biggest celebrities, introduces Rodante Marcoleta who pushed to deny the franchise renewal of the network costing thousands of Kapamilya workers their jobs.” Buan, still likely butthurt from that “assault on press freedom”, seems to suggest that Gonzaga owes utang na loob (a debt of gratitude) to ABS-CBN. That’s just typical of kiddie “journalists” glossing over the real facts underlying the demise of the top Yellowtard media conglomerate just to push their preferred narrative.

Of course, a lame attempt to cut down the the host of the show is futile considering not just the star power that was on exhibit in the event but also the chemistry between the candidates. This was evident in the service vice presidential candidate Sara Duterte did herself in the clear and articulate speech she delivered to introduce herself and the grace she exhibited giving her running mate a rousing introduction.

Speaking of stars, third-generation Marcos star Sandro Marcos seemed to be making his dad proud demonstrating an ability to steal the show from the latter as the crowd roared when the big background screen briefly cut to him as he flashed the victory sign.

Indeed, it was a wild night — the culmination of steady consistent work over the last eight to twelve months to secure the numbers, form the best relationships and alliances, manage communications and messaging, and, overall, deliver an engaging and sticky brand to Filipino voters. Of course, this was a journey very-well documented by the more objective contributors to the national debate that the Opposition’s chi chi Katipunan-educated “thought leaders” like to pretend do not exist. As such, to really appreciate the remarkable nature of what was achieved by the administration camp would be to note what a respected member of the Opposition camp has to say himself (albeit a tad grudgingly) about even just the latter two to three months of that journey and what, by now, should be an outcome that no longer surprises…

Marcos’ refusal to slide down and Inday Sara eventually sliding down to number two coated him with a veneer of toughness and finally lent him the air of being a winner; it also gave both him and her (Marcos Jr. and Inday Sara, respectively) something they’d lacked thus far: the sense of being backed by a significant […] durable coalition featuring former president and speaker Arroyo (plus the Romualdezes). It was this drama, and the coalescing of the veteran politicians, that boosted Marcos’ presidential numbers, and made Sara the person to beat for the presidency. It sucked all the air out of the room, politically speaking, stalling the moderate momentum of Leni Robredo who’d kept the remnants of the opposition guessing, and absolutely depriving the other candidates, Moreno, Pacquiao, and Lacson, of what their candidacies needed, too: drama. The keep ’em guessing plus substitution gambit of 2016 succeeded in its 2021 rerun.

The point Inquirer columnist and former Undersecretary Manuel L Quezon III was leading to in making the above observation taken from his piece today “Now for the hard part” really had more to do with what he regards as the hard slog the Opposition is in for over the remaining weeks of their campaign.

This early, his campaign can claim the tantalizing possibility of the first majority presidency since (take your pick) either 1986 or 1969. But there remains hope of the others, currently in the teens or less, percentage-wise, to somehow convince the public to join them and thus start giving the Marcoses a run for their money.

Quezon’s statement of “hope” for the Opposition clearly doubles as a warning. It is a warning because the Opposition, specially the “leading” Yellowtard bloc within it rallying around presidential candidate Leni Robredo show no signs of reforming the negative messaging that characterises their campaign and which contributed to the running to the ground of their campaign. Even more important for the Opposition is that they reconsider the sorts of characters they habitually associate themselves with.

In the case of the Yellowtards’ chummy-chummy relations with the Philippines’ Catholic Church the officers of which are held to a vow of obedience to their overlords in Rome, displays like these — of nuns in ancient habits performing ancient rituals — raise questions around how serious Robredo’s camp are about upholding their supposedly progressive character. The standout example, in this instance, is their supposed championing of women’s issues and their supposed alignment with the “causes” of feminism and gay rights. The Roman Catholic Church, we might remind everyone, stands for everything that feminists and the gay community are against.

The big challenge in the coming weeks is mainly on the Opposition nuisance candidates. Will they continue competing amongst themselves for the Number Two position? Or will they be able to pull together the mettle, the creative chops, and the groundbreaking originality required to gun for Number One?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

39 Replies to “Team Bongbong Marcos – Sara Duterte wows MASSIVE Philippine Arena crowd in show anchored by ABS-CBN star Toni Gonzaga”

  1. It is only in election time that each and everyone of us becomes an employer. The constitution put us in a position to gauge, measure and decide the fate of a person who is applying to become our next leader.

    And so it has come to pass.

    Right before me is the list of 5 candidates vying to win the presidency of the country. As expected of an employer, I indirectly ‘interviewed’ each one of them on programs conducted by and through media outlets. And with critical observation, I was also able to size up, evaluate and estimate all the candidates in the public fora they attended in and where they presented their programs of government.

    After careful deliberation based on performance, track record and personal and accomplishment history, I was able to create a personal summary of what each candidate’s capability and why I define them as such.

    Here’s my concise presentation of personal, frank and honest summary in installment:

    BBM – except being a Marcos, he’s just a run of the mill politician. His years in various positions in Ilocos hasn’t really spelled amazing for him. Nothing spectacular propelled him to be the front runner other than being the Junior to whom everybody knows who. I see no promise in him in terms of new ideas and policies, he has shown me so far, nor be one representing a paragon of good and honest administration. I see the popularity he enjoys at the moment as more of a result of nostalgic feelings Filipinos are known for than being best qualified for the job. The Marcos brand has lost and found its appeal because Filipinos love second chances. As a Christian nation, a big part of the tradition is the power to forgive, which unfortunately oftentimes make us forget. If he wins, it’ll just be more of the same and probably more jarring.

    VP Leni – she’s a political enigma and, like BBM, also a product of sentimental feelings. Her husband’s unexpected demise, while not the main reason, catapulted her to national political acceptance. In the 2016 vice presidential run up, the yellow crowd nostalgically presented her as the new Cory against BBM’s Macoy. A strategy that worked back then but, because of a series of missteps, appears to be floundering now. Unlike BBM, while her surname resonates within the region she and her husband served, she has no political clout nationwide, no well-known brand to hang on to. In other words, as a neophyte in national politics, she was seen as having potentials and promise. However, the six years she’s been Vice President hasn’t really cemented nor strengthened the initial positive impression people have of her. And it doesn’t help having a campaign strategy that is all over the map with focus in every corner of the spectrum which only confuses and at the same time spreading the message too thin.

    With her breathing down BBM’s neck she could still pull a surprise in the polls. However, nothing in the horizon, in case she wins, indicates that, aside from color, she’ll be different from him.

    (To be continued)

    1. “With her breathing down BBM’s neck she could still pull a surprise in the polls.”

      Where is your data to support this statement? I want numbers and facts, not your personal bias.

      Bulag ba ako? O ikaw?

      1. Hindi ka bulag, medyo hindi ka lang gising. ?

        I admire your confidence. For you, the race is over even though you have no proof whatsoever of what you are talking about.

        If BBM is no. 1 to you, who is no. 2? Lacson? That’s your answer to the line you quote from my post.

  2. Isko Moreno – The popular mayor and youngest trapo (in a good way) in the country can do no wrong in the city of Manila. After vesting his political foes enough to be his father, he was able to transform Manila into what it is now. His clean up drive was able to scrub off the dirt and grimes, especially in hidden corners of the metro, that inhabited the city for years. Compare to BBM and VP Leni, Isko has a better accomplishment record both on personal and official capacity that is open for anyone to see. Of course, a driven politician like him will not come out smelling good especially during election time. He’s accused of being a political butterfly for hopping from party to party in his attempt to pursue his career. The criticism doesn’t seem to faze him though, which according to him is nothing so long as it will benefit the interest of the people.

    In my estimation, Isko would be a very busy president if he is elected because there’s a lot of areas where his expertise as an administrator and astute executive will come in handy. The only problem is, he doesn’t have the machinery and the established base that BBM and VP Leni has. If the current makeup in presidential equation continues, the two front leaders is bound to dominate the race. I say, the future belongs with Isko Moreno.

    Manny Pacquiao – No question, the Pambansang Kamao has a heart of gold. But you need more than a heart of gold to overcome the challenge and advantage posed by BBM and VP Leni. Clearly, Pacman is out of their league. A senator since 2016, Manny has decided to throw his hat in the political ring in spite of having a very short resume in government service. Notwithstanding having a flush with cash, Pacman is the underdog amongst the five candidates. He may be familiar being a long shot position that always comes up on top, but politics is unlike boxing. His opponent doesn’t need to physically knock him down in order for him to lose, all they have to do is just debate and confront him on important issues that his depth of knowledge and his ability to express himself is not that deep to count him out. His religious affiliation doesn’t help either because instead of attracting people his penchant to proselytize and inject spiritual verses into strictly political matters tend to alienate prospective voters. We need not enumerate his public service accomplishments because, juxtaposed with his boxing career, it is close to nil. I see no future in politics for Manny other than hanging out in the Senate or Congress the rest of his political life or dominate the local scene in his home province as governor. Whatever it is, Manny’s moola guarantees him years of comfortable life.

  3. Ping Lacson – is another candidate who has what it takes but short of resources. He is the Raul Roco of our time, capable but often overlook because of the popularity system prevailing in our electoral processes. He made a name for himself when he initiated his anti-corruption campaign and instituted various reforms within the PNP during his tenure as PNP chief. With the kind of credentials he has, I would say, in a realistic and just world, he should be the candidate to beat . But we have none of that at the moment. We have instead the saga of the continuing war of attrition between two traditional contenders, the yellow/pink group composed of anti-Marcos forces and the red/green party, the combination of two dynastic families known for political notoriety and scandals. With these two warring behemoths jockeying for position and practically sucking the air in the room, the Lacsons and the Iskos have no chance to even compete fairly and decently.

    However, I’m of the opinion that voters whose hearts and minds are in the right place will go for Ping Lacson.

    There you go. I expect readers to share their thoughts about the candidates and engage others to a healthy discussion.

    1. Good posts Juan, but No one is voting for Ping Lacson. Also, giving second chances to politicians is a huge weakness/insane. Politicians are one group of people who dont deserve second chances.

      After asking, maybe 40-50 people in the past week, who they were voting for…. not one person said Lacson.

      Pac man gets some votes from the anti-vaxers (because BBM supports no vax no ride).

      Isko gets votes from Manila and people who understand Manila, but i dont think he gets many votes from Visayas and Mindanao, so without those votes he cant win.

      Leni, i hope, just gives up. She cant win. Her party is done for and not what the country needs or wants. They had their shot and failed miserably.

      Also, lol at this article by Benign0. It reads like some fanboy ranting about their favorite artist.

      The fact remains….. many Marcos voters are voting for him because they think he is going to give gold…..
      That right there is a big problem.

      1. Since we all knew it anyway, we should all agree that this coming election is a one-on-one contest between BBM and VP Leni. The surveys reflect that and we all know it. Having said that, for me, the two are really not on top of my list because of what I just narrated earlier. But it is what it is.

        With regard to the gold, I’m not inclined to accept such theory given the fact that we don’t really have a concrete proof to back it up. What we’re having right now is not about any gold but about the continuing story of rivalry between good and evil, este, between two opposing forces that has transfixed and mesmerized the populace since the 1986 downfall of Macoy.

        Majority of the Marcos followers, who have not moved on from the lost suffered by BBM in 2016, treat this fight as a rematch that would vindicate their idol for the ‘cheating’ he suffered in the hands of VP Leni. For them, she stole the office of the VP. That’s their narrative.

        On VP Leni’s side, the script was, she beat him the last time, she will beat him again. Although BBM look formidable right now I don’t believe the VP ‘cannot win’ or should just give up. He maybe the favorite but we don’t know if what happened in 2016 will not happen again this year or, you know, surprises springing up before the election? We just don’t know.

        Question, will it be a peaceful election? Umm, I’m not ready to guess right now. ?

      2. “The fact remains….. many Marcos voters are voting for him because they think he is going to give gold…..”

        Hmm..For average filipinos..I don’t think so. Citations needed.

  4. Newsflash: FACT-CHECK website nothing more than Yellow Propaganda.

    VERA Files was founded by journalists Ellen Tordesillas, Luz Rimban, Booma Cruz, Jennifer Santiago, Yvonne T. Chua and Chit Estella (who passed away in a road crash on May 13, 2011).

    VERA FILES are nothing but seething yellow appologist.

  5. I’ve never understand why the “internet gays” support Leni, wasnt Noynoy a freaking “homophobe”?

    Only Duterte was nice enough to allow an anti-bullying bill to protect minorities from discriminations. He was even open to support same-sex unions.

  6. I’ve never understand why the “internet gays” support Leni, wasnt Noynoy a freaking “homophobe”?

    Only Duterte was nice enough to allow an anti-bullying bill to protect minorities from discriminations. He was even open to support same-sex unions.

  7. It’s as if everybody is in a position to really choose who will make decisions that immediately and directly affect lives. This economy isn’t exactly designed to protect those paper-proclaimed rights. There’s really nothing to say except that it’s f*n idiotic.

  8. William Revillame will soon be starting a new t.v. station to rival ABS-CBN and eventually drive this Yellowtard media network out of business.


    1. William Revillame will soon be starting a new t.v. station to rival ABS-CBN and eventually drive this Yellowtard media network out of business.

      Yippee! – Aeta
      There goes the Bakya troll! ???

      1. Juan “Gwapita” Luna,

        It’s too late to pin the “Bakla” (faggot) ribbon on me. Everyone on GRP knows you and your boyfriends are the pink faggots, and you’re going to stick around to try to sabotage the BBM-SARA administration as much as you can with your liberal narratives, under the guise of supporting it with your clandestine faggotry.


        1. Juan “Gwapito” Luna,
          “Everyone on GRP knows you…
          …and you’re going to stick around to try to sabotage the BBM-SARA administration…..with your liberal narratives…” – Aeta
          Okay. Now, let us see proof to back up that ngiyaw-ngiyaw. ?

        2. Juan “Gwapita” Luna,

          Remember what I offered in my previous comment before this one. Be amicable or you’ll hear more faggot insults from me about your Yellowtardism.


        3. Juan Luna,

          “Proof, proof, proof…..” — Juan Luna.

          It sounds like you’re trying to fart and shit at the same time.

          Again, are you ready to get past the insults and move on?


        4. “Again, are you ready to get past the insults and move on? – Aeta
          I think you should answer that question. Everybody here knows who I am that is why you don’t see people hurling insults at me for the heck of it.

          Of course, with you and Megget, I tend to play, but for the most part I discuss issues share info and just chill.

          And that’s the reason why I keep on asking for proof from you.

          If you answer that question of yours, we’ll chill. ?

        5. Juan Luna,

          The readers on GRP know you for what you tell them, not what you don’t tell them. I’ve had my shares of dialogues with you a few years ago. I knew then, and I know now, you don’t always say what you mean, and don’t always mean what you say. Instead, you and other contributors on GRP, use quoted lines and links from liberal publications that raises more suspicions than trust, on who you are and what you stand for.

          I don’t enjoy hurling insults at anyone. But when push comes to shove and you begin to sound like the liberal sources you’re quoting and citing, and you overwhelm the oppositions by sounding more like a “geeky” technocrat, who argues from unlimited data online, instead of a normal person who draws from life experience, then I only have two choices to make: withdraw from GRP (which I did a years ago) before I lose my patience, or fight back (like what I’m doing now) by challenging and insulting your character and lack of life experience.

          I don’t know Megget anymore than I know you, but I do feel I share more common grounds with him. We both have similar “Old School” no nonsense attitude and approach in life, developed from long and broad experience, as well as a vulgar demeanor of expressing ourselves with no holds barred. I’m probably more restrained than Megget in our colorful use of language, but, just the same, we don’t mean anything by it except to get our points across the best way we know how. And if you’re offended by my approach, it’s only because you offended me, or him, first.

          Finally, proof is in the eyes of the beholder. I personally let my readers form their own conclusion as proof based on the content of what I write, whether it is derived from my own knowledge and experience or someone else’s, and whether or not they want to believe me. Demanding proof is like putting someone on the spot and asking them which one came first: the chicken or the eggs? And, based on the unpleasant dialogues I had with you, you’ll never buy the chicken, nor the eggs, I’m offering as proof.


        6. Aeta,
          I don’t remember having dialogues with you and if ever you got hurt in those dialogues maybe it’s not me but you. Your withdrawal should have teach you that nothing is personal here. We ‘talk’ in written form and if it gets heated, I assure you, it’s not me who started it. You can see in my posts how I approach issues and treat co-posters. I don’t fling out ‘colorful’ words that you and Megget love to diss when piqued. You both know that. Whenever I ‘play’ I make sure that I ‘mirror’ what’s being thrown at my direction, not too much, not too serious.

          Proof is important especially if the other party alleges something that tends to establish a derogatory narrative. Whenever I’m challenged, I respond with proof as much as I can. Try it.

          You are fond of accusing, blaming and labelling parties you don’t agree with. I don’t do that. You often generalize and make outright disparaging statements to pin down the party you’re having conversation with. I don’t do that. And when challenged to show evidence, you doubled down. That disposition does not show maturity.

          I’ve been here a long time, too. I came back after doing other things for a change of scenery. I’m active now but would not be for long because of other things waiting for me to do. All I can say is, if you want to engage with other people to a conversation with substance, you take the opportunity. To square off on nonsense is a waste of time. ?

        7. Juan Luna,

          It’s presumptuous to think I was hurt and why I left. I already told you why I left in my last comment. Nothing personal when I exited, nothing personal when I reentered. However, everyone, with the exception of Megget and the publisher (benigno), seemed ticked off and got defensive with my comments about the Yellow Party and liberals, which was the same impression I got when I left the first time. So I came to the conclusion that most of the older members of GRP are territorially liberal and presumptuous.

          On a similar note, it’s also presumptuous and territorial to conclude that it’s always the other person’s fault when the conversation “gets heated.” With that kind of attitude, it’s not surprising the conversation always takes a turn for the worse, and both sides, the “faulted” and the “faultless,” begin hurling “insults and attacks” at each other, without getting to the gist of the “real” issues that should be discussed intelligently and maturely on GRP.

          Providing “proof” is unmerited and subjugates the person to feel that the one who demands it is being presumptuous and territorial, creating a hostile environment where an amicable dialogue is not possible to attain a level where the issues being discussed are resolved. This hostile situation is probably why the same characters, me and Megget on one side, and the rest on the other, are the only ones who fill the GRP pages with our “insults and attacks” on each other, and prevent the rest from participating and from getting entangled in those “heated” discussions.

        8. Aeta,

          Let’s continue laying the perspectives.

          Let me just remind you of my awareness of all your practically tailor-made response to any post that you dislike by attacking, insulting and using terms just to offend and not expound the discussion further. And I mean by you writing over and over again, like a broken record, “liberals, yellowtards, 36 years of yellow party, and other offending, not elaborating, words just to make the discussion “heated”. Except for Megget, I know of nobody who do that kind of thing.

          GRP members to me are non-existent as persons but their ideas and opinions matter. If there are members who are territorial and presumptuous, that doesn’t affect how I craft and express my views. Territorial and presumptuousness is not the issue, it’s the news of the day.

          The conversation ‘gets heated’ when heads gets heated. That is why, for me, to prevent that to happen what I do is challenge the other party to further the discussion with substance by providing info or evidence to support his contention. Most times, it makes discussion heated but civil. Other times, like in your and Megget’s case, the challenge makes you hot and in the process derail the discussion and turned it to hurling insults and attacks.

          I don’t mind no holds barred talk so long as the issue remains in the scuffle. When the other party starts to talk nonsense, like you and Megget does, the feeling is exhilarating because I know I prevailed in the discourse.

          Unlike you, I backed up my claim or allegation or insinuation if challenged because I have to for dependability and coherence. I will never allow readers to intentionally misinterpret what I wrote or circumvent what I meant and to prevent that you have to be upfront and accommodating. I just don’t talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. I have to do both to be fair with the other party. I put anybody on the spot because anybody can put me on the spot.

          That being said and since your bet (BBM) won the game I expect substance from you when you discuss and raise issues. I say that because you are now on the defensive position.

          As they say in blogs and politics, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” ??‍♀️

  9. From these election results, these are indisputable the facts:

    – Leni is trash
    – yellowtards are faggots, literal or otherwise
    – bbm is on the road to greatness

    Aint no way you can spin that.

    1. I agree with you on all your accounts, even if I had been asked to stop using the “Y” and “F” words in the context of my writing to avoid offending those who stand behind those words as being offensive. Regardless of my announcement, I’m not going to condemn you (nor anyone else) for using those words (unless push comes to shove), and wholeheartedly agree with you on all accounts.

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