The “holy” Opposition say they are battling an “evil” thief. Filipinos don’t give a shit.

T-minus 2.5 months. The Philippine Opposition have abandoned all pretense of a positive campaign and are all-hands-on-deck mounting a demolition campaign against their common “enemy” of this brief moment, administration presidential and vice presidential candidates Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte. It is an interesting exercise considering the Opposition bring to bear methods and information they have been using since the late 1970s — allegations that the Marcoses are thieves, that they are murderers, that they are liars, and that they oversaw an “unprecedented” decline in the Philippines’ economic fortunes. Considering the age and bluntness of the “weapons” of demolition they wield in this homestretch, it continues to baffle most sensible observers how Opposition purveyors of these methods are able to expect their political fortunes to change for the better.

The major Opposition bloc, now effectively composed of Leni Robredo’s Yellowtards, Nery Colmenares’s communists, Big Corporate Media, and the Roman Catholic Church (the latter two effectively the Philippines’ biggest and wealthiest political parties), have for so long been drumming up the “Evil Marcos” narrative. But have they drummed that story in successfully? In actual fact, they have.

Every single Filipino is aware of all that the Opposition have been screeching about with regard to that Evil Marcos narrative. Indeed the public consciousness is saturated by it. Members of Marcos’s formidable base of committed supporters are very likely even more familiarised with this Evil Marcos narrative than the Yellowtards and commies themselves. You wonder then who the Yellowtards and commies are preaching to? What new information are they delivering? They have been investing so much of their meagre brains and precious time to this exercise — to the extent of neglecting building any sort of intelligent platform — that it leads us to wonder if they have, at any point, stepped back and taken stock of any returns on that dubious investment.

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The Opposition to date offer nothing transformative or visionary to Filipinos. Several “presidential forum” media circuses organised in rapid succession over the just the last two to three weeks have so far achieved nothing other than to exhibit the vacuous nature of the collective Opposition pitch to the Filipino people. Tired old pandering to “the poor” are all we get from the Opposition nuisances. What do they propose is the path to building a strong and great nation? We don’t know yet. But, hey, they still have two months and a half to tell us.

More importantly, the way the Opposition are desperately posturing over the remaining days of the campaign have only proved one thing — without Marcos in the picture they essentially have nothing much to work with. This is made readily-evident just by a quick peruse of the social media timelines of just about every Yellowtard and commie Netizen — from their most lowly troll to their chi-chiest Katipunan-educated “thought leaders”. Marcos this and Marcos that. Small wonder that these bozos routinely all go tililing whenever Marcos declines an invitation from their most revered “journalists”. A media circus is not a media circus unless a Marcos graces the occasion. Bongbong Marcos does not have to campaign any further. The Yellowtards are doing that work for him.

If the Yellowtards and commies insist on continuing their negative campaign, they should at least apply a bit more originality and imagination to their effort. At least tell Filipinos something they don’t know. Perhaps it is about time the Opposition consider what they had long convinced themselves to be unthinkable — that Filipino voters are making truly informed choices on who to support in the coming elections and that they should regard these choices respectfully for a change. For now, if they truly believe they are the “good guys” in this “fight” they tell us we are in the midst of, well, that narrative is proving that it has come down to them competing with an “evil thief” of their own fashioning and are losing.

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  1. Well…They have to cater to their dumb followers who chose to believe in “good vs evil” thing although it also applies to any political fandoms, easy to digest “beating a dead horse narrative”. It’s fine to be reminded about the dark side of Marcos era and some savage abuses that accompanies it but at the same time, I find it disrespectful for those who are truly victims of that era, weaponizing and profiting tragedies is just insensitive on the part of Opposition/Big Corp Allies since they seemed to be sleeping on the same bed. Not really different from what Evangelicals do as an example.

    1. It’s fun to see people preaching for moral and religious self righteousness and see them getting destroyed by their own doing. People has long ignored their narrative of “makadiyos” because people already know its just a ploy.

  2. The Anti-Marcos clique is a collective of irrational and lazy thinkers. They keep harping about Martial Law, human-rights violations and ill-gotten wealth issues but failed miserably to substantiate their claims in the courts of law.

    Is thirty-six long years not enough to prosecute and jail someone guilty of that supposedly massive crimes?

    The Idiotic PCGG is boasting in its wiki page:

    “As of 2019, the PCGG has recovered more than P171 billion of ill-gotten wealth from the Marcoses and from Marcos cronies since its creation in 1986.”

    The Yellowtard Morons even have this LUNAtic reverse-pride of Marcos having an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Greatest robbery of a Government” in 1986 which reveals nothing other than an unfounded claim. In spite of the organization’s pretense as having a very strict and high standard that “All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date” and that the record still stands up today, only the Yellowtards are happily cheering and believing in their collective delusions.

    Believe it or not, you can read this entry on their website:

    “However, Imelda Marcos was cleared of all charges on appeal in October 1998. The Philippine Supreme Court acquitted her, setting aside a 12-year jail sentence. The decision – by a majority of 8-5, with 1 abstention – reversed a January ruling by the Supreme Court on her 1993 conviction by a lower court.”

    You see, The Yellowtard Morons and their accomplice, the Insidious Reds, just need a simple and random google search to be enlightened, then the results reveal that all those claims are all baloney:

    – The Marcos Verdict; Marcos Is Cleared of All Charges In Racketeering and Fraud Case (1990)

    The trial of the century ended a Four-Year Case with a verdict favorable to the Marcoses.

    Yen Makabenta of MT then wrote, “The New York decision forced the Aquino government and the PCGG to seek a legal victory here at home — only to discover that there is no homecourt advantage at home.”

    The PCGG keeps losing!

    – Marcos cleared in $863 million corruption case (2008)

    “Imelda Marcos was exonerated after a 17-year trial in the case involving millions of dollars stashed in Swiss bank accounts.”

    “Judge Silvino Pampilo Jr. of the Manila Regional Trial Court said the prosecution presented witnesses who were not directly relevant to the accounts and failed to prove wrongdoing by Marcos beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    – Supreme Court junks ill-gotten wealth case vs Marcos, cronies (2018)

    “The high court’s First Division, through Associate Justice Noel Tijam, ruled that the PCGG failed to present evidence to prove that Marcos, et al. conspired to accumulate ill-gotten wealth.”

    – Philippines court scraps ill-gotten wealth case against Marcos family (2018)

    “…the court ruled that the government “failed to prove by a preponderance of evidence” that the defendants by themselves, or in conspiracy with the Marcoses, obtained ill-gotten wealth.”

    – PCGG loses 4th case on Marcos wealth (2019)

    “Citing grounds similar to the dismissal of the earlier cases, the antigraft court’s three-member Fourth Division unanimously ruled on Monday that “the bulk” of documentary evidence submitted by government prosecutors were “mere photocopies, most of which are barely readable.””

    – Anti-graft court junks PHP200B civil suit against Marcoses (2019)

    “This is the fifth time in 2019 that the Marcoses and their cronies have won a decades-old, ill-gotten wealth case lodged by the government against them, with the Sandiganbayan dismissing a PHP102 billion (US$2 billion) case against them in August, another case being dismissed against the heirs of Marcos crony Luis Yulo in September, and the failed bid to recover millions of dollars from the Marcoses in two cases in October.”

    – Philippine court dismisses case seeking $3.9 billion of Marcos wealth (2019)

    “A Philippine court threw out a high-profile, 32-year-old forfeiture case on Monday involving the family of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, citing insufficient evidence to order the return of $3.9 billion of allegedly ill-gotten wealth.”

    – Sandigan junks ill-gotten wealth cases vs. Marcoses, 2 bizmen (2021)

    “An assiduous review of all the testimonial and documentary evidence offered by the plaintiff showed that it failed to satisfactorily prove the specific averments in the complaint,”

    – Sandiganbayan junks 34-year-old ill-gotten wealth complaint vs Marcoses (2021)

    “After a judicious scrutiny of all the pieces of evidence offered in this case, the Court finds that the plaintiff’s evidence falls short of the quantum required by law.”

    But wait there’s more… why are there Ex-PCGG Chairmen in trouble? One convicted and one a fugitive of the law?

    – Ex-PCGG Chair Sabio convicted of graft (2017)

    “The former chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), Camilo Sabio, has been convicted of two counts of violating Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (Republic Act No. 3019) with the corresponding penalty of six years to 10 years imprisonment for each count, including perpetual disqualification from holding public office.”

    Former Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista who used to be a Chairperson of the PCGG is on the run.

    – NBI, AMLC to probe Comelec chair’s ‘undeclared wealth’ (2017)

    – NBI hunting down ex-Comelec chief Andy Bautista in the US (2019)


    1. The YELLOWTARDS are desperately clinging to their negative style of campaigning to constantly malign Bongbong Marcos hoping against hope that they can still score a Sunday punch against a well oiled machine that is UNITEAM.

  3. Bbm will win not only because he is a winner, but also because the rest are losers.
    Manny- trained to be a pugilist, possibly demented
    Lacson-tried to be a soldier, once.
    Isko – trained as a thespian and private entertainer to showbiz faggots
    Leni – trained as a type of lawyer who does not get paid
    Bbm – trained to be a leader , educated in the arts of war, diplomacy, and affairs of the state.

  4. The ivory tower brats are getting too pushy in their campaign to dismiss Bong Bong and uplift Leni.

    If there is one thing Bong Bong needs, that would be a more effective social media manager in order to grab the attention of the young generation. That is how Trump won in 2016, Bong Bong needs to evoke the sentiment of populism. Bong bong name is not enough to win the election.

  5. One may have to admit that the strategy to demonize BBM and his family has become stale and worn out through the years. It may still be working with those rabid anti-Marcos groups, the Church, political opposition, etc. but not so much among the younger generations. Aside from one family lording it over us, nothing has really changed. The game of musical chairs and the unabated growth of family dynasty, from which BBM and Sara came from, has remained in the structure of our social and political life. It is as if the Marcoses has just taken a brief hiatus from power and is now back and ready to play the game again.

    So far, BBM has not been able to handle and confront the issue decisively and would rather be content to duck and avoid it as much as possible. It may have served him well right now but, because of its deeply rooted history, it will surely not go away in the long run. The ‘evil strategy’ may not be a powerful election tool overall, however, in case he wins the probability is, it will all come back again and pester his administration up to his last day in office. It will never go away because he hasn’t been able to kill or disable it.

    For sure, nobody among the ranks of the candidates has offered the voters transformative or visionary policy, not to mention sharing cathartic influence that will move the masses to their corner.

  6. In a TV show, Imelda Marcos related a story of Marcos Sr. then a lawyer to mining companies like Benguet, Atlas, Lepanto before the war and when he started trading on gold during that period (circa 1945, still under American rule).

    According to Mrs. Marcos, when Ferdinand had about six thousand to seven thousand tons of gold he entered politics.

    An obviously shocked and doubtful Winnie Monsod exclaimed, “SEVEN THOUSAND TONS???!!!”. And before she could even utter another word, Imelda Marcos replied, “Yes, I have the documents. I have all the documents”.

    Mareng Winnie: “Eh yung swiss bank po nagsabi na… well, the Swiss Supreme Court said na lahat yan ay nasa gobyerno yan at talagang nakaw yun.”

    Imelda Marcos: “Ni walang gold ang Central Bank noon. Eh papaano magnanakaw sa walang pagnanakawan?”

    Tsk… Tsk… The Yellowtards have invested so deep in their own narrative that we need not force their doubtful minds to understand. They can go their own way.

    More of her reveal here:

  7. When Ex-Justice Antonio Carpio starts giving his warning of an impending Bongbong Marcos win, it really becomes clearer why they’re so afraid of him winning the presidency. It simply explains itself…

    You’re then tempted to ask, who really are the true mga magnanakaw?!

    Here are Carpio’s remarks:

    “The Marcos family claimed that they owned PLDT. Eh, maging presidente s’ya, s’yempre, hahabulin n’ya ‘yan. Iipitin n’ya lahat ‘yan. Iipitin n’ya…

    “In fact, Imelda also claims San Miguel. He said that, he owns? they own half of the shares of Danding Cojuangco. Iipitin n’ya lahat ‘yan sila. Sasabihin n’ya, ‘oy, amin ‘yan, hindi kayo? you got it, you did not pay us for our share.” Magkakagulo lahat ‘yan, magkakaablahan.

    “Lucio Tan. The Marcoses have the affidavit of Lucio Tan that half of the companies of Lucio Tan belong to the Marcoses. And there’s a pending case now in the Supreme Court that will be decided soon on the claim of Mrs. Marcos that they own half of the companies of Lucio Tan. Madami ‘yan.

    “Also, the properties of GMA-7, the Unilab. They will reopen all of that. Sasabihin nila, ‘half of your companies belong to us.’

    “Magkakagulo tayo. That’s only one part of it.”

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