Yellowtards expected a rumble but SMNI News delivered rare CONVERSATION and a chance for the better candidates to be heard

The biggest losers in last night’s debate at Okada Manila organised by SMNI News were the top Opposition aspirants for Second Place — Leni Robredo, Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao, and Ping Lacson. They missed out on an event that drew eyeballs and opened the door to presidential candidates that had for so long been unceremoniously omitted by Big Corporate Media. It was a breath of fresh air for Filipino voters jaded and weary of the vacuous ululations of crybabies who do nothing but whine about “the Martial Law Years”, “trolls”, “fake news”, misogyny, attacks on “press freedom”, and not doing enough to “help the poor”. Cleared of all the noise of Yellowtardism and scare mongering over a “return to tyranny”, the event opened a space for conversation about the truly important issues that keep ordinary Filipinos awake at night.

Not surprisingly, Opposition partisans were disappointed. They were expecting communist presidential candidate Leodegario “Ka Leody” Quitain de Guzman to “tear Marcos apart” in what would have, if they had their way, been more of a bardagulan (rumble) among participants. Instead, the panel did a good job fielding the sorts of questions fit for presidential candidates and fielded them equally amongst the participating candidates which included De Guzman, administration candidate Bongbong Marcos, former national security adviser Norberto Gonzales, and former presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella. In essence, apart from Marcos who already enjoys a huge lead over the rest, as various surveys conducted by reputable polling firms suggest, all participants had lots to gain from this event and came out winners.

My objective opinion is that Bongbong Marcos won tonight's #SMNIpresidentialdebate. He is currently ahead in the presidential race by as much as 40 points in the recent polls, and nothing in tonight's debate changes that dynamic. Robredo should have been there to make her case.

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As for the expected grilling that Opposition Yellowtards and communists expected Marcos to cop, well, he did get it, but not from their “representative” of the moment on this occasion. Marcos — like all his fellow participants — was put through the wringer by the esteemed panelists which included, among others, University of the Philippines Professor Clarita Carlos, Manila Times chairman Dante Ang, former 5th District congressman and former vice governor Rolex Suplico, and SMNI journalist MJ Mondejar. The grillings the panel delivered equally across the four participants — credit to the moderation chops of host Karen Jimeno — effectively extinguishes accusations of “bias” thrown by Opposition “thought leaders” at SMNI News and the panelists of this event. Indeed, one can easily glean the dishonest intent in the mission Ka Leody was expected by his Opposition cheerleaders to accomplish last night in the sorts of commentary fielded on Twitter.

So far Ka Leody has been a big disappointment in the debate. Kung ako sa kanya kahit ano pa itanong at  topic, ipapasok ko mga ninakaw at pinatay ng Diktaturya Marcos. Pupuwersahin ko si Dyunior saguting mga ito. Live naman sila walang magagawa ang SMNI kung gagawin nya ito

Evidently, the Yellowtards and commies would have preferred a chaotic free-for-all instead of the discussion among gentlemen that was on exhibit last night. This likely reflects on the candidates who skipped this occasion and ended up looking like cowardly chumps. That their supporters would egg Ka Leody to behave like a buffoon and run roughshod over the forum rules of the event just to be able to take a swing at one of the participants speaks lots about the character of the bloc of the Opposition represented by Robredo, Moreno, Pacquiao, and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Lacson.

To be fair, Ka Leody acted like a gentleman that night — perhaps because he was in the company of the same. He did so even when the hairy topic of communist terrorism was raised. Nonetheless, he was clearly out of his depth in the company of his fellow participants. Whereas the others were able to explore the topic from a broad perspective, Ka Leody only had his extremist ideology to work with. The manner with which he justified armed rebellion and terrorism only highlighted the elephant in the room that traditional Big Corporate Media routinely tiptoes around with regard to a communist presidential candidate — the reality that a guy like Ka Leody or any communist-backed candidate for that matter will likely not have really thought through what it means to be President of the Philippines and the commander-in-chief of its military forces. To which army will Ka Leody owe his loyalties to? The terrorist New People’s Army (NPA) the armed “revolution” of which he evidently supports? How exactly can he fulfil his presidential role if he is a supporter of armed rebellion?

Of course the communist camp are not lacking a bench full of university kiddies supporting the lie that is the “people’s revolution” they insist is being waged by the NPA in the hinterlands. This sentiment is captured by Ateneo-trained “sociologist”, “outstanding scientist”, and Rappler “journalist” Jayeel Cornelio who is quick to defend Ka Leody’s pony show last night.

All of them are in unison that insurgents are the problem, to the applause of the audience. And it’s infuriating. No, they are not. Only Ka Leody truly recognizes the plight of the masses.

Indeed, one subtle thing achieved by this SMNI event is that it gave Filipinos the opportunity to see first-hand these elections’ communist candidate letting rip his views on what a communist regime really intends for the Philippines. Ka Leody had no specifics to offer on what his foreign affairs architecture might look like. For that matter he had no specifics on just about everything a president needs to wrap his head around and get on top of as the Philippines’ chief executive over the next six years. There was nothing Ka Leody could articulate that falls outside the narrow script that his crooked ideology allows him to draw from. As such, Ka Leody is no different to that group of pals he had been conscripted to “represent” last night — merely pretending to be “inclusive” but only within the terms of his obsolete communist orthodoxy.

The Opposition were loudly hoping that this debate would turn around their fortunes either (1) because Marcos would be left looking like a chump in an empty debate hall after their presumptuous “boycott” or (2) because their proxy Ka Leody would rip him a second one in what they thought would be an entertaining cockfight. None of those things happened last night and the Opposition were left looking even more like what this campaign have revealed their lot to be — pathetic puppets working off hollow rhetoric, keyboard brawlers lacking in grace and class, and a dishonest political force whose members harbour a perverted sense of entitlement to political power on the basis of their belief that they are the “good guys” in a battle between “good” and “evil” that is being fought only within the made-up world spun by their retarded imagination.

10 Replies to “Yellowtards expected a rumble but SMNI News delivered rare CONVERSATION and a chance for the better candidates to be heard”

  1. Yeah..this is my problem with these people, they prefer a chaotic debate, battle royale style, so they can get a punch on BBM. Especially with this Twitter user, Your Daily Dose. Like, how 4 or 3 Decades of overused Anti-Marcos narrative will even help Philippines at all? They just don’t seem to be interested in peaceful debate, all they want is senseless fight with BBM. Smh

    1. For the first time (and hopefully not the last), I agree with you. Chaotic debates do not work.

      What we need is a 1 VS 1 Debate — Leni VS BBM, hosted by Boy Abunda.

      Let’s make this happen so people can witness Leni destroy BBM

      1. You don’t like chaotic debates but willing to destroy one, specific person. That’s a contradiction there. Debates are supposed to be civil, this ain’t a street fight to win. Also, you, being a Leni supporter and you act like this? Is pretty much suspicious, I’ve seen alot of trolls doing this by just disguising both sides and act outlandishly toxic. Any normal supporters don’t act like you are. If you’re just here to create division, please go outside and touch grass.

      2. Your mother has nothing on BBM and will just draw from decades-old issues on ML and such other BS in that trashtalk cesspool from which your pinklawan lot seems to enjoy waddling in. In truth, in the absence of trashtalk, your mother really does not have anything to say of substance on the really important issues of the country.

        And to think you would prefer Boy Abunda instead of the many Academics, like Prof. Carlos, to facilitate your “dream” debate speaks a lot about your preference to avoid a more intelligent discourse.

  2. I saw the SMNI presidential debate where Ka Leody, BBM, Norbertor Gonzales and Mr. Abella participated in. It’s okay but it didn’t move the needle in terms of the candidates earning points or making an impression because, except for BBM, all the big hitters (Leni, Isko, Manny, Ping) was nowhere to be found.

    While it was not boring it was a bland and an unexciting discourse. I’ve seen debates more exciting and electrifying where candidates vie for lower office even in barangay level. Also noticeable was the frequent mention of almost similar approaches, platforms and policies among candidates on issues raised by the panel of experts. It was not a heavyweight match if you ask me. I look at it as a light workout for BBM.

    Everybody did good in so far as being present and able to talk and respond to questions are concerned. There was no hard-hitting, pulling no punches or inquisitive probing. BBM was in his usual ‘ala-Makoy’ self that really was the secret of his appeal. Ka Leody, with his maka-masa catchphrases, tried to standout as the only Makabayan in the group. Gonzales and Abella, with their conspicuous bureaucratic swagger, was able to present a decent but ineffective offense.

    Anyway, one thing we all know for sure is, BBM remains on top, and the three candidates really will not land in the top four of the race because they were merely also-rans.

  3. The SMNI Presidential Debate is the thing that we REALLY need this kind of political debate that it looks like it came from a question hour in a parliamentary system like in the UK, Japan, Canada, etc. on a reality TV show! No other mainstream media companies like GMA, TV5, CNN, etc., etc. can do that unless if they want to adopt the SMNI style of presidential debate. And I heard that there’ll be a second part of a presidential debate on SMNI and if anyone knew this, please post your reply here if this is true and inform us here. I don’t know if the other 4 candidates like Ping, Pacquiao, Isko and LenLen would change their mind and attend the 2nd day of SMNI Presidential Debate if there is or else, their votes to the Filipino people would loose it and it’ll goes to BBM, Ka Leody, Abella and Gonzales… SERIOUSLY!!!

    And before I end this, I would like to say this one and this would be my wet dream and there’ll be a presidential debate on CNN Philippines on Feb 27 and BBM had already backed it out that I wish on their presidential debate, they should include Prof. Clarita Carlos on the group of panellists so that those 4 presidential candidates namely Lacson, Pacquiao, Isko and LenLen who’d backout on the SMNI Presidential Debate will be grilled by her questions and rebuttal to them as their payback for chickening out on the debate which is sponsored by SMNI especially if she could asked a question on the issue of South China Sea and maybe even on the Charter Change since I’d heard on the SMNI Presidential Debate that they’d tackled that one last night but it was very short and Prof Carlos said that she’d preferred on a parliamentary form of gov’t in our country rather than the current presidential one.

    1. Yes, there was a second part for presidential candidate debate. It’s confirmed. I’ll bet on Ping Lacson for sure, I don’t know about Isko and Manny and as for Leni? Maybe? If she’s willing to risk? At least, Ka Leody has the balls, don’t know about Leni.

  4. Woody deguzman doesnt really sound convinced of his own rhetoric..he seems less the type of person who truly wants to turn philippine society on its head, but rather more the type to only want power for himself and his cohorts..
    these npa malcontent types would not really know what to do with the car if theyre handed the keys, and would just as easily drive into a ditch out of stupidity as they would, out of sheer criminal delirium, take off on a joy ride and never to return.

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