With options fast running out, are the Yellowtards exploring ILLEGAL means to seize power?

Survey after survey conducted by and reported on by reputable polling firms continue to show that the Yellowtards led by Leni Robredo are “fighting” a losing battle. They are not gaining any ground and, with every word that comes out of Robredo’s mouth, are attracting ridicule as internal contradictions and inconsistencies in their ideology and messaging come to light. Still, the Yellowtards deserve credit for their fighting spirit although this manifests itself more in their continuing the same practices, applying the same thinking, and schmoozing with the same players that stunted their campaign to begin with.

Indeed, the extent of their delusion is mind boggling. Just the other day, Ben Bernabe, communications head of Robredo’s campaign team, issued a tweet calling for administration presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos to withdraw from the race. According to Bernabe, Marcos is “the single most divisive person in Philippine politics today” which is a strange thing to say considering Marcos has consistently attracted preference ratings north of 50 percent in these polls conducted over the last several months.

If LBM really wants unity, he should WITHDRAW from the race. He is the single most divisive person in Philippine politics today.

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It leads one to wonder what sort of logic Bernabe applied to arriving at this assertion considering that, between the two rivals, it is Robredo who so far fails to unite a credible Opposition force against an opponent that clearly could not be beaten by the fragmented one we see today.

The only other explanation for the baffling optimism the Opposition manage to sustain in the face of increasingly insurmountable odds is that they could be exploring options to acquire political power outside of the frame of these elections. This is not entirely implausible considering the Yellowtards’ track record of overusing their hopelessly perverted “people power” narrative to justify any crooked means they might apply to achieving their goals. The Yellowtards believe in the notion that the “people’s will” trumps all else but fail to understand that a mature democracy channels that “will” through institutionalised processes — such as elections. For the Yellowtards, a street “revolution” backed by a military coup d’etat is an acceptable means to change leadership. Worse, they have also exhibited an ability to emotionally-blackmail the judiciary into legitimising whoever emerges as the “revolutionary” leader following that. This was the modus operandi they applied both in 1986 and 2001 when Cory Aquino and Gloria Arroyo respectively were “sworn in” by Supreme Court justices following such coups.

To be fair, it is unlikely that the Yellowtards would be able to pull similar stunts nowadays. If waning interest in commemorating the anniversaries of the 1986 EDSA “Revolution” over the last several years are any indication, any attempt to use “people power” to usurp these or future elections will likely fall flat on their faces. Then again, a Marcos coming back to power is a big deal for the Yellowtards and their allies in the Liberal West as it will result in a colossal loss of face for them. Thus, as many political observers are wont to caution those who are tempted to rest on the laurels that are Marcos’s stellar polling outcomes, anything can still happen.

15 Replies to “With options fast running out, are the Yellowtards exploring ILLEGAL means to seize power?”

  1. I think Bernabe fails to understand fairness. Like what? Is it because their favorite idol can’t get any votes? That’s why he pins divisiveness on BBM, projecting much? How is blackmailing or most likely force candidates to withdraw the race just because they carry an infamous name will do him and his allies a favor? Then again, this is Twitter, the moment you oppose these people, expect getting cancelled.

    1. Also, how the withdrawal of BBM unite filipinos? Even if he withdraw the race, filipinos will still be politically divided, nothing changed. Therefore, Bernabe’s logic is wack.

  2. Leni’s campaign is making one mistake after another. Her communications head wants him to withdraw while Leni herself said that she wants to face BBM in a straight fight. It either expose their cards or her campaign team is incoherent. Bernabe is the last person who should make this error as Leni’s Communications Head.

    Lenis’ chances of becoming the 17th President of the Republic of the Philippines and 1st President from Bicol is dwindling and one of the reasons is that she cannot chose the right people around her.

  3. You are the one who is delusional.

    A Governor just released a Twitter poll and Leni beats BBM by a landslide!

    But people in high places pressured him to delete the Tweet.

    On election day, you will all be shocked by the a Leni Landslide and I will be laughing at people like you whose delusional bubble gets burst by the brutal truth.

    1. Oh, I won’t be so sure about that. We got Lacson and Isko even if BBM didn’t win, do you really think the majority will vote for Leni? Maybe or not? You seem to forget the other candidates like Lacson and Isko, you cannot just predict the future other than just wishful thinking, so I’m saving you from disappointment in case Leni loses and also that’s just a Twitter poll. I would only believe it, if it’s the Comelec themselves.

  4. “According to Bernabe, Marcos is “the single most divisive person in Philippine politics today” which is a strange thing to say…..”
    I don’t see anything wrong in what Bernabe said.

    Are the Marcoses, particularly Bongbong, divisive? I say yes. Macoy was kick out from office in 1986 for election cheating and unquenchable abuses. The family was embroiled on graft and corruption, cases after cases. Cases of human rights violations during Macoy’s time has filed up. Imeldific made things worst because Macoy cannot contain her voracious appetite. The military has been reduce to personal army of the family and their cronies. While Muslim and communist insurgency rages on with no solution in sight. And then Ninoy was murdered in broad daylight.

    Now, Bongbong is running to redeem the family’s “name and honor” under the slogan, “Sama-sama TAYONG babangon muli’.

    That slogan alone signifies divisiveness for it failed to mention Pilipino or Pinoy or tayong lahat. The “tayo” in the slogan could only meant to refer to those people who went down with his father when he was toppled from office more than thirty years ago. Happy days are here again?

    Oh, yes, he’s really divisive. And very toxic. ☹️

    1. But didn’t the Cojuangcos ordered the murder of Ninoy? It’s easy to pin blame on the Marcos Administration, because human rights violation list but that’s a soldier escort’s duty to protect Ninoy which they failed. It’s more like a security issues at the airport alone, they let the assassins go through.

      I wouldn’t assume too much on BBM’s slogan alone but people who already doesn’t like the Marcos family, always find anything to throw crap at them for small mistakes like this which reminds me of how Anti-Aquinos act. I’m still giving him chance if he wins and same as Leni and the others if they win. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

      1. I don’t know about the Cojuango’s having to do with Ninoy’s killing. All I know is that, at that time everything that happens has the footprints of Marcos. Why? Because he runs everything, the cronies, the military, the business, the whole country! Those military or police escorts were not of Cojuangco’s, it’s Macoy’s.

        1. I just thought about digging deeper on Ninoy’s Death, as it’s been bugging me for a while. The mainstream version seems lacking, maybe because of the source they based on. But of course, those escort soldiers aren’t from Conjuangcos, why risk the exposure. One of the former soldier, Pablo Martinez spilled the beans about the Cojuangco ordering the assassination and in 2014, he died from SUV accident while biking. Authorities said it was an accident but his relatives says otherwise. There are other suspects but none of them holds the water. Cojuangco’s case makes more sense. Marcos himself has nothing to do with Ninoy’s death, it was proven by the court and the Aquinos seems quiet about this which led me to believe they probably knew. Cojuangco’s motive is to bring down Marcos because that’s seems like it.

          The case seems to be revolving around the Marcos Cronies. So, the closure..Never trust any of your cronies, they might backstab you one day when you least expected it.

        2. There were a lot of theories and speculations about the assassination of Ninoy. Initially, everyone was a suspect and conspiracy theories abound. But they all end up just that, theories and speculations. The Martinez confession doesn’t hold water too because of his muddled narration of facts that only added confusion to his theory. He alleged to have ‘co-conspirators’ but also claimed that only he and Galman knew of the assassination. Clearly, if there were co-conspirators it only means that he’s lying in saying ONLY he and Galman knew of the plan.

          As to Marcos, I myself believe that he has nothing to do with it, but since he was the president at the time of the assassination it falls under his responsibility. Ninoy’s killing has put a major blow on Marcos’ authority to lead the country and it added to the ever growing disrepute to his administration. Being sick and indisposed at the time, the assassination gave an impression that he has completely lost control of government.

        3. At Juan Luna, Yeah. That’s pretty much it. After all, Martial Law wasn’t meant to last for decades, losing control of your own government is inevitable.

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