Less than 5 months to campaign and Leni Robredo STILL lacks a vision for the Philippines

So most people are back to work now. There’s an election coming up in less than five months and a new highly-contagious variant of the COVID virus to face. Everyone is doing their job to face these and the rest of life’s challenges — everyone, perhaps, except the esteemed honchos of Opposition campaign teams. The challenge is simple: make Leni Robredo popular. So, what now? Opposition “thought leaders” continue to look to the past for answers to the big question: What more can we do to make Leni a winner?

At this point in the campaign, candidates should already have firmed their messaging and defined the field on which the battle for voters’ hearts and minds will be fought. For Robredo and her Yellowtards, their choice of battlefield is the one where they believe Filipinos remain torn between “democracy” and “authoritarianism”. The Yellowtards think that they are still in the midst of a “fight” for democracy and they want Filipinos to join this fight lest they lose the “freedoms” that had been “won” from the clutches of the “evil dictator” in 1986. In short, Robredo does not have a vision for the Philippines. Her rhetoric is a stunted one that involves keeping Filipinos believing that they are victims and that she and her lot are their rescuers.

The Philippines is, in fact, a maturing democratic country. This year will see the seventh presidential election since that “revolution” in 1986. Based on what several reputable polling firms are reporting, the outcome of this year’s election may be the first majority-elected president under the current 1987 Constitution. If Robredo claim to be rescuing Filipinos from some sort of tyrant, this is a “tyrant” a majority of Filipinos is likely to choose. Robredo and her ilk are, in effect, claiming that choosing a “tyrant” that they themselves had labelled as such is “bad”. Unfortunately for them, democracy does not judge the goodness or badness of election candidates — only how many votes they attract.

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Why has Robredo so far failed in her efforts to become more popular than leading presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos? Ask a typical Yellowtard and she will tell you it is because Marcos was a beneficiary of “fake news”, “disinformation”, and “historical revisionism” perpetrated over decades since 1986. First of all, that is their opinion try as hard as they can to make it sound like a statement of fact. Second, that answer still does not explain why Robredo remains unpopular. The fact that the Yellowtards prefer to regard the contest for people’s votes through the lens of the first and fail to reflect on the confronting truth of the second goes some way towards explaining why their campaign is a failure.

The most probable explanation is that Filipinos can tell whether a candidate is the real deal or not. Authenticity is a very subtle virtue that clients pay PR consultants, marketers, and advertisers millions to nail. Consumers, on the other hand, rely on their gut. Evidently, the guts of the more than 50 percent of Filipinos polled over the last year or two tell them something good about Marcos. The Yellowtards have since been mounting an ineffectual campaign to discredit those guts. It’s a flawed strategy formulated by arrogant pretenders. True professionals in the fields of mass persuasion spend their energies understanding those guts and not dismissing them.

What next for the Yellowtards now that more than enough metrics have proven the folly of their chosen campaign approach? Easy. Their strategy needs to be reformed. As the venerable Albert Einstein once pointed out, you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it. Robredo should fire her campaign team.

26 Replies to “Less than 5 months to campaign and Leni Robredo STILL lacks a vision for the Philippines”

  1. Ditch the color.
    Ditch kiko, who is useless and wears a strap on.
    Ditch robredo, who is dumb as a rock.
    So that means, abandon ship.
    Better luck next time for these obstructionist onanists.

    1. We are looking at the first president elected with 80% of the vote..its gonna be a massive humiliation in may..to save money, the pinktards can just rally at the edsa shrine everyday til election day.

  2. No use going around the country for these fools..mindanao is closed like a giant clam.the visayas is indifferent like a prostitute who is done for the night.and NCR is a black pit of fear.

  3. The yellows should just lie low, focus on serving the people without all the annoying PR hack jobs..if they do well, in twenty years or so, the people themselves will put them in power.
    No shortcuts bitches

  4. Digong did his 30 years and the power gods smiled upon him favorably..no shortcuts.he paid his dues.
    Digong has served his country well and will be remembered in history as the greatest philippine president..in 10 years, it should be his smiling mug on the 500 peso bill, not the fake hero from tarlac whose only claim to fame is getting his guts splattered on the tarmac.

  5. Leni is pretty much done for, her campaign caters to Yellow people only, not the majority. That’s the limit of reach. Carry on.

  6. If they continue to campaign at this rate they probably spend a generation in the opposition w/o any meaningful power at best or a permanent existence in the political wilderness at worst just like the “Makbayan ” bloc.

  7. They spending money, just not getting any returns..its gotta be depressing in the fake liberal party slash pinktard camp right now..giving up should be the best option for now.

  8. It should be a no- brainer when one candidate offers reconciliation and co-operation versus another who says “laban” while not being open to a fair process of settling and sorting out the truth.

  9. the hack from tarlac, who undeservedly is on the 500 peso bill..was a nothing more than a glorified oratorical school boy.
    His smug mug should be replaced by flora and fauna, perhaps the palawan bear cat or the philippine deer.

  10. One, there is no election yet to declare a victor.

    Two, all of the posts here declare Leni losing but nobody elaborated how will the winning party win.

    Finally, can we have some more detailed discussion on the pros and cons of the issue other than predictions without basis?

    C’mon guys, let’s talk some sense. ?‍♂️

    1. Because BBM had made a lot of great moves in his campaign. The best of it is persuading Mayor Sara to run as his as it would narrow Leni’s path to victory by uniting BBM’s Solid North and Duterte’s Solid South. Also, they went all in on Social Media which is tearing up a page on Duterte’s 2016 campaign playbook.

      1. That’s fine with me. Not a lot but ok, at least it focuses on the why of BBM win. And if I may add, BBM and Leni will distinguish themselves from each other on how they present their themselves, political philosophy and programs of government; that each have the best plan and better style of governance; that each intends to unite the country, etc. Either will win because they convinced the people that he/she is the better leader that will lead the country for the next six years.

        Right now, those things are not yet clear.

  11. Bearcats make more sense than leni.
    They sleep all day and hunt at night.
    with their dark fur and night adapted eyes, they can easily pounce on unwitting or sleeping prey in the dark.
    Now that is a simple but sensible plan.
    If bearcats could vote, they will never vote for someone as dumb as the fake vp, who does not have a sensible plan at all.

  12. Not much to think about here..leni is toast, just cant get votes.in fact shes losing votes everytime she speaks.their pink banners turn people off, people curse their unskippable youtube ads.and kiko has the most unmanly face in philippine politics.
    They would have been better off fielding lito lapid as her running mate.
    Its over.

  13. Was searching klay thompson highlights on youtube, and here comes annoying unskippable leni ads..its pathetic..they should just stop the spending, leni is not winning any presidential election in this galaxy, time, or dimension.

  14. The past posts in this shitty blog is all about attacking the yellowtards, commies, blah blah blah… Get Real Philippines has literally turned to a yellow oligarch leni lugaw bad, marcos good circlejerk. Why aren’t there any good posts about Jr.? Is it because he literally has zero achievements, and will forever be overshadowed by his father’s name and legacy? Man doesn’t even know something as basic as the damn jeepney fare. Heck, he can’t even speak a tiny bit of Ilocano. Tatay Digong was right in saying that he’s nothing but a spoiled kid.

    1. Have you seen her latest ad? The bitch looks like a donkey the day before it gets euthanized. She looks like a retired hooker, like she aged 20 years since she drizzled her yellow shit with pink glitter. Jr.’s coke jaw on the other hand, seems to be getting looser and looser. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall off before May 9.

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