Infighting within LGBTQ+ community after Sassa Gurl makes 2022 White Castle Whiskey calendar!

Wokedom are cheering a recent announcement by Philippine manufacturer of alcoholic beverages Destileria Limtuaco & Co. that popular Tiktok influencer Felix Petate Jr., a.k.a. “Sassa Gurl” will be its calendar model for 2022. The thinking behind the cheering is that another member of the LGBTQ+ community had broken into yet another bastion of that reviled culture of “toxic masculinity”. White Castle Whiskey has long been identified with working class masculine Filipino drinking culture and its calendars are famous for featuring the hottest natural female celebrities of the year in skimpy attire for men to ogle.

That a gay man who made a name for himself doing low-brow comedy on TikTok in drag made a calendar spread that had traditionally been designed to titillate an audience (not make them laugh or attract ridicule) seems to be now regarded as an “achievement” of sorts. Not all in the community see it that way though. Social media personality Miyako Izabel for one begs to differ, pointing out that an act that gained fame by making a mockery of a way of life used as a ticket to break into a space once reserved for physical feminine beauty is a travesty and not a source of community pride.

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The women's movement succeeded because its pioneers represented the best of women, not their caricatures, not their exaggerations. They did it not to entertain or to make patriarchy laugh.

It seems that the intended outcome as envisioned by LGBTQ+ “activists” is to force themselves into a space for the sake of planting their flag and claiming said space as further ground gained. A “representative” claiming the year’s edition of a men’s calendar being regarded as ground gained misses the point. The real prize ought to have been earning acceptance from that calendar’s traditional audience — heterosexual working-class men. The actual outcome couldn’t be farther from what LGBTQ+ “activists” imagined.

In reality the White Castle Whiskey calendar is expendable ground. One can imagine the average bugoy seeing Sassa Gurl splashed on this calendar and LGBTQ+ “activists” doing victory dances around it and then thinking, sige sa inyo na yan (go and take your trophy and knock yourselves out). There are, after all, other pinup calendars and, of course, the Net where photos of nice looking women can be found. White Castle Whiskey would still be a nice cheap drink to partake of after a day of pasada. Just don’t look at this year’s calendar.

Was Sassa Gurl bagging this year’s White Castle Whiskey calendar a “win” for the LGBTQ+ “cause”. It depends on how you define success. Is it space on a men’s calendar? Or is it earning genuine goodwill from — even respect of — straight working class men? If you make yourself the scorekeeper of your own game, you cannot claim to be truly serious about defining what winning really means.

8 Replies to “Infighting within LGBTQ+ community after Sassa Gurl makes 2022 White Castle Whiskey calendar!”

  1. I have tried all sorts of cheap whiskey,but white castle is just undrinkable..dont get me wrong, cheap philippine rum is perfectly ok and so is cheap gin..but that whiskey is just plain gut rot stuff.

    1. So i guess these white castle people are saying, if our whiskey makes you puke, wait til you see our calendars..just pukey stuff, that calendar there.

      1. Maybe we should spread the word #CancelWhiteCastle on social media to boycott this whiskey brand due to an insult to the male community out there?

        Or even worst, the name of the brand is so racist that they symbolize white privilege or supremacy? ??

        1. Maybe we should spread the word #CancelWhiteCastle on social media to boycott this whiskey brand due to an insult to the male community out there? – Mrericx
          I think cancelling a company that gives opportunity to the minority is a gross mistake to take. Why punish a company, the product of which has been patronized by the public for decades, whose only misstep, if we can call it that, is to employ a member of the third sex to sell its products?

          An ‘insult to the male community’ is a very hazy accusation to impose punishment against an alleged violator. We have to be specific as to breach in order to be able to exact the commensurate punishment.

          For me, the calendar girl commercial is just an ordinary product promotion that violates nothing. Since nobody here has yet to come up with a concrete and solid base to punish the company or the model, I say, let’s drink to that.

          Let’s toast my friends! ?

  2. This has got to be the most pukey calendar of all time.what were they thinking?..sure hope they paid zero cash for this sort of trash.

  3. The White Castle calendar thing is a win on the part of the model (Sassa Gurl) to earn some good money, that’s it.

    It’s obvious in the strategy (to used a gay for a calendar model) that the company intends to make a statement by being different. To stand out and attract attention is the bread and butter in advertising business, hence, good for them in having a creative like that. In commercials, most of the time the more shocking or memorable your presentation is the better.

    Since it’s a far out approach in selling a product, naturally people will react differently. Some may see it as sexy, appealing or enticing, some don’t. Others will find it humorous and funny but some may find it insulting, degrading or totally audaciously malicious. All nice and not nice but with the same outcome: the gay model succeeds in promoting himself for cash.

    In other words, it’s just another day in the office.

  4. There’s always a target audience for this, thankfully it’s not me.

    I find it a little funny and ironic though. When someone is drunk enough from White Castle Whiskey, I don’t think they would even care if that person is a man, woman or lgbtq+, these people would be like, if there is a hole, there is a way.

    All joking aside, it’s just a calendar. White Castle was promoting what’s trending these days, Sassa Gurl made some dough, and if people are flipping out because of it then it is their problem. There’s a lot more better options if people are “offended” by it.

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