On the Yellowtards’ BORING habit of blaming “trolls” for all their troubles

It is getting tiresome hearing how “baffled” Opposition “thought leaders” are with regard to how badly their lot are doing in the campaign leading to this year’s elections. The latest crybaby ruminations on this situation comes from Inquirer columnist Jose Montelibano who today writes on the “improbability” of all this. According to Montelibano, the spectacular rise in voters’ preference for presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos as concluded from more than a few reputable surveys conducted over the last couple of years is a “statistical improbability”.

Montelibano then launches into his “analysis” asserting that it is really “money, lots and lots of money” and not genuine popularity that is driving these statistics. And where is all this money being spent on? Montelibano goes down the all-too-familiar “political analysis” path that many before him have trod. The money is being spent on “trolls”.

But of course, right? How else can one explain why Opposition “leader” Leni Robredo’s “pink” campaign has so far been a dismal failure. It is because “trolls” are being paid by the administration camp of Marcos and his running mate Sara Duterte to “spread lies” all over the Net.

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And so what actionable insights does Montelibano, the most recent would-be “political analyst” baffled by the Yellowtards’ failure, have to share with us after his monumental buntong-hininga “analysis” today? Here we go…

2022 is inside a greater period of turbulence. We all have hopes but we all must stay grounded on hard reality. Trolls and fake accounts cannot vote. Worse, when we are in trouble, they cannot help us, they cannot feed a single mouth. That is why it is, to me, a case of improbabilities, trolls versus warm bodies, fake accounts versus voters. It will be a messy election, and only for the brave.

Montelibano suggests that the Opposition are not only the “good” guys in this laban between “good” and “evil”, they are also the only warm-blooded parties in these elections with all the non-Yellowtard rest of us being the cold-blooded reptiles of their obsolete narrative. Like his colleague Manuel L Quezon III the other day, Montelibano inadvertently reveals why the Opposition are failing to reach and engage the voters they need to convert to their “cause”. It is not because of the mythical “trolls” that populate their political faerie tales. It is because of the elitism that continues to shine through the thin veneers of humility they try to put on for their lame PR stunts.

How, after all, can you convince a Marcos supporter to change her mind about her preference if you are perceived to be some pompous pale-skinned limpwrist looking down on them from that proverbial Hill in Katipunan regarding her like some sort of invertebrate while mouthing patronising clichés about “messy elections” that are “only for the brave”? No. The Yellowtards are not losing these elections because of “trolls”. They are losing it because they are running the inferior campaign. And that is the reality they will need to face over the remaining several months.

8 Replies to “On the Yellowtards’ BORING habit of blaming “trolls” for all their troubles”

  1. They will lose because leni is dumber than rocks. so even if rocks could vote, which they cant, she will still not get any votes from rocks because she is dumber than the dumbest rock.

  2. These yellowtards dont want change. These yellowtards will never care about the filipino, this has been proven the past 20 years.

    The question is… will Marcos do anything to help the Filipino?

    Duterte has solved the drug problem and built a lot of roads and houses (and schools too, I believe, but the quality of the education the average kid receives is definitely questionable)

    He has done a lot of good. I would say he hasn’t truly solved any of the systemic political problems/corruption in the country…i dont see Marcos solving that. Dude seems to be about 1/10th of the leader Duterte is.

    1. For BBM, we’ll just have to wait and see what he can do, he seems to have a little presence, so I have doubts as well. It’s not going to be the same thing as his father, Former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos in terms of pre-martial law leadership.

      “I would say he hasn’t truly solved any of the systemic political problems/corruption in the country”

      In a perfect world, a systemic political problems/corruption won’t even exist, but this is not a perfect world. Or I wish that was easy, Sometimes it’s Duterte’s over confidence and under estimated how deep rooted the corruption here.

  3. It’s not just BBM those power trippers are going up against. It’s what he represents to a significant populace. When do we rise up…

  4. It may appear to us these things they are writing as nonsense. However, there might be something they a brewing about why they are floating those ideas. They are trying to condition our minds that BBM & ISD has no real solid supporters so that when they could find ways to rig the 2022 Presidential Elections, it would appear to the public that they won via a clean election. So let’s all be vigilant. I don’t know why I feel like this, but I could sense their sinister plans!

  5. @Megget/Maggot and @Benign0

    Yellowtards and Pinktards should be red-tagged as terrorists according to NTC-ELCAC…

    This would praise the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos.

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