Mandatory military service will cure the Philippines’ sissy culture

In stating a categorical position on the matter of the reinstatement of mandatory military service in the Philippines, administration vice presidential candidate Sara Duterte effectively made the character of contemporary Philippine society an election issue. It pits the culture espoused by the Opposition led by Yellowtard presidential candidate Leni Robredo — pink, effeminate, and supposedly pacifist — versus the strong one nation masculine rhetoric of the administration camp.

Since President Rodrigo Duterte’s ascent to power in 2016, much “analysis” had been done around the question of why public sentiment in the Philippines had strongly shifted to the “populist” end of the political spectrum. This was after 30 years of domination of the national rhetoric by Church- and leftist-backed narratives that deeply-ingrained a debilitating and fatalist victim mentality into contemporary Philippine society. It is only in recent times that Filipino voters have shunned the personas of prayerful politicians and their pretense of being “helpful” to “the poor” to the extent of “sacrificing” their personal well-being and even their very lives. This habitual pandering to the “ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo” (literally “to die because of you”) passage of the Philippines’ national anthem had become hopelessly obsolete in recent years and political “analysts” are wracking their brains trying to figure out why.

Unfortunately for the Opposition, Robredo’s campaign is thematically hinged on this sacrificing-servant-rescues-hapless-victimised-Filipino trope. Worse, Opposition “thought leaders” are busy focusing on itemising the imagined “evils” that they believe are behind the failure of this campaign when they could have spent their time better understanding what it is about the public sentiment they may have missed when they crafted their strategy.

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For example, the headline “Marcos network tries to take over Twitter with freshly-made accounts” bannered a recent “report” published by Opposition “social news network” Rappler. This was as if to explain away the failure of the Opposition to hold onto and gain ground on social media on “evil forces” invading a platform they presumed to own — basically admitting that the Yellowtards delivered an inferior fight to the war to dominate social media. This crybaby reaction over a failure to play the game competently highlights the problematic core of the Yellowtard psyche — their habitual belief in their entitlement to success on the sole basis of the idea that they represent the “good” in Philippine politics.

A healthy dose of militarism in Philippine society could potentially cure this perverse sense of entitlement. Military training instills not just personal discipline but a sense of a purpose that is bigger than one’s self as well as a grasp of the reality that, in order to achieve big things, some degree of subjecting one’s self to the interests of the collective is required. More importantly, military training produces soldiers. Soldiers fight for their country. They don’t just “die for country”. They fight at risk of death. This is fundamentally different from the Yellowtard notion of simply “dying for country” which is how they had taken a snippet from the national anthem and made it — in all its out-of-context glory — a cornerstone of their rhetoric.

A quote attributed to the great American general George Patton captures the essence of the broader frame within which a true solder operates…

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

Dying, after all, is easy. If death makes one a “hero” then every human being who’s ever lived may as well be called a “hero”. And yet, the simple fact that the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr ended up dead on the tarmac of the then-named Manila International Airport (MIA) in 1983 went on to become the heart and soul of the Yellowtard “cause” illustrates the vacuous nature of said “cause”. According to the Yellowtards, there are many more amongst their ranks who are willing to do the same (so we are told ad infinitum). What’s so special about Ninoy then if there are a thousand others like him who possess this special human ability to die?

Indeed, the outcome of this year’s elections will spell the difference between the Philippines remaining host to today’s pussy society and this great nation getting on the path to becoming a society of true fighters. Pussies pretend to be heroes by simply dying. To make dying to be a “hero” the be-all-end-all of being of “service” to country is, at the end of the day, utterly useless to other people because it altogether discounts the possibility of winning a fight. Real soldiers who fight at risk of death see winning as the return on the risk of death they expose themselves to. Military service is all about the latter — to understand what a real fight is and what it means to be a true soldier in a real fight.

34 Replies to “Mandatory military service will cure the Philippines’ sissy culture”

  1. This is all good, except dont make it mandatory upon reaching 18 years old..instead make it mandatory between 18 to 23 at the preference of the enlistee.

    1. Megget AKA Maggot.

      Do you love homophobia that gov’t will get rid of sissy boys, gay men and LGBT community because of pinklawans and pinkalicious?

  2. I don’t agree with forced militarism will ever “cure” the sissy/entitlement culture. Just imagine being branded as a traitor of the state for not wanting to die at battlefield. Leave it to those who truly wants to fight. But I’m all for optional military training since I expect that training from basic self-defense to properly use of weapons, because I don’t think CAT or ROTC have that.

    Filipinos should exercise discipline and follow simple rules like traffic rules for example and also authorities should do the same. All we need is a good role model for citizens to follow.

    I also disagree with Yellow/Opposition’s extreme pacifism because they neglect the country’s defense and the argument that we should focus on education only brings imbalance to the country. Everything should be in balance.

    1. Seriously, take a look in People’s Republic Of China, Jinping promoted national rejuvenation to purge LGBT community and sissy culture.

      1. Shut it, DIO. I’m done arguing with you. You already proven yourself in previous comments that you’re just trolling, right? So, I’m just going to disregard whatever you said.

        1. F*** you, Gman. We want to argue endlessly. I am not trolling, you are terroizing yourself and I terrorize you. No disregards or regards. Just nihilism

  3. Militarism being promoted by chickenhawks should be done first by them. Lead by example. You won’t even see politicians lead the charge like how it used to be so who’s really promoting their own self-interest? I see this as another case of “Laws for thee but not for me”.

    Who’s really promoting that “sissy culture”? It’s prevalent in our media, why not put a stop to it? Closing down one tv station didn’t stop it. TV shows and movies make it worse, why not start there? I barely see a TV show or a film that showcases how discipline should be a foundation of our culture these days so what now?

    Militarism failed so many empires in the past that defeat and extinction was inevitable. What was the point of all of it? I can agree that this country needs more discipline but a dose of militarism will not cure this. There’s other ways that’s not being explored simply because it does not fit their narrative. It’s only going to aggravate things. One thing that’s no longer being explored is the simplest one, it’s called “Good Manners and Right Conduct”. This subject apparently was replaced by “Values education” but it no longer teaches what GMRC used to teach. This is why I’m not shocked as to why people are like this. Why not start from this? Is it all too late that only a Spartan-style of education will work for us?

    Would you subject your own children to this? Do you think they would object? Do you think they have no right to make their own decisions? Do you believe that abuse does not happen in such environment? Let’s suppose harm was done on them during this, how would you react?

    People misunderstand pacifism as being like docile sheep. It’s not. It’s maintaining an arm’s reach towards anyone who would possibly mess with you and remind them not to mess with you but you remain friends. Japan’s pacifism comes from their most miserable defeat in the war, that they will never mobilize again the same way they did as the Empire of Japan. This is why JSDF exists for that reason.

    Don’t even make this pandemic the excuse as to why didn’t the current admin reinstate it in the first place? They had a full six years to do what they wanted, what they saw fit but they did not. I see the word mandatory a lot these days, are you in this narrative too? Do you advocate for full control of people’s lives as if they were sock puppets?

      1. Spoken like a true chickenhawk who would be the first one to trigger something only to run away when shit hits the fan. Get a clue and get out. Nice language, you teach your children the same talk?

        1. a keyboard warrior like you spending long periods of time breathing fart filled air in your mommy’s basement will really make you a castrated sissy with a testosterone level of a 80 year old man

    1. It would be sophomoric to think that militarism led to the fall of empires. Historically, empires fall and another takes its place (Thucydides trap) and another and so on. What you are suggesting are the social graces taught mostly by those exhibiting a pathological need to be liked – the exact opposite of nationhood. Even the Vatican which preaches the value and sanctity of human life has one of the most ruthless, efficient and well equipt military that can be nasty when its sovereignty is threatened.

      1. Are we talking about The Papal States of old or the Vatican of today because those are different governments? Sure, the Vatican of today came from the Papal States of old but it’s been without an armed force since the 70’s. Its Gendarmerie is its own police force but it isn’t the same as a military unit and the Vatican has the least worries since it has protections from the Hague Convention, not unless some group actually had the balls to attack it and destroy it. No country would dare to attack it, and its not because of the Vatican retaliating with its ‘most ruthless, efficient and well equipped military”, it’s simply because it would be suicide to do so because other countries would react most especially the Roman Catholic countries. Maybe you were talking about Israel?

        I don’t have to enumerate how many have fallen because of it. Sure there are other factors but this is one of the easiest ways to cease to exist.

        Thucydides trap by Graham Allison is a straw man in and of himself. It brutally simplifies something that is a lot more complex when the explanation should have been more concise and not vague. But yeah I’ll take that opinion, no problem.

  4. If we literally interpret the line

    “Ang mamatay nang dahil sa ‘yo” (to suffer and die)

    we get the picture of one dying for someone. For what or why, it was not clear. Because we took it literally to the letter and not the spirit, so we are stuck to the words.

    But if we take it figuratively, since that is what the anthem is all about, that is not what it meant. It’s about sacrificing and dying fighting for the country against her enemies or foreign invaders. It’s about giving all the love and devotion for motherland to include your own life if necessary.

    And the aphorism applies not only to us but to all countries.

    With regard to ‘sissy culture’, after seeing this year’s White Castle calendar girl, I think it’s too late to cure anything about it. But seriously, it’s a derogatory term that has no place in politics, so long as one is out of the closet.

  5. I think the point is that there is no greater advantage than to be willing to risk death or life for something you feel you need to accomplish. Leap of Faith as some would call it.

  6. This!

    Aside from Israel and what’s left of the free & democratic “Republic of China” (mostly Taiwan now, unfortunately), this is the policy of ever-neutral-but-never-attacked Switzerland and also was even the policy of the (Freedom & Liberty!) U.S.A. during its Founding Fathers’ generation.

    This is based on the original “Militia Act of 1792” Ⅰ & Ⅱ (as well as its amendments & re-writings: the post-Civil War/War between States “Militia Act of 1862” & the final “Militia Act of 1903” that was unfortunately repealed and replaced with the modern, permanent, professional military that’s been abused by war-mongering politicians to interfere in conflicts across the globe & cash-cowed by weapons-manufacturers for guaranteed recession-proof profits for all the foreseeable future). The final 1903 text read:
    「Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the militia shall consist of every able-bodied male citizen of the respective States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, and every able; bodied male of foreign birth who has declared his intention to become a citizen, who is more than eighteen and less than forty-five years of age, and shall be divided into two classes-the organized militia, to be known as the National Guard of the State, Territory, or District of Columbia, or by such other designations as may be given them by the laws of the respective States or Territories, and the remainder to be known as the Reserve Militia.」
    (And yes, this is the reason the U.S. 2nd Amendment for the right to bear arms mentioning Militias! The People were to bear military-grade weapons with military-level training!) Had this been kept, so many problems here in the U.S. today would not exist (or would be greatly minimized) today. And yes, it’s not perfect: Taiwan today suffers from “strawberry soldiers” in their ranks, but it’s better than nothing.

    For back in the PH, having a generations of trained, Swiss-like military-trained citizenry should make the Chinese Communist Party (& other foreign interferes) hold back their hand against us. (And yes, we can’t control what happened in the past, but we can control the present, and re-start the “generations”-part A.S.A.P.). How can we expect foreigners to love the PHL enough to be fight for us, when we the Filipino people ourselves don’t give a d— enough to train to protect it, even at the risk of death?

    I’m in the U.S., and the American electorate are tired of war-involvement, ESPECIALLY after wasting a whopping $2TRIL for 20 years (as per the utterly d—ing “Afghan Papers” released December 2019) to replace the Taliban… with the Taliban. Also, U.S. military-suicides are generally record-breaking year after year. (And recruitment numbers‽ lol Disaster! So, there were proposals for a universal-draft, women included. Also, crashed and burned!) The weapons-industry is excited for new cash-cow projects, but the war-machine itself is breaking down.

    As a Fil-Am dual-citizen, my U.S. side doesn’t like reporting the bad stuff of the Union, but my Filipino side demands it, since this concerns the PH’s well-being. We MUST become more self-sufficient.

    1. How can we even become self-sufficient when we import rice? Of all things, we import rice. We replaced farmland with more housing and development but we failed in balancing things out.

      What people don’t realize is this is just sabre rattling, gun toting but no war will really result to it. Each country still has their hands full of the damage the pandemic has done specifically those who had the strictest restrictions and there are countries who are struggling with the climate cycle that is happening at this moment.

      I don’t think any country is really interested in supporting a war, plus there is no prize to be taken. No country that could be invaded would be actually worth the effort as all will be experiencing crop shortages, desperate people in which these are factors that a war will only exacerbate.

      For example what’s happening in Russia right now is basically guarding its own borders to prevent a population that is about to suffer a bigger problem no one has ever seen and they want to prevent these people from rushing across the border most especially from the West of their border.

      Speaking of the U.S., looking at how things are happening around the world, I don’t hear a lot about them getting involved like they used to. They have their hands full in their homeland as well. Something unprecedented may happen over there and ya’ll better watch out.

      Haven’t you people noticed the change in the Covid narrative? Time to prepare yourselves. This year and beyond is truly going to be a rough ride.

  7. I have always liked the idea, i think this is one of the reasons why south korea has been so successful.

    The problem is in the Philippines millions of young dudes would love to join, yet they cant.

    If they country could get to a point where they could afford to just let those who want to serve… serve. That would be a good first step.

    Also, shutting down GMA would be great.
    The population Watching shitty tv shows where people are crying in every episode does not help the country.

  8. Benign0,

    That’s a homophobia! Take a look in China that is banning effeminate men under Jinping’s National Rejuvenation program(me).

    How would you say that would ban sissy culture?

    Do you think that LGBT community will be in peril!?

    North Korea has brutal military force and is successful in purging sissy and western culture. So did Adolf Hitler use his brute force during WW2 to purge sissy boys, LGBT culture. So did Josef Stalin and Benito Mussolini.

    Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law as an excuse to purge LGBT and homosexuality and sissy ones.

    That’s a bigot and it would be a bad hip to LGBT culture.

    1. Oh please. Don’t use the LGBTQA+ people to spread misinformation about Martial Law. That’s not how Martial Law works,

      Here: “MARTIAL LAW, temporary rule by military authorities of a designated area in time of emergency when the civil authorities are deemed unable to function. The legal effects of a declaration of martial law differ in various jurisdictions, but they generally involve a suspension of normal civil rights and the extension to the civilian population of summary military justice or of military law. Although temporary in theory, a state of martial law may in fact continue indefinitely.”

      Nothing says there about banning LGBT people just because you hate Ferdinand Marcos.

      We’re lucky we didn’t get that Communist Leader, Joma Sison as our president or else were 2nd North Korea, which is way worse than Marcos Martial Law.

      1. Gman, you are just a troll. You are lying! Don’t you think that fascist right wing regimes banned and oppressed the LGBT and sissies!?


        During the implementation of the Martial law, citizens were silenced by the Government of the Philippines through the military. People, including the LGBT community, did not have a voice during this period, and many were harassed and tortured. At the behest of Imelda Marcos, an anti-gay book was published that clarified the agonistic situation of gay culture at the same time that all other progressive movements in the country were being militaristically silenced. Many homosexuals fled or were forcefully exiled to the United States where some joined movements advocating LGBT rights. The community responded to this through the use of several mediums, such as the 1980s film Manila by Night, which introduces an LGBT character in its plotline. When the regime ended, those exiled returned to the Philippines, introducing new ideas of gay and lesbian conceptions.



        1. …And I’m just here giving the raw definition of Martial Law that any democratic country can use temporarily. I just wanted to give a correction about it and DIO, calling me a troll is like a pot calling a kettle black. Thanks to your uneducated arse, for over 30 years, the REAL definition of Martial Law was turned into Marcos Martial Law. Nope, don’t categorized Martial Law as Right-Winged Fascist Regime. Also, you know where the homophobia came from? That’s right, Christian Culture and it’s sects, Catholic and Protestant. Thank these religious people who drills this anti-gay bullshit to Filipino’s head. You shouldn’t even wonder why Imelda has anti-gay book or whatever. Anti-gay bullshittery existed even before Martial Law, you numb nuts.

        2. @Gman,
          You are just a troll! You dumb one. You would be condemned soon. Megget would find you suspicious!

          Gman is a troll like a terrorist! Pinklawans are sissies and LGBTQIA+… these issues….

          @Ilda and Benign0
          Are you sure that far-right ones can purge sissy culture, even the LGBTQIA+ communuty?

        3. Gman,

          We consider Marcos martial law as as Right-Winged Fascist Regime… stop judging me as a yellowtard, or pinklawan or Marcos loyalist. Anti-gay oppression did not occur before Marcos declared martial law.

          Megget would LIKE to talk to you first. How counterproductive of you!

          Leave us alone. We do not care what you said!

        4. At DIO, just outed yourself as a troll as any past articles. Nope, I didn’t judge you as any of that, stop projecting. You are being a sussy troll right now. Please, Propaganda Boy/DIO stop using Megget as your meat shield. ?

          “We consider Marcos martial law as as Right-Winged Fascist Regime…”
          – Philippine History says otherwise, they didn’t even mentioned Marcos Martial Law as Right-Winged Fascist Regime or even Left-Wing or any ideology you can think of. Martial Law in raw definition doesn’t have any of that, it’s just a flawed, inefficient military law on the long run. It was meant as a temporary band-aid solution. Abuses will likely occur as expected in Marcos Martial Law because it was meant to be TEMPORARY. Drill it in your thick skull. There. I called out on your bullshit. Can we please stop these ideology nonsense?

          “Anti-gay oppression did not occur before Marcos declared martial law.”
          -Of course Anti-gay oppression did not occur because past presidents aren’t Marcos. That was a facepalm moment there bud. You know, for someone who defends LGBTQA+ people but at the same time willing to ignore their sufferings at Pre-Martial Law era, you just proven me that you’re just an Anti-Marcos, Social Justice hypocrite. In short, you’re just using LGBTQA+ people for your own ideology narrative, you don’t really care about them.

        5. Gman!

          I use Megget as a meat shield. You are just a troll! A troll like a terrorist. I have no ideology of my own. I don’t care nor do I know what you said!

          Haha you counterproductive troll!

          Go elsewhere without me!

        6. Gman, you are trolling and terriorizing, not me. Go ask Megget my meat shield!

          Juan Luna will explain it to you, Gman.

      2. Gman,

        Stop judging me as an Anti-Marcos or Marcos loyalist… you are too much feeding the troll like you. What a troll like you!

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