Bongbong Marcos’s snub of Jessica Soho scores him a huge PR win and sends ABS-CBN laughing all the way to the bank

I didn’t watch the Jessica Soho interviews with the “major” Opposition presidential candidates? Why should I? The show is essentially a talk fest with a bunch of losers competing for second place. By declining the invite, Bongbong Marcos actually made a louder more resonant statement than all of his rivals combined.

More importantly, Marcos’s snub of Jessica Soho’s show further highlighted how irrelevant Big Corporate Media has become in these elections. Marcos had, after all, spent decades building his political capital without the benefit of any support — even attracting downright antagonism — not only from the country’s biggest media conglomerates but also from their cronies in Western Europe and North America. Why then would Soho and her newfound Yellowtard fans presume to be the boss of Marcos today?

Rumours are now circulating that the GMA network has lost millions as a result of advertisers backing out from ad slots for Soho’s show. This is still to be confirmed as of this writing but it seems quite plausible. Meanwhile, Marcos reportedly accepted an invitation to be interviewed by ABS-CBN’s Boy Abunda. How’s that for irony? One can imagine ABS-CBN now laughing all the way to the bank with all the ad money Marcos will be pulling in for them.

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This is effectively a reverse of roles now. Marcos could be the first Filipino politician who’s succeeded at beating Big Corporate Media at their own game. All this while the Yellowtards are left desperately trying to fashion Soho as a pambansang HR manager likening Marcos as some sort of job applicant refusing to be interviewed for the job he is bidding for. Quite presumptuous that the Yellowtards presume to be an authority on who represents the Filipino people in this episode considering their candidate Leni Robredo’s voter preference rating has consistently lagged Marcos’s by a huge margin in more than a few surveys conducted by several reputable polling firms.

The fact is, GMA and its “talent” Jessica Soho needed Bongbong Marcos more than he needed them. For that matter Robredo and the rest of the Opposition nuisance candidates needed Marcos too. Indeed, the screeching and gnashing of teeth we now spy all over social media is the sound of these bozos and their fantards crying over being deprived of a chance to share a public forum with Marcos. Sad, isn’t it?

Today’s Philippine Opposition is, indeed, a sad sight to behold as their lot have yet again proven, thanks to their behaviour today, that they need Marcos to provide substance to their vacuous rheroric. That would be even sadder than sad if it weren’t for the fact that the way the Opposition conduct themselves today is downright dishonest. Filipinos deserve better than the crooked Opposition personalities we see today and the pathetic campaigns they mount which together amount to not much more than an insult to the Filipino people.

50 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos’s snub of Jessica Soho scores him a huge PR win and sends ABS-CBN laughing all the way to the bank”

  1. Benign0, when it comes to Marcos you are delusional.

    Look, Marcos missing the interviews is fine, but to make him out to be….. some kind of courageous anti-hero who skips informing the public about his platform….. is dumb…. (GMA is the only channel millions of Filipinos have/watch, in one report I read it has a 41% share of the television public)

    Yes, he didn’t show up. Yes the idiot twitter crowd will say “Duwag Marcos.” Yes, he will still have huge support and his supporters wont care he didn’t show up. They will try to make some claim, like Benign0, he was right for not showing up or something.

    It is looking more and more like Duterte was right in calling him a “weak leader.” A dude with the confidence to be a strong president would go on that stage and control it and win the voters over.

    Ideally he would go on the show and win the voters over instead of just relying on his name and his VP candidate.
    I get it, people say the media is biased, etc.
    Well, he has the stage to make a nice quip and talk about the biased question right into the microphone when they ask him said question…..

    1. Weak leader na dahil ayaw mag pa interview. Tsunga! Noong nag pa interview kay Toni ang dami nyong sinabi pati si Toni dinamay pa ninyo. Karapatan ng kahit sino ang pumili kung sino ang mag iinterview. Kung gusto nya kay Boy Abunda wala kang magagawa. Tsunga! Kita ang abs/cbn nyan? sorry na lang GMA?

    2. I think Tim put his finger right on the pulse in saying that BBM made a mistake in not agreeing for an interview with Jessica Soho. I completely agree.

      If you’re running on a platform of unity you don’t ‘snub’ anyone for nothing. You should be all welcoming on invitations the purpose of which is to give you as much space as you can to spread the word about you and your campaign.

      To present his refusal as a ‘snub’ makes matters worse because that is not a strategic move if one knows what politics is: it’s addition not subtraction. It does not show strength than it shows immaturity. It does not show courage than it shows weakness.

      I’d rather snub a reporter whom I know will pitch me soft balls than run away from an established reporter regardless of his/her political leanings. At least, Soho, if she throws hard questions on BBM, will give him the opportunity to show his mettle as a seasoned politician, speaker and outstanding leader.

      For me, I don’t see it as a snub, I interpret it as fear. Fear to be in a one-on-one situation with someone that has all the questions one might not be able to answer. It is fear because Jessica Soho, not being a fan, represents an environment that does not provide protection and control.

      BBM simply missed the opportunity to show the doubters and the skeptics that they’re all wrong about him.

      “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”
      ― Mark Twain

        1. Yes kung ayaw ni BBM pa interview it’s his choice… dahil si Jessica ay confirmed dilawan… at yong paulit ulit na questions at harapan Pam babastos sa buong pamilya ng mga MARCOSES ay bakit kailangang pa interview ka pa… I absolutely agreed for what bbm decision.
          Sobrang mga garapal at mga bastos … anyway Jessica deserve it… na ma snub ni BBM…. MARCOS FOREVER

        2. I saw the interview of Jessica soho withbBBM 10 years ago. And she was interrogating him about the past. Wala naman concrete evidence. . Sabi nga ni bbm show me the figures in concrete evidence. Instead of asking him relevant questions about how to improve the economy eh yung past pa din. Halata bias siya. Akala ko ba ang gma ay walang kinikolingan, Now ang nga Aquino leaders just made our country poorer. And now they are 6 feet under the ground. Ngayon BBM won and the Filipino people spoke through their votes. Because the filipino people are feeling the hardships. They do not know the meaning of public service. They are accusing the Marcos of human rights violation. The communist party are the ones who are behind that amd other politicians who want to get into power. Now God is making a way to show the truth .

      1. Missed the opportunity of what? He’s #1 in surveys. Do you think leni gained points in that interview, Isko maybe but that doesn’t change his numbers. Sorry but I beg to disagree. The way his team see it as a demolition job must be respected. Anyway he has the right to do it and nobody requires him to do that. Like what other people say, ininterbyu ni Toni galit kayo, inayawan si Jessica galit pa rin kayo. What benefit he can get from it anyway? She asked Isko being a TRAPO, Ping about his involvement of a certain crime and Manny his Tax evasion case , but Leni about her reaction of being called lugaw?

        1. Correct, he is #1 in the survey but he has not won yet. See the difference there? The fight is still ongoing, the rage is on and you say, let’s retreat, let’s run away from the fight! Not a good game plan to me.

          Okay, for once, let me remind the diehards and the loyalists why BBM Jr. will be making a monumental mistake by playing chicken while he’s topping the surveys. Look, his father, for all his sins and mistakes, was never called a quitter or coward in talking about political combat. And now you want the son to play sissy? The father has the reputation to be a gifted and fluent speaker, and you want the son to be the opposite?

          In other words, the father has already cemented in the minds of his followers an image of a warrior, a wily tactician, an immovable political force possessing stern leadership quality that ran the country for more than twenty years.

          And you want none of that be projected by the son who has so far doesn’t really have a concrete and clear image of what he really is like as a national leader. Compared to the father, he is still an empty bag at this point.

          Anyway, I say, good luck to that strategy or whatever you want to call it.

      2. Is that the only platforms though? Even the media feels Entitled . Have you noticed even though BBM isn’t there they still ask question about martial FFS what is that for?

        Shouldn’t they be talking about their platform and how they plan to be better than what the current administration

    3. The thing is, regardless of whether BBM came or not, his followers will never change their minds to cast their votes for BBM. They already have rooted for him no matter what! And with the surge of BBM’s leading percentage, I heard there are kakampinks who already changed their minds for their suffrage in favor of BBM. How about that? Tactics man!

      1. The thing is, regardless of whether BBM came or not, his followers will never change their minds to cast their votes for BBM.
        That’s what I’m saying. Him agreeing for an interview with Soho was not to convince his diehard followers, who have salivated for years for him to run, but to showcase and introduce himself to those who are less informed of who and what he really is.

        Jessica Soho is really not relevant and important in the story. BBM was. But instead of him becoming the story and possibly garnered more voters on his side, he made her the story instead and raised more questions about what kind of a leader he was.


      1. As one of BBM SUPPORTERS , I AGREE WITH BBM not to be interviewed by this very RUDE FAT JESSICA SOHO . .
        Don’t waste BBM’s Golden Time with this RUDE PINKLAWAN KAKAMBING JESSICA SOHO

  2. That is true they (GMA7) needed BBM more than he needed them. Presemt presidentiables were mere light contenders, no more..

    1. And even worst, his latest survey shows that almost 80% would vote BBM on the upcoming 2022 election and the rest of the presidential candidates are just a single digit. So it’s just a child’s play for him on 2022 national election unlike before and it’s a proof that the Filipinos are getting closer on trusting BBM than any other politicians out there not even his father.

    2. Nowhere to go but down. This is where BBM is going esp candidates are now exposed with these presidential interviews. People now getting a sense who are the most qualified (Leni and Ping) and those without substance (your candidate). ?

  3. I watched it, and all of them came off as weak and unpresidential.
    Someone like gibo teodoro would have blown those pretenders out like flies.

    1. it looked like amateur hour.
      It would be the wrong forum to put yourself in.mainstream media is done, stick a fork in it, its done.

      1. “It would be the wrong forum to put yourself in…” – Megget
        No wrong forum during campaign period. The harder it is the better. Mainstream or not, a candidate should go and appear on interviews, press conference, etc. People need to see and hear you regardless of medium and whoever would like to talk and challenge your position in running. That is the essence of campaign.

        If you only choose and pick out of fear, then, the allegation of being a weak leader slowly makes sense.

        1. Great men dictate the message, not be at the mercy of fatwomen who give them yes or no placards , like gameshow contestants.
          It was humiliating, those unqualified fools.

    2. “I watched it, and all of them came off as weak and unpresidential.” – Megget
      Yup, and you think had BBM not snubbed Soho it might also show him as weak and unpresidential? Good for you!

      1. Which he did,therefore it didnt.
        Soho is the wrong was amateur hour with beauty pageant questions and yes or no placards..great men dont subject themselves to such humiliation.

        1. “…great men dont subject themselves to such humiliation.” – Megget
          Great? We have to see it yet, my friend. The father maybe great but the son?

          If a candidate is afraid to be subjected to humiliation because the interviewer is not a fan, that’s no great, that cravenly.

        2. I watched the interview and decided not to keep watching because there’s no intelligent questions and answer at all, they’re talking nonsense.

  4. I can still remember how Jessica Soho demonized the deceased CJ Corona.

    She is truly a Yellowtard Pig, Marcos was smart not to fall into her trap.

    1. Ah, Twitter. Imagine you’re just chilling and a supporter of certain politician, then poof you’re banned because, you know, petty political reasons. ?

  5. They all looked weak and desperate, at the expense of soho looking like the star of the show, a strong, authoritative fatwoman..
    Bbm dont need no power tripping fat HR woman, like those unqualified hapless fools ,he apply to the owners directly.

    1. Megget, you are nothing more than a maggot.

      Calling a woman a “fat” is considered a racial slur and insult. We would need to respect any body types regardless…

    2. Paulit ulit talaga ang fat?!? You judgemental soul, no need to resort to namecalling. And oh, that person happens to be a credible, multi awarded host in both local and international award bodies. Ping hurdled tough questions, and he was man enough to face them!

  6. Bbm dont need soho.
    Woody “0.001” de guzman needs soho.
    Woody desperately wanted to be among those unqualified blabbering fools.
    They all looked weak, like applicants who dress up and line up for a fake job interview when we all know somebody already has the job.
    He people have chosen.soho is useless and fake.

  7. “Bongbong Marcos’s snub of Jessica Soho scores him a huge PR win…..”
    Contrary to the title of the blog, BBM lost some points in snubbing Jessica Soho. She’s not running, hence, he needs her more than she needs him. The interview was supposed to showcase him not her. It’s his day to show up and prove what he got and why he deserved to run and be voted on.

    BBM did not even scored with his followers because they’ve already given it to him a long time ago. Had he appeared, the score would have come from those undecided or from those who have planned to switch votes if he can convinced them by his performance. It would have been an added chance to impress those who are still oscillating on their presidential picks.

    I say, it was a sad day for the true diehards because it would have been a victory for them had BBM accepted the invitation and proved them right that he’s a leader that don’t budge and is not bothered nor faze by criticisms.

    Sayang. ?

  8. Bbm doesnt need the fatwoman.
    Bbm chooses where and how he gets his message across.
    Those unqualified fools need the fatwoman, being that they trail by 40points.

    1. Why go on the fatwoman show?
      It serves no purpose.
      People dont even watch the fatwoman show.
      They just put these shows on to make money.

  9. BBM was so smart enough to stir away from a show that will only make money out of him, if he appeared. Yet, he will be answering same irritable questions re:, dictator father martial law and ill gotten wealth. These were already answered by him excellently.

    1. Yet, he will be answering same irritable questions re:, dictator father martial law and ill gotten wealth.
      Yes, that’s true, those are irritable questions because he have not been able to distance himself from his father and from the cases against him and his family.

      The only time those questions stops being irritable is when he finally confront and respond to it with clear and convincing fact why he should not be linked to it. And he cannot do that if he will always run away from forums and shows that will give him the chance to settle those irritable questions.

    2. “BBM was so smart enough to stir away from a show that will only make money out of him…”
      The problem with that logic is it doesn’t make sense. If true that shows will just make money, politicians like BBM will have nowhere to go for interviews.

  10. ABSCBN seems to be trying to suck up to the same family they demonized many years ago. What change of heart? Oh it’s because they need a franchise and they need it badly. Either way, both channels suck. I feel for the ordinary citizen who has no access to other places of information other than these.

  11. Isn’t this like applying for a job?

    You applied for the job and have been called for an interview. Obviously you want the job badly but then you decided to decline the interview. If, we, the people, are going to be your employer, why should we hire you? Under what condition, merit and reason do we have to choose you among the others? Campaigning is basically just like handing out your resume so why not do an interview.

    If it no longer matters, then HR no longer matters because you can hire any schmuck out in the street to do a job that he or she may not be really qualified to do it. If it is applicable to the Presidency then it should be applicable anywhere else.

  12. Why would GMA 7 be sorry? It’s another day for them. Eh ano kung di sumipot si Baby M. Why would ABSCBN laugh? Sino ang may prankisa at country wide reach sa main stream media no one else than GMA7. Yang Abs matatagalan na bumalik sa mainstream dahil di pa cgurado ang prankisa kung maaprubahan. Besides they cannot have their old frequency because it was assigned now by NTC to new players. Magkano Kaya binayad sa article na ito?

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