Leni Robredo desperately stammers her way through a good Boy Abunda GRILLING!

The only thing Opposition partisans can say about ABS-CBN personality Boy Abunda’s interview of Leni Robredo is that he “interrupted her a lot”. That’s actually not true. Abunda was constantly trying to steer Robredo back on topic and, in most cases, reiterating the question of the segment.

The trouble with Leni Robredo is that she was too reactive to Abunda’s questions which were evidently designed to test the breadth and depth of context that his interviewee would be able to apply in his or her response. An example of Robredo falling into this trap is her responses to Abunda’s questions on how to pay the national debt. In reality, no one president can “pay” the national debt. It can, under his or her watch within his or her term, be serviced and managed to certain economic and fiscal parameters. This is part of the day job of the Secretary of Finance. Rather than stammer through a lame attempt to answer what was clearly a trick question, Robredo could have simply responded by saying the above — that debt servicing be kept reasonable, that debt levels be managed within the frame of forecast economic performance, and that she will work closely with her economic and fiscal managers to achieve these debt management goals. Easy, right?

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The most awkward segment of the interview — one that Robredo visibly struggled with and where the profound inconsistency of the ideological underpinnings of her campaign became apparent — was Abunda’s question on abortion. Abortion is a cornerstone of the feminist movement. Feminists are big on this whole “my body my choice” thing. Considering that Robredo’s “pink” campaign theme panders to the feminist community, it is clear that she is allowing her personal Catholic faith to cloud her judgment. Indeed, Robredo’s revelation that she consults a lot with Catholic priests is a red flag. Catholic priesthood is Western civilisation’s most ancient boys’ club. To be consulting men on a matter to do with a woman’s body is a grave mortal sin as far as the feminist movement is concerned.

This is the whole trouble with the Yellowtards. They claim to be liberal and presume to be chummy with the gay community and the feminist movement. However, the Yellowtards’ top leaders are also outwardly prayerful and schmooze a lot with Catholic bishops and priests. The Roman Catholic Church is clear on its position with regard to homosexuality and the sorts of liberal lifestyles and pro-choice philosophies espoused by the gay and feminist communities. All of these run counter to Catholic dogma which is deeply incompatible with liberalism.

Robredo herself admitted in the interview that she finds herself “conflicted” by all this. This is disturbing considering that the Philippines aspires to join the ranks of modern liberal democracies that host societies where tolerance for diversity of lifestyles and life choices is paramount. The Roman Catholic faith is not compatible with this aspiration and Robredo, being a professed devout Catholic cannot claim to be an authentic liberal in this regard.

Fish are caught by the mouth and Robredo had bitten the proverbial hook and was effectively reeled in out of her depth and found herself gasping for oxygen. Perhaps her Yellowtard followers should, instead, be thanking Boy Abunda for interrupting her frequently. If he didn’t, Robredo could have made an even bigger fool of herself and damaged further her already floundering campaign.

23 Replies to “Leni Robredo desperately stammers her way through a good Boy Abunda GRILLING!”

  1. Well..that’s it for Leni Robredo. Throughout this interview with Boy Abunda, she just proven herself that she has no clear destination. Moving on.

  2. Leni is a total donkey show.
    Shes talkimg censorship of the internet, what a dummy.
    Also, supply side control of drugs? That never works.
    Digong has made it very clear that curbing the demand side is the more effective strategy.
    And the rest will cower in fear.

  3. The ones who stand to make millions in profit in drugs, will never give up their golden goose and will fight to the death to defend it.
    You cant go to war with such a determined enemy.
    Thats stupid and a waste of resources.

  4. There are , right now, literally thousands of high school and college filipino students who are smarter and better than this donkey show robredo.
    She doesnt get things done.
    only dumb voters will vote for this donkey.

  5. And their narrative, that marcos employs massive troll farms, that is a total lie.that is also the same accusation they leveled at digong, and not a single one of those digong supporters was a paid troll.
    These opposition trolls?totally paid and totally dumb as fuck.

  6. I didn’t see her stammer in her tete-a-tete with Boy Abunda. On the contrary, I saw an articulate, eloquent and coherent leader that knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t hesitate to share her thinking. There was no hesitancy nor pause to ponder on the questions Abunda has thrown in her direction. It’s a rapid exchange that I saw that really waste no time in explaining her position and views on the issues Mr. Abunda raised.

    To put it in context, in the vernacular, Leni is madaldal. ?

    1. She didn’t stammer. She’s more like she’s all over the place in answering the questions of Boy Abunda. Boy would always repeat the question again just make her answer it directly but to no avail. The last part was the worst of it all. She went into mudslinging mode against every major candidate. That move is starting to backfire now as Ping Lacson and Tito Sotto are now clapping back.

    2. True, madaldal nga siya and also magaling rin siya mambola if you’ll listen to her interview from Boy Abunda’s channel. And worst she’s not very punctual and almost all of the questions from Boy Abunda didn’t finished her answers since most of his questions are on a 5 minute time constraints unlike one from Sen. Ping Lacson and BBM in which 2 or 3 questions from him didn’t finished it but most of them made a nick of time on answering his questions unlike from Jessica Soho and DZRH (and maybe other media networks out there soon). Boy Abunda made a good job on that one for his presidential interview, and also he made a psychological tactics to the presidential candidates (and this could also be a warning to Manny Pacquiao, soon) since he’d graduated from a doctoral degree on Social Studies and Development and he’d shown an expertise on that one. If you don’t believe me then search his name on google or wikipedia, or maybe yet read my tweet message here: https://twitter.com/ericarreza/status/1486317125824573443?s=20

      1. tagalog na nga di ko pa rin maintidihan, hindi pa rin siya articulate. parang binabaliktad lang niya ung mga words.
        hininto ko na ung clip nung nag hang siya nang konti sa pagtanong ni BA kung ano pagkakaiba ng “dole out” at “ayuda”.

        1. Baka na-spliced yung video na yun, eh siya pala na-spliced sa sarili niya. ??????

          Somewhat similar to US President Joe Biden at pareho silang dalawa na pagkabolero.

    3. Yes she didn’t stammer. She was eloquent and concise. She took longer to explain because her answers were not theoretical. They’re based on what she has already done. Ganoon talaga pag nagtatrabaho.

  7. It was a vapid exchange that wasted everybody’s time.
    Cant connect to voters.
    Heck If the yellowtards were this desperate, they should just have fielded agot isidro in skin tight jeans they would have gotten far more votes with far fewer words.

  8. Its just wrong.
    The odd posture and the weird facial expressions and eye movement, wacky speech patterns especially using the soft e instead of the hard i.
    It all comes across as weak, incompetent,and unqualified to lead a hundred million people.
    Maybe shes better off applying back to UP to make better use of her fake economics expertise.

  9. Leni does not know exactly what she wants and openly clueless on how to address the various issues, as a matter of policy, her own way. Generally, when she’s asked questions about the different issues, she cannot expound on them directly. She would rather instead comment about the issues: what she does not like about them, how the current administration are doing things wrong and then proceed to speak about them, posturing authoritatively, on what seems to her should be the ideal mode of actions. But, when confronted about the specifics, she stammers, especially on the subjects of Covid-19 and the West Philippine Sea.

    What MaDumb presented and offered to the general public is only the character of an arrogant Aktibista and no way near in the vicinity and caliber of what ought to be a potentially unifying Presidente.

  10. Since there’s going to be like this, will GetRealPhilippines or @benign0 do each candidate that goes for this interview? I think that would be fair to everyone?

    Didn’t look like stammering maybe your playback speed was in 0.25.

    Mining – Looks like bureaucratic at best, bills exist but never signed into law.

    Covid – Not sure what she was going on with this. We will have to learn how to live with it. We’re heading towards endemic status so this should not be a major issue towards the majority of the year from here on out. Good points were raised with how we kept flip-flopping with this. But, we failed in 2020 and 2021. Will 2022 be any different? Considering the fact that no early treatments were considered. Many people who died were listed as Covid deaths but there’s a possibility they weren’t. Micromanagement made it even worse in my opinion. Everything seems to be for the financial gain for the few.

    Poverty – This will never be alleviated. Apparently, this is also necessary for the people up top so that they have their own “slave” class. Green economy and climate jobs? Seriously? The fact that agriculture is not being promoted here is really bad, agriculture is one of those ways towards self-sufficiency because you know we all eat? Stimulus grants, dole-outs is only good for the short-term. It’s like what happened in the U.S. which made nobody wanted to work and just wanted to get money for free. Vaccination kept being pushed for every single human being and yet they never bothered solving hunger and poverty. I would never believe a candidate that will talk about this. It’s time to adapt something like what Monaco did.

    OFW and Migration – Billions of dollars and yet Philippines is still poor? In that case, we are a country that is rich pretending to be poor. Destruction of the Filipino family they say, I was in an OFW family. I grew up just fine and maybe I am in the minority. Not by choice? Are you serious? Leaving the country was the best choice. If I could leave, I would in a heartbeat. Time to stop dramatizing and romanticizing their sacrifices. Time for them to put some respect into their names.

    Social Media and Pornography – She wants to regulate the Internet? I don’t think that’s her job or the government’s job. It’s a nasty grey area where you could be held for promoting censorship. Can you imagine this site becoming accountable for it? This is an individual responsibility and as well as individual education. Social media is a double-edged sword, can be used for good or for evil.

    Rape-related abortion – There should be laws for it. Harsher punishments for the rapist. A woman especially a young girl that’s been raped who has to carry an unwanted child that is a result of a crime, I think this person has the right to have it removed from her. The lifetime trauma is already there, not giving her this choice or option is as if you already killed her more times than once. She’s flip-flopping with her advocacy of women’s rights.

    On Drugs – Thailand just legalized weed. I think it’s time for a different approach. It’s a medical issue and a social issue, stop politicizing this.

    Philippine Debt – Unrealistic question answered with an unrealistic answer. Free money is always welcome to corruption. We may have honored those commitments but what of the ordinary man? Still fleeced, still poor. Global Debt Reaches a Record $226 Trillion as of December 15, 2021. Who do we really owe anyone to? This is where she stammered a bit.

    West Philippine Sea – Defensive War? What is the prize? Who supports it? Bilateral talks would have been possible if and only if China thinks and respects us as if we are on the same level as them. Those tiny islands are not a prize. These are common fishing grounds, common trade routes since time immemorial. Everyone is benefiting from this. We already have the ASEAN, what are they doing? Honestly, China is probably going to protect themselves from us because our country is apparently sinking.

    Presidential Qualifications – This is the one thing that bothers me to be honest. It’s like this is an On-The-Job training kind of job. I think being a President requires a different kind of qualification, something that schools and the education system can never teach. The current education system produces future obedient employees that fall in line, follow rules, complies and says yes to everything without question which is basically a worker drone. It doesn’t create leaders and it never aims to create one. If it did, there would be nobody following. In reality, it’s the corporations that actually rule this land, this life is one big sham. No wonder Elon Musk wants to leave this planet.

    1. Presidential Qualifications – This is the one thing that bothers me to be honest. It’s like this is an On-The-Job training kind of job. I think being a President requires a different kind of qualification, something that schools and the education system can never teach.
      And the constitution laid out all the qualifications you were asking for to make it as fair and just as possible.

  11. After seeing the Boy Abunda interview with all the presidential candidates, I ranked them both based on my set of criteria and according to their performance. From 1 (best) to 4 (not best)

    Here is the summary of my observation:

    1 Ping Lacson
    He exuded confidence and knowledge in the way he responded to Abunda’s questions.
    Visually, he did good in projecting himself as a serious leader with vast experience that makes him a shoe-in for the presidency. The combination of maturity and experience shows Lacson as not only a political figure running for office but also a wise and skillful statesman the country needs.

    2 Isko Moreno
    The mayor really put his swagger in front of Boy Abunda. Like Lacson, he, too, exuded confidence but in a way that can be interpreted either way. He could be seen as either coming as too proud just like a trapo (traditional politician) on his accomplishments, or one that is so young and so proud for having so full of experience in public service. He oozed charm and assertiveness I’m tempted to call him the new trapo in our time.

    3 Leni Robredo & Bongbong Marcos, Jr.
    While both performed differently I grouped them together because I rate them the same.

    Leni appears to be ready in her response and she was, but there was too much trimmings in her answers in the way she talked about her accomplishments in the OVP or the laws she has filed here and there to impress that she’s all action. I mean, it’s all about her, framed in always ‘on the go’ and less in planning and foresight or the idea of consulting with others as how a leader should be. She presented herself like she’s always there to respond and always ready on-call, which is fine but does not really connect with the question. She did not stammer nor pose because she’s ready, good, but I did not see nor feel confidence in her. She failed to impart herself as a competent leader, instead I saw a woman applying for a job that is interested in talking.

    Bongbong has perfected projecting the way his father talk, move and behave in public. The gestures are really spot on. Although he should be reminded that his sideway glances does not give him a good profile. Visually, he is okay, however his answers, at least in my opinion, are lightweight; it’s not deep and expansive considering that he’s been in public office most of his life. Unlike Isko, who appears to be happy and jovial before the camera, BBM comes out as forlorn and strained or something bothering him. He’s just okay.

    Leni and Bongbong failed to project the comfort of having a vast experience they possessed but were able to share the level of knowledge they have on issues. However, in my mind, they trailed Ping and Isko performance-wise. By that I mean, the pro-Marcos and pro-Leni fanatics did not discover anything spectacular from them unlike what they saw how amazeballs Ping and Isko were.

    4 Manny Pacquiao
    Sad to say, the Pambansang Kamao got a left and right hook from Boy, unintentionally. Manny has just proven what many people suspected all along: hilaw pa siya. Not yet ripe to get up the political ring to take the presidency. All throughout the talk he keeps on coming back to corruption issue as if it was the only single problem of the country. The message I got from him was, if we solve corruption the country will be a success. Just like that.

    But I have to admit, he got me emotionally on the part where he narrates about his experience of being poor and not having anything to eat and just have water to survive. Boy, that was heavy stuff. I’m sure it registered with the masa.

    Overall, I say, he failed to make the weight. Unless, he can find a Freddie Roach in politics, he’ll have a hard time winning the highest post in the land.

  12. Heres my ranking
    1) bbm – ready to be the top statesman
    2) isko – an actor, is acting all the time.
    Hes just in it for the money, like trevor slattery
    3) manny – everyone loves rags to louie biton story
    4) ping – shows maturity, looks old.

    Those not listed above, missed the grade and will get an F

  13. You dumb kids – no clue of the real game – Leno and all other freaks are MASON !!! ALL of them !!
    You discuss about one political side like kids without knowing anything- but you dont get it that it is the Lodge and Jewish you run your country,

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