The Yellowtards are deluding themselves into thinking Leni Robredo did well in her interview with Boy Abunda

Within the exclusive echo chambers of the Philippine Opposition, the narrative of Yellowtardism continues to thrive. This is thanks to one skill the Yellowtards are known for — their talent for creating alternate realities to keep their lot deluded that they are Philippine politics’ “good guys” who are entitled to win every Philippine election.

Not having learnt much from their catastrophic losses in 2016 and 2019, the Yellowtards continue this quaint habit. This week their mass delusion revolves around Leni Robredo’s interview with ABS-CBN talk show host Boy Abunda. Robredo was clearly out of her depth, struggling under time pressure to cobble together responses to Abunda’s pointed questions. It was evident Robredo was all over the place and her lack of coherence continuously forced Abunda to intervene to help his embattled subject remain on track.

Robredo’s time with Abunda was nothing short of Amateur Hour and everyone knew it. The Yellowtard machine has since shifted to damage control and has mobilised every corner of their crony network to the job of explaining away the dumbness on exhibit by finding scapegoats. Top on their list, of course, was the host Boy Abunda himself. But of course. Abunda kept “interrupting” Robredo and “mansplaining” stuff to her. Robredo was a victim in this interview they tell us. Abunda fielded “trick questions” in order to “trap” Robredo into making dumb remarks before the camera. The fiasco was everybody’s fault. Robredo is the victim here.

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To the Yellowtards, Leni Robredo could do no wrong. How could she? She is one of the “good guys”. The “enemy” is the “evil” force of tyranny that seeks to seize political power and turn the Philippines back into a horrible horrible place. The only path to heaven for Filipinos is the Yellowtard Way and this, we are told, is why we must “let Leni lead”. Why not Bongbong, Isko, Manny, or Ping? Robredo has a list of reasons.

Why do the Yellowtards think Filipinos should vote for Robredo? Get this: because she is a woman. Evidence of this is how Robredo the Woman was there in every crisis. Take note, the Yellowtards expect Filipinos to vote for Robredo just because she is a woman and women “shine” during crises. If this isn’t the single biggest insult to the intelligence of the Filipino Voter yet, it is hard to imagine what will top that in the remaining three months of this campaign.

What to do with Robredo and the Yellowtards. They may have formed the worst Opposition in Philippine history and, to the credit of a vastly more mature electorate, have consistently performed dismally in preference survey after preference survey conducted by reputable polling firms over the last 12 to 18 months. Still, they are a noisy and shrill minority and have all but conscripted Big Corporate Media to their dishonest “cause”. The Yellowtards are an unnecessary blight to this noble democratic exercise where there is lots of important work to do regarding politics from the lens of an authentic concern for the future and a commitment to charting a path forward through difficult circumstances that are expected to persist.

The Yellowtards are likely to lose in May this year but their mission to keep Philippine politics diseased will continue. These elections will not spell the end for Robredo and the Yellowtards as they will continue to infest the discourse and sabotage a nation’s effort to pull itself together. It is up to Filipinos to filter out unnecessary noise and focus on the job at hand — building a strong and prosperous nation.

7 Replies to “The Yellowtards are deluding themselves into thinking Leni Robredo did well in her interview with Boy Abunda”

  1. Typical promotional stuff as expected from shill medias like Inquirer or Philstar, it’s all about money and the money that they could get from Yellow people. *Sips my tea*

  2. But the yellowtards need not worry.
    The first subdivision of the comelec first division has already voted unanimously to disqualify bbm, 1 to nothing.

  3. I would like to demystify the meaning of the word “Yellowtard”. There’s probably more than 100 Million people in the Philippines right now, and a certain percentage of these people vote for and support an Aquino member. Why do they support them? They have their own reasons. Too many reasons to mention. Who is stupid enough to believe that the Aquino supporters are more retarded than the communist or Duterte supporters? (both are parties of extremists). Personally I believe that Rodrigo Duterte is an old senile monkey. I simply don’t believe a Filipino individual has the brain to run big things like a country. Their intellectual capacities and cultures don’t allow it. but that’s just me. The Philippines is a broken machine that produces retards. I won’t even talk about the average IQ in that country but it’s not very impressive. How can we believe that people are smart or stupid depending on their political affiliations? This is so absurd. Truth is that the ones you call liberals or yellowtard are not dumber than authoritarians , but certain authors like benign0 and ilda are contemptuous and manipulative enough to say: Think like me or you’re a retard. I dare these geniuses to tell people in the western countries they moved in that people who don’t believe in authoritarianism are retarded. Make an article about the answers you’ve got.

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