Yellowtards hyperventilating as they speculate on Sara Duterte’s next move

As expected, the Yellowtards are having a cow over news that Inday Sara Duterte has withdrawn her candidacy for Mayor of Davao City raising fears that she is taking steps to join the national race. Evidently they had latched on to some sort of notion of a “promise” made by Ms Duterte that she will not be running for president — bizarre considering that they have long convinced themselves that the Dutertes are a bunch of “evil” liars. Why, after all, would you hold on to a perceived “promise” coming from a person you had summarily written off as a liar?

The Yellowtard clearly are desperate. Why are they so obsessed with their rival camp’s wheeling and dealing and clever maneuvers? One would think that the self-appointed “good guys” in this contest would be more focused on minding their own business and just getting on with it. Isn’t there enough work to do building political capital and running your campaign? Oh wait… the Yellowtards do not have a campaign. Indeed, if they did have one, they’d be too busy using it to convert people to their “cause” instead of nitpicking on every move of their rivals.

What will happen will happen either way. This is the last week before the substitution deadline on the 15th of November. Anything Ms Duterte does will likely be perfectly legal under current election rules. The Yellowtards really need to channel their energies towards one imperative: getting better at campaigning. Of course there is also that small matter of Opposition votes spread hopelessly thin across four major presidential hopefuls. What got the Opposition to this point at such a desperate hour despite months — even years — of celebrating one another’s shared hatred for the Dutertes and pathological fears of a return of the Marcoses to national power?

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Unfortunately for the Opposition, there are no suckers like the Doy Laurels or Mar Roxases of yore these days who would be willing to tuck their nuts in and gracefully bow down before the eminence of a leader deemed winnable by all-knowing Yellowtard elders. The closest to an Anointed One would have been Leni Robredo. Unfortunately, Antonio Carpio who attempted to anoint her is not seen to be a Yellowtard elder. For that matter, Robredo had never been winnable to begin with, specially in considering that even her “win” in 2016 itself remains debatable to this day.

The Yellowtards are now faced with a difficult question. What’s next? That’s a hard questions to answer for a bunch of people proven incapable of thinking farther ahead than the next week. If they had actually been able to think far ahead enough, they wouldn’t be hung up about rivals playing substitution games. They’d, instead, be busy winning an election. Evidently, that too is just too hard for the typical Yellowtard “thought leader” to wrap her pointed head around.

21 Replies to “Yellowtards hyperventilating as they speculate on Sara Duterte’s next move”

  1. The pink widow and her cosplay crusaders cant handle this, this realpolitik..theyre better off in retard heaven..

    In retard heaven, its all sunshine and butterflies.. the retard angels flying around, smiling for no particular reason, flapping their wings in their own happy little corners..pnoy is now one such happy angel.

  2. The Yellows/Pinks haven’t learned their lesson after losing consecutive elections in a landslide in 2016 and 2019. They’re in the same situation as the Democrats in the US and The Labour Party in the late 80’s to early 90’s. They have a small base and out of touch with the majority of the electorate.

    Leni should have accepted Kiko’s resignation as LP President after they got 0 Senators in 2019. If they continue to do this, they would spend an entire generation out of power and out of favor with the Filipino people.

  3. The yellowtard oligarchs family of Marcial Bonifacio aka Ninoy aquino madbomber of plaza miranda and co founder of Joma Sison communist party of the Philippines, who was released by late santa cory kurakot of all government owned controlled corporations of Apo lakay Marcos Masagana99 Great nation Hero of the Pilipino poor farmers are still being fooled and dumbdown and being made pagpag eaters and cemetery dwellers of madpnoy abnoy kulangkulang99 of senatongs and tongressman bribed bacon barrel pdaf!!

  4. The plot thickens. ?

    While things are still unclear as to reason why Sara D. decided to pull out from a local mayoral race, speculations are flying high on her decision to make a last minute a u-turn. True, there’s a lot of hyperventilating going on because Sara appears to be the top pick in a presidential race based on recent surveys. However, I don’t see the Yellowtards having the monopoly of it. Before the Sara bolt, anxiety is already in their midst for having to contend with other popular presidential wannabes that may take countless votes they necessarily need to beat BBM if the race comes down to a Leni-BBM contest.

    As it is with the other candidates, the so-called hyperventilation will also affect the BBM camp because Sara entering the race will dramatically, if not disastrously, change the equation. It will entirely change the balance of power if she announces her presidential ambition. Hence, the ‘what’s next’ question is really a load to everybody in the race.

    If, on the other hand, she chose to be the spare tire of BBM, the later’s camp will surely get a boost from the combination and will result in surge in popularity for both that they hope will manifest in the polls.

    Until she decides what race to run, hyperventilate is the word for all. ?

    1. Hyperventilate is the word for fags watching the final 5 in the miss universe.
      ive already said that people clamor for a 20 year duterte regime, if digong is healthy which he is clearly not.BUT sara or bbm or both in tandem will do.
      the writing is clearly on the wall, which the deluded pink widow and her cosplay clowns are simply too stupid to read.

      1. I forgive manny pacquiao who, while having a generous albeit somewhat deceitful heart, for want of time or needful intention, simply doesnt read.

  5. We just wait and see , as political events unfold…Duterte or Marcos or any YellowTard candidate. the political show must go on…

  6. Here is just a speculation.

    Sara will submit the decision last minute on the day of Nov 15. But before then, as we are getting now, we are getting hints she is running for president, but I believe she is not. She will only run for VP and pair up with BBM as his running mate. She has openly supported BBM’s presidential run/aspiration so I am still going with this assumption.

    But because the noise now is she is running for president supposedly, the strategy might be that Leni’s camp is unsure of what to do. If she were to run against Sara only, she will lose. If she is running against Sara v BBM v Leni, then maybe she doesn’t lose horribly because the votes will be spread between Sara and BBM instead of consolidated among their supporters.

    So the worry is if BBM will actually change to run as VP to give Sara the spot to run as President with his party having a coalition with Hugpong to allow this. This is something I doubt but with the noise in the media right now, this is the seed (a misdirect/mislead) they may be planting. So Leni’s camp will have to prepare and decide if they will move Leni down to VP post as well assuming BBM will run as VP (since the premise is she beat him once, she can beat him again). They’d have to ready those documents to submit to Comelec.

    It’s essentially a game of chicken.

    Whatever post Sara will run, Bong Go will avoid that’s why he already made the declaration there will be changes to his campaign yesterday. What happens with Bato, doesn’t really matter at this point. My guess is PDP Laban will not provide finances to support his national campaign to justify why he backed out of the race, thereby allowing Bato his “dignity” that he didn’t flipflop on the matter but just didn’t have financial backing of party in the end.

    Question will remain whether PDP will have a coalition with BBM’s party then. This I am not certain. But if both current PDP Cusi Faction national candidates back out, it will provide the opening for PDP Pimentel to shout that they were just using the party and it might cause some from the Cusi Faction to jump ship (Again). My speculation.

    On the side of the “opposition”, still dont think Isko will back down but that may change over the weekend. Pacquiao surely won’t and will be continuously used by Pimentel until he has nothing to gain from him. I do think Leni will need the help of both factions to be a more “solid” opposition candidate.

    1. Because of quietude as to intent, there really is a lot to unpack on the move made by Sara D. to withdraw from the mayoral race. But as we all know, action speaks louder than words. On that context, we can safely assume that she is running for a higher office than mayorship. The indications are all there. She abruptly withdrew from the race. There was pressure exerted on her earlier to run in order to continue her fathers program and provide protection for him, as well, in case legal matters hound him. BBM needs additional push to have a better performance at the polls. One thing for sure, she caved in to pressure for the same reasons mentioned.

      The only question now is, what position is she gunning for? 17Sphynx17 speculated that she is eyeing the VP position under BBM. It is very possible because anything can happen this early. Also, the speculation actually coincides with the original plan of BBM to have a ‘Duterte’ as VP. He was very vocal about the plan at the time he filed his certificate of candidacy. Only thing was, Digong decided to retire from politics. But that was before. With the current developments, BBM may now be thinking, no worries, Sara is also a Duterte.

      If that’s the case, all is good: BBM-Sara will have a solid team come election time. Their fans surely think it will be that way because otherwise it will be a nightmare for BBM. ?

      Of course, it will have an effect on the other parties because they will now be contending against a team of two personalities having sizable political bases. But it is a problem the opposition party and others can find solution to if proper steps is taken. For one, they can also make adjustments in order to come up with a better pair of candidates that will counter the BBM-Sara team.

      The only question is, who will give way to whom? ?

      1. The only way BBM wins is if Sara is out of president race imo.

        The numbers dont favor BBM beating Duterte.

        The best scenario for the country. Sara runs for President. Robredo drops out of the race (because she really is a terrible candidate who can’t win, and she and her supporters are extremely divisive which does not help the country).

        You have

        Lacson (although most dont think he can win, he seems to have some money coming from somewhere supporting him)

        That would be a good list and hopefully the winning candidate could move the country forward (not back into yellow vs red idiocy)

        1. Your view is opposite to that of 17Sphynx17’s for you are speculating Sara for president. That’s possible but it will not do her any good. Specially, if she decides to run for president with a VP other than BBM. Oh, boy, that’s the worst scenario for all the pro-Marcos and pro-Duterte groups. For one, she doesn’t have the positive cushion effect of her father as the outgoing leader because he really messed up, big time. All the negativity, from EJK, corruption, etc. her father was involved with will surely follow Sara to the precincts come election day. Secondly, she will not have BBM’s muscles because there will be division if both of them run for president. Thirdly, we really don’t know her standing right now. She may have gotten a favorable ratings months ago but in politics that’s ancient history.

          Now, it’s different if she runs with BBM as her spare tire. That’s the perfect dream. They combined forces and solidify their bases. That is, IF BBM agrees. I’m of the opinion BBM will reject the idea EXCEPT if an offer he can’t refuse happened. I wouldn’t speculate on that though right now because the maneuverings are continuing as we speak. All I can say is, for BBM, this is it. He can feel it in his bones that his time has come. There’s no turning back, there’s no stepping down. If he fails to pursue the ultimate mission there will never be another chance to do it. ☹️

          As for Leni, I’m not going to dismiss her as one who can’t win. Surely, for her and her followers, backed up by facts and history, she won the last time. Whether we like it or not, she’s a winner. She has her own party and mga ka-pink, ‘ika nga. She’s not going anywhere. Specially, if your speculation comes true. Imagine, a weak Sara and a weak BBM separately? I tell you, that’s Christmas time for Leni. ?

          My take: Isko and Lacson, to be honest, are the MOST qualified among the candidates. They may not have the numbers right now but defending on events I hope they come up on top of the ratings to give the voters a chance to really pick among the cream of the crop.

          As to Manny? Man, he’s a blur. But I’m not going to take it against him. I don’t know who are his political handlers except for Freddie Roach who manages him on the ring. He got the worst advice to run for president. I mean, he has a lot to learn and he can acquire that by staying in the Senate for a couple of years more. Or be a governor first and then aim for the highest office later. Right now, hilaw na hilaw si Manny.

          I also think baka may ego problem si Manny. Sometimes having lots of money will make you see yourself different from reality. ?

        2. If Sara really is eyeing the presidency, i do believe her best course of action is to run as a VP and not a president.

          Why? Because her experience is limited to her locality (davao) and party, similar to her dad. And that is costing her dad big time because of how limited his options to appoint were.

          If Sara runs for VP first, she’d get to know or try to get to know people outside her sphere, and whoever is the president’s party if she wins as VP. That would also help her establish a more ‘solid’ selection of candidates for cabinet in the future.

          But thats how i would propose it to Sara.

          As for Leni, i do think she needs to ally with at least lacson-sotto or isko.

          I dont think lacson has any chance to win and leni has better chances so he should graciously just accept the fact that being president is not in lacson’s cards.

          Sotto has a strong chance in the VP post. Not sure if up against Sara who would win though. So cant say. Doc willie, no chance to win. Heck, the candidate himself simply wants to support Isko but knows himself he wont win.

        3. @17Sphynx17
          Lacson is the modern day version of Raul Roco. Capable and qualified but nowhere to go because of poor showing at surveys. I think he’s playing the waiting game. Couple of months ago, he suggested that everybody should file their candidacy and when surveys comes up candidates should back the one who will come on top against the administration bet. Obviously, it fell on deaf ears. But I believe miracles still do happen. ?

  7. That’s the price to pay for politicians who don’t bother to build solid political capital by performing and achieving anything of real significance. MSM won’t be able to protect them by creating an artificial image now that other ‘channels’ are open for people to make that determination for themselves.

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