People, not just cars: Bongbong Marcos’s peoplecades beat Leni Robredo’s motorcades any day!

Cars don’t elect presidents. People do. That is perhaps the big lesson members of Leni Robredo’s camp have been learning over the past week. It seemed at first that Robredo’s #KakamPink titas enjoyed a big head start with their chi chi motorcade of, well, motor cars snaking their way through various hinterland roads. One of these circuses claimed 4000 to 5000 such vehicles being jammed into a scenic road in Bicol just to display the pinkness of the movement — a stunt (if the numbers are true) that most likely will have disrupted the day’s vital traffic of goods and services in and out of town.

Weeks of pink motorcades given preferential mileage by Big Corporate Media, likely lulled the Yellowtard “thought leaders” into false senses of accomplishment — not surprising considering that they rely on their own choir for validation preferring to ignore cold facts from third parties. Last week didn’t end quite well for the Yellowtards, or rather this week didn’t see them off to a happy start on account of scenes of a vast sea of people — not cars — from a rival camp emerging and making waves all over media at the crack of dawn Sunday morning.

There was also an aerial photo, making it quite evident that this was an activity participated in by actual people.

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Photo source: Dexter John Derige

Compare the human density exhibited in the above Ilocos Sur activity and the nature of the vehicles used. Clearly, the numbers were representative as were the vehicles — most ordinary Filipinos get around in motorbikes and not those big pickup trucks and SUVs used by the Yellowtards.

Motorbikes make it real because they represent a practical asset to the average Filipino. Case in point in how the Yellowtards just don’t get it and, as a result, come across as sad elitists is in this ill-thought-out notion of a “Skaters for Leni” group. Skates aren’t really something most Filipinos can relate with nowadays…

… specially when considering that most Filipinos have to contend with paved areas that aren’t as smooth as the top-notch bitumen that seal the streets of chi chi Bonifacio Global City and the like.

Seriously, it seems these Yellowtard motorcades may be having the unintended effect of highlighting even more the huge disconnect from the very people they are trying to reach that an increasingly desperate Opposition may be suffering. Perhaps the Opposition need to be reminded that campaigns are meant to convert voters, not marginalise them. Key is in the signalling and messaging. The Opposition clearly do not hold that key.

20 Replies to “People, not just cars: Bongbong Marcos’s peoplecades beat Leni Robredo’s motorcades any day!”

  1. It is now a political war of motorcades…the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with their YellowTards, cannot win in any election, without cheating.

    Lugaw Robredo is hoping that she can cheat again to win the Presidency…

    Unfortunately, Andres Bautista is now hiding in the U.S., enjoying whatever they gave him to accomplish the cheating in the last election…so, the “Master Election Cheater” is not available…

    We must all be on the Look Out, for any form of election cheating done by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and ordered by Lugaw Robredo !!!

    Filipinos wake up and be vigilant !!!

    1. “Lugaw Robredo is hoping that she can cheat again to win the Presidency…”

      I think the allegation is too late and misleading and at the same time too early to even make sense. Too late because the supposed cheating happened six years ago. And it’s misleading because the supposed cheating was investigated and eventually dismissed by the Court for lack of merit.

      And too early because, except for the 2004 Hello Garci tapes authored by Gloria Macapagal, there has never been cheating scandal on the presidential level since Marcos was ousted in 1986. ?

      1. @Juan Luna:

        The Aquino Cojuangco political axis owned the Courts…Supreme Court included. Andres Bautista is now hiding in Ohio, U.S.A. ; enjoying his loot…

        We are not all that ignorant and idiots, like you, to believe in the decisions of : “Lack of Merit”…

        All Filipinos, must be vigilant…The Aquinos are “dead balls”now; but their election cheater followers, are still there…Lugaw Robredo, is there to use them…as they hope to install her as their willing puppet…!!!

        Wake up Filipinos !!!!

        1. Following your theory, does that mean Duterte and his political axis now owned the Courts, SC included because sila ang nasa poder ngayon? Gano’n ba ‘yon?

          Ano magagawa natin kung ‘yon ang desisyon ng korte? Kesa ngumawa, let’s be constructive and look forward because the vice president position is nothing compared to what BBM is now targeting. Gets n’yo?

          And what’s this obsession about Andy Bautista? You and your friends keeps on harping about Bautista but no one seems to give a clear and complete explanation why you wanted him. I know he has some questions to answer but specifically what are those? No one, so far, among you have tackled that issue. No one.

          If the Aquinos are dead ball now, why still the panic? Relax, I heard Inday Sara is going to run for president. The more confidence you should have and less hate. ?

  2. “Cars don’t elect presidents. People do.”

    Indeed! Never were vehicles served as gauge, much less, indicative of electability to a public office. Although admittedly having one or several cars is not bad on one pursuing a career in public office.

    I agree on the observation that there were differences on the imaging approach between the two parties. Leni resorted to ‘sosyal’ approach by having their parades aided by transport comfort purely for projection. Same thing with BBM, although his parades focused more on the hordes that participated in it. Clearly, the later’s intent was to show the polarity between his camp and the opposition bet.

    While parades, processions, etc. may show the solid support you have in your area stomping on the backyard of your own bailiwick (Bicol and Ilocos Sur) does not necessarily signify genuine popular support.

    Which brings me to another angle the two events failed to show in so far as gaining popular support is concerned: the masa.

    Granting they are still there, where exactly are they? In 1998, it was very clear the masa support was behind Erap Estrada. The “Erap para sa mahirap” slogan was true. They catapulted him to Malacanang. Landslide. However, impressive as it was, it was never repeated again. Maybe because there has never been a ‘man of the people’ type since Erap descended from power. Presently, there seems to be a splintering in the masa population. Based on past elections, I would not be surprised if a large number of them are on the sides of the administration and opposition bets (BBM and Leni). And I suspect too that more of them are securely quarantined on the Pacquiao and Isko groups. Be that as it may, it is still too early to speculate how the event will unfold. One thing is for sure, who has the bulk of the masa’s support has his/her foot in the door.

    We’ll find that out in the coming days. ?

    1. @Juan Luna:

      In the last election; the : SMARTMATIC 0r SMARTSWITIK, elected a BOGUS Vice President…Lugaw Robredo…their willing puppet, who is as dumb as any dumb Filipino…the repeating Law Bar Exam Flunker…who became a puppet Vice President…

      We must be on the lookout on these election machines…Machines can be easily manipulated; and election officials can
      be as crooked , as former COMELEC’S , Andres Bautista… and surely be willing to take the “tons and tons of our taxpayers’ money” given to them…so that they will do the election cheating…

      Filipinos, these “lagay money” are our taxpayers money; these people are using our money for “LAGAY”…

      “Ang Lagay gawin natin ito…” “may pamudmud sa atin, Pare ”

      What happened then, can happen still in the next election !!!

      1. The last election my friend is history. Everybody’s moving on next year to have a new president. No matter your opinion is about the last elections, it is over and done with. BBM has a very important fight to deal with in the future; very important position which is his personal ORIGINAL mission that essentially needs serious focus to redeem the family’s name. And his followers, like you, still waste your time on yesterday’s crap? You leader is fast moving forward and you people are dragging him backwards? ?

        I say, focus today and tomorrow and stop panicking about Leni’s plan to cheat again. That’s fake news you believed for a very long time. Wake up, people! Maiiwan na naman kayo sa kankungan n’yan! ?

  3. The pink widow costume doesnt work.
    You want to appease the masses, be the black widow – oppressed, rejected, but angry, vengeful, raising your arms up against the elite, the rich, the the outsider who will turn the system upside down.
    You clowns never learn.

  4. The pink widow has an almost-ugly face, and you pair her with sharon cuneta’s kitchen mop.
    Doesnt work.
    Risa hontiveros would have been the better choice,
    but you clowns never learn.

  5. Now that I think about it..These pinklawans are usually composed of rich elites/above middle class. Of course they don’t know how everyday pinoy peasants work.

    1. No amount of study and advanced degrees and community immersion and charity work will give you an understanding of the filipino and how the masa and kalye mind works.
      Erap had that insight, these clowns and their pink widow cosplay-crusaders do not.

      1. This. The difference between the BBM and Pinklawan supporters is like day and night – almost everything about them such as their lifestyles, beliefs, and upbringing. Of course, there are exceptions here and there but yeah the Pinky supporters are extremely deluded while the BBM supporters are at least trying to be realistic.

  6. @Juan Luna:

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis owned the courts; when the Aquinos we in power…

    Now, their followers still remain, and Peping Cojuangco is still there…Courts are run by people, and people can be corrupted…this is the truth…

    1. Anybody can say that, my friend. Since it has no solid basis, I cannot argue with you in a sensible manner.

      On my part, I avoid branding people, alleging acts not supported by evidence. When you discuss issues the lowest level you’ll ever find yourself is when you blame and allege or concoct stories that have no basis at all.

      That’s what I always read on posts with the likes of Megget, Bonifacio, JT among others. ?

    1. Fact : You dont win over the masses with argument.

      you can only wish to lead them where they already want to go…unfortunately, these clowns and their pink widow cosplay-crusaders have no idea how.
      Hence, DOOMED.

  7. It is amazing how dumb this whole article is in hindsight. BBM supporters have a huge motorcade going in Ilocos Norte today and have blocked traffic/etc, but Bening0 hasn’t made a story about it….

    Just goes to show you this site really isn’t about “getting real,” if it was it would talk about BBM motorcades and talk about how stupid motorcades are and not make it some yellow vs red idiocy.

    This site is mostly about just about talking about dumb yellows (yes, we know they are idiots, which is why they have been progressively getting less and less influencial the past 6 years)

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