Going senile? Duterte’s popguns ablaze vs BBM in support of sidekick Bong Go!

Gloves are off! President Rodrigo Duterte is now launching a full attack on Partido Federalismo presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos who is running in tandem with Lakas-CMD vice presidential candidate Sara Duterte, the president’s daughter. As expected, Opposition partisans are watching this unfolding saga closely with many of them now latching on to every bit of ululation Duterte utters about Marcos. This after spending the last five years in a shrill fit of pointing out that nothing that comes out of the mouth of Duterte holds any truth. Chalk another one up for renowned crooked inconsistency of the Yellowtards!

Over the last several days since propping up sidekick Bong Go as his preferred presidentiable, President Duterte has been out arms flailing sputtering various nebulous factoids about his man’s formidable Number One rival. At one point, Marcos is, we are told, a “pro-communist”. Then in his latest cluster bombing run, he is supposedly a cocaine user. Whatever the case Duterte says he is also baffled by Bongbong Marcos’s consistent popularity claiming that the former senator had not really achieved much.

Is Duterte a credible judge of Marcos’s character? It depends on what timeframe within which one considers that question. Back in 2018 Reuters reported that “Duterte could resign if Marcos Jr becomes VP”…

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Duterte’s spokesman, Harry Roque, said the president had a “real, genuine wish to step down” if a qualified leader could replace him. Marcos was among those he would prefer, Roque said.

“If there’s development and he will win the protest and he becomes the vice president, yes, he will make true his word,” Roque told a regular news briefing.

In a statement, Marcos expressed his gratitude to Duterte for showing faith in him, but said the president should finish his term.

It was all nice and peachy between the two men back then with Marcos exhibiting his usual grace in his response to that…

“I urge him not to leave the presidency as our people still need him for the betterment of our lives and our country,” Marcos said.

On that note, it is worth noting that Marcos is not known for any sort of negative campaigning. It is ironic then that Duterte who had once been on the same boat as the Marcoses in being subject to the mononamic vilification campaigns of the Yellowtards and communists is now himself engaging in the very same practice. Turns out Duterte is not above the very sort of dishonest rhetoric that lost the Yellowtards an entire nation over two national elections.

What can be worse than the Yellowtards? Turns out worse parties do exist. At least the Yellowtards are consistent in their shrill Martial Law Crybabyism even if they may change colour from time to time. One now wonders in light of recent events where all this puts the true “DDS” — the ones who themselves are guilty of the same bowing to cults of personality that the Yellowtards have long been criticised and ridiculed for. Thus the whole trouble with loyalty to personalities rather than consist critical thought on the back of sound and stable principles.

42 Replies to “Going senile? Duterte’s popguns ablaze vs BBM in support of sidekick Bong Go!”

  1. As to what exact intention the senile bugoy Mr. Duterte is doing what he does is anybody’s guess. What’s clear though in the attitude of Mr. Duterte is that he’s showing that he’s not yet ready to let go of his position of power and influence to someone else outside of his sphere in this country, except to someone he chooses to anoint as an alter ego.

    Parang opposition lang ang dating, ayaw lumaban ng parehas… Nabitin lang o masyado nasarapan?

  2. Before anyone gets to be misled, the so-called Yellowtards has nothing to do with latest Duterte-BBM drama. Let’s clear that out from here on. The mixing up of characters in the story simply makes it a case of barking up the wrong tree.

    And contrary to the article’s insinuation, senility is entirely out of the question for nothing in the past and present gives any credible proof Pres. Duterte suffers from such malady. He maybe suffering from other physical problems but nothing in terms of cognitive impairment.

    So, what really do we have here? ?

    What we have here is just plain political maneuverings for influence and security accompanied by miffed feelings Come election time, all political parties and individuals resort to schemes or machinations in order to protect their skins, preserved interests and continue to exert influence to maintain access to power.

    Duterte, who is known for tyrannical behavior, will not just fade away especially if he thinks that he is being taken for granted and treated as irrelevant which is obviously evident in the creation of the BBM-Sara tandem. The team up of the two was never presented to have the blessings of the president. Digong was not even accorded the proper respect and cordiality by his own daughter regarding public pronouncements of her political game plan.

    But family is family and the president don’t want to risk the scandal of having a public spat with his more influential daughter who, from all indications, can overrule him at a drop of a hat.

    And for BBM to overlook and intentionally omit the president, who is used to taking charge and controlling everything, and make him feel he is out of the circle he’s supposed to dominate and reign on is simply unacceptable.

    No Duterte fan here but the president has a point in feeling disrespected and isolated. Has BBM already forgotten the principal reason why his father is now interred in the Libingan ng mga Bayani? Is this all the president gets after according gracious accommodation to a once rejected and despised family? BBM of all people?

    No, the Yellowtards has nothing to do with this. Quit the political smokescreen, please.

    There are certain things in life that people has to come clean with irrespective of one’s political persuasion. One who treats someone right expects that someone will treat him right in return. It is very clear in this case, the president, in so many ways, is communicating what BBM lacks.

    Utang na loob. ?

  3. Well the yellowtards loving digong’s big fat schlong right now…i bet even leyla dilema (yes, ewww) wants a piece of that action..

    Theres your cue yellowtards, follow the white rabbit!into the rabbit hole, the lot of you..

  4. The bastard digong is such a difficult man to love, that only bastards can love this guy…and yet..the self righteous yellowtards are confusedly in love with the guy right now..they wont admit it, cant ever, but right now deep inside even kokay pangilinan will wanna blow his big fat schlong..

  5. Being called a weak leader, that hurts..thats what you get for fvcking the king’s daughter in the bushes, bare butts on the dirt without benefit of foam or linen.even if she was asking for it.

  6. “Thus the whole trouble with loyalty to personalities rather than consist critical thought on the back of sound and stable principles.”

    This statement is the furthest thing from Filipino politics.

    The number 1 reason a vote is made in the Philippines is money, getting paid for the vote.
    The second 2 reason a vote is made is if the candidate is from your area/region/ has your last name (for local elections).

    Duterte wants to stay in power (or close to it) of course, so of course he would support Bong Go. Not sure what is confusing about his support. It also will hopefully bring some critical thinking to the BBM candidacy.

  7. Benign0, why are you a Marcostard? I thought you are a fan of excellence and meritocracy. Bongbong, same with Noynoy Aquino, doesn’t have good achievements in his resume. He did not pass many laws that are game changer both in his terms as Congressman and Senator. He did not elevate the economic status of Ilocos Norte since the time he became its leader in the 1980s, much earlier than Pres. Duterte’s mayoralty in Davao City. Ilocos Norte, which Bongbong became Vice Governor, Governor, and Congressman from 80s to 2000s still remains one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines today. In fact, Laoag City its capital city remains 3rd class City. To think that Marcoses dominate that province for more than 30 years and still lagging behind other provinces in the Philippines only suggest that Bongbong Marcos is indeed a mediocre politician.

    I am sure what Marcos campaign statement for his plans for the Philippines, he also promised that to Ilocos Norte’s constituents before and yet that province still remains backward. Also, Bongbong as a Senator did not pass laws that are beneficial to Filipinos. Hence, Duterte is right that Bongbong Marcos is a weak leader. That Bongbong sucked big time in his more than 30 years as a politician. That he did not contribute any significant value to the Philippines as what Duterte said. Yes, they are all true.

    And yet benign0 you chose Bongbong as your president? Where are your brain cells? You are the same with yellowtards who don’t use rational thinking while being hooked with Noynoy Aquino before. You are all defying reasons. You are all using emotions. You are all after money and what politicians might give you. Marcostards and Yellowtards are both disgusting.

    1. While I agree on the overall idea on why one should take a moment before voting for BBM, I have to push back on some details that I think needs some consideration. True, Noynoy and Bongbong are mere chief beneficiaries of the appeal and influence of their more popular fathers. And compared to their old men during the time they were fledgling politicians the sons are on the deficient side in terms of brilliance, sagacity, and intelligence. But let’s face it, we cannot really say with certainty that just because since they are unlike their fathers they are bound to fail as leaders.

      With regard to Ilocos Norte, I think the better judge on that would the people of the province. Last time we witnessed, in 2016, the so-called “Solid North” went for BBM.

      On Duterte being right in saying BBM is a weak leader, I say, look who’s talking. Pres. Duterte has a subjective and twisted understanding of what a weak leader is. I’m pretty sure that his theory is based on his own personality and tainted experience as a leader. Following his logic, he has a death squad when he was a mayor in Davao City, hence, he is not a weak leader. He killed thousands of people being president in the guise of drug war, again, he’s not a weak leader.

      In Duterte’s standard of leadership, BBM will never qualify. He just doesn’t have the butcher or murderous mentality of Digong. ?

      1. Not certain? If BBM did not perform better as a leader in Ilocos Norte for many years which is a small territory, how can we expect him to lead the bigger Philippines? How can we expect him to deliver the things that we wanted for the Philippines? It really seems unlikely and doubtful he will deliver solid results to make this country the next powerhouse in Asia. He doesn’t have solid foundation that critical voters would rely upon. Again, all I can see with Marcostards are all emotions and empty rethoric. Hence, they will vote for BBM not on pure scientific reasons. BBM is not his father. Voters should think about that.

        I’m just focused on the economy. Duterte is a better leader than BBM. He made Davao City one of the most prosperous city in the Philippines, where its size and area is comparable to a province. Whereas, Ilocos Norte is a poor and stagnant province. Not even in the top 10 overall. I am certain Bongbong Marcos is not an ideal president. And of course, neither is Leni Robredo.

        1. Since no diehard BBM supporter wants to engage you to defend their idol, I am forced to do the talking for them not to defend BBM but just to present the other version of what you are presenting. Here we go.

          Your first paragraph, where you cast doubt on the leadership quality of BBM, which I partly concurred with, would have been compelling had you categorically declare with evidence why he was a worst leader. Instead you focus on him as being ‘not a better or ideal leader’. It was a generic put down that will fail to convince the undecided. Except the comparison with the father, what you had there were just general questions that can be asked of with the rest of the other candidates. So general and all-inclusive that you can raise the same questions even against all presidents starting from Cory Aquino up to Duterte.

          I’m sure all BBM diehards will agree with me in saying, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. They will even follow it up by adding, why not give BBM a chance to prove his worth? If Cory, Erap, Gloria, Noynoy, and even Duterte, ‘the better leader’, according to you, were given the chance to serve, why not Bongbong? May point sila ‘di ba? ?

          Now, with regard to Dutere as being a better leader, I’m not sure about that. But hearing Edgar Matobato and Arturo Lascanas, former Duterte hit men, talk about the president when he was just a mayor, I say, BBM is, by far, without question, a more decent and respectable human being. ??

        2. Juan Luna, is the economy of Ilocos Norte not evidence for you? I said Ilocos Norte did not become rich with BBM in-charge for 30yrs plus. I don’t have to go to specifics just to emphasize his underperformance.

          How many mediocre presidents do we still need in order to learn from history? Why would we give BBM a chance if we don’t have evidence that he delivered results in the past? We are hiring a next CEO of the Philippines in the next elections and yet you want us to hire someone who is incompetent? With your statements above, I firmly believe you are anti-science.

          Duterte is a better leader not because of some issues but because he delivered overall results that can be measured by statistics. Davao City is the no. 1 richest city in Mindanao under his watch. It is not about being respectable and decent person but the question is how one will make this country move forward into a significant economy, into a trillion dollar economy, into a modernize and progressive one that Filipinos can be truly proud of. Does BBM have the capability to do that? My answer is no. Even though he has the idea to do that but based on his performance in the past, he is not the right person to be the next CEO/President of the Philippines.

        3. Ilocanos don’t like to spend much. So… how is one politician going to make the economy in a province like that trillion dollars in worth?

        4. Any BBM defender out there? I think Jason is inviting you to have a dialogue/debate about your idol. This is the right time to show your loyalty and commitment and prove why Jason is very wrong about BBM.

          While we wait, let me engage Jason, in the meantime, to balance the conversation.

          Ilocos Norte as a barometer to judge BBM leadership is a weak one because nothing, so far, has shown that the region is switching to another candidate. If they still go for BBM I don’t see why the rest of the country won’t. Of course, it’s up to him to convince the voters but your issue against BBM will not attract the undecided because it is just too general to start with. Look, if Duterte was elected in spite of being a criminal, not an allegation but with proof, why not BBM when allegations against him are not like that of Digong? I mean, you have to have a concrete, solid as a rock proof to even convince an iota of the Marcos loyalists to turn their backs on BBM.

          San Juan city was Erap’s showcase in proving how successful his leadership was in capturing Malacanang. But look what happened? The same goes with Davao City, and it is much worse. To govern a city with death squad, sprinkled it with mass graves and eventually a country with thousands of deaths with the same murderous mentality is NEVER a sign of good leadership. In fact, it is the opposite. Can we say the same with BBM during the time he ran the province?

          You talked about mediocre presidents, well, I don’t mind mediocrity for it does not follow that being one equates to being corrupt and murderer. I’d rather have a leader who is mediocre or inferior in doing his job in spite of trying very hard to be a good one than have an “effective” leader with a lot of money in his pocket and too much blood on his hands. You maybe right, we may not improve under BBM’s watch but I can assure you we are not going to get worse than where we are right now. ?

        5. Juan Luna, maybe most Ilocos voters are uneducated or they don’t think globally, they don’t think outside the box.

          You said you rather have president who is a mediocre rather than having someone capable of making this country a prosperous one? You sound like yellowtard now. You value more on decency rather than what a president can do to uplift the economic status of this country. That’s really really stupid. Why don’t you vote for Robredo instead if that’s the basis of your vote for a president? Why not argue in favor of Noynoy and Cory Aquino since they symbolize more of what you said? They symbolize more on honesty, cleanliness, respect, and decency. Yeah, you are just make Bongbong Marcos becomes worse in your argument here albiet inadvertently.

        6. You said you rather have president who is a mediocre rather than having someone capable of making this country a prosperous one?
          That’s not exactly what I said. Let me repeat it here,

          “I’d rather have a leader who is mediocre or inferior in doing his job in spite of trying very hard to be a good one than have an “effective” leader with a lot of money in his pocket and too much blood on his hands.”

          You really think we are prosperous now? Really, as in really, really? And why stop talking about leadership now? You started degrading BBM’s leadership and at the same time praising Duterte, the antithesis of the meaning of leadership. Something is really, really wrong there. I know, that for a couple of convenient reasons, both are friends before but to compare them about governance? I wonder, how many did BBM have killed in governing Ilocos Norte. You have an idea? ?

          I don’t you mind calling me a yellowtard because I’m not into that game, anyway. I don’t know what that is and I really don’t care. I’m just here countering your opinion about BBM because it is just twisted and corrupted the way Duterte is running the country.

          Like I said, your characterization of BBM will not sway a single vote from the loyalists and even from independents like me. Why? Because it’s too cartoonish, too unreal, especially the part where you promoted Duterte. ?

        7. Juan Luna, you said already we might not improve under BBMs watch. Isn’t it not a defeatist attitude that you would rather vote for a mediocre politician like BBM whom you think does not have the capability to improve this country and yet you will still vote for him? Tell me what’s your basis for voting BBM? I’m baffled with the idea of voting someone into office without a proven good track record as a barometer to consider. BBM is in politics more than half of his life and he hasn’t proven anything exemplary and you want me to vote him into office as the next CEO? That’s not how science works. Filipinos should learn not to vote for sympathy and dole outs. Filipinos should have critical minds because the country is at stake and we are left behind in terms of development and modernization compared with other countries in Asia. We are not competetive enough. Ilocos Norte has no competetive economy so I don’t think the mindset of BBM is also competetive in development.

        8. Oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack on what you wrote. So, let’s dig in.

          Jason – “Juan Luna, you said already we might not improve under BBMs watch.”
          (What I actually said was this, “You maybe right, we may not improve under BBM’s watch but I can assure you we are not going to get worse than where we are right now.”

          And that was a response in you praising to high heavens Digong and making this self-serving statement against BBM, “Does BBM have the capability to do that? My answer is no.”)

          Jason – “Tell me what’s your basis for voting BBM?”
          (Where did I say that? Our conversation is about BBM, unlike Duterte, being not a good leader. I contradicted you on Duterte and cast doubt on your statements against BBM. I’m not talking about voting for someone. I’m talking about how wrong you are in pushing Duterte upward and taking down BBM by innuendos and wild guesses.)

          Jason – “I’m baffled with the idea of voting someone into office without a proven good track record as a barometer to consider.”
          (Ah, proven track record ba ‘ka mo? Like I said, Erap was a very successful mayor before becoming an atrocious president. Gloria Arroyo, with lots of honorary degrees, topped the senatorial elections in 1995. That and being the leader of the 40 thieves. Digong was a good criminal mayor before becoming a good criminal president. See the “tracks records” of those I mentioned? BBM don’t have them. ?

          Jason – “BBM is in politics more than half of his life and he hasn’t proven anything exemplary and you want me to vote him into office as the next CEO?”
          (Again, where did you get that idea? Why will I want you to vote on BBM when I’m not even a fan? Your standards on leadership is faulty, you don’t care about decency and criminals is fine with you. It’s obvious your moral standard is shot, so, why will I mess with you on voting?)

          And to think you lecture the Filipinos on how to vote. I cannot do that. I can only give opinion about election and voting but never lecture people on how and who is to vote.

          That’s pure and simple hubris.) ?

        9. Juan Luna, with all your pure self-denial on who to vote and what not, one thing is very obvious – you favor BBM whether it is a standard or sympathy or loyalty it is up to you to decide. Your defense in favor of BBM is twisted per se. To think that he is decent is bullshit. BBM lied already with his educational background abroad. He did not file his proper taxes before. And, of course, his father’s atrocious ill-gotten wealth and his brutal martial law carnage BBM either benefited from them or he condoned them all. He never apologized for his family’s horrible record, opposite of the Japanese in their sins in WW2. So your decency issue is far from ideal with BBM. He failed you all Marcostards already or you are applying double standard here with Duterte. Just get real here and tell me honestly why you are trying to defend BBM in this thread if you said “I’m not even a fan.” Just make sure you are not confused because I think you are.

          What my basis in saying Digong is a better leader than BBM is purely on economic side which my argument all boils down, not human rights issue and decency. That’s why I compared Davao City’s economy to that of Ilocos Norte, ruled by Duterte and BBM respectively for 30 years. Again, you missed my point entirely. I don’t know why you grounded your idea on a leader that is decent, not a murderer, etc. when these things don’t lift the economy up. In fact, Noynoy Aquino’s image was portrayed not corrupt, honest and clean and yet during his term he had a record of human rights violations and corruption under his administration. And so did every past administrations. If decency is the ultimate basis of what a good leader is, Mar Roxas should have become president over Duterte, when you said Duterte is already a known criminal mayor in Davao. You can’t take away all these things.

          What I’m emphasizing here is a vision of a better Philippines for the years to come on what it may achieve in terms of economic size and power, that’s what every Filipino really dream of and that’s why they voted Duterte before because they saw Davao City’s economic improvement during Duterte. And that this is opposite to what BBM is in store because Ilocos Norte is poor and yet fanatics of BBM are still choosing him. Maybe they think what Pres. Marcos “successful” infra projects BBM could also do when he becomes president. And that’s mostly the perception of voting him. Being a decent and not a murderer as you said are obviously not their reasons why they chose BBM. I don’t know why you insist on those things, I think you are out of touch of the reality.

          I think Pres. Marcos and BBM are really opposite. As I said, BBM is not his father. I for one doubt what BBM may achieve as a president since as I said he did not accomplish exemplary during his leadership in Ilocos Norte. So there’s no pure scientific reasons to vote for him, maybe only sympathy and idiotic ones.

        10. I think you already forgotten what I said, in some posts, in the early part of our conversation why I agree and disagree with you on the issue. Let me quote myself again,

          “While I agree on the overall idea on why one should take a moment before voting for BBM, I have to push back…”

          “Your first paragraph, where you cast doubt on the leadership quality of BBM, which I partly concurred with…”

          ‘Yup, I said that to you. And I did that to qualify my point in giving BBM the benefit of the doubt and at the same time understanding your disapproval of him. Only thing was, you did it in an overkill manner. And worse, you praise Duterte at BBM’s expense when it is very clear the former is a terrible human being compared to the latter. You talked of leadership in comparing the two men as if Duterte was the paragon of good behavior. To me, Duterte is the worst leader we ever had.

          BBM was never a mayor. Duterte was never a governor. Can we still compare the two on leadership quality? Of course, but we do it to show the difference in style or approach or kind of management we have. Not to ambush the other and represent the other as an angel, which is a mistake on your part.

          All I’m saying is, bata, dahan-dahan lang, mahina kalaban. Because you hate BBM you completely ignored the demonic side of Duterte and cast it on the former’s direction to attack him before his supporters. Wrong ka d’yan bata.

          As far as I know, BBM has never killed a single person. Not even a dog. Duterte? Tapos, you’re going to question me about leadership and decency? Do you ever wonder why Sara treats her father like that?

          Ah, Duterte is good because of economic reason. Tell me, are we an economic power right now, like Japan or Singapore? Words are easy. Propaganda is mesmerizing but it is not true. Have you seen the cities of the country drenched in blood because of Duterte? Or you just prefer to focus and ‘see’ our ‘economy’ with close eyes? I mean, ‘wag na tayong magbulag-bulagan.

          Meron tayong pangulo na mamamatay tao! ?

          To be clear, that is not in defense of BBM. That is an attack on Duterte, the criminal on the loose.

          Look, had you focus only on BBM and say your negative piece about him, that’s fine. We are allowed to criticize. But when you praise Duterte, the worst kind of leader, to put down BBM, I had to balance the story. You say, Duterte is different from BBM; that Ferdinand is different from BBM. True, they are different because BBM has never been a president. See why your logic is weak?

          Ayaw mo kay BBM, fine. Does that mean you’re going for the hand puppet (Bong Go)? If the answer is yes, patay ka diyan. Mababalatan ka ng buhay if you go for that Duterte factotum. ?

        11. Juan Luna, “Duterte is a terrible human being…the worst leader we ever had.” There you go, you hate the guy in simple words like without qualification? Or is it because of his war on drugs which you implicitly and repeatedly telling me that he is a murderer? You don’t know the story? Maybe you are rich and living in a subdivision and going outside with your car. Just to give you a glimpse on what happened before, Illegal drugs like shabu were so rampant that even streets were infested with drugs. Most drug pushers just selling shabu like candies in the streets in broad daylight without fear of apprehension or prosecution. And when drug addicts didn’t have money to buy shabu anymore, they will go stealing the properties of law abiding citizens and will go hunting and snatching people’s property in order to buy shabu and these were the cycle of their lives because their minds were like zoombies program on how to sniff shabu again day in and day out. And these cannot be minimized because there were police and LGU officials who were in cahoots of drug lords. In fact, there were barangays and alleys were one didn’t want to pass by because there were full of drug addicts and criminals that one would hesitate to walk around because of fear of lives and property. These were the ordinary sentiments of innocent people in the streets of Davao City. Duterte who was mayor then would always walked around like an ordinary person and asked people their basic problems. And illegal drugs is one of those. That’s why he hated drugs and these were the sentiments of other people in the streets of the Philippines as well. In fact, many people in the survey approved the drug war of Duterte. Duterte is just trying to protect the innocents from the criminals. And you said he is demonic like really? Not everyone who was suspected was killed, in fact, many went for rehab than those who were killed. Although there were lapses by law operatives in the implementation of war on drugs, which they should be prosecuted if there are probable cause found, I believe this war on drugs shouldn’t stop. There were those also who retaliated against police officers in legitimate operations and killings of suspects were justifiable. If BBM will not continue this war on drugs of Duterte, then other parts of the country will go back to where they were before which presumably you cannot relate with.

          My point and issue really on BBM which you messed up in this thread is his qualification (aside from the qualifications stipulated in the Constitution). I don’t have expectation of him making this country move to another level or at least set another foundation within the next 6 years to continue for another because he didn’t take Ilocos Norte to another level when he was the leader there. I mean, you should have at least the basis right as a rational human being? Which you failed to explain to me clearly and categorically. We should not take chances that maybe he will make a miracle when he becomes president because our country is still developing. We should likely focus on the present and the future. As you said “we might not improve under BBM” so, my question is why would you still favor or incline to vote for him? What’s really your reason? Because he is a moral person? I already debunk that and said he isn’t morally fit to lead as he already lied on his educational qualification, he had a history of not filing proper taxes, and he did not apologize or say something remorseful on his father’s atrocities in martial law and corruption. Either BBM benefited or condoned them. If we elect BBM without at least the barometer of him as competitor, moral person, and exemplary in one small territory, then we cannot expect him to do well in the presidency which is a more complicated and difficult job than the governor/congressman/senator positions. We will just waste another years of opportunity. We cannot take chances. We should rely our conclusion on hard facts and results.

          I don’t have a choice for president right now. But for sure I won’t vote for BBM not because of sentimental reason, but because of scientific and economic facts and findings.

        12. About BBM first. All your criticisms about him, I don’t have an issue with. Although you really don’t know what the future holds you have the right to weigh-in on candidates and say what you think might happen if they become president. Fair enough.

          But when you set standards on leadership and morality and used Duterte as a good example compared to BBM and attack him for it, that is where all your argument turned into garbage.

          Then you talked about ‘scientific’ (whatever that is). I did more than that, I talked reality when I cited as an example past presidents and how they turned out during their watch and why you should not rush judgment without basis.

          In Ilocos Norte, ironically, you showed no ‘scientific’ evidence why it didn’t went to another level. In using the province as a prop of your attack against BBM, you tried to compare it side by side with Davao City to highlight the “accomplishments” of Digong opposite the ‘failures’ of BBM. Not really fair, malicious actually. So, I have bring you down to the ground and speak of reality.

          About Digong. He is worst for me. You don’t do murders in solving a problem. We have legal and procedural mechanisms to do that. You don’t give people license to kill in the name of ‘war’. What you give them are instructions to cooperate with government in fighting crimes. Thousands have died, mostly poor, mostly victims of drugs but the cartels continue. Many approved the drug war before they’ve known the statistics. Don’t use public approval and hide behind it and sweep the issue under the rug.

          Tell me, Digong’s watch is almost over, have you heard him announced the drug war was a success? That the drug problem was solved? How about corruption in government, was there an announcement that corruption have been completely eradicated?

          As a DDS, I’m sure you will never forget the promises he made the Filipino people about ending the drug problem and corruption in the country. You think he’d done that?

          Pareng Jason, I’m not going to call you names or curse you just because I disagree with you. But on the last note, your chest-thumping, promoting and cheering in support of the demon from Davao City, I only have four words:

          Maling-mali ka bro! ?

        13. Juan Luna, I did not set standard on morality. In fact, I didn’t want to cite that as my preference on a candidate because I was more focused on economic data but you inserted that in the discussion so I found it necessary to rebut you with facts that BBM is not even a good example of a morally upright person, and you failed on that big time here. Just because BBM is not a “murderer” like Duterte doesn’t mean being a dishonest person will absolve him of that standard.

          I tried to simplify my findings for you to understand but seems you have a thick skull. Davao City was poor but became rich today. Davao City was once a war-zone but now it’s one of the most peaceful cities in the Philippines. All because of Duterte. Ilocos Norte, on the other hand, is poor. One of the poorest actually. Not even in top 10 rich provinces in the Philippines. It’s not one of the most peaceful. BBM is the one to blame and is the most responsible for he ruled that province for 30 years.

          Actually, Duterte didn’t do murders until he is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Yeah, sure we have legal processes. Until the court will give verdict and sentence Duterte, I won’t believe in your accusations that he is a murderer. In line of duty of police officers in their legitimate operations, the law presumes ordinary and good faith on their part when they killed suspected criminals in lieu of self-defense because life preservation is the paramount law unless you have evidence to prove otherwise in court which requires procedural due process.

          You don’t feel success in drug war? Maybe because you are rich. Thousands of law abiding citizens are thankful of Duterte’s drug war that’s why he got high ratings for it. And in terms corruption, I can say it is minimized based on perception survey of corruption index. I can’t blame him if he didn’t end such drug and corruption menace but he did fairly for me. 6 years not enough. I can’t expect BBM to do the same because he did not show anything right on the economy of Ilocos Norte so I don’t expect him leading right direction for the entire country in the next six years, so voting him is not really right. About Erap, he wasn’t educated enough. He can be fooled easily unlike Duterte. So I didn’t expect Erap to be a good president in the first place.

          Juan Luna, you are just messing around. You don’t understand my point because you refused to. And based on our discussion, you did horrible here by switching from one issue to another. Not really a good debate. Well, that’s because you pored more emotions in defending BBM rather than facts.

        14. You continue to insist comparing a province to a city which I find weird. Ilocos Norte has 557 barangays; Davao City has 182 barangays. Pilit na pilit. Anyway, let me share some info I found on Wikipedia about your favorite city, Davao City.

          (President Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of Davao for 22 years, has been credited with making Davao one of the world’s safest cities.[111] Rights groups, however, claim that he cites this as justification for his national drug policy.[112] Raw crime data from the Philippine National Police for the years 2010 to 2015 shows that the city had the highest murder rate in the Philippines,[113] and the second-highest number of rapes.

          “Safest city” rankings are often cited from Numbeo, a crowd-sourced survey website; as of February 2018, Davao had dropped to 275th out of 330 cities in Numbeo’s “crime index”.

          Jeanette Ampog, the executive director of Talikala, a Davao-based NGO that helps prostitutes, said in October 2016 that child prostitution had sharply increased over the past two years. She said that children were cheaper and more marketable.)

          Duterte had 22 years to kill and maim in order to make the city “safe”. BBM was governor of the province for nine years and I’m sure some diehards here can supply you with facts regarding his accomplishments in the province.

          “Juan Luna, you are just messing around. You don’t understand my point because you refused to.” – Jason
          There’s that lie again. Didn’t I just quoted myself to show proof how I accepted and agreed with some of your views and contradicted others? Of course, I understand your point, but understanding does not mean swallowing everything you say. Some of your views, especially on Duterte, is just a lickspittle for a tyrant which I abhor. ?

        15. Juan Luna, Davao is one of the most peaceful and rich. You should go there and experience yourself for 1 year and come back here if you think otherwise.

          Since you give more importance and emphasis on morality and you continue to attack Duterte because of the lack of it and considered BBM as a moral person as you said, BBM should return the ill-gotten wealth of Pres. Marcos and make a public apology for the victims of martial law. So far, he did not and doesn’t have plan to. Even if BBM did not do it himself, he is sure enjoying the corrupted wealth of Pres. Marcos because he is one of the heirs. Maybe he is using some of those wealth in running for presidency right now and in the past elections he participated in. If you think about it, he has also the same level of “demonic” leanings of Pres. Duterte because he didn’t apologize for his father’s carnage in the past, which he condoned and kept mum all these years. His mother Imelda Marcos is also a convicted criminal by the Sandiganbayan for 7 counts of graft.

          Just because BBM did not kill or ordered the killings in Ilocos Norte or anywhere in the Philippines doesn’t mean he is a moral person. By acting or omission or abetting of the crimes of others which you know they committed you can be considered principal or accomplice or accessory or obstruction of justice. Hence, BBM is not clean and faulty in his family’s sins which he owe to the public for apology, this aside from the dishonest acts of him of not paying proper taxes and lying on his “degree” abroad.

  8. It is really sad, as shown in the last couple of days, the spectacle of seeing the sudden separation between Pres. Duterte and presidential candidate BBM. The shredding unleashed by the former against the latter has open widely the now visible rift between the two former friends.

    As a result, there is almost complete silence here from those who support both leaders (Digong & Bongbong) as to how to approach the ongoing breakup. Nobody is explaining, no one defending nor justifying why the president said what he said against BBM.

    Imagine, since the family came back from Hawaii, no one has ever attack BBM so cruelly, so nasty and so barbaric as did the president. His supposed main arch-rival, the so-called Cory to his Marcos, Leni Robredo, in all the years that they made patutsada with each other, never had the gall to accuse BBM anything malicious as close to what he’s being accused now.

    I used to read on this blog how a lot of DDS and Marcos loyalists accuse the opposition of singing the same old corny song in attacking BBM. And they are right, the attacks on the son were mostly anchored on the past misdeeds of the father. But now it’s worst. We hear new songs from a new singer that maliciously depict BBM in a very, very horrible way. The attack is so vicious that if I were from Mars and just landed in the Philippines, I would assume Digong is a rabid pro-Leni fanatic and a pink loyalist out to get the head of BBM.

    My friends, this is not a political show meant to entertain. Nope, this is far, far more serious than you think. ?

  9. No one can step in a great man’s shoes..which is why bbm and sara would rather fvck in the bushes than let the old king choose..

  10. Bbm has been trying to hitch on the digong bandwagon for years, but has been politely turned away..but the persistent rogue has managed to charm the kings girl child and has fvcked her in the bushes, without benefit of pillow or linen..it was savage and raw, to say the least.

  11. Now they leave the bushes, hand in hand smiling and waving in the streets..bbm still with a conquistador’s boner, sara bereft of underwear..

  12. Elections are not won with words, and coherent thought.it is won by fvcking, in the bushes if need be.
    Besides, words are useless at this point because most people have already made a decision this early..
    And its definitely not leni, who is absolutely irrelevant that she should just go back to camping out at the edsa shrine.

  13. “You value more on decency rather than what a president can do to uplift the economic status of this country.”
    But isn’t that one essential character of what a good leader is, to be decent? A leader is the person who leads or commands. How can you effectively do that if people think you are not decent? How can they trust you if you don’t have a high moral standards?

    Yes, I value decency more than appreciate a murderous liar. ?

  14. Bbm and sara are very basic politicians.that much will be clearer to everyone come may 2022..they are nowhere near digong.
    be that as it may, all the other pretenders are irrelevant fools who will not stand a chance.especially the deluded pink widow, who is only in the race to please a man and feed her daughters.

  15. Yeah, we want to run everything like it’s a corporation. Why would anybody want to take up a career in teaching and education if it’s not profitable?
    Edward Snowden says:
    “Sometimes I try to imagine a world where scientific young minds enjoyed greater rewards for revolutionizing, like, farming methods, manufacturing, or energy, rather than the dark patterns used to optimize ad-clicks at Google and Facebook. How did we get here? This is my way of saying that if you’re a university student pursuing agricultural science, I wish you a long and happy life. We don’t deserve you.”

    Good luck picking a CEO that has a sustainable and viable national development plan.

  16. “What I’m emphasizing here is a vision of a better Philippines for the years to come on what it may achieve in terms of economic size and power, that’s what every Filipino really dream of and that’s why they voted Duterte before because they saw Davao City’s economic improvement during Duterte.” – Jason
    Nambobola ka pareng Jason. Filipinos did not really vote for Duterte because “they saw” Davao City’s economic improvement under him. Duterte won because of the plurality votes. He did not get the absolute majority votes. Nakakakalat ang boto dahil maraming kandidato. Kumbaga, naka-chamba. For sure, the Filipinos did not vote for death squads, murders and killings which has been the staple in Davao City during the reign of Duterte. ?

  17. “I think Pres. Marcos and BBM are really opposite. As I said, BBM is not his father. I for one doubt what BBM may achieve as a president since as I said he did not accomplish exemplary during his leadership in Ilocos Norte.” – Jason

    That’s fine and I agree with that. Only thing was, since they are opposite, BBM could be better than his dad. Why? He already seen the mistakes his father did, so he’s very aware of what to avoid. In the meantime he’s not yet president, wait for the Marcos loyalists to elect him and then you can criticize his every move when he’s president.

    Right now, you are accusing him of something he hasn’t done yet. Unfair ka d’yan pareng Jason. ?

  18. I honestly think it’s the gold that Marcos loyalists are talking about. Everybody wants a piece of that gold. Specially the yellowtards!

  19. BBM is really a weak leader… That’s why the oligarchs, the opposition along with the western powers won’t even lift a finger in opposing his running for presidency.

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