The Dutertes need to ditch Bong Go to secure their legacy and assure their place in Philippine history

A united camp once regarded as inclusive of both supporters of Bongbong Marcos and those of the Duterte family is no more thanks to events that transpired over the weekend. Sara Duterte’s filing of candidacy for vice president under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Lakas-CMD party was regarded by many as her move to run in tandem with Bongbong Marcos’s presidential bid under Partido Federalismo effectively unifying the Marcos and Duterte support base coalescing a formidable bloc of voters that stretches from Luzon and through down south to Mindanao.

Unfortunately, the party was crashed by Bong Go who, apparently with the backing of President Rodrigo Duterte, lodged his bid for the presidency shortly after. That plus Duterte’s statements against Marcos in an interview with vlogger Byron Cristobal a.k.a. Banat By over the weekend where he reportedly suggested that the former senator along with Opposition “leader” Leni Robredo were “pro communists” effectively split the admin camp into two — those who supported the Marcos-Sara tandem and those who were behind Go and what then was the possibility of President Duterte running for vice president.

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Turns out the plot twists hadn’t all been revealed yet, however. News broke today that President Duterte would, instead, be running for senator which now puts him in a strong position for the Senate presidency if he wins (which is very likely). For now, this eases tensions a bit among Marcos and Duterte supporters. However it is likely that Duterte along with Go will go on over the next six months to take a consistent adversarial position against Team BBM-Sara.

The Opposition are effectively marginalised as not much else in the way of any further innovation in their campaign strategy is likely to be forthcoming. Beyond demonization of the Marcoses and the Dutertes, the Opposition “led” by “vice president” Leni Robredo have not much to show nor stand for. The most recent popularity survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) reportedly shows Robredo moving up to second rank at 18 percent of respondents favouring her for president overtaking rivals Isko Moreno and Manny Pacquiao. However she still trails Marcos by a wide margin the latter attracting the preferences of 47 percent of survey respondents.

It remains to be seen whether Go will persist with his presidential candidacy. Voters supporting the administration continuity platform (and mostly behind Duterte’s federalist inclinations which are seemingly shared by Marcos) are overwhelmingly on the side of the BBM-Sara tandem. Go is widely-perceived to be a leech-like hanger-on to Brand Duterte and not much else. Indeed, Go’s being a senator and continuing to act like a 24/7 personal aide of the President was absolute bad form that did not escape the scrutiny — even disdain — of even the most loyal members of the “Duterte Die-hard Supporters” (DDS) community. Retired Lieutenant General and former National Security Council Director-General Antonio Parlade Jr who led the Duterte administration’s anti-commumist campaign reportedly described Go as a national “problem” who exerts an inordinate amount of influence over the president.

Asked why he was running against a fellow Duterte administration official, Parlade told reporters: “I cannot align with Senator Bong Go. I’m sorry but isa siya, kasama siya sa mga problema ng bayan natin (he’s among the problems of our country).”

Further to that…

Part of the problem is that Go was the one controlling the decisions made by Duterte, he said. “Wala akong beef with Senator Bong Go. I just don’t like the way he does things including controlling the decisions of the President,” This is common knowledge among officers and soldiers in the military and the Philippine Army, and even Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, according to Parlade.

With President Duterte’s term coming to an end and the strong possibility of a new chapter in his political career opening up in 2022, he and his party need to seriously consider the growing liability within their ranks that is Bong Go. It would be a shame if a brilliant legacy is ruined by a barnacle with an outsized ambition. The arithmetic is quite simple and comes down to the one option that makes the most sense: secure the legacy, solidify the alliance of a Senate with a strong Duterte within it and a powerful Marcos-Sara tandem in Malacanang, and throw Go under the bus. Ditching Go just makes perfect sense in the bigger scheme of the very exciting era ahead.

38 Replies to “The Dutertes need to ditch Bong Go to secure their legacy and assure their place in Philippine history”

  1. True, but Go seems like a reliable pro-continuity backup just in case insanity, corruption, and/or interference happens with B.B.M.’s disqualification-case. (God forbid!)

    My only concern now is if we can get enough Senatorial-replacements to make amending the outdated, Yellow-streaked 1987 Constitution possible. The good news is that the hindrance Sen.Pres. Sotto is out, with Sen. Lacson accompanying him.

    Hopefully, successful & sufficient coordination among pro-admin powers-that-be & candidates is enough to make the right decision(s) before the 15 November 2021 deadline.

    1. “True, but Go seems like a reliable pro-continuity backup just in case insanity, corruption, and/or interference happens with B.B.M.’s disqualification-case. (God forbid!)”

      Bong Go as backup just in case? Isn’t that an insult to the voting public? Clearly, that’s an admission that there’s an ongoing Digong machination to bastardize the election. For one, an android is never an option for backup. Bong Go is a blank slate. He does not live for Go but merely exist for DiGOng. And the sad part is, we all know that.

      He’s the general factotum to all the whims of the president. Every time he opens his mouth it’s all about defending Digong no matter what the issue is. Do we really expect him to give a damn about the country in exchange for the personal interest of Duterte?

      Bong Go is just a perfect dummy for Pres. Duterte. Plain and simple. ?

      1. Admittedly true. He’s a spare-tire & a puppet currently under Pres. Duterte’s control (it seems & for now), though the author benign0 suggests the manipulation isn’t a 1-way street or may actually be mostly on the reverse (an apparent observation that didn’t come to mind until the reading of the article).

        But insult or not, we cannot deny the possibility of things going wrong with B.B.M.’s case, even if it’s rock solid. I distinctly remember my dismay at the fate of then-Chief Justice Corona, despite his solid backing of the “Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines” (Republic Act 6426), a legitimate law still in the books. Certain powers-that-be (foreign and/or domestic) do not want a Marcos Ⅱ administration, and who knows what means they’ll stoop-to to enforce their will, and how well the Filipino people can overcome that (if even possible)?

        God forbid they prevail, but he should still prove an asset to the Republic… for so long as the now-Pres. (& future Senator?) Digong can keep control of the puppet (or puppet-master Go keeps-up the act, advancing the Mayor’s will while advancing his own in the shadows). If the puppet rebels (or drops Rody’s & pursues only his own) and/or is seized… then, we are truly screwed if Go wins.

        1. “But insult or not, we cannot deny the possibility of things going wrong with B.B.M.’s case…”

          Is that a suggestion that Bong Go, if things go wrong, would be a replacement BBM?

          If it is, I don’t get the point. For example, if BBM is disqualified from running for pres., Go would be put in his place. That would be putting him in equal footing to the status of BBM. Does he really have the same stature and influence, not to mention intellect, as BBM to be his understudy? I don’t think so.

          Bong Go is a hand puppet. We all know a hand puppet is operated and controlled by somebody. Its personality is the personality of one who controls it. In this case, it is Digong.

          He cannot control nor dictate the daughter so he goes for the dummy. ?

          See the manipulation there? ?

        2. Yeah, I saw Go as more of a charisma-deficient technocrat best working in the background. So, it seemed best for him to work a lower office, like department-head (as PH V.P.’s usually become). And indeed, the surveys seemed to show him polling well as a V.P.-candidate, and I agreed with the masses. But, then the whole B.B.M.-case & the re-shuffling was done. (My face crumples from this trickery. And we know Army Reserve Col./Mayor/V.P.-candidate Sarah is no stranger to teamwork, but how well/comfortably will she be able to work together with her father’s team, when she as mayor fired and replaced his people in Davao and jumped for V.P. on her own? Her interests & objectives differ from the administration’s in significant ways. Why & and what are they? This is left unanswered.)

          As to Go’s intelligence, that’s debatable. In 1 sense, I’d wonder how he’s reached where he has in life now, which few Filipinos ever accomplish without enough intelligence & competence. But then again, I’d also question the intelligence of yes-men. But, that assumes Bong is just a puppet, and the author is wrong.

          IF the author & his sources are right (which is a big claim yet new to me & yet to be personally confirmed/falsified), then that turns the tables (at least, for this autist who definitely can’t claim boss-level social-savvy as a specialty), given the intellect needed to coordinate manipulations on enough people with varying personalities & interests in individual cliques with their own individual subcultures & dynamics, while maintaining sufficient cover from detection and/or counter-measures against neutralization, while still getting assigned multiple tasks done in a reasonably-good manner on time, no matter their locations (and all in parallel & in realtime!). In that case, what are his actual interests & objectives outside the Duterte-aligned ones, hidden in the shadows? What would the man behind the mask be when the supposed-servant finally rules over the former-boss? (And as mentioned previously, drones can be hijacked. Who are his most likely hijackers?) Now that I think of that possibility, I can only beg for author benign0 to be wrong and the anti-B.B.M. forces to fail.

          I doubt a Pres. Lacson will do what has to be done & to a sufficient extent (though I’d expect the status-quo and/or pre-2016 politics all over again), and I’m certainly not voting a Pink/Yellow. Mayor Isko & Sen. Pacquiao lack experience and jumped for the Presidential race a few election-cycles too early, so voting for either of them is pushing it.

          The configuration of this election is not ideal, but COMELEC’s 15 November 2021-deadline is passed. Only subtraction can be done by COMELEC when it publishes the final list this December. The final re-shuffle has dampened my eagerness for my ballot, but what can be realistically done anymore?

      2. @N192K001
        I even doubt if Go can work effectively on those areas you mentioned. All I know is he work better when serving under Digong. He’s at his best in the service of the Dutertes.

        With regard to the daughter, I mean, she knows what kind of monster her fathers is. That is why her decision regarding herself in relation to the father is understandable.

        I don’t think Go’s intelligence should even be subject of a debate. He has it but the question is why is he repressing it vis-a-vis the Duterte interest? He occupies position of authority but when it’s about Digong he acts like a ‘dakilang alalay’. I know the answer as to how he reached where his life is right now. One word, Digong.

        You wonder how the supposed-servant will rule over the former boss? Never. Go has in his core an ingrained factotum mentality. I’ve never seen a perfect example of a lapdog since Fabian Ver. ?

  2. The question of ditching Bong Go, the most rabid Duterte loyalist, should be addressed directly by the Dutertes because he is a Duterte creation. But before that, the question that really requires an immediate answer is, what’s going on between the father and daughter? Looks like each are preparing their respective future politically without considering the existence of the other.

    Why is Sara seems to be not proud of his father’s accomplishments? Why is she distancing herself from the old man? Unlike BBM who seems to have his umbilical cord safely tuck with his mother, why did the daughter become wicked to her own father? Put another way, why is the father nasty to his own daughter? What’s going on in there? So far, no Duterte loyalist here were able to explain that phenomenon, not a hunch nor a guess. ?

    It is important to know the reason why there seems to be a gap between father and daughter. Was there or is it just a ploy or a zarzuela para utuin ang mga tao? A drama the ending of which will still be everybody happy in the camp?

    Bong Go is really nothing. He’s a puppet on a string, to put it mildly. He doesn’t dance to his own song. He is Duterte’s official lego man. Agree, he’s actually a good-for-nothing to be ditched. A trash, a scum, a crap in barong. He’s all that.
    But who can do the ditching when Pres. Duterte himself, because of Bong Go’s functionality to him, treats and presents him as gold? ?

      1. @Ahaha

        Join the conversation my friend. Don’t just be content being a sideline heckler.

        Wala kang silbe if you’ll just waste your time blabbing here. ?

        1. Nah, I’m satisfied by just annoying the heck out of you. I’m glad that I’m wasting your time as well. ?

      2. please refer again to cast of characters .
        Digong – the old and powerful philosopher king
        Leni – vengeful widow,an old balut vendor with a gimpy leg.
        She sells lame pink porridge with duck embryo.

    1. cast of characters:
      Digong – t1he old philosopher-king
      Sara-rebellious princess
      Bbm- the charming rogue who fvcked the king’s daughter, in the bushes
      Bong go- the spurned suitor
      Manny pac – old gladiator who expects the adulation of the crowd at every turn
      Pink lacson – court vizier who knows too many secrets
      Isko – a court jester
      Parlade-all in all,a general nuisance
      Leni- vengeful widow, an old fool-hag
      Leody-farmer in red shirt

  3. Poor Bong Go, he will just cause unnecessary division of votes, someone needs to convince him that he is running a losing battle, he doesn’t have the popularity of Bong bong nor the oligarch financial machinery of Leni.

    1. I’m not exactly sure if Bong Go is really that ‘poor’ who needs convincing about his running a losing battle. First, the person who convinced him to run is the president himself. He knows he’s not popular and I even think being a yes man makes him unpopular. So, why is he doing this? Second, he is running because he cannot refuse the man who has been manipulating him all his civilian and political life. Lastly, Bong Go is destined to be a political cyborg intentionally created by Digong for emergency purposes like this one. ?

    2. Bong Go being in the presidential race is a Just-in-case placeholder, should BBM’s disqualification case really bear fruit and BBM is taken out of the race. I think that is the current strategy.

      Until it is decided with finality that disqualification cases against BBM do not have any bearing on his candidacy, then Bong Go will most likely step back once BBM is assured their will be no hindrance in allowing him to run in the 2022 presidential race.

      It is easier for their group to field Bong Go now while the cases is pending then withdraw him, since he has no real political ambition except what Duterte tell him to run for (or his party). That is all how we perceive him to be, nothing but a puppet without his own voice or decision making. But for those who wish for a more Duterte aligned block to win both presidential and vice presidential race, the current fielding of candidates makes some sense to me.

      If BBM is out of the race due to disqualification, Bong Go will be the last man standing that the political machinery of those with Duterte will push. I don’t know how that will pan out though as I don’t think Bong Go is even on the level of an average statesman. If he needs to run everything by Duterte when in high level talks, that doesn’t bode well for us globally when viewed by other political leaders.

      If BBM out, then it will be Bong Go v Leni v Isko v Pacquiao. I think in that race, Leni is the most likely to win for me. Isko I still don’t know whether his is admin or opposition. I think he is just a political butterfly (ningas kugon). Where he stands to benefit the most, he will move to that stance/party. So I guess a populist? And I don’t like Isko for that as it makes his decisions mostly be done due to how much “pogi points” he can get. Whether or not it is actually doable is something he has not thought through.

      If Pacquiao wins, lock the treasury and call it a day. This guy doesn’t know how to properly use funds. I wonder if, assuming he were to become president, end up using veto powers in the budget to push his agenda. A part of me wants to laugh but I know his heart is in the right place. Just that those around him are surely using his name and persona to advance their greedy goals. So I kind of actually feel sorry for Pacquiao but he chose to surround himself with these people so he is still partly at fault once he loses the campaign. And my guess is, he will announce a comeback bout after losing the elections because he has no money left to feed his lifestyle. Even Singson comments about how Pacquiao spends money like it was water.

      1. “If BBM out, then it will be Bong Go v Leni v Isko v Pacquiao.”

        Ummm, I don’t think so. Supposed to be, the race is about the rematch between BBM and Robredo, this time on the highest level. If BBM is disqualified, which is still a big question mark, then the race will become a one-man show. Now that Digong sideswiped BBM and threw his lot on Bong Go, who in his right mind will think BBM’s voters will switch to Go?

        Unless changes happens, the possibility of BBM being cancelled by disqualification would result in Robredo dominating the field.

        Isko and Pacquaio? They are irrelevant running by themselves. But if they coalesce with others or make some sacrifice in order to level the playing field it might change the scenario of Robredo the race

        Bong Go? He’s just that, pampagulo. ?

        1. Right now, my view on the matter is that Bong Go needs to be placed as a presidential candidate in the off chance that BBM is really disqualified by Comelec.

          I don’t think Duterte will villify Marcos to “lift” Bong Go in the polls or his supporters. I would think his focus will actually be to “trash talk” the other candidates to get them to flinch and unravel in their response as Duterte is already a given to not be eloquent in any public event, but the other candidates have always tried to maintain statesman like composure with the exception of Isko.

          Yes, I agree with you, If BBM is disqualified, Robredo will surely be the front runner candidate now given the crop remaining. But with Duterte still in the picture annoying their party, I would think the best strategy for their camp is to make sure Leni is never given a chance to be in an impromptu interview or presscon as that is an inherent weakness I see with her and her critics will pick apart her answers (or non answers if you get my drift).

          I would also hope they’d actually have a proper platform than general “anti corruption”, “antidynasty” and “antidictator” general statements. It’s not really something to go off on. Their group/party had been in power for decades so if they were really anti corruption the laws and enforcement of them would have been in place already. But as we can see, they aren’t. So it isn’t something that bodes well for them from someone who will just look into the statements. They need to acknowledge that they had been in power for years and what their failings are/were. And they need to acknowledge that if they win, they will strive hard (actual effort) to work with other parties/candidates.

          But as it stands, kanya kanya lang sila and I see no hope of them picking the good ideas from other candidates.

          At present, until the ballots are actually printed by Comelec, it is still in flux.

        2. @17Sphynx17

          With his own daughter keeping distance and running independently from him, Pres. Duterte is slowly getting irrelevant by the day. Yes, he can hug the headlines for backing up an obsequious disciple and expressed his sentiments against BBM to show he’s still calling the shots, but that’s about it. I don’t see people rushing to him for succor or parties accommodating and supporting his thoughts and actions by making changes on their election plans.

          In other words, he’s the purest example of a lame duck. ?

          And mind you, he’s not just trying to be relevant. He’s trying to have a say in the race because he fears for the possible outcome. If the opposition wins, he will have a lot on his plate with regard to pending lawsuits that awaits him once he stepped down.

          It’s possible he’s trying to use Bong Go as a bait. Forcing BBM to come to him for some kind of arrangement where he gets protection and a special role if Marcos wins in exchange for Go’s withdrawal. If BBM refused, it’s go for Go as the spoiler. ?

        3. @Juan Luna

          For Sara, I think even in local level politics she has (smartly) tried to distance herself to project that she is her own person with her own team/decision to try and avoid as much collateral (politcal) damage from her dad’s antics. It’s not a clean getaway as you really can’t run from your family’s name (same with BBM). But she is actively doing it so I can only applaud her team/decision for that. I wouldn’t say she is alienating her dad. Blood is thicker than water but when it comes to politics, her dad (at best) can only suggest/recommend. Looks like she isn’t one to just swallow it hook line and sinker like Bong Go or Bato.

          Yes. Duterte though is now running for the Senate. So if he does become a front runner, then he is in contention to eventually possibly become a candidate there for Senate President, which is another can of worms. But that’s already on multiple steps away from 2022. It only becomes a thing to consider if he does win with a huge lead over other Senatorial candidates in 2022 to show he still has public support on his side. I do believe it has deterioriated because of his own making (Duque, substitution, etc) but whether that is enough to wear down the support in the Senatorial Race is something I can’t say for certain. If he originally say had 16m votes in the national election back in 2016 for presidency. Can he still get 14-15m enough to be #1 in the Senate race? Not sure but in the senatorial bracket, you are not limited to just voting for 1 person so that may still allow those on the fence with Duterte the chance to vote for him again on that front.

          Re BBM and Duterte possible backdoor dealing, I do believe they have already discussed Plan A, B, C etc depending on the outcome. They aren’t just showing their cards yet because the disqualification is still up in the air. And all the while, this dilly dallying gives them a slight opportunity to push a divide and conquer strategy against their real opponents, Robredo’s camp. They’d have to pick who’d they spend time trying to outdo. Of course BBM is the logical choice given he is their biggest threat, but if he were to be disqualified, it would be wasted effort .

          that’s just my current observation and thinking on the matter. I can be wrong. But I do think there have been talks between Lakas, PRRD’s/Cusi’s camp and BBM’s camp. This is more likely for me than thinking there are solid (Backdoor) talks between Leni’s camp and Lakas.

  4. Nah, a wishful thinking. Duterte will just be happy and contented supporting Bong Go all the way, while vilifying BBM non-stop.

    Latest is that Duterte just said BBM is a cocaine user, a weak leader, and did not contribute anything of value to the Philippines. Now what DDS and Marcostards? Yellowtards are enjoying this show. They are laughing right now.

    1. “Yellowtards are enjoying this show. They are laughing right now.”
      Laughing and at the same time nervous. They laugh because all along they thought there’s a meeting of the minds between the Duterte fanatics and the Marcos diehards. But the president’s ambushed of BBM exposed the real status of the relationship between the two. Supposed to be. And this becomes the source of their nervousness because everyone suspects there is a grand zarzuela going on and most probably they are the intended victims. ?

    2. They all must have forgot, digong is still king and can destroy you with single line.
      Some nervous high rollers must be shaking in their boots right now, hedging their bets..
      And may is still an eternity to go in politics..

  5. Digong, with only the title ‘president’ giving him some semblance of authority, is really a disabled, helpless and a weakling at this stage of his term. In fact, he’s actually slowly turning into a doormat now.

    So, to suggest that a wimp is capable of destroying anyone is bordering on hallucination. A spent force like Digong cannot affect anything at this time.

    Want proof? Just ask Sara. ?

  6. Digong doesnt need any titles..he can destroy will see, within 6 months.

    you’all must have forgot..he sent that wimp mar back to washing dishes for his fake wife, awaiting his time to join pnoy up in retard heaven.

  7. Only a fool will take digong for a fool.and there’s plenty of fools, mostly in imperial manila, who take him for a fool.
    you all must have forgot, in the visayas and mindanao, digong is still the king.

  8. Sara, the belligerent child, is taking a walk in the park, and fvcking in the bushes with bbm..with time to spare for the coronation…
    But apparently unbeknownst to the father.

  9. Now most fathers would never approve of their girl child being fvcked in the the least go out on a proper date, get a proper room.. but the poor child just likes to fvck around

    1. Now the fvcker is a scion of the king of the north..with a certain disreputable reputation..the kind you dont bring home to daddy..daddy meanwhile has his own preference, a good clean cut boy who works for the family business..but the daughter really just prefers to fvck whomever she likes..

      1. And we all know how these stories triumphs, the charming rogue fvcker redeems himself and they live happily ever the other characters, they are mere extras in this grand the delusional malcontent pink widow, who will be sent to the gallows in the end, to the delight of the crowd.

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