Leni Robredo’s reverse metamorphosis: do Filipinos want a mother for a president?

Looking at the most recent of “vice president” and presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s recorded campaign videos, one can’t help but wonder what it is exactly she thinks she is doing that could possibly convince Filipinos to vote for her. Does she think Filipinos want another mother figure? Because it seems that this is the sort of image she’s trying to project nowadays having ditched her eye liners for the pa-concerned effect patronising squint and exchanging her slim-fitting suits for the frumpy maternal tents that give her the lump-like look we see today.

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Reverse metamorphosis is what seems to be at work here. Rather than transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly, she’s gone the other way, coming out of a makeover evidently engineered by her expensive campaign “strategists” looking more larval. Compare her look today to five years ago when a wide-eyed Robredo exuded a vibrant keenness to lead Filipinos and not the doting mother-hen figure she cuts today that could only appeal to Filipinos who prefer wallowing in victimhood over taking charge of their fortunes.

What sort of people does Robredo want to lead — a people who look to be mobilised to build a strong nation or a people looking upward with mouths agape in anticipation of their next ayuda fix?

Robredo’s emotional appeal insults Filipinos who aspire to be independent, assertive, and prosperous by gaslighting them into believing that it is only a messiah that can set them down the right path. What is that “right” path, for that matter? Robredo, unfortunately, does not spell that out either and the answer to that question remains one of the biggest mysteries of her campaign.

11 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s reverse metamorphosis: do Filipinos want a mother for a president?”

  1. I have to admit while Leni is not popular in the polls, she has a great marketing team, makes me believe that there are “powerful figures” that is funding her immensely so that she can will be installed as president, she is also wildly popular among the wokes and the faux intellectuals, even in Cebu where she is not popular, I can see a lot of advertisement about Leni, I fear that she might become a dark horse and it might overshadow Sara/ Bong bong. Most likely they will bring up the topics of Pharmally, DOH and EDSA to smear Sara/Bong Bong.

    1. Phar-mali is not gaining any traction
      ..despite the best efforts of NOdick gordon and pink lacson..no one really cares.

      That means that most people have already made up their minds..the marketers know this, and are probably now clawing out their eyeballs..except bam who is still doodling girly dresses on a piece of yellow pad paper.

  2. To be exact she has a political machinery, a political party behind her. Other candidates have their ‘powerful figures’ too behind them. Sometimes these figures backs up two, three or more candidates. The reason why she and BBM are ahead of the rest was because of those things. ?

    “Most likely they will bring up the topics of Pharmally, DOH and EDSA to smear Sara/Bong Bong.”

    That is why the BBM-Sara tandem must perfect their defense because they are vulnerable on those issues. ?

  3. That’s how Leni strives..by using the same emotional crap that Old Yellows do and not to mention that her, playing as Opposition for 6 years a big move to her. This is why we shouldn’t underestimate the power of Opposition through media, they’re small in numbers but they’re sneaky bastards. If BBM-Sara fails to take a firm defense stance, I fear that we will be having Cory Aquino 2.0 this time. It’s a big tug-of-war for now.

  4. the pink widow does not stand a chance even against manny pac..all that marketing, for naught.the brand is sh*tty, the product is pure sh*t-in-a-can, so who buys sh*t when everyone takes a dump everyday.

  5. Now manny pac, he’s not on social media, or even on media..but hes going around the country giving out cash and sardines and promising everyone a town house, no more taxes like, forever, and a brand new wife.
    He’ll get more votes than the pink widow gimmickry.

  6. Manny pac will utterly crush the pink widow, who is all fake noise on social media and mainstream media..the pink widow is giving away pictures of pink lugaw but manny is giving away actual cold cash and cold tins of sardines..he will make a run for it in may but will come up very short at 2nd place and 5 billion down the drain.

  7. Well, that’s what you get when your political raison d’etre is just being the opposite of Duterte/Marcos. Watched that video with an open mind and ended up concluding that her PR team should be kicked to the curb.

  8. Time to get real -the pink widow may be a bit relevant in the capital manila,and maybe balance luzon, but is seriously a non entity in the visayas and mindanao.its all digong and inday sara here…lenny, dumber than rocks, never ventured out of edsa in all her six wasted years as fake vice president.

  9. She has been camping out at the edsa shrine the past six years,
    like some crazy baglady with a pushcart full of tin cans and feral cats.

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