POS Wants BBM To Eat (Pink) Cake

Now hear this, folks! Whether we like it or not the world of the Pinklawans in Philippine society has become the arbiter of truth, intelligence, class, decency, and morality. Very much like the Hollywood celebrities in America, the Pinklawans expect the rest of us “peons” to embrace their dictates and beliefs because otherwise, in the words of the Hollywood royalty Paris Hilton, you’re just not “hot” (yes, she is that profound). In our country’s case, what is hotter than the elite Oxford Philippines Society or what I prefer to call the Pinoy Oxford Society (POS)? The very same group that recently made a declaration that essentially looked down on BBM’s credential as his credential is not the same as theirs.

Some of the prominent POS characters claiming to not be playing politics.

So this group, POS, a group of 200 Oxford University students and former students, with Filipino roots, declared (with such authority) that:

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i) Bongbong Marcos matriculated at the University of Oxford in 1975 to read for a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (the “Degree”). Matriculation is a formal ceremony marking a student’s admission to the University of Oxford. This is a requirement that all students need to undergo at the beginning of the course.

ii) Bongbong Marcos did not finish his Degree. This was officially confirmed by Oxford University in 2015.

iii) Bongbong Marcos failed his Degree’s preliminary examinations at the first attempt. Passing the preliminary examinations is a pre-requisite for continuing one’s studies and completing a degree at Oxford University. Preliminary examinations are taken in the first half of a degree course, usually in a student’s first year of studies.

iv) Bongbong Marcos has been awarded with a Special Diploma in Social Studies in 1978. A Special Diploma is not a degree, and neither is it comparable, superior nor equivalent to one. A Special Diploma is not a course of higher education leading to an undergraduate or first degree or even a master’s degree.

Funny, but as they have averred to, this issue has already been confirmed in 2015! Why they are bringing this up again despite the fact that this has been clarified already is quite mind-boggling. But they say they are not doing this for political purposes. Oh no! Surely not! We’ll simply just have to believe them as much as we have to teach our daughters to always believe their boyfriends whenever they say: “Trust me baby, I’ll pull out in time”.

Now if the purpose is merely to dispel “disinformation” and to inform the public that Bongbong Marcos’ “Special Diploma” is not a degree nor something that can be used to lead up to a more advanced credential, then why is there a need to even mention that BBM failed his first attempt at the school’s preliminary exams? Should we then demand the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to make a statement that Leni Robredo is a Bar flunker? That she needed to retake the Bar exam to be a lawyer? I find it hilarious to see a bunch of snotty little-nosed rich twerps and their older contemporaries make assessments of the value of another person’s credential, the hell with the registrar’s office!

But the POS gods have spoken, and Filipinos are expected to bow down to the majesty of such authority. I wonder out of the 200 members of this elite group, how many of them belong to the top 100 notable Alumni of the University of Oxford? Last time I checked the list, only two Filipinos made the top 100. The first one being BBM who is ranked at #66 and the other one being Isko Moreno at #86. How can someone who doesn’t have the same piece of paper as these POS boys and girls have and how can a former lowly squatter from the streets of Manila be recognized in the top 100 notable Oxford Alumni and not one of them who are part of the crème de la crème of Philippine society? To top this off, how can a “Special Diploma” be good enough for acceptance to the MBA program at the prestigious Wharton School of Business if they declared that BBM’s Special Diploma is not a course of higher education leading to an undergraduate or first degree or even a master’s degree, as they declared? Aren’t they supposed to be the final arbiter and authority of what a Special Diploma is worth? Oh, this must hurt the fragile little egos of the snotty little Marie Antoinettes! Awww… how about a slice of a nice sweet pink cake?

The Marie Antoinettan hubris of these elites makes it so much easy to mock. I would recommend my readers to mock one if ever you get an opportunity to do so for their stupid and pretentious opinions. Don’t let an opportunity pass by because you can bet your second- and third-class ass that they will not hesitate to do the same to you. These folks assume that their wealth and prestige are substitutes for intelligence, competitiveness, and wisdom, when in all likelihood it is often nepotism that gets them to where they are. (Okay, I take that recommendation back. But you do get my drift, right?)

Now what is worse than the elites? Well, that would be the peons who think they are elites just because they agree with and identify with the sentiments and persuasion of the elites! Acting so uppity and intellectual, these Einsteins don’t seem to realize that very much like their degrees from the University of the Philippines or the Ateneo or De La Salle, their degrees (and experience) may not mean jack squat at other institutions, organizations, or even countries! To embrace the words of the elites doesn’t make one an elite. Just because you agree with people perceived to be intelligent does not make you intelligent! To believe so is idiotic. It’s kind of like watching television in the middle of the night and coming across a commercial showing a cool looking guy wearing a nice Ralph Lauren shirt hanging out with other cool looking guys and cute chicks, all happy and giddy. Now, if you think that if you buy that Ralph Lauren shirt you would end up being like that cool looking guy hanging out with a bunch of other cool guys and cute girls, then congratulations! You are an idiot! You will still be the same old chump only $90 lighter!

Anyhoo, it really is up to individual institutions or groups to assess whether a degree is equivalent or not precisely because equivalency is, as an adjective, about having similar features or identical value, meaning or effect. In other words, it is a value judgment. To make a sweeping statement that a Special Diploma isn’t is the height of hubris! Anti-Marcosian uppity idiots seem so gleeful at this latest slight at BBM’s educational background, they seem to fail to realize that the degrees and diplomas they have from their respective universities may not mean anything either to others, perhaps even to the POS folks they seem to be glorifying now! Being so fixated on watering down another person’s educational background, perhaps, is the “decent” thing to do for these sanctimonious bunch. Funny how these POS geniuses’ declarations don’t seem to matter to how the Wharton School of Business assessed BBM’s credentials when it accepted BBM into its MBA program. Funny how the smear campaign seems to only resonate within their echo chamber.

13 Replies to “POS Wants BBM To Eat (Pink) Cake”

  1. It just boils down into “wearing political labels” while looking down on other people who don’t hold the same beliefs.

    1. As usual, when the only thing they can throw at BBM is his “infamous” name and his college degree (just to make him look stupid). It’s just shallow pettyness.

  2. Guys, I don’t think Bongbong Marcos gives a whit to what a certain group say about his educational background. Whether a special diploma is a degree or not is an issue that Bongbong would rather prefer to have his opponents use against him come campaign time. If one is running for public office, one expect people to dig in to his/her closet to get ammunitions to cut him/her down. That’s politics and every politician worth his salt understand that. Nampucha, have you read the issue about Raffy Tulfo lately? Matinde! Pero he’ll win, anyway. Lol!

    Leave your emotions at the door.

    Bongbong has been in politics all his life. Hindi na siya balat sibuyas. With a Marcos name, no one will even imagine that he’s the iyakin type. He knows the game very well, so don’t expect that he will make patol with the issue.

    One good reminder, when was the last time educational background become the deal breaker in our elections?

    I don’t know about you but the article appears to be an idle attempt to hijack attention on the real issue against Bongbong. : )

      1. Ehem, I’m sure you’re a nice guy in person. I just don’t know why you react the way you do on opinion that you do not agree with.

        Chill, bro! We’re interacting on issues that requires level-headed discussion. I respect whatever your opinion is, I just don’t think attacking somebody you disagree with is necessary. Cool ka lang! : )

  3. I don’t want to listen to those, “who graduated in what school”, or “who flunked in such subjects”… these are not necessary, of what they can do to solve the country’s problems…

    I want to listen of what can they do, to improve the dismal conditions of our country. And, what can they do to improve my life…

    Politics of stupidity is rampant in our country …God save us all , from these stupid politicians !!!

  4. Filipinos keep harping about educational degrees, titles and institutions from which they graduated but what matters in the real world are accomplishments and results.

    Note: graduating from UP or Ateneo is not a real accomplishment, it is merely the acquisition of a tool for realizing a product or service that will uplift the lives of fellow humans.

    At the end of the day, college dropouts like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates far outweigh a thousand University Graduates from the Philippines.

    BBM’s educational background matters little to his capacity to lead, these poor folks should find something else to throw at him. Lame efforts like this hardly make a dent on survey figures.

    How about digging up BBM’s crimes against humanity?

    1. BBM is not corrupt unlike Bill Gates who are doing Big Pharma and vaccins to kill people, Zaxx. Bill Gates predicted about pandemic, should we call it plandemic or just scamdemic?

  5. Who are they to say that bbm did not finish,they r not even an oxford registrar ,oxford is very strict in giving info to any people because they have policy of data privacy.with out BBM letter of request for rappler,the oxford will not give u the information of Marcos,it’s in their data privacy,they are strict in giving info of their former students,even rappler are not included in oxford third party so my question is where did they get their info,its definitely not from oxford

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