Maria Ressa does not deserve the Philippine Senate “Medal of Excellence”

It has everything to do with President Rodrigo Duterte and it is an election year. Why would the Senate stoop so low as to bestow a medal of excellence on Maria Ressa when her work as a journalist is hardly excellent? Her English proficiency is because she’s an American citizen who attended Princeton. But other than this, her body of work does not approximate those who preceded her in what was then considered a noble profession.

There is nothing in her writing style that is compelling. What she is actually is a foreign agent, sponsored by both public and private American vested interest groups, who are out to install a leader in this country who is friendlier to them and subscribes to their ideology. What we have seen in the vilification of a national artist for literature by Ressa’s sycophants reflects the rot in our society at present. Principles and values are no longer the basis of sound judgment. It is more about being on the “right” side of “history” with authoritarian, fascist, tyrannical and dictartatorship, all being used out of context.

Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize is meant to shock and awe us monkeys who can be all agog over such an “honor” bestowed on someone who claims to be Filipino but is actually not. You wonder whatever happened to the sense of propriety of Senators who don’t even bother to show respect for the Filipinos who voted them into office. Ressa’s Nobel Prize is supposed to serve as the validation of her claims against the Duterte administration and trick the public into voting for the Opposition in the 2022 election. This is the only reason why she was selected. It is nothing but cheap propaganda that adds millions into Ressa’s pocket which is already brimming with funds from foreign sources.

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If the Duterte administration was truly tyrannical, dictatorial and authoritarian, Rappler would be shut down by now. But it is still operating and spewing propaganda against the administration. It has failed to uphold the basic tenet of journalism which is to protect the public from government overreach and corruption. Maria Ressa pales in comparison to Max Soliven and Louie Beltran who didn’t spare the Yellowidiots any quarter the minute they were in power. Their reporting was based on facts and not their version of facts.

If the Senators pushing for Ressa to receive the Senate’s highest honor don’t come to their senses then it is only fitting that a campaign be waged against them with the public for them not to continue being members of what is supposed to be a collegial body of learned men who have experience and wisdom. The public perception of the Senate and Senators isn’t that high to begin with. It will only go lower if Maria Ressa is awarded an honor she doesn’t deserve.

14 Replies to “Maria Ressa does not deserve the Philippine Senate “Medal of Excellence””

  1. Why not? She did not violate any journalistic creed nor laws of society to disqualify herself for such a medal. If she was able to get the nod of the people from the Nobel foundation, why not the men and women from the Philippine Senate? It’s practically academic because having a Nobel Peace Prize award simply means one has achieved excellence in her field of expertise. The Medal of Excellence from the Philippine Senate was simply a way of echoing the validity and confirmation of the prestigious honors accorded to Maria Ressa.

    It’s about time to move on to some more relevant and contentious issues that merit more attention and discussion. This is a no brainer. Ressa lost (arrested, detained, convicted) and then she won, that’s the story. Either way, the country suffered no loss.

    Case closed.

    1. Your word salad means nothing either, it’s all praise to the Yellow/Opposition journalists instead. Thank you very much.

  2. “Anybody seen or heard Maria Ressa ever speak in Tagalog?”

    Anybody wants to contact the Bureau of Immigration for that? And why only Tagalog, is that the requirement for citizenship now? What if she knows no Tagalog but speaks Bisaya or Ilocano or Kapampangan, etc.?
    We’ve all seen Ressa speak and we understand what she’s saying. So, what’s your point, genius?

  3. Okay Benign0 and pro-Marcos loyalists, let’s mock and bash Maria Ressa to satisfy Ferdinand E. Marcos’ god complex!

      1. No! It’s Marcos loyalists’ choice! They are free to do whathever they glorify the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos as our supreme leader!

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