Illusions and delusions will not win Leni Robredo and the #KakamPink mob the election

Fearless. Mareng Winnie always has been. But always on the wrong side of the political fence. In her Inquirer piece today, she shouts out, “Fearless forecast: Leni will win”. Why would Leni Robredo win? Magic? That’s not an option since Andy Bautista is in exile in San Francisco. Volunteerism? This is nothing more than bandwagoning. Funny then; on that note Monsod elaborates on some of the bases of her “postive assertion”…

I was told there are over 200 volunteer organizations—some existing even before she indicated that she was running, so convinced they were that she is the best candidate. But I doubt that Leni is the sole motivation for their efforts. Beyond her, I think, they are doing it for the country.

Robredo appeals to the “ABC” crowd but these economic brackets don’t make up the bulk of the voters. The D and E demographic does. And no matter how much she bends herself over backwards, the laylayan, as she refers to them, still perceive her to be elitist.

The Publicus Pahayag survey dropped yesterday. It had her at about 23% voter preference. I would think the survey had more ABC respondents which is why she scored this high. Ditto for Bongbong Marcos (BBM) who was at 49%. After the November 15 deadline for substitution, there’s still six months left before the election. These six months will expose more of Robredo’s weaknesses. When the debates roll along, that will be the end of her. She won’t be able to hold her own against Sen. Ping Lacson and BBM. She will have her ass handed to her.

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Robredo is the type of person who doesn’t really absorb the context of her job. She’s not a natural politician who has passion for what she’s doing. It’s all made up. Part of the packaging. All form, no substance. Fake it, until you make it. The same can be said of Isko Moreno which is why their camps have been at it for the whole of October. It doesn’t help that her supporters have been waging a negative campaign against her rivals. Voters want to hear about platforms in this election cycle because of the high level of uncertainty they face due to the pandemic.

The Pahayag survey had respondents ranking the economy, jobs and anxiety of being infected as their primary concerns. Mareng Winnie is probably having a deja vu moment reminiscing about the heady days leading up to Cory Aquino finally declaring she will run. Leni borrowed from the same playbook. Much consternation. Much discernment. Much prayers. Then when she announced her candidacy, it was made to appear as manna from heaven.

Monsod and other Opposition personalities have created in their ecosystem a recreation of the environment during their fight against Ferdinand Marcos. Illusions and delusions will not win them the election. You need to have a viable candidate first and Robredo isn’t viable. This is very evident in her high disapproval and low trust ratings. The clock is ticking on Robredo’s political career. It’s clear that it is only a matter of time and she better enjoy her remaining days in the limelight.

4 Replies to “Illusions and delusions will not win Leni Robredo and the #KakamPink mob the election”

  1. How would you vote for a woman to be President; who cannot even speak rational English sentences… to convince me, that she can improve my life…

    If I am an OFW, being subjected to “slave labor” and “slave wages” in a foreign country…how can she improve my life and my present condition?

    I am tired of Robredo’s political handlers. They think, that we are all a DUMB, as they are !!!

    What are Robredo’s political platforms, for OFWs ? Just smile, and smile; then, talk Nonsense, is the worse, that I have seen in our political environment…

    Let all candidates, Debate; and we will ask relevant questions on them…Let us test, if they are more intelligent than us . Since, they are offering their services on us , to lead us !!!

    1. Questions can come from emails, from any OFW, working in a foreign country…we have the internet…the moderator, must be Neutral…we don’t want paid moderator…otherwise, it will be a nonsense debate again !!!

  2. The Publicus survey is just one survey. It may be good news and bad news for candidates but it is still too early to allow elation to get ahold of ourselves. Pulse Asia, Social Weather Stations, etc. are still out there so we really don’t even have half of the picture to even loathe or gloat about it.

    It also remains to be seen if Leni will perform bad in the debates. She’s better than Cory and Noynoy in terms of eloquence. The woman can talk, that’s for sure, although, I must admit, the men can outtalk her. Regardless, we all know that substance is the thing when it comes to debate and a number of them (BB, Ping, even Isko) can deliver it.

    To the contrary, illusions and delusions could make it for the lucky candidates because voters are under the spell during election time. Hallucination abounds among candidates and the voting public itself. There is nothing real during the campaign. It’s all about forms, not substance, that run elections, unfortunately.

  3. We want to see, who can perform well, in a “true debate”. We have seen , how these probable candidates for President performed in their duties. Do not sell us those, idiotic talk…that this and this candidate can perform well in a debate…

    When, these candidates, will answer our questions , without their political coaches…this will be the true test , if they can perform well or not…please don’t think that we don’t know what we are talking about…some of us have attained, good degrees, from foreign universities…and hold good jobs…however, we are Filipinos in heart…True Filipinos patriots, who are concerned with the conditions of our country…

    We voters, know what we want…so, put those public relation coaches in the garbage…

    The “true taste of the food ” , is in the eating !!!

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