Leni Robredo is anything but a “healing leader”

Leni Robredo today issued a statement asserting that she regards herself as a “healing leader”. Exactly what this means is anyone’s guess but what seems to escape the blinkered minds of her supporters is how it was really her Yellowtard lot who drove through the wedge that today deeply-divides Philippine society.

The divisiveness the Yellowtard “cause” is manifested in their habitual use of colours to define their exclusive community of “woke” partisans. A political colour is meant to invoke exclusive tribalism rather than come across as a call to be inclusive. One feels this when seeing the pompous and self-righteous manner with which members of Robredo’s mob signal their party affiliations by bathing their campaign events and social media paraphernalia in pink today. Indeed, the use of this new pink branding seems to actually have the unintended effect of highlighting even more their lame attempt to distance themselves from their Yellowtard roots.

It is worth noting too that former President Noynoy Aquino himself spent the bigger part of his term identifying himself with the Yellowtard brand. He showed his being a Yellowtard first and a Filipino a distant second whenever he made public appearances sporting a yellow ribbon pinned to his shirt or suit. This made it easy for then rising candidate Rodrigo Duterte to demonstrate his loyalty to all Filipinos first — by using the national colours to define his campaign.

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Evidently not having learnt enough from that loss in 2016 and then again in 2019 when the entire Yellowtard “Otso Diretso” coalition endorsed by no less than Robredo herself was wiped out at the polls, the Opposition have latched on to this very same campaign style. The same coloured stunts and spectacles, the same self-righteous campaign style, and the same negative rhetoric is on exhibit. It seems the Yellowtards are really not serious about winning the 2022 elections. How could they be when they’ve chosen a loser politician like Leni Robredo to lead them?

What is it exactly that Leni Robredo plans to achieve if given the chance to lead the country from 2022? If Robredo and her lot cannot even change their campaign style what makes them think they would know the first thing about mounting an effort to implement long overdue change in the Philippines? Robredo cannot even seem to make a basic promise to make the Philippines a better place if given the chance to serve as its president. A “healing leader” she now tells us? What results does that drivel even imply? What does success even look like following a Robredo presidency? The mystery persists.

42 Replies to “Leni Robredo is anything but a “healing leader””

  1. She will heal the philippines, make it a better place..for you and for me and the entire filipino race..there are people dying(pnoy,gascon..), if you care enough for the living..

    Her campaign is premised entirely on the lyrics of michael jackson’s heal the world,a most inclusive song well loved the world over by liberals and retards alike.

    1. You dumb idiotic fool. She AIN’T gonna heal the Philippines and WILL MAKE IT MORE WORSE by bringing back the bulls**t status quo that Noynoy Aquino put in place. The entire nation will be a total dogs**t.

      Everything woke that she and the yelllow/pinktards son of a b***hes believes and instate in, all turns to s**t.

      Go woke and go f**king broke, so shove this right onto dumb ret**ded mind, you ret**ded bastard!!!

  2. In fact, i would presume she and her sophomoric campaign team have been playing this song before every meeting.

    Because their entire messaging, its all there..if they ask nicely, maybe they can even get permission from the jackson estate to use the song for the coming election..it would make a righteously appropriate campaign jingle for her and her ilk (attn bum aquino, free ideas!)

  3. Instead of the line “for you and for me” you can say “kami si lenny..”..lots of garbage and squalor, squatter children all around, large teethy smiles..policemen putting down their guns and giving high fives to a small time pusher(who will stop petty peddling, go back to school so that someday, someday he can become a big time pusher)..tugs at the heart..

  4. I doubt Leni can be as good as Ex-Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. All she did throughout the years of her being Vice Pres. was licking the Old Yellow/ Opposition’s boots. If Leni won, she’ll be just another Puppet President.

    1. You mean former pres. Arroyo as a paragon of good leadership? Really? That’s a low bar if you ask me. I have doubts on Leni but if the measurement is Gloria, I think she’ll have a superior presidency. : )

        1. Excel on what? Cheating? I mean, if Leni, for example, becomes president and she cheated on election by contacting the Comelec commission, twice, for help, I say, she’s no better than Gloria. She’s worst. : /

        2. No problem, man. : )

          If I’m mistaken we have a lot of write-ups about Robredo, Ressa, BBM and…parang ‘yung lang ang pinag-uusapan natin. I hope we’ll have more variety of issues like, vote buying, election, corruption, opinion on candidates qualification (not personal), showbiz+politics, sports+politics, and other issues na masarap pag-usapan at hindi nakaka-high blood to some people.

          Just thinking aloud. : )

  5. what they would do should they be given a chance in 2022 is to jiggle in their make believe moral high ground and self righteously claim all over the world at how ‘good’ prevails over evil.

  6. We are not sick or ill….in anyway. We don’t want a “healing leader” or an “albularyia”…We want a leader , who can lead us. Who can solve all the persistent problems of the country…

    What are her plans for our country ? What does she want to accomplish, if she would be given the chance to lead us ?
    How does she solve the unemployment problems that are yearly persistent ?

    How about her plans to defeat the commies, and the rebels, running around in all parts of the country ? What are her plans for the OFWs ?

    These are the persistent problems , that needed solutions…Has she have the mental capability to solve these problems ?

    If she cannot answer these questions, then, she has no capability to lead us …she is simply, not capable !!!

    1. In short, she’s got no vision and future for the Philippines at all, let alone that all that she and her liberals are desperately to regain power as a form of revenge, and it ain’t fooling nobody.

      Also, her perceptions and words are but FAKE, nothing more.

      1. “In short, she’s got no vision…”

        That simply is not true. All candidates running for president have a vision for the country. It’s a question of whether you agree with it or not.

  7. Leni Robredo is a healing leader because she will make Filipinos feel good about themselves again. Unlike the likes of Duterte or Bongbong who will offend Filipinos just by breathing.

    1. Nothing more but a FAKE BULLS**T of your goddamned motherf**king s**t narrative. Leni Robredo and crazy radical liberals will make the Filipinos really feel bad by bringing back bulls**t status quo, and letting criminals get away with their bulls**t crimes and run amok as they f**king please.

      Go woke and go f**king broke, you goddamned stupid ret**ded woke liberal piece of s**t.

      1. Tsk, tsk, proving my point, aren’t we? Duterte and his cult are offensive to Filipino sensibilities. Yeah, criminality has supposedly been reduced; it’s because they’re all dead. WOW how modern.

        Only those who lose to the Liberal Party will feel bad; the rest of us will move on with life as if the last six years never existed HAHAHA. You can go have your own corner of the Philippines to yourselves, just don’t leave it.

        1. You’re not proving any point at all, let alone that you’re goddamn f**king doubling down with your goddamn motherf**king one-sided delusional liberal bulls**t narrative, you f**king woke son of a b***h.

          You ONLY wanted to see the liberals led by a fake woke radical unhinged liberal yellow/pinktard b***h by the likes of Leni Robredo (a f**king Hillary Clinton 2.0 clone-s**t) desperately coming back to the government and undo all the handwork done in this administration, at F**KING WORSE, let the goddamn horses**t status quo by the old bulls**t Aquino administration be f**king reinstated, and allowing drugs and criminality (rape, murder, and all types of criminal bulls**t) to flourish again (of which liberal a**holes ALWAYS f**king wanted).

          Let’s see if you goddamned criminal-loving yellow-pinktard motherf**king bastards like you, wins in the 2022 election. You liberals have only thing in mind: revenge, let alone you liberal cocks**kers are so desperate to win, for it shows that liberals are a losing piece of s**t and a wretched corrupt scums to the earth.

          Here’s hoping that you woke liberal cocks**kers LOSE big-time in the elections and liberals’ and elites’ devastating loss WOULD BE A TOTAL NAIL to the coffin of this goddamned motherf**king bulls**t oligarch establishment.


        2. @Megget
          “Criminality reduced, because theyre all dead.
Works for me.”

          But the promise was to end, not reduce, illegal drugs within 3 to 6 months. Mukhang nauto ka, brod. 🙁

  8. I think the ‘healing’ part is really meant for a campaign catchphrase or slogan. Leni is not crazy to think that she’ll be able to lure even one Marcos fan to the side of the pink/yellow camp. Never the twain shall meet.

    No one in his right mind will entertain the idea of ‘healing’ between the anti and pro-Marcos? Our country has been divided long before she came to politics. Right or wrong, when Marcos decided to become an autocrat, the country has never been the same again. And that division further solidifies and baked in the Filipino psyche after Ninoy’s assassination.

    Maybe Leni meant she is the ‘healing leader’ of the various parties who needs to unite in order to have a credible fighting chance to capture the Palace.

    Make sense. : )

    1. That “healing” bulls**t narrative about her is nothing more but FAKE, as well as a f**king FARCE and it’s all f**king made-up. It all shows that Leni Robredo is simply nothing more but a face of the elites and all the goddamned motherf**king political bulls**t political oligarch establishment that any ordinary Filipinos TRULY resents.

      Like, her interests all belongs to the elites, the establishment, big businesses and the mainstream biased media. Furthermore, she along with the yellow/pinktard liberal elite political son of a b***hes and their ret**ded cocks**king zombie yellow/pinktard followers ARE REALLY out of touch with the ordinary Filipino people.

      To say that she’s a ” ‘healing leader’ of the various parties who needs to unite in order to have a credible fighting chance to capture the Palace”, makes NO F**KING SENSE and let alone that it’s but a goddamned fantasy bulls**t.

      1. “That “healing” bulls**t narrative about her is nothing more but FAKE, as well as a f**king FARCE and it’s all f**king made-up.”

        That would be a nice criticism if its accompanied by a clear reasoning why it is so in the first place. As it is, you are all smoke but no fire.

        Do it again and make yourself clear why you are throwing those labels at her. You maybe right but I cannot help you do that. : )

        1. You think that was some “nice criticism” don’t you? Clearly, you don’t fully get the big picture. You don’t realize that she and along with the liberals, as well with the elites and the big businesses and the mainstream media associating with her, are deeply hated and loathed by ordinary Filipinos, let alone she and the others are all branded as hypocrites. Like, their hypocrisy and double-standards runs very deep within them.

          Another thing is that, to say that “I’m all smoke but no fire” is simply absurd bulls**t, for I say facts, but with fire and smoke (meaning that I say facts with profanity).

          Also, all the hatred, gaslighting and name-calling on her and the elitist liberals are justified, for they got what they’ve truly deserved.

      2. “You don’t realize that she and along with the liberals, as well with the elites and the big businesses and the mainstream media associating with her, are deeply hated and loathed by ordinary Filipinos, let alone she and the others are all branded as hypocrites.”

        If that’s the case, why still froth in the mouth attacking and throwing insults at her? That paragraph above is enough to picture her as scoundrel, a fiend. No need to heap tons and tons of BS and f-ing words to drive your point.

        I say, your response to my observation about your diatribe is better explained because you made an effort to clarify yourself. : )

  9. Criminals, Addicts, Commies, Rebels, Woke Media, Corrupt officials and Yellowtards suffered significantly under the Duterte admin. So Leni is coming on her white horse to “save” and bring healing to these afflicted members of our society. That is one possible interpretation of what she means by a “healing leader”.

    OR she probably got inspiration from The Clinton Foundation with the mission of…

    Healing the Nation

    Commitment by Healing of the Nations Foundation:
    In 2006, the Mission of Healing of the Nations Foundation committed to promote the healing of our nation and the recovery of the moral and spiritual values that inspired its founding by fostering a level of spiritual awareness that empowers individuals and communities to become a compassionate voice and a committed force that takes action for peace, justice, interfaith partnership and environmental responsibility.

    1. Afflicted or suffered is nagdurusa/nagdusa or naghirap in Filipino. If that’s the case, the ‘healing’ part of Leni is indeed a genuine call for ‘pag-galing o pag-lunas’. Meaning to say, it’s an admission that Duterte really wrecked havoc in his watch. : (

      1. On the contrary, it was the goddamned yellows/elitists motherf**kers that have wrecked havoc and mayhem throughout the country since the fall of Marcos dictatorship, and HAD ONLY made things worse for the country.

        Furthermore, THERE’S NO admission that Duterte really wrecked havoc in his watch, and rather instead, he only inherited a terrible mess that the horrible Noynoy Aquino administration had given in the latter’s 6 year incompetent-watch as president like the drug problem, scams, criminality and corruption, something of which Noynoy Aquino HAD never done due to sticking of his liberal bulls**t beliefs, not to mentioned that Noynoy Aquino degraded the reputation of the police further as the result of the disastrous Mamasapano operation fiasco, and these were the reason of how Duterte came to be elected in the first place, which Duterte had to fix that s**t mess.

        Another thing is that the “the ‘healing’ part of Leni is indeed a genuine call for ‘pag-galing o pag-lunas’” narrative bulls**t is nothing more but FAKE and A FARCE, let alone that Leni Robredo is merely acting as a pretender, and a PROOF that she’s GOT NO vision for the Philippines, as a whole. All in all, she and the yellow/pink liberal elitist criminal-loving son of a b***hes HAVE ONLY ONE THING in common: political retribution. Clearly, these power-hungry and power-lusted a**holes and motherf**kers are merely using the “human rights” and “return to decency to government”, as well as “the pandering to the poor” narrative as a smokescreen, and their real intentions was that they wanted to maintain the corrupt bulls**t system in place, and allow criminality to flourish again under their watch, and eliminate law and order throughout the entire country, and at worse, allowing criminals (drug lords, drug pushers, drug users, drug syndicates, rapists, and terrorists) to run amok as they please.

        Like, the Filipino people HAD SAW ENOUGH of the bulls**t deception and lies of the yellowtard/pinktard liberal elitist motherf**kers. All the bulls**t liberals’ and elitists’ useless and pathetic barking on this administration is nothing but utterly futile, let alone that these goddamned motherf**kers HAD never learned of their lessons since their overall defeat in the 2018 elections, and when these liberal elitist bastards see defeat in the 2022 elections, it’s gonna be a nail in the coffin for bulls**t political oligarch establishment.

        1. “it was the goddamned yellows/elitists motherf**kers that have wrecked havoc and mayhem throughout the country since the fall of Marcos dictatorship”

          I say Duterte and you say yellow/elitists. I say one man made a mess, you say a f-ing group did it because you want to protect the man. I talked about leadership, you said it’s comradeship. I’m specific, you’re generic. I analyze and critique, you attack and bombard.

          Kakapagod, man. : (

        2. “Furthermore, THERE’S NO admission that Duterte really wrecked havoc in his watch…”

          Have you read, just recently, Pres. Duterte admitting responsibility on the controversial summary killings under his watch? True. : )

    2. What a lying bulls**t narrative is this. Like, it was the criminals, addicts, commies, rebels, woke media, corrupt officials and yellowtards that made the Filipinos significantly suffer, of which the Duterte admin is trying to fix and s**t-a**holes like the aforementioned one are trying to sabotage and hinder the efforts of this admin.

      Also, Leni Robredo IS NO F**KING “healing leader”, as it’s a FAKE and all f**king made-up, let alone she’s a f**king pretender.

      And lastly, she’s the Philippine equivalent of a f**king crooked Hillary Clinton. (Think about that s**t).

  10. Most people dont really think beyond subsistence.its not about issues, its about who projects the persona of a great leader.

    Come may 2022, it will be all about which candidate is NOT dumber than a pile of rocks.

    Needless to say, it wont be lenny, who is actually dumber than two dumb rocks.

  11. If you human rights kakhsakkers didnt intervenebwith your silly noisy protests, it would have been over in a 6 month killing spree.

    Still,good enough. works for me.

    1. Intervene or not he promised 3 to 6 months. No alibis, please. He messed up, big time, man!

      See those lifeless bodies they show on local/international media? Those murdered citizens that did not get to be heard good enough for you?

      Nauto ka nga, to the max, brod! : )

      1. Yea, those were fun times..

        The PUNISHER definitely cleaned up the streets from scum.

        Kill the pusher, kill the user! (If they fought back, of course..)

  12. Before digong, the low life criminal drug culture was king.you cant coddle these knuckleheads, you have to be tougher.

    Now those idiots are either dead, in jail, or turned over a new leaf.

    but mostly dead.

    If it was lenny in charge? Shabu party forever.

    1. If Leni and her woke corrupt liberal son of a b***hes ends being elected and taking charge of the government throughout the whole nation, then the Philippine is f**ked up with drug-s**t.


  13. Lenny is no political leader. The way she speaks in public says it all.
    BBM on the other hand is the most qualified Presidentiable for 2022.
    Isko needs to stay as Mayor of Manila to develop it further. Too early to run for presidency. Or probably he was cajoled by some elitist. Pacman’s candidacy is just for his own personal interest.

    Don’t rely on these leaders. Instead become the best you can be so that you can contribute to the Filipino society.

    1. ‘Lenny is no political leader. The way she speaks in public says it all.’

      Wow! I assumed you saw and heard Duterte, THE president, speak in public with those P. I. swears, ‘I will kill you’ and other dirty words. You mean, that’s how a leader/president should speak? ?

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