Change-dot-org petition to recall Maria Ressa’s Nobel TAKEN DOWN after amassing 120,000 signatures

A petition to recall the Nobel “Peace Prize” awarded to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa was taken offline after garnering more than 120,000 signatures. The petition “Recall the Nobel Prize of Maria Ressa” was no longer available as of sometime yesterday.

All the evidence left that it existed and did attract all those signatures is in screenshots taken by Netizens when it was still online.

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Who is powerful enough to have a petition removed from Opposition “influencer” Gang Badoy-Capati may offer some answers on account of her being its Communications Director when the service was launched in the Philippines.

It seems though that Ms Badoy misses the point of the organisation under which she served as a director. Just because there is no pathway to revoke Ressa’s “Peace Prize” under the guidelines of the Nobel Committee, does not mean petitioners can express their dissent to the Nobel honchos’ choice via a petition. Indeed, the action that a petition could instigate may come in other forms — like a mass movement, for example, that could put pressure on the Nobel committee’s inaction on the matter.

Recall the Nobel Prize of Maria Ressa v​.​2

A new petition Recall the Nobel Prize of Maria Ressa v​.​2 had nonetheless popped up and, after 13 hours online had attracted more than 18,000 signatures.

Will this new Version 2.0 of what is evidently a movement that resonates with thousands of Filipinos and other stakeholders in the journalism profession that Maria Ressa taints with this “award” be deleted too? As always, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

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Additional information and research on this subject available in our Substack post.

24 Replies to “Change-dot-org petition to recall Maria Ressa’s Nobel TAKEN DOWN after amassing 120,000 signatures”

  1. Karamihan ng Pinoy galit kay Maria Ressa. Kaaawa-awang nilalang. Kahit magtago siya sa likod ng mga awards niya no one will like her. Feeling hero, asal impaktita naman. Even local journalists do not like her dahil nuknukan daw yan ng yabang.

    1. Peace Prize my ass! Maria RESSA brings chaos, havoc,disasters and divisiveness in the Philippines in fact she’s the bully to President DU30,,,,well RECALL THE AWARD

      1. Avoid signing petitions. It’s a honeypot for collecting your personal data. The website is run by the same voyeurists who fund Rappler website: Omidyar Network.

  2. Ressa does not seem like a filipino surname..

    Does she even have a middle name?

    A better petition might be, to declare maria ressa as a non filipino, owing to the fact that her face looks like a flattened pile of road shit , among other reasons..

    1. She’s either Filipino-US or Indonesian, I hate it when she is speaking for all Filipino whilst having dual citizenship or whatever. Don’t you just hate it when a fricking foreigner like her represents filipinos..smh.

      1. She speaks a different “truth”. A weird counter reality that is not in any way reflective of the common filipino experience.

        We filipinos celebrate all the drug deaths , which ressa who lives in some sort of neoliberal twisted lesbian twilight zone will never understand.

        1. “We Filipinos celebrate all the drug deaths…”

          I don’t know about that. Does that mean satisfaction in execution? Celebration of an orgy of killing and destruction?

          Summary killings is never a cause for celebration. It’s a commemoration of those who fell and died not because of justice but out of it. We’re supposed to be a government of laws and not of men. Remember the phrase in the constitution that says, ‘No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property WITOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW…”?

          To celebrate murder is to honor a rotten system. : (

        2. @Juan Luna
          Do you think drugs would have proliferated if due process and law enforcement were effective during the time the yellows wielded so much influence and power?
          Do you even remember why law enforcers need to arm themselves? Or should we defund and cancel the police force altogether?

        3. @rex
          Just to be on topic, no one in his right mind will celebrate death, drug-related or otherwise.

          One of the reasons why we are civilized as a society was because of the existence of 
Sec. 1 under Art. 3 of the constitution. (Sec. 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property WITHOUT due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.)

          Without that, we are a barbaric country.

          The proliferation of drugs cannot be attributed to just one political party or administration. Like poverty and other social ills, drug addiction has always been with us and will stay long after the current administration is out of office. : )

  3. The more people try to petition to have the Nobel Prize revoked, the more it merely validates that she indeed DOES deserve it.

    1. This is that twisted lesbian twilight zone logic right there.

      the more people petition against this diseased venereal vermin, the more they validate it? What universe is this?

      1. Yes. was swamped with a TROLL petition, in case you missed that one…

        You Dutertards can go make your own petition page and post it there. Whether anyone else aside from you trolls will frequent it is another story altogether HAHAHAHA.

  4. Way to go, pro-Marcos loyalist Benign0. Ferdinand E. Marcos loves you very much! Glorify the Marcoses, and criticize the Aquinos, Pinktards and Yellowtards!

    There will be no room for trolls and terrorists.

  5. The terrorist , Arafat got the Nobel Prize for peace…who cares who get the Nobel Prize…

    Next time, they will give it to Putin…

    1. Arafat is not also a troll…

      Give it to Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-Un so China may have global domination as it may possibly invade Taiwan, the USA’s lapdog. North Korea may also bully South Korea, the USA’s lapdog…

      Western media is not helping poor people at all…

  6. ‘The terrorist , Arafat got the Nobel Prize for peace…’

    But Arafat is not a terrorist to the Palestinian people. Let’s not forget that. : )

  7. Give it to Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-Un… China needs world domination to deal with western toxicity. It already banned effeminate men…

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