Bongbong Marcos is likely to win in 2022. Will the US intervene to prevent that?

Poll after poll over the last several years consistently showed former Senator Bongbong Marcos at the top of the popularity game — convincingly topping Robredo who supposedly beat him to the vice presidency in the 2016 elections. The most recent one, the Publicus Asia Pahayag Q3 report is particularly significant because it is the first one issued within the context of Marcos’s confirmed candidacy for president in the coming 2022 elections. The astounding 49 percent preference score BBM notched in that survey is nothing short of an absolute confronting spectre the Opposition need to come to terms with.

If BBM ascends power in 2022 to become the Philippines’ second Marcos president, the destruction of the Yellowtards will be complete. They will likely be the same shrill sabotaging Opposition that they had been since 2016, but they will be a spent force seeing that their dishonest efforts to “unify” the Opposition this year actually created more enemies amongst them than friends. Several factions refused to get in bed with Leni Robredo’s and her sidekick Kiko Pangilinan’s Yellowtard bloc and their lame efforts at rebranding and recolouring their narrative, preferring, instead, to field their own candidates. The communists have now turned hostile against their now-former allies following a tiff with them over senatorial slates.

Perhaps it is now time to turn the microscope over to the United States which, it seems, has a large stake in seeing the “right” politics prevail in these critical elections. At the very least, ensuring that a Marcos does not return to Malacanang is a matter of colonial pride. The US after all had a lot to do with the ouster of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. Western Media were complicit in the elevation of “revolutionary” president Cory Aquino to political sainthood following that. And, now, Maria Ressa, CEO of “social news network” Rappler — a media organisation critical, by default, of incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte and widely believed to enjoy CIA funds channeled via the Omidyar Network — had been awarded this year’s Nobel “Peace Prize”.

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The planet’s Western European and North American powers-that-be are, indeed, staring into the abyss of an acute global crisis of credibility should Bongbong Marcos become president in 2022. With their local agents — the Yellowtards, ABS-CBN, and Maria Ressa — all but botching the crush-Marcos-and-Duterte-at-ALL-costs project, America may be faced with the prospect of either (1) upping the covert intervention ante or (2) rolling up their sleeves and doing the job themselves. In what form the earlier will take, short of the latter, is anyone’s guess at this point.

Then again, having suffered a humiliating and utterly messed-up retreat from Afghanistan this year, it is likely that America’s little Pacific Mini Me may be the least of their concerns for now. That too does not bode well for an Opposition desperate to win these elections. Discounting a massive American intervention this year, a glaring absence of a crooked Commision on Elections (COMELEC) technology partner and equally-crooked COMELEC head, as well as a vastly more cluey electorate we are, indeed, looking to an very interesting election in 2022.

Filipinos are being told by their former colonial masters and their local proxies that a Second Marcos Presidency is, quite simply, not allowed. How much they want to make good on that directive will be revealed in the coming months. Filipinos need to get smarter and see the shameless insult to their intelligence that is the current campaign approach of today’s Opposition for what it is.

31 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos is likely to win in 2022. Will the US intervene to prevent that?”

  1. The funniest part is Bening0, the Marcos lover, also looks up to Lee Kuan Yew, but fails to recognize what Yew truthfully said about The Philippines.
    “It is a SOFT forgiving culture. Only in The Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics,” Lee said.

    That is getting real, but Bening0 is so obsessed with his yellowtard hate (yes the yellows are idiots, but putting a Marcos back as President does not help the country move forward, it just leads to dumbness political idiocy from 2 sides), he wants to get f’ed over again by a Marcos. That is truly delusional… and the opposite of getting real.

    I have more faith in The Filipino people and have zero faith in fake news “surveys.” These have been prove over and over around the world to be useless.
    There are very few people in The Visayas and Mindanao who are excited to vote for Marcos.

    1. LKY’s comment about Marcos is just an opinion of his since he even lashed on Cory and Ramos as well with his “Discipline is more important than democracy” statement.

      You need to let go of your fear and bitterness, chud. You just hated one tainted surname after another.

      1. You reap fear and terrorism and yellowtards are just untermensch or terrorists. Not us, not even you. But even the LGBT community…

    2. Says who? You keep answering for the Filipino people. But do you really have personal knowledge that “there are very few people in the Visayas and Mindanao excited to vote for Marcos”? Perhaps you are the one who’s delusional.

        1. Pro-Marcos loyalists and Benign0 want BBM to be president to repropagate the once dominant nationalist ideology known as New Society. BBM wants to bring back 1973 Constitution.

  2. Biden doesn’t seem to be as invested to meddling in PH affairs as the previous POTUSes. If anything, he wouldn’t want to antagonize any potential next PH prez who will get to decide if PH will side with US or with China on future inevitable conflicts.

  3. Benign0! Wow, you are officially the pro-Marcos loyalist! At least BBM becomes president, North Korea may also intensify. And Jinping’s crackdown will also intensify.

    BBM should reestablish 1973 Constitution with discipline and progress.

    Sandro Marcos would become a future strongman just like his grandfather. We would see male lineage of Marcos genealogy to rule forever. At least, Benign0, Marcos loyalists want Ferdinand E. Marcos to become Eternal President of the Philippine Republic and Supreme Leader so we can glorify him to satisfy his god complex…

    Marcos apologia should be hip for its own good, without any atrocities, defame or complaints…

        1. Not just troll comments but it’s nothing but terrorism thanks to NTF-ELCAC to tag terrorists and trolls alike…

          We are not a yellowtard, or communist, or a Jew. At least China will crack down GetRealPhilippines and censor it to be taken down…

          Then tag yellowtards as Jew or Communist Terrorists or whatever the junta paramilitary forces want to do!

    1. Your statements are rhetoric and old. The person you are demonizing and issues with him have long been buried. Your issues are 35 years old. But then again, who is running for President? Not the former President FEM but the son BBM. There are really no major issues you can throw in his face thst’s why you keep haroing on old issues. Let it rest for god’s sake!

  4. If the principal consideration once BBM is elected president would be the destruction of the ‘Yellowtards’, we’re really headed to the dustbin of history. If the main objective, once in power, is to discard the opposition and dump it as a spent force, it only means that we didn’t really learn anything from our past so we’re repeating it again.

    My take on that is, those destructive thoughts are not among the lists on the mission of BBM in running for president. Also, unlike the way the rabid Marcos loyalists spews those deadly rhetorics, I don’t think, he has the appetite for destruction because he knows it will not do the country good.

    A wrong doesn’t make right another wrong. You can only ‘destroy’ your political opponents by conducting your self in accordance to the honor and prestige of the office you occupy. And that would include accomplishing the promises you made and fulfilling the wishes of the people on how you should run the government. And that only means one thing:

    A clean one.

    1. The tyranny will win if BBM becomes president. Worse, China will invade Taiwan just like Communist Vietnam invaded the democratic Vietnam. And North Korea will nuke the USA and it will make China take over Japan & South Korea to become Greater Democratic Republic Of Korea, and other ASEAN countries to be controlled by China and Xi Jinping to promote ultranationalism and fear.

      1. North Vietnam just retake its lost territory and besides, dont you know that people are executed with a gulliotine at soth vietnam just for choosing communism. They also chose it is because of US crimes on the Vietnamese ppl

  5. Since the contemplation is the possibility of Bongbong winning the presidency, it would be nice to have a discussion of the why’s and why nots of it.

    Is he going to win because he is the son of Ferdinand or is he going to lose because of it? How about him, what is so special, if there is any, in him? What is the main quality, aside from being the son, that will compel people to place their confidence and trust in him? Does he have the charisma, of say, Erap, that will help push him into office; or the intelligence of his dad that people will likely be attracted to him? Any outstanding accomplishments in the past that he can wear as a badge on the campaign trail? Or maybe he’s just lucky to be born in the family? There’s nothing really up there except the brand? Who and what is he, really?

    Those questions cropped up in my mind after growing tired reading some posts proclaiming over and over the same boring rhetorics on why they will vote for BBM. There’s an absence of authenticity about it, nothing realistic and sensible.

    Any new thoughts on the issue? Any enlightening characterization or depiction that would present Bongbong in a conceptual manner that would disprove any doubt or hesitation from the cynics? Any real readings or understanding of where Bongbong stands, personally, philosophically, etc?

    Go ahead, be my guest.

    1. As the pro-Marcos loyalist Benign0 said, let BBM win as president but his cronies, the Marcos cronies want to plunder our nation to be great again with Marcos’ golden achievements and golden era of Martial Law so no one was tortured and imprisoned; it would be paradise and peace.

    2. I have the same thought recently until I compare all other candidates. you can see someone intelligence by looking the past debates at talks to public. And in the end BBM still outweight other caNDIDATES.

      1. Marcos loyalists would rejoice as BBM will be president and he wants to be a strongman like Ferdinand E. Marcos, yet he has to reestablish and return back the 1973 Constitution so we want peace, discipline and order to have crackdowns…

      2. “You can see someone intelligence by looking the past debates at talks to public. And in the end BBM still outweight other caNDIDATES.”

        A good talker does not guarantee one is also a good thinker. Fluency in speech manifests a communicative character, yes, but to be intelligent is more than that.

        BBM, without relating or connecting him to his father, is really just an ordinary speaker. If you don’t know his family background, he comes like a typical educated elite type swooning for your vote. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary.

        Admittedly, his physical resemblance or likeness to his father, not intelligence, is his main capital to catapult him to greater heights. He has a borrowed appeal that helps people remember him for what he’s not.

        For me, comparing him with other candidates does not elevate his stature nor show his innate intelligence, bagkus, it only exposes him as a common candidate vying for vote. To be sure there are a couple of candidates in the lineup more exciting and more invigorating than him.

        In short, I look at BBM like a box wrapped with bright-colored covering impressing everyone for its charm and good looks. A beautiful box so imposing but at the same time a big puzzle. Why? He has been here all along for almost all our entire lives but we still don’t know him for what he is.

        And that is the reason I prefer to treat him as a box with load undetermined.

        1. Lenny fake widow robredow, on the other hand, has equal the eloquence of a pile of rocks…not pretty pebbles on the beach, but ugly pieces of rocks, the kind one kicks into the curb out of spite or utter disgust.

        2. Your description of her lacks analysis. Mababaw. And it is so, maybe because of hatred or just abomination out of fear that she might win the race.

          For me, I put her on the same boat with BBM. No appeal, walang dating. They’re both lucky because they represent both parties that rabidly hate each other. Both really don’t have anything new to offer because both of them is a representation of a class that plays the musical chairs every election period. Every now and then they will have riveting slogans that will excite their respective base, but that’s all there is to it. Same old songs from two different singers.

  6. Problem is, voters dont really use analysis.
    they just go to the voting station and shade the name of the candidate who is not dumber than a pile of rocks.

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