2022 elections a chance for Filipinos to remove communist vermin from public office

Joel Pablo Salud is one of my “favorite” editors in-chief, the other being his mentor Inday Espina Varona. He is very proud of his lack of formal education, yet constantly on the prowl for validation with social media postings of his vast book collection. He asks in his latest PhilSTAR piece: What would you ask the Presidential candidates if given the chance?

Salud’s fantasized questions are as predictable as he is self-deluded.

Will those who enabled the Duterte regime to carry out this inhumanity be charged? What about paid trolls? Will they be held accountable for the widespread intimidation and harassment of those critical of this regime? Should a law be passed deeming troll farms illegal?

What about the bereaved families of EJK victims? Will compensation be granted? What of the thousands imprisoned without due process?

Never mind that there are surveys confirming the trust and approval ratings of the President. In his and his cohort’s minds, we are under the spell of Dutertismo, an environment of magical realism where we think all is well but is actually not. Duterte must’ve undergone tutelage from the barangs of Siquijor early on in his career as a public official which is why he’s never lost an election since he was appointed Vice-Mayor of Davao City in 1986.

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Salud mentions a number of issues, all against Duterte, not necessarily for the candidates except for the Anti-Terrorism Law, of which Sen. Ping Lacson was the principal author of. But what is their beef with the Anti-Terror Law? It’s simply the power of the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) to arrest without a warrant and detain for 14 days, a suspect upon the approval of the members of the ATC. Mind you, all of the kindred spirits of the leftist-liberal-militants are spared from this proviso. It is nowhere even near as draconian as the British-authored Internal Security At, in force in Malaysia and Singapore.

This is the problem with leftist-liberal militants who demand much from the State but want as little intervention as possible. What is contradictory is their stand on the West Philippine Sea. They’re anti-China but their brethren in the Communist Party of the Philippines, its terrorist arm the New People’s Army, and its “legal” National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) have been for the Maoist version of communism since 1968. This was a radical shift from the Marxist-Leninist orientation of the original Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, under Luis Taruc and the Lava brothers.

Hypocrisy is another outstanding character trait of Salud and his ilk. They are against the drug war and accuse the State of masterminding extra-judicial killings (EJKs) but refuse to hold the NPA to account for the murder of civililans, soldiers, and policemen in the insurgency. They claim the country’s sovereignty has been subverted by China but gladly open the doors of the country for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the officials cited in the case filed by the late Jude Sabio, former Sen. Antonio Trillanes and former Rep. Gary Alejano.

There is also the ongoing ideological clash between the Pinklawans and the Reds over the inclusion of progressives in the Pinko Senatorial slate and the fact that their hated trapos are guest candidates. They claim they participate in the mainstream to make the people aware of their plight and are fighting for the people and have their support but they haven’t won a direct election since they started participating in the same.

The most glaring contradiction is martial law human rights violations. Their revolution is morally justified in their opinion, which is why the State has no right to defend itself and the citizens from the insurgency which they have been conducting against the State and its citizens. This is why there is the Bantayog ng mga Bayani which serves as their memorial for the “victims” of martial law.

The 2022 election is the chance of the people to vote these morons out of office. They have continually exploited the poor for their cause but haven’t done anything to lift them out of poverty. They are the malaise in our society as they corrupt the youth believing that “activism” against the government is justified leading them to leave their families to join the NPA in the hinterlands, only to die in encounters with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) later on.

It’s about time the likes of Salud and his cohorts be called to account for the consequences of their actions. We have been looking like fools before the international community for having the longest-running insurgency with no end in sight. The onus is not entirely on government as these morons are backed by socialist and communist non-government organisations (NGOs) in Europe which fund them. When will the poor realize that they’re being taken for a ride when the leader of the revolution, Jose Maria Sison, lives comfortably in Utrecht as a political refugee?

5 Replies to “2022 elections a chance for Filipinos to remove communist vermin from public office”

  1. Interesting. Communists eating each other for their own gains and it’s really a good time to finally get rid of these communist pest out of office.

      1. You do know that Philippines isn’t a Communist nor Ultra Capitalist Nation. We’re talking about the Maoist NPA Terrorist who terrorize civilians and not to mention that Yellows allied with them makes them hypocrite for brandishing their “democracy”. Also, stop trolling.

        1. Trolling? How about terrorizing? Then NTC-ELCAC would tag trolls as terrorists, and terrorists as trolls alike.

          Trolls reap terrorism but terroists and terroism reap trolling. Let Marcos Loyalists want to make Philippines nationalist again with conservatism to avoid communism and liberalism in the future. It was about Mussolini time who banned communism by promoting nationalism during WW2.

          We are also talking about internet trolls who terrorize everything and stalinist, xist, leninist communists.

  2. The communists are the “Mafias” of the Philippines…like the Cosa Nostra of Italy…they are criminal organization..

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